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Fluid and Lyrical Mat

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Get ready to move in this Mat workout with Monica Wilson! She channels her days in New York with Romana Kryzanowska to provide a fluid class with lyrical movements. It's a traditional class with a few twists and turns at the end. Enjoy!
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All right. Well today I am here with my friend Nia dre and I'm really excited we are going to channel back, uh, once upon a time when we were in New York and doing an really nice fluid mat. Maybe nothing too new here. We're gonna put a few twists and turns, but just really lyrical movement one flowing into the next. And we're very excited today because it's raining so it looks very dark outside even though it is, uh, uh, middle of the day. But we are in a very bad drought here in California.

So this is good stuff for us. So we are gonna move to, uh, a nice movement beat here. And shall we begin? I'm going to put one arm over the other, cross one leg and run the other end. Think about lengthening your back and lifting in your powerhouse. Okay.

Lift our bottom back, roll out through your spine, reach your arms back for a stretch there and bring your arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, bring them down by your side and sweep your legs up for the a hundred. An inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. I'm thinking my powerhouse. Pulling into the mat and up and in with your, make sure you're really grounded in your lower back onto the mat. This is your warm up, so make sure you're warming up your powerhouse and in here and exhale, breathing legs are lengthening, not tightening.

Two more. Last one. Lower the legs. Reach the arms back and arms head and rolling up and stretch and roll back. We're going to seven of these going right into our rollover, right. Pull back a heavy weight rolling through arms head.

Exhale, curling up almost as if you're under low ceiling. Andrew, reach at four more and rolling back. Yeah. Stretch those legs. You'll need it for the rollover. Hi.

No Start and no finish. Just rolls right into the next and last one and rolling back. Arms by your side. Legs. Ride over. Open the legs. Rolling down. Leg Sweep together over. [inaudible]. Rolling down. Last one. No start. No finish. Reversing it. Smooth. Yeah. More and last one. Powerhouse squeezes like together, keeping your right leg up. Lower. The left big circles here.

Arms by your side. Cross around opening chorus around, up, chorus around. Up to around. Lift. Last one, reverse down, around, up. Open a little bit around it. Really challenge your stomach, your waist muscles to keep your hips square one more while you're doing that big circle. Hug the knee in and right leg down, left leg up. Stretch arms by your side, cross around, up. Cross. The right leg is also working to stabilize. Pressing the back of your leg, one more into the mat and reverse reach of that hip powerhouse in.

Ended up to last time. And bend that knee length in it. Roll Up. Move myself into a circle there and on ankles and inhale back. Exhale, up and in with the air and in with here. Two more. We're going to go into series of five, 10 feet down, arms back, and we're gonna do single leg stretch and we'll left. We're going to sweep it out. Sweeping, reach, stretch, hid, working that powerhouse.

Squeeze in that seat. Two more sets and last one and grab both angles and sweep for double and pull it in soil and long and lean. That's what we all want, right? One strong stomach. Two more. Last one. And right leg up and such, so much. Poland, the single straight leg just flying through the air cause your legs aren't over tightening. You're using your powerhouse switch. Reaching long legs. One more. Set both legs up, hands behind your head. Reach two, three and up. Stretch, stretch, stretch up.

Hurry, treat. Treat up to down, down, up. Last one. End Up right leg in for Chris Cross. Two, three, switch two, three. One more set. Last time. Roll right up for spine. Stretch forward in with the exhale. Exhale all the way down. Rolling up through your spine.

Exhale and down. Inhaling up three more. Exhaling down. So you're thinking about open like rocker and how you're going to balance holding your legs. So this is almost this position. One more time in with here. Roll back your pelvis, lift those legs and hold it and in with the air.

Exhale and rock and roll again. One right into the next. We've got three more, Eh, in like the air. Exhale your air. And I think it's one more. Squeeze your legs together and roll away from him. Lift your hips up for corkscrew. Twist to the right. Sweep around and lift to the left and to the right and up to the left. One more set. Sweep around and last and roll down. Sit right up for saw.

Arms that twist and exhale two, three in with the air up, twisting as we move again. No start, no finish. You roll up, you twist to the other side of your muscles. Don't get a break. They have to stay engaged the entire time. One more set and then we'll go into swan on our bellies and bring the legs together. Flip over, lie onto your tummy. Hands into your shoulders.

Come on up with your upper body. On the count of three, go into swan dive. One, two, sorry. Knee Audra and three rock and roll from your powerhouse. Two more and melt into the mat. Round your back. Sit on your yes. Now back into single leg. Kick right out onto your elbows. Press your hips down, legs up. And it's right to left to right, to left to right to support your back with your powerhouse. Trying to keep your knees together. Last set, right to left to right facial cheek on the mat, hands behind your back. And it's a waltz. It's kick. Two, three, lift two, three, switch to three.

