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Upper Body Wunda Chair

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Work on your upper body connection in this strong Wunda Chair workout with Monica Wilson. She teaches her long-time client, Maria, focusing on keeping her shape in each exercise. She pays special attention to the transitions to maintain the connection to the back side of the body between movements.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad, Towel

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Okay. This is my client, Maria, longstanding client of mine, and we have really been working on a certain shape in her body and she's wonderful at the transitions in the one to chair. So I'm going to give her a workout today, real strong workout on our one, a chair, many exercises that you've probably seen before and have done yourself, but I just like to show you these exercises, keeping a certain shape in mind and see how you enjoy doing them. All right, so we're going to start off with our footwork, uh, for this one to chair, I like, you can have a towel, that's all you need. But if you have a hard surface like us, we're going to use a yoga mat and then you should probably have two pads with you. I have two types of pads, just again, because we're on a hard wood surface. I have the blue mat pads that are a little more cushiony and then I have the black ones that I'll be using on another exercise. All right, so on top of the one to chair, I want you to go ahead and sit down. We're going to do one spring on top, one spring on the bottom to start our foot work.

Okay? So I want you to start with your hands behind you on the back of the chair. Great. I want you to take your right hip forward an inch. Good. Keep it there. Feel both sit bones. Excellent. Good. Maria works in parallel, but you can work in Pilati stance draws the line behind her hips, pull in the belly and soften those elbows.

So what we've been really working on, you can have your hands like right there, but a little soft in the [inaudible] really working on is the upper body connection, the back of the ribs and how it connects to the back of the seat. So separate your feet, your left one a little wider, little more still good. And bring your weight forward on the toes so that it's more on the ball of your foot in shade. A little egg. There we go. Good knees or hip. Put the part and start with the pedal up as high as you can. So I want her to feel when she pushes right from the back of the thigh, I want her to feel the energy in the back of the ribs as well and pull it in and pump 10 times. Pump down, up, down, up. Good. We'll watch those elbows.

We're not going to take in those elbows. We're pulling it here. Grow and taller. So there's a nice connection and three, two and hold and switch to the arch of the foot. Good. And we're going to zip up everything that arches are together. Inner thighs drawn in and lean a little bit back a little bit. Yes. And give me 10 more and down. Up. Good. So it's back of the thighs, right where the thigh connects to the bottom and right here of course the powerhouse is working, but you're really trying to feel those muscles really squeezing man.

Three and two and energy. One more. Yes. And now up to the heels and another position you can do as your hands right to side. You can also do an I dream of Jeannie position. But like I said, I'm working so much on this connection here because it's really easy for her to tighten up in her hip flexors and just use that. So we're gonna go 10 more here down upon, and two good and energy for pump it up. Good. Really beautiful. Straight back. As you can see, she's really working.

It says not her normal anatomy, nine and one more good. But she can mold her back as she needs to, which is very important. Go ahead and step off and forward. Standing Nice and tall with your energy. Good. Turn around. I'm going to move this pad here and we're going to do tendon stretch.

Come close to the chair. Bring your arms up to this ceiling. Good. And so again, we're really connecting where the back of the size and seat and here. So we're scooping in and we're going to roll off an imaginary wall. You put your hands on top of the chair. Good. Put a foot up onto the pedal and I'm going to help her bring it down and we're going to put the other foot up.

Then put your hands on the back of the chair shoulder with apart heels together. Is it all right to do this and [inaudible] stance? All right, so still on one spring top, one spring bottom here is the shape I really have been working on. It's an advanced shape that you'll see on backstroke. On the reformer ears are almost between the arms. The ribs and chest are pulled up into here and she's gonna make this connection.

Go ahead and lengthen your tailbone as you go down with the heels, especially when the heels are down, you're gonna see this shape, even squeeze the bottom a little bit more. Excellent. And that allows you to connect here. And the scoop comes right into here and now nine more going down, down, down and up, up, up. Good. And stretch to the Ri and squeeze. So she's really had to work on the low back.

It would love to our church's sway on her, so to work her power, how she would love to use her hip flexors and squeezing up. Watch that those elbows, AAHA and dance, a hold and that energy. Good. On a scale of one to 10 you have it at a 10 right here and Dan to three and zipping up. Let's do one more. It's like you're lengthening your tailbone away from the next bone away from the next and then zipping it up. Starting from the arch all the way up, up, up. So did we get this shape? Maybe bring the hips forward a little more? Yes.

Do you feel that shape? Awesome. Take one foot to the floor and control it up with the other foot goes down and then roll up your body with control. The transitions again are really important. Inhaling, and then press down the arms and XL pool in your lower belly more. Keep your chest a little forward. There you go. Good. Excellent job. All right, so we've done the footwork and we're going to do the hundred now and our series of five. So I'm gonna turn our chair around for a little bit here.

