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Get more depth out of your workout in this High Chair workout with Monica Wilson. She explains how the High Chair is more helpful than the Wunda Chair so you can understand what you are doing in each movement. It's a quick class, but you will definitely feel your legs and seat after these exercises!
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Okay. So I'm here with Candace and we're going to be doing the big chair just about three to four exercises, um, that if you want to work on your big chair, this is really great to get a lot of depth into it. And to kind of understand why we do things on the big chair. It helps us a lot because we have a back board to put our back against and it has some place to hold our hands or to wrap our arms around. So it is much more helpful than a one two chair.

So you always want to start off with this as a much more basic piece of equipment. All right, so we're gonna go ahead and sit down to start. So there's no graceful way to do this, Candace. Okay. Maybe I'm going to take this pad away so it doesn't fall, but you have a little pillow to sit on. Good. And now put this pad back again. So lift one foot [inaudible] and then the other. Voila. Good.

And I'm going to hold onto these for a second so I can slide my foot in between yours. And I'm going to push down the pedal a little bit and go ahead and actually push it all the way down. Beautiful. Hug My foot with the ball of their foot. Good. Now, heels together. Now I want you to bring your back all the way off and you can use your hands to lift yourself. So if you're at home, you're just pushing down that pedal and I want you to take your bottom back as far as you can. That's great, but stay forward. Good, good. Do you feel like that sacrum, that triangle bone right between your hips is against there? There you go. And you're going to hold it exactly.

Now release your arms and wrap them around those poles. And you're going to hold two champagne glasses now. Now there's champagne, so you don't, they're not beard. The grasses that you break it are very dainty. Yes. All right, so we're going to a beautiful stomach and we're going to bring those knees up with your belly key being on that board. Wonderful. If you can add another vertebra, go for it. But even if it's just your waistband down, so it's important.

You're gonna pull your belly in and up as you push down and control it up. Lengthening a beautiful and in and up. Good. And now double time. That tempo. It's all about the stomach pulling in and up, in and up. Good. And you're doing this so well that now I think you can keep the feeling of your stomach into that back board. Maybe roll up a little bit more.

The spine and the crown of the head reaching. That's it. Nice. Do you feel how your back is really pulled into that back board in straight? You have a nice box here, right? It's really important because that's what you're going to have to stay stable and balanced when you do going up front. Really Nice. Three, two, one. And that's enough. Good.

Take your feet off the pedal. Good. Both feet and carefully step forward. So that's just, we're gonna do a few more excise. I take away the pillow. I'll take that pad and I'll put it right here. That was a lot of work, Huh? Okay. So now I want you to use your friend here, the big chair to put your hands on, okay. And you're going to put your right foot up on the pedal and we're going to break it all the way down and bring your left foot up on the pedal too.

I did not mention it, but the big chairs always on two springs on top on. This is a garage chair. Sorry, I don't know what if it's a another brand. But grant's chair always has their two heavy springs on the top. All right, so you want to bring your heels together and I want you to lift your heels up. Okay? So what does this remind you of? Running. Oh, very good. Excellent.

And how we would want you to feel your posture all the time. So right now you don't want your knees pressing back at all. You want to lift in your arch of the lift in your inner thigh, pelvic floor, lower belly, and it's lifting all your energy up and your bottom is squeezing like crazy, right? So we're going to keep this beautiful lift and this alignment that shape as you gently, carefully put your right foot up on here. So we're going to bring our right foot. Nice. All the way. Now stay there.

Strop this hip a little. So it's square. Excellent. Now again, we're going to keep that shape so the back of the thigh and seat, you have to work and your belly as you lean all the way forward against that board. Now your hands can rest on top of that bar. Beautiful. Do you have a lift in your left arch? A lift in your inner thigh. Lift in your belly. Yeah. Lean a little forward. Yes. And we're going to use all of that lift in your belly to just pull that pedal easily up. That pedal helps everything lift in your body, like running, and you're gonna push down the pedal almost with your ball of your foot. Great job. Think about running and you're going to pull up in your powerhouse.

Excellent work, great and down. You're doing so beautifully can as scooping in and up using all the right muscles because you're channeling that running. And two more scooping in, but this is our daily posture that you want to feel everything lifting and last one. Nice. And we're going to stay here. Bring your shoulders forward a little bit. Keep using the chair to feel your posture and extend the left arm up. That's your right. There you go.