Lyft, two three, switch, switch. So I left Lyft last time. Kick, kick, kick, lift, lift left. Round your back. Sit on your heels. Flip over. Sit Up tall with your heels at the edge of your mat. Hands behind your back. Ready for neck, pool and down. Right back up.

Exhale in your roll up. Exhale, back, right up. Oh with the air. Exhale three more. Okay. In with the air. Exhale. Last one here. Go in back. Right up.

Sit up tall and back. Humble. We'll go into jack knife. Bend your knees into your chest, legs up over and Jack Knife up and down. And tomorrow we're going to go into a fancy shoulder bridge from here up now. Hands Underneath your hips and bring your feet down to the mat, bending the knees and bring down lightly legs together. Right leg forward and kick up.

Flex down and up and lift your right hip as you go down. One more and switch left leg long and up. Flex and up can flex last one and flex and bring that leg down and roll out your back. Lie On your right side for sidekicks and want you to think about teas or what we do. These bring your legs forward, creating a long line on the back and kick the right leg forward and back. Fuck, I'm back. Eight more stomach pulls in. You lengthen down. Think about that teaser that I'm talking about. You bring your legs up to your nose.

Four. Yeah. Three. Try to keep upper body stable while you do this. I'm gonna. Let's do one more and legs together and push up and squeeze and lengthen down. Outer Thigh up. Inner thigh down. Don't give up your posture here. Lengthen your neck, tumor in and up with the powerhouse out your head. Last one and five little circles here. One, two, forward and back. Don't lose the back on this reverse. One, two, three, four, and leg beats. So we're going to lift the legs.

Roll onto your belly. One, two, three, four, six, seven. We're going to do 10 more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Keep legs working and lifted and bring him to the other side and right. That's it. And back, Tommy, back of the thigh and seat belly. Nice and lyrical and fluid. No start. No finish.

I love how quiet knee Andrew's upper body is. Let's do two more and forward and back. No Quad in here and up to the ceiling. Good and squeezing down and and squeeze. Two more. Last one and I look like I'm sweating bunny. Andrew's calms cucumber. One, two, three, four, five rivers, one, two, three, four and five. Let's lie on our back for teasers.

I'm going to lie down. Bend your knees into your chest and shake out those legs. Okay, no quads here. Let's take the legs up and lower them to 45 arms. Reach back and let's come up a bit into your teaser and go down to more. Yeah, last one. Hold it here. Lower the legs, pull them up.

One more. Everything goes down, everything comes up. As soon as we're down, let's come right back up. Stay here. Put your hands behind you. Toes on the Mat. Cancan to the right first and right, left, right and expand and left. Right, left an extent, right, left, right and extend. One more, right. We're going to go into hip circles now. So ready. Legs up to the nose and to the right.

Two sets here and left and right. And one more. Here we go. And now we're going to go into teaser four. So we're going to lengthen everything out. Arms here. We're going to pull up and circle the legs one way arms the other. You got it. One more time each way and last time. And now cross your writing writings. Lower yourself for boomerang.

So we're going to stretch around. Stretch. Sit up tall. Here we go. And over. Open-Close roll up. Hands behind and stretch. Try to control the popping and up. Roll Up. Hands behind your back. Stretch. No plopping here. Yeah, that's all from your powerhouse. Holding your legs. One more set.

Okay. Hands lifting. Head of your lower back, all the way around. Last one hand. [inaudible] hands and we're going to go into swimming. Turnover on your belly. Long. Arms and legs, arms and legs. Lift an inch, right arm and lift lake. Higher and swim.

Bandag salmon and with the air. And exhale, one more side. Long arms. Big Legs and melt. Round your back. Sit on your heels. Tuck your toes under. Glue the ball, the palm of your hand down. Go into a pushup position.

First leg. Pull up, right leg up. Rock back. Pull forward, left rock back. Pull forward two more sets. Okay, one more set. And now a quick set of five pushups. Down. Up. One, two, three, four, five, right arm to left. Lift those hips as you cross around and leg pull down. We're going to kick the right leg up. Flex down, left, right, left.

One more set and left. Tuck the right knee under. Turn to the side for bicycle side. Lift the knee kick forward. Bend the knee. Take it back. Extend to more back. Extend last one leg straight out. Reverse two more.

Lifting that leg up as high as you can and both knees down and tall. Other side, right leg up. Forward. Bend the knee. Take it back. Picture a fire underneath your leg. That's lifting and working. Don't get burned. Reverse back toe. Need a chest. Extend.

Two more left. Need a chest. Exhale. Last one. Lifting knee to chest had onto your right hip. Sit On your right cheek for Mermaid. So lifting up long, reaching over. This is your delicious stretch for the Mat and slide out to your elbow from your powerhouse. Come up. Two more.