And why don't you have your tail turn your back to me and lie with your tailbone. So here's that advanced shape. We're talking about. Roll on down. We're going to see it in the hundred. I want the bottom of your shoulder blades to be on the chair. So scoot forward a little bit more. Yes, the chair is, does not lie. You are on a cushion surface but is not as cushioned as a mat.

Open the knees a little bit. So she's going to keep grounded her shoulder girdle muscles and she's going to imagine that she's on a reformer and you're going to slide those legs straight from here, scooping in and in an n and pump. That is fantastic. This is very, very hard. When she would lengthen her legs, her body weight would come up. She's really working that beautiful scoops. Often the left knee just a little bit.

So you want to feel the back of the thighs. There we go. And we're inhaling. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Good. So energy is coming this way and exhale. Watch that left knee. Yeah. And every now and then if you need to, you can bend the knees and re straighten the legs from that seat. So you really feel in that scoop. I said two more. Excellent job. Good arms, good strengths, and one more.

Okay. And draw those knees in and hug them. And so the shapes gonna Continue. Keep the right knee and we're going to Aha. And she's going to squeeze that leg straight and not use that hip flexor. And we're going to switch. Squeeze. Let's try that. Where you're going to win.

So that way into the knee, soften it up for me and then squeeze it straight. Just the right. It's fine. Excellent. Now she's got in the back of her thigh and she's got the scoop and squeeze. Yes. Same with the right. Yes. And scooping. Good.

So she's really preparing her body so well for the rest of her one to chair workout, there's no lying about whether her back is on the mat. She's using that powerhouse. One more set right and a left. And then drop both knees in and hug him in. Good. And now both are going to squeeze straight. Get in that shape, squeeze and exhale and reach. And I'm center and exhale and lengthen your right hip.

Work that out. Oh, that's so good. And lengthen that right hip work. That right hip, yes. And two more. Okay. And last one. She's pulling the belly in and up and right leg up. Left leg goes down again. Take it out of that knee and down one, two and switch one, two and switch. Watch those knees scooping in. Yes. Keep it in the back of the Fi. Oh, that's so beautiful. Beautiful.

And now as quickly as you can, let them pass. Right and left and thing. Grounded it in and up and right and left. One more set. Right and left and both legs. Up. Hands here. Good. And now squeezing from here and we're going to go down and pull up and curl up your head a little more. Ooh, that's good. And Squeezing Anna and two, you're almost done with your warm up here. Last one.

And we're going to bend the right knee and twist and try to come. Scoop. Beautiful ant right from here. Soften in that. Yes, you've got it. And one more set and left and hug both knees in and use them to sit on a calm on up and you're go ahead and stand up. Go ahead. We're going to change to one spring in the middle. So I'm putting one in the middle, taking the other one off.

And we're going to do the push down. I'm going to turn the chair back towards you. So go ahead and stand nice and strong and your Pilati stance. Okay, let's see if we can keep that shape going. And then I want you to come back with me a little bit. Good. Maria, look down at your feet.

Let's try to get your heels together [inaudible] and then push the earth away with the ball of every toe. Good. And we're going to bend the knees a little bit, doing a little ple a and to straighten them. See if you can pull your ribs towards me and the back of the thighs and see are working excellent. So I don't want her to compress her ribs or anything like that, but I do want her to feel this wrapping connection of, of the powerhouse. Let's bring your arms up to the ceiling. That's so beautiful. And you're gonna roll off and imaginary wall.

Aha lifting. Place the hands on the pedal, the heel of the hand goes on the pedal here. All right, so we have the back of the thighs really working and the scoop and this is actually going to initiate from right here from the back of a shoulder girdle muscles. And Go ahead and push down. And now to come up, she's going to start from the lower belly. You're going to good, good, good, and down upper body. And now we're going to squeeze the back of your inner thighs, pull up the pelvic floor and the lower belly and one more. And we're going to stay down here, Maria. And I want you to just bend the elbows, leaving your body and you straightened round more. Try to round as much as you can. One more curl that tailbone under.

Hold it there actually. And bring your hips forward. A half an inch and do one more. Bend those elbows and now curl the tailbone at or more. Yes. Stay there. And with the tailbone curling under, roll up, pulling the pedal up, up, up, keep rolling up as if it didn't even stop and great. And push down the earth. Excellent job. Beautiful.

We're going to come on over here for a little opposition of that. We're going to do the swan. I'm going to push it forward a little bit and I want you to keep one spring in the middle and lie down with your chest, uh, the chest off of the front of the chair and you want to line up your shoulder directly over the wrist. Good. Excellent. Alright, so our legs, we're wrapping in squeezing and lengthening actively our legs. Here's the most important part here, ladies and gentlemen, we don't want to take it in our lower back. This is an upper back exercise, so she's got a great line here. Again, something else she's worked really hard for.