And remember that you want your arm a little bit more forward and really long and reaching, pulling in and up. You're going to come up with one arm. That's it. Don't lose your running and coming down and lifting in that arch and the inner thigh in the pelvic floor. That's it. And this hip start now. Lift, square off your hips. One second here. Boom, boom. And last one scoop and in and up. Fantastic, because you're doing so good. Yeah. Bring the other arm up and reach with the other arm and come down just a little and pull back up in your waist and come down just a little and little belly up and last time and we're going to come all the way down.

Keeping your energy up and up and up and up and put both hands down. I bet you that was the best you've ever done. Bring your right foot down, but before you put up the left, don't get sloppy. Soften those knees eels together. There you go. Get the inner thighs to lift. Squeeze your seat forward beyond a nice diagonal regain.

You're running. Yeah, you can soften your knees, elbows and bring so that this is four? Yes. Okay. Can you bend your elbows a little bit cause you're pushing your shoulders back and you're going to take your left foot up. That's it. That's really hard to do. But the knee all the way against the board by taking the whole shape forward. Right.

Great job and keep your running as you pull up. Yes. All the way up and down. Good. This hip start in the lift. Sometimes when we're up here, it's easier than come down as low as you can. Keep the even hips and feel that running. Yes. Really try to feel the nice squareness because it only gets harder to come up.

You can't take a hand off if you can't feel how square you are. Feel your belly in and up. And one more and then we'll take up your right hand. When we come down and right hand up there we go and down and we're lifting the outer thigh. We're lifting the inner thigh, everything's Nice and positive. And now we're going to go up and we're going to stay up.

Drop this hip a little bit and both arms up and come down. A little scoop and in and up. Yes, you can go down as low as you want. This seems like an easier leg for you and pull it up. And one more. The other hip wanted a rise all the way up through your waist and energy out. Your fingertips do go down. Very good.

Now put your hands on the handles and we'll do one more exercise. Bring your left foot down. Good. Regain your gorgeous posture that's not using your quads but using everything else. Right? Nice. How does that feel? And you can even like kind of push down on that, those handles. So you feel that nice lift? Yeah. Okay, excellent.

And I want you to take your right foot down to the floor right behind you and then keep all of your beautiful alignment as you let the pedal come up with your left foot, right foot's down on, on your heel as well. Yep. Stay their hips are more even [inaudible]. This knee is straight. I'm going to help you a little bit. This is all to target the back of the thigh, right where it connects to the seat. So right here that, but you're lifting the hip and clenching in the hip flexor right now. So there you go.

And you're going to pull your belly in and up as you push down just a few inches and pull down and hold. Remember, use this, use this and release and scooping in beautiful and release psych. And even take my foot off now because she's got it all through here. And now lift that heel up a little higher. A the one on the pedal. There you go. In the knee a little more in line with your hip. Yes. And one more down. Yeah.

And release. Now keeping your beautiful height. Put your right left foot down on the floor next to your other one. Good. And draw the left right foot up. She did it nice. All right, so we're gonna drop this hip a little bit. Again, it's clenching in that hip flexor. So you want to bring it down quite a bit. Lean forward, a little good alignment.

And if you can lift that heel even better, and we're going to push down a little hold and control it up, what goes down must come up, right? So as you push down, your belly goes up, up, up and release. And as you push with the back of the thigh and seat and release, and one more time keeping those hips even and release and bring up. That was your last one. She got into a little extra land. Yep. Stay there. Bring your right foot down. Keep that beautiful alignment, all the work pulling in your belly.

Find your posture and lift up through the waist. Turn your palms out as you take a big breath and push me down as you take a big breath. Inhale, actually lifting in your waist and exhale and you're all finished. My dear. Good job. Nice work.


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Great set up for pumping. I'm going to try it today. Thank you.
Hands down, I haven't learned SO much in such short time before... the description is spot on: "... understand what you are doing in each movement" . I now do :) Thanks Monica. Would love to see a longer video using the High chair with the same focus as this one.
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Thank you Monica. Great detail. Clear and concise. Only having a Wunda chair, I will try to translate what is accomplished here.
Love the break down of these exercises since it's so easy to get sloppy:)
I'm super excited to see a workout on the high chair. Fantastic instruction. Thank you for that.
Jamie H
Thank you, Monica. It was very precise and informative. I am looking forward to using a high chair.
I’m a Pilates student that is taking level one module one through peak Pilates and I enjoyed this chair workout 
Monica Wilson
So glad you enjoyed this class Lisa!

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