Stretch lifting hand to your elbow. You can go further if you like. Handle one more. Now try to keep your knees stacked, your feet stacked and everything stacked as you come up. Let's put your hands behind you so you don't fall off the mat. Teaser for a transition. Hands on your aim, right hand on ankle and stretch.

Hmm. Matt Elbow, dad, reach. Always thinking about your plot is box. Always thinking about your alignment. Try not to let your ribs go out of alignment. Last one over, over, over, over, and stretch out as far as you like, keeping everything stacked and right on up. Great. Let's lie on your stomach.

Um, right here for rocking. All right, we're going to grab onto your ankles are the top of your foot. Keep your pelvis on the mat and just healed the bottom. One, two, three. Press into your hands to lift. Two, three. Do that again. One, two, three. Press your pelvis into the mat. And now let's rock. One, two, three.

Stretch out. Sit on your heels. We'll be going into crab. So you're going to plant your hands and pull through, crossing your ankles. Grab your toes and lift up into grab. Ready to roll back. Switch legs and roll right up. Rock back. Switch from your powerhouse. Gotta feed your crab. Come on up.

Lifted the back of your thighs. One more time, and who'll lift and great. We're going to slide back to the end of our mat and we're going to do some Martha Graham stretches or some stretches that Ramana used to lead us in. Let's start with our left leg in the front, right leg in the back. Go ahead. So you're gonna Angle your legs like this. Yeah, we're just gonna do a nice stretch forward. Getting as close to the mat as you can from your belly.

Roll up your back and try to go back with your hands. Maybe bend the elbows and stretch. There we go. We can go back down here. I was trying to find my room. Woo. Did I mention I'm with an acrobat here and we're going to go forward this time. When we go back, we're going to lift our front leg, so lift from your belly if you can up up, up good. And now we're going to try to lift our back clack good. And try to get it up, up, up. All right, whatever.

I'm going to be always the example of the stiff version and up. Andrew is very flexible and now we're going to lift up our Bakley but then take it to the side side, then take it to the front. Very nice. And now we're going to lift onto this knee to split. Okay. To get north. Stretch on here. Very nice.

Deandra and then bend the front leg for your other side. Nice. Alright. And we're going to just circle forward. Ah, lift up from your powerhouse and slide back. Stretch, stretch, stretch. That feels better. Come up always from your stomach and forward keeping these motions.

Neat. Now as we go back, we're going to lift that right leg. Yeah. And now as we go forward, we're going to try and lift that back leg mindset coming up off the mat, but I'm giving it signals to and forward with that front leg. Yeah, forward with the body back like comes up and to the side and then to the front. And now we're going to lift onto this knee and go again into your split.

Okay. This one's easier, huh? Of Yeah. And now we're going to bend and I want you to gracefully stand up. Come back to this edge. We're gonna finish with our nice stretches. So we're going to find your box. Stand a little wider. Kay.

And I want you to lift from your feet, from the foundation, the Nice strong foundation you had. Lift your powerhouse up onto the ball of your feet. Foot. Reach up. We're going to twist to the right. Then that front leg reach behind you to that back ankle. Reach behind that leg, lift onto the ball of your foot.

Keep going to the other side. Lower the heels, bend the front leg, reach to the back hand, arms reaching. Lift up. One more each side. Bend the back front leg. Reach to the back and reach behind you. Lift. Continue on the ball of your foot.

If you can bend that front leg, get a good stretch to get close to that leg. Reach behind you. Lift could now lower the heels. Bring your arms down and bring your legs together and let's end with some good old fashion jumping. Okay. All right. Living full of energy and light. Here we go. So reach down and give a little jump and two and a little higher than three and even higher and two more.

Down and up and down and up very nicely. I loved it. Good flow. Nice stuff. Thank you. Me Too.


Susan B
Love it !! This is what I aspire to - flowing classical mat work. I'm not at this level or pace.. quite yet... but I'll get there... Thank you Monica and Niedra for doing this !!!!!!
LOVED IT!!!!! Fast paced, amazing flow, covered everything. I'll be adding this to my favorites. Thank you Monica and Niedra, love starting my day with you!
A nice challenge for me with the pace. Only thing I was lost since I had never done before was the crab, but thank you!
Wow! That was awesome! Love your classes!
Taghrid K
Awesome flowing class, loved the transitions and the delicious stretches at the end! Loved it. Thank you Monica ??
Wow i was exhausted just watching you both and cannot wait to be strong enough to do all of this class :) Thank you
Nice flow and transition!
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Great class! Been on vacation and that was just the kick in the rear I needed to get going again! Many thanks.
Loved it! Short and so effective and great flow!!! Thank you!
Loved this class. Short, flowing and effective.
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