So we're going to keep the powerhouse lifting in and about the crown of your head a little longer. You had it just right before, Chin down a little bit. [inaudible] pushing there and you're going to keep the body where it is, but pull open the collar bones to lift that pedal and straighten those arms to more like that. Pull open those collar pounds and straighten one more and then hold those arms straight and stomach and to lift up your head and your sternum. And that's what lifts the pedal up, up, up, and go down. And let's do three more pumps, long end and two and one more.

And hold those arms straight. And powerhouse lifts up. The sternum opens up. Yes, and down all the way down. Straight and long. Add one more set. Get that neck. Yes. Open those collarbones at is good. One more and hold those arms straight and the power house lifts up, squeezing, lifting, opening those collar bones and rest down. Wonderful. Let your feet slide back and touch the floor. Let the pedal come up.

Hands on top of the chair and lift with the powerhouse. Once you returned, you're going to roll up an imaginary wall. Good in with the air and arms up. Good and pro opening. 'Em and then exhale, keep your way, your shoulder. Yes, a little more for it. Excellent. Okay. We are now going to do teaser, which is quite the nemesis. Right.

All right, so we're going to put, keep it on one spring in the middle and you want to sit down with your back to the pedal God. And I want you to hug your knees into your chest and check. See if you have a hands with distance behind you. Good. Good. You did an amazing job pumping from the right area on the, on the swan. So I'm really excited about that. So we're gonna think about squeezing to atten your legs as your stomach pools and opposition extending to a teaser position and reach for your toes.

Beautiful. Really, really good. Bend the elbows past. You. Put them on. Good. Now you're going to hold your legs from here. Look down at your belly and start with the lower belly going down, middle belly, upper belly, and then upper stomach to come up. Middle and lower. And two more reaching the legs from here. So you're scooping in and upper stomach, middle and lower. Squeeze.

One more time. Squeeze this away from you. Yes. Squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze. And squeeze it away from you to come up. Oh yeah. And then reach your hands to your toes. Good job. And I'm going to give you just a little stretch here. Go ahead and give me your legs and stretch forward.

Nice job. Hug your knees into your chest. That was fantastic. Beautiful. Go ahead and step off. [inaudible] and we're going to do mermaid in knee backwards arms. Actually first. So I'm just gonna I'll just probably put this pad down here.

All right, so I'm gonna slide. We're still gonna keep one spring in the middle. Sorry. And, and pull it towards you. Okay. And we're going to end up sitting down right here, Maria. But your back will be to the chair and let's practice a Pilati sit while we're here. So we're going to have be in a Pilati stance. Look down at your feet, make sure your rights not more turned out than your left, cause your heels are almost lined up on that one. Uh Huh, right. Hmm hmm. Interesting. Okay.

So we're going to keep that powerhouse nice. Her upper back would love to hang out in her lower back. So we have to always use your stomach to come forward a little. Yes. Great job. Again, we're going to bend your knees and do a little plea a so that you're going to use your belly and the outer thighs to lengthen those legs and really feel that. Keep this a little more forward. Arms. Um, do I dream of Jeannie? [inaudible] good. And I want you to keep lengthening your tailbone down, not your upper back, but your tailbone down to sit down.

And I'm going to assist you if needed, but probably not scooping. Then you want to cross one foot in front of the other. Hmm. And lengthening your bottom. Yes. And I'm just perfect slide. So you're even on that good. Straighten your legs.

I'm going to go ahead and sit on here to pull the pedal down and you're going to put a hand. Yes. Why did your bottom to the left a little bit are square with the Mat, but I didn't put the Mat Square with the chair. Put the left hip forward just to half an inch. Okay. So I want you to pull those toes back. Good. Bend the knees a little bit and use the hamstring and glute Maria to push the heel away. And squeeze up off that seat.

So there's a lot of energy that goes out your heel and it's off in the back of the thigh and seat. Do you feel that Maria? And then your powerhouse lifts up out the crown of your head. And we're going to go ahead and keep that height with your body as we bend the elbows, lifting the triceps up to the ceiling, and then school ease up. Good. Now we're not going to move this at all. All right, I'm going to slide forward just a hair and we're going to hold that as we bend and lift off that seat at three and lift up that seat in two and lift up. And one more hand hold and switch your grip.

So notice that our spine is stacked up, bending the elbows. There we go. Let's do five more and push those heels away as you grew up taller and up. Good and three add to beautiful shoulders and hold. And that is enough. Go ahead and take your hands to your ankles and reach and stretch.

Beautiful. Good. And we're going to stand up. So I want you to go and [inaudible] cross over and stand on up. Beautiful. And we're going to put your, we're not gonna use a pad for the next one for arm frog. Arm Frog is really important for my workout today because we're talking about this connection right here. So I want you to come forward a little bit more beautiful.

Arms up to the ceiling. All right, another tiny little bend of the Nita. Get right where I want to connect, Kay. And we're going to keep the heels on the ground as long as you can. As you bend the knees and lower your arms down to the pedal when the heels need to, they can lift [inaudible] and the knees open wide. Good. And we're working on this spine.

So to start you're going to feel your bottom on your heels, but then I need you to engage the back of your thighs and glutes to lift up off. Nope, no pedal down yet. Thick. That's all right. So you want to have about an inch or two between your bottom and your heels. Excellent. Good. And that's from here. Not from the quads. All right. And now we're going to do five pumps. K, one, two, three, four.

Hold it down and grow taller and release. Give me another set down, up. One, two, three, four, five. Hold Andrew. Lease. One more, one, two, three, four, five. Hold and release and bring your arms up to the ceiling and we're going to lift and down with those heels. Excellent. Alright, we'll do mermaid and kneeling. Now there's a couple of ways you could do mermaid.

I'm going to grab one of my cushy, cushy or mats, but I like mermaid kneeling for Maria because she is very um, great. She can use her knees and hyperextend very easily. So this, when you're kneeling on your knees, it takes away the knee, knee, kneeling. So when you're sitting up on top, that might not connect as well for you if you are hyper mobile. All right, so we're going to come right here. That's it. Good. All right, so I'm having her line up her toes with the edge of the wand. A chair, lift up your arms, always focusing on having that strong lift and you're going to keep your energy lifted as you lower your knees down to the pedal, to the pad. Okay, good. See if you can flex your feet. Does that feel good or bad when you flex them? Okay.

Push the ball of every toe into the floor and squeeze the back of your thighs and bottom forward. Excellent. Straighten that arm if you can. Excellent. Not just a little loose in the elbow. Excellent. Good. All right, so you, she's going to keep her hip right here. Draw the powerhouse in squeezing forward and you're working from here to go down, pushing that pedal down. We're still on one spring. Yeah, you're doing great. And now we're gonna pull in and come up. Love it ant pushing through this line for me. Really feeling here.

Stretching every vertebra in between the ribs here and scoop in and come up. And one more. Drop that shoulder into joint. Pull into here just a little more. Keep that hip working and pushing the bald every toe lifting up through your body. Bring this arm up to the ceiling. Good. And we're going to lift up one to aliyah. Good. And then press down.

Let's have both arms up, always pressing and growing. Taller. Other side. I'll move the pad a little bit and you'll have a chance here to see it from the backside. Slide back just a little further. That way you can put your knees in the correct placement. Yeah, it looks good. All right. Soften that right knee. Yes. And Open your feet more towards the left. Close the right. Yes.

Excellent. Lifting up your arms. Go ahead and lengthening the tailbone and lower yourself down. Keep your energy up. Perfect. And we're going to keep the flexed feet here. All the toes. Excellent. The fingers point forward. Okay. Notice how her hips are aligned with our knee. Okay.

And same here. So your goal is to not let your hips push away from the pedal scooping and locking that left shoulder and go down to three and control it up. Maria, I would love to see your left hand go forward all the way to the front edge. Keeping the right, the left shoulder ankle ingled there. [inaudible] and so we're going to work right? Keep squeezing the hips forward.

There we go. And from here we're going up. Go down to three and pull it up. Yes. More from your powerhouse on the up. Ooh, yes, we're working that air pulling in. Mm. That's a good stretch now. And pull it in as you control it back. Give me one more. Scoop it in. Yeah.

And keep squeezing the bottom forward. And now both arms up to the ceiling, calling those toes under and lift all your energy and pushing down. Beautiful. Nice job. Alright, so now we're going to do one that's very great for this shape, which is horseback. Since we're working on top of the chair, I'm going to use the thinner black pats. Here we go. All right. And we're still going to keep one spring in the middle. Go ahead and sit on down. You straddle.

There's many ways to get on where you want your bottom off the back moon of the chair. All right. Flex the feet to begin. Flex the arms. Good. Okay. So we're going to find a ripple effect. She's going to use the inner thighs and the back of her legs as she lengthens her toes and [inaudible] LinkedIn's or arms and comes up into this. Look down a little bit into the horseback. Look at that. Beautiful.

So really finding this connection. Go ahead and keep that powerhouse lifted as your hands. Find the pedal. Yes. And now almost from the waist up, she's going to lengthen her spine to press down the pedal as low as you can. Use Your right side a little more. And then from the lower belly and all the way up and down again, two more God and squeeze the back of the legs and you use that powerhouse and find that shape. That's the shape I want. And one more. This shape is gonna.

You're gonna find in every single exercise, um, when you're advancing and Palazzos and hold it here, let's end with some shavings. So come up with your sternum a little bit, but don't lose this shape. Arms straight ahead and shaving one and two. Yes. Elbow straight back to me. Squeeze up off the seat a little more. One more. Hole the arm straight and sit on down. Whew. Good job. Very nice lady.

Go ahead and take one leg over God. And we're going to start with some. There's three types of pushups and most important is just hitting the shape. I don't really care how much you do with the arm, but it's more the shapes are, we're going to start with your right arm first. So I'm just gonna turn this like so. Still one spring in the middle for the grots. All right, now here's where I'm gonna want you to line up right here. Okay, right? Uh, even just a touch away from the chair and forward.

Thank you. Excellent. How are the feet of the equally turned out? Hmm. Okay. And now we're going to use the energy from here. Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Good. We're gonna keep the pedal up and we're going to roll off an imaginary wall.

Keep the hips squeezing forward. Keep the left right hand in the middle. Don't push it down. Bend the elbow instead as your left arm touches the floor. So your eyes are going to look at your feet and you're going to try to keep your body completely squared as you walk back and you even get to cheat and look at these lines and make sure that you walk back accordingly. I would say take your right foot a little towards your left a little more.

Scoot out a little bit from the chair. Okay. The shapes important. I said, so don't move anything in the upper body. Squeeze this down about three inches. Three, two, one. Now lift up your head more. Yes. And drop your right shoulder three inches towards the floor if you can. Wow, that's awesome. That's all I want. That's amazing. If she can, she's going to do five pumps down, up one, down, up to down, up three, four, and five and that's enough. Look down at your feet. Walk your feet back into you. Good. Roll Up.

Arms up to the ceiling for that great left. That was amazing. Woo. Fantastic. Proud moment there. Let's come on this side. Yeah. And we're going to put your feet right there. Good lining up with that line. Pretty close. Alright. Keeping your weight forward from here. Yes.

And she's going to move through that advanced shape that I'd been wanting, which is right here. Right? And then she's going to keep going and then the pedal stays up. You just bend the elbow. How are the feet? Can we keep them? Keep the right heel on that line as you walk out? Yes. Good. That's it. So we're gonna squeeze those hips. Yes.

Hold right there with the hips. And again, you have to drop this shoulder. Yup. But now lengthen out your spine a lot more from your bottom. There you go. Yes. And if you can do five down, up one. Yep. Two. That is perfect. Three I think. Skipped one. Just kidding. And now hold it up and look at your feet and pull it in. Excellent.

Really good on keeping that shape. Squeezing your bottom forward so that my friends is push up. One good, good, good. And we are going to do the twist, which is a crazy combination and I've taught it a few times here, but it really is always a beautiful exercise. Um, but we're really emphasizing that shape again, the connection of the ribs with the back of the, the thigh and releasing the hip flexor. So I'm going to have you start with your hips.

Your left hip is close to this and far from this corner, but following this line so it's a teaser twist. One pedal in the middle. Still free me. Your right hip quite a bit. Good. That's good. That is good. All right, so if you need to open your knees, you can, but you're going to lengthen from here and give me that opposition. Okay. And reach both hands for your legs when you're up. Good. Cross this ankle over here.

Drop your right arm to the back corner of that point. The fingers away from you. Very good. Alright, scooping in, we're going to roll. Squeezing onto your side. Good. Hold right here. Hold and feel the back of your thighs squeezing, scooping in. Now let's twist your ribs to the pedal.

Keep that left arm by your ear. Beautiful untwist and feel your stomach lengthening out your fingertips. As you roll back onto your seat, controlling that pedal and go down again from here. Make it from here. Yes, twist the ribs to the pedal. Regained that straight long line.

Now gimme shoulder back a little bit more and look at your belly and regain that shape. Pull in from here. Control. Resist from here. Look at that one more. You've got it squeezed from the back of your thighs. Hold and long twist your rips. Come back, hold. Pull into your advanced shape that we're working on. Controlling both arms.

Go forward and you're deaf. Awesome. Very good. Really good control here with that. I liked that a lot. Now we're going to sit with your right hip here facing this way. Maria also loves the chair. She's a glutton for punishment, but it does the skip forward about an anch. Even if you feel like you're going to fall off right here, you'll feel more secure when you're doing the exercise. All right, so you're going to bring the knees in.

Good and make sure you're squeezing from the back of the legs and it's going to your left ankle over your right. Opposite [inaudible]. So we're going to scoop in and find the wrap. All right. And we're going to scoop. That's it. And it's a diagonal. So you're gonna keep squeezing the left cheek forward. Good.

Keep that right arm right cheek. Sorry. Right on by your ears. You twist your ribs. Good. I'd love to see your left shoulder. Get into joint more. [inaudible]. Come back to center or facing forward. Look at my finger and regain this shape. Control, control, control. Go down to left shoulder into joint. Good and twist those ribs. Yes.

Untwist good and scooping in. That's the scoop. One more smooth. Show me that. Let's get that shoulder in joint. Twist the ribs on. Twist now get that shoulder in joint.

Bend the elbow a little bit instead and now let me see how much you can control that pedal as you come back up. Smooth, smooth, reach both arms up. I knew you could do it and enough. Very good on that. I love it that you use that Spring to get real good control. Beautiful. Okay. I'm going to pull it back a little bit and this is push up too, which is even harder than the first one and again, weren't important about this shape. Okay, so we're going to line you up with the front part. Like this is going to be the middle of your body. Okay. Arms up to the ceiling.

Good. And find that connection and then roll off that wall. Good. All right, so the top hands going to be in the middle. Good. And now walk your feet out and your shoulders might come back a little bit. Good. That's it. And now you're going to squeeze down and up. Good. Let's hold this.

Hold and straighten your left arm and bend this arm because we need the shoulders even. So lower the shoulder about three inches. Yes. A little more even, but drop it back to me. Okay, now squeeze your hips down. Up One, down. Up to, there you go. For one more and more hips down. Ah, good. Walk your feet in. Ooh. Yeah, and round up. Hold.

No sway. Squeeze forward and energy going down. Wonderful. Wonderful. Come onto this side. Let's see how the right arm on the pedals going to do good. Arms Up. Nice. Good job, Maria. All right. Rounding off, holding this energy. Hold in that shape. Good.

Really? Let's see if we can keep this guy right here. Let's see if we can lock this in a position as you walk your feet out. Okay. Okay. Now hold this and squeeze your back of your legs down. Down. Good. And use them to go down. Up One. Yes. Down. Up to hold.

We fell a little bit towards me and dropped this shoulder and now don't touch me. Take your hips away from me. Yes. Take your hips away from me. Yes. One more. Really good, Maria. Walk your feet back in. That was a lot better. Control and connection. Hold on a second. Keep your weight forward a little bit and arms up. Come and openness. They stay. Wonderful alignment. Good, good, good, nice. Did that second one feel a little stronger than the first on your left shoulder cause your left shoulder is so strong.

I'm going to switch one spring top, one spring bar, actually one spring, middle and one spring bottom for attendance. Stretch. Yeah. Your um, stronger side is gonna want to compensate incorrectly and so on. It's forced to stay in correct alignment. It's not so happy. Okay. So we're going to turn the chair a little bit. I'm going to pull it back a little bit too.

And we're going to do tendon stretch. So tendon stretch is again, trying to get right into that upper body scoop and feeling the back of your thighs. So go ahead and turn around and sit down, put your arches on the pedal and push it down. Good. If you can, you can get parallel or Pilati stance, whatever you're able to do, Poli stance, even better. Your hands are on the front of the Yes. Good. All right. So we're going to straighten our legs by getting that wrap and squeeze and draw up, keeping the pedal down. All right, so stay right there and I think you can still pull up into me a little more.

Oh, that's beautiful. And we're not locking the knees at all. Hmm. Hmm. Good. So from here and from here we're gonna pull up that strong pelvis and down and up and scoop right up into here. And give me one more. Maria writeup it. Fill this spot here and then down and sit down.

That was beautiful. Very, very nice. How'd that feel? Good job. Wonderful. All right, go ahead and step off. Good. So that's a really advanced shape. Okay. Those are the chair is hard. It's torturous. You made it. You did another proud moment.

You did make it look easy. All right, so I'm going to switch our mountain. Climb to one spring top, one spring, bottom. Okay, so we're going to lift up your arms for mountain climb and we're going to roll off that imaginary wall. Let's get that connection. Yes. Gorgeous shape right there. Hands go to the top of the chair. Let's put a foot up on the pedal. Doesn't matter which one, and we're going to lower it down and then put your other foot on the pedal.

Put your hands on the back of the chair. You can start with either your right or your left. We're starting with our left foot. Put a pad up there to slightly give her grip. All right, so we are really working on this advanced shape here. Beautiful Scoop.

I want her to feel the back of the left thigh while she pumps rather than her quad. Go ahead and bring the left, the right knee, sorry, above the chair and let's do eight counts. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and so the up to three, four, five, six, seven and longen up, chest up, four head up, six, seven and eight dash two three four five six, seven and eight. Beautiful. Bring that left foot down. Hold it there. I'm going to switch the pan and we're going to do the right foot up so it's a little turned out the right foot length in this hip. My dear. Pull up in here. That's good. Soften that left knee and bring it all the way up above that chair. Yes. When you pump that knee, make sure it points more towards Perry. There we go.

One, two, three, four. So we're making this connection eight and slowly up to three, four, five, six, seven and long. Two three, four, five, six, seven and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. A beautiful shape, Maria. Nice job. One foot down. Let's bring another to the floor, controlling it up, foot down, and roll through that beautiful shape as you come up and pressing down. Excellent job. Nice. Nice, Nice. Oh, stay right there. I know we're ready for our pool up. Okay. I'm going to put this pad here.

If it bothers you, let me know. Okay, we're going to start with one a on top, one on the bottom, but you are really, really strong. So I want you to just solidify that shape and feeling and then see if we can step it up. A little arms up to the ceiling and control rolling off an imaginary wall. So when you're learning the pull up one foot, if you're a gentleman, then you're going to probably do two top women. We'll do one top, one bottom. Okay, hold it there.

We're going to squeeze with the back of the legs. Make sure you don't feel the knees, feel the scoop and really feel that connection, right? So I want you to pull your powerhouse up into here. It went flat. You'd want to scoop. And here we go. Up, up, up, and now lengthen your tailbone down. Curl your tailbone. Oh, there you go. And up, up, up and curl the town. Feel the back of those legs. Help you.

And one more. Scooping it up, up, up and down. Two, three. God, how that I want you to go ahead and lower your heels. No, no. Just your heels and stretch. This is a nice stretch. So now I'm going to change the springs. Now that we have that feeling and I'm going to lower it just a little bit.

Let's do one spring and the middle, one spring on the bottom. Let's see if you feel any difference there. Is this a tiny bit of difference? I'm doubting myself and wondering if I should even do one less. Did you feel like it was really strong, the pedal or just a little strong helping you? I just [inaudible].

Okay. Let's see how this one is set and one foot to the pedal and as you've straighten that leg work from here. Good, good. That is so beautiful. Hands to the back of the pedal. Good. So on this last one, I just want you to pull it up and do three pumps or we're going to pull it up scooping in beautiful and down and scoop. Yep. And to look how easy you make this look. One more pulling up and then lengthen the tailbone all the way down from here to regain that shape. Oh yeah.

And then one foot to the floor and control it up with the other and the foot goes down and roll up [inaudible] and down. That was awesome. Felt better, Huh? So one spring in the middle, one spring in the bottom. We're advanced in that. Good job. Okay. I'm sorry though. We're going to be doing table now. Yeah. So, okay. So I'm going to put the pad back here and you're going to have your back to the chair and sit down.

Good. And we're going to put the toes on the pell. You could do this one parallel, or you could do at Peloton stance. Either one. If you're gonna do it. Pilati stances. Go ahead and separate your feet. Chest a little wider. Good. Good. Okay. Of course we're going to work the back of the thighs and you're going to lift your body so it looks like a table. Okay.

You're going to squeeze up and take your body weight a little more forward. Even an down up at the bell. One from here. Two, three, four, five. Pull it up. Let's do four more. Up to your bottom. Pull it up to your bottom. Three, two and hold and lower down. Yeah. Nice job. Good work. Go ahead and step off.

Here's where you can grab your towel or you can grab your Yoga Mat. And we're going to do flying eagle. So I'm going to pull it over this way a little bit. Good. And I'm going to change the springs to one in the middle and I'm going to grab my yoga mat and that's just because she's going to be lying on her tummy. All right. Don't curl up on me too much at least.

Alright, so go ahead and stand facing the chair and just lower yourself down any way you want to do apply. Sit. Okay. Crossing one foot over, good and lower yourself. Yes. And then go ahead and lie onto your stomach and you want to put your hands on the pedal. Excellent. And lower your right facial cheek down as much as you can. Yet the pedal can move a little bit. All right, so flying eagle. Perfect. Can you straighten your arms? Any? Okay, great.

And just feel that w head go heavy into the mat. We're going to squeeze back here. We're going to scoop in here and we're going to get to use that paddle to press just a little lift up your head. Now I'll keep as the pedals going down, your body's going to go up, up, up, and Ah, what I loved about that is a pedal dingle tongue. As you went all the way up. Now control, lengthening your spine as you go down, head goes down, down through those arms and turn your left cheek. Excellent. Pulling and powerhouse and great lower back and keep lifting the powerhouse.

Yes. And your head goes through those arms as you lengthen out the crown of your head. Right cheek on the map. Add one more set, squeezing the back of the thighs, feeling your belly lift. It's really hard to feel your belly lift into a backbend and head dives, feet between. And this is a great way to really enjoy that control. Last one, squeezing and feeling the belly scoop and it lips you lifts against that pedal and coming down, lengthening, lengthening. God.

Go ahead and release that pedal. Round your back and sit on your heels. Nice job. Good. How'd that feel, Maria? Isn't it Nice I've been holding out on you? All right, we're gonna turn around and lie down onto your back. This is another one that really enjoy doing here. And that's corkscrew.

So you're going to lie down onto your back [inaudible] and then you're good and you're going to grab the paddle. So this is another one of those that where it does not lie. You're gonna hold just to the side. Is that all right there? Okay. Where if you're using your upper body significantly, it's going to swing that move, that chair pedal all around. So the goal is to not move that pedal, bend the knees into your chest.

And just try to relax for a second. Good. And then extend the legs towards you squeezing and drawing in. We're going to curl up that tail bone and rest the feet just on the top of the chair. And we're going to roll down through your ribs. And then you're going to take the legs to your right for corkscrew. Aha. Circle them all the way to the right down.

Scoop it into the floor and then bring them back to me. Good. So work on that shape on the ribs going down. K. So get, feel the ribs, stretch, stretch. And then keep them on the mat as you go over. Yes. And over. And then scoot back here. Much better, Maria. Yes. And we're going to length in the back of your rips. Lengthen. Go down a little more. The middle first. Aha.

And then let yourself go to the right around scooping in. Work in the back of the legs. And up. Here we go. Great work. And grounding the ribs again. Yes. And left round Scott. Feel that bottom lift. And we got one more set. We're gonna. I'll help [inaudible] stretchy.

Right and around pulling your navel into the mat and beautiful and down. One more time we'll do to the left. Reaching around scooping it's and up and now just straight down the middle because it feels so delicious. Nice job. Good. Hug your knees into your chest, cross your ankles and you're gonna bring your head to your chest and gimme your arms and we're going to roll up to a standing. Very nice. Good. Okay. I'm done with my Yoga Mat and we're going to do front balance and control.

So you're going to want to switch your chair to one spring on the top, one spring on the bottom, and there are all kinds of balancing ballet work that you can do when you're up there. I don't want to do that today. My emphasis today, today, I want Maria to just really feel [inaudible] the connection of the back of the thigh in here and that balance. So on the big chair you go, you learn how to do going up front and we're going to do it. Here it's like you get, you take off the back board, you take off the handles. It's like look, Mano Arms.

So that is what I want her to feel instead. Okay. Bring your left heel towards the window a little bit more so that your right foot is not so turned out. Oh cute. Okay. But I think I will make her do it a little advanced to get on. So what that means is I'm going to have you put your left foot up on the pedal, scoop in and get your left foot. That's your left. There we go. Square off your hips. Yep. Good. Give me your hands.

And simultaneously while that foot is going to go down, you're going to bring your right foot up onto so controlled. Yes. Good. Turn out your right foot a little bit. Good. A little bit. Ballet, arms here. Good. And I'm going to leave you here. So I want her to feel this. He'll come in a little this need, bend it and as you straighten it, turn it towards or away from the mirror the window cause we don't want it rolled in and we want to feel the size. Excellent. Drop this hip as much as you can and we're going to work on right here.

Lean forward a little bit. We're going to work on pulling up from here, up, up, up, and pushing that pedal down to three and up. Up, up though. It doesn't even need me and dad. One more. Up, up, up and down. Two, three. Fantastic. Staying there. You're going to bring your arms forward. Rounding the upper back. [inaudible] good. Put your right foot down.

I'll switch the pad. Put the left foot. Good. Now you're going to just like mountain climb around, up your body squeezing. That's why we do mountain climb first. Beautiful. And we're going to connect here and here and we're going to pull up one all the way up and down. And two more. Pulling a little more into this connection.

Last one. Excellent. And Dan, round forward. Good. Bring your right foot to the pedal and we're going to do going upside. So I'm just going to turn this pat out a little bit. Turn your left heel so it's flat. Excellent.

And we're gonna place your right foot up there. Good. And bend the left knee. [inaudible] completely. There you go. Because when you straighten it, I want you to point it away from the chair. Okay, so straighten it, straighten it. All right, pull your hips back so you're a little more over your tor. Back towards me. [inaudible] here. Just a little forward with them, but my whole, you're good. Yeah. Sorry. Let me get a better cue there. There we go. Your alignment looks pretty good there. All right Maria, lowering this arm. Good. Scooping in.

So you want to feel this knee is just really work into squeeze here. We're going to work actually the leg on the pedal more than this leg and we're going to work it from here. So you straighten it when you want, but now make the up. Don't twist towards the pedal. We're going to pull up all the way you've got it and [inaudible] and to yes and dad. Excellent. One more squeezes hip under you and down. Yes.

And turn towards the chair and bring the right foot down. Foot. Pet feet on the pedal please. Good. Stay there while we switch. Good. And we're going to turn so that the left, the right foot, yes is flat. So the heels on the back of the pedal turn this foot a little more centered or the heel here. There you go. The alignment is really important. So this is your left leg on top, which is generally your yup. Stroke.

All right, so we want to lower this hip. Yeah. Less scooping it. Oh good. You have a little mirror in the window. Yes. Now can you bend the right knee and turn it out as it straightens? Get in the outside of that leg to really work. Fantastic.

Hold that alignment as much as you can. And let's pull up up some daisy. Here we go. Use here. Uh Huh. All right. So you're twisting a lot. So you gotta work. Yes. We hold here at, let me give you my hands here. Yeah. Ant Squeeze. Pulling that right rib away from me. Yep.

You need to get your weight more over this guy. Yeah. And bring me your right hip. Yeah. Hip. One more. Uh Huh. Now come down. Good. Stay there.

And I'm gonna want you to do one like this and we're going to come here up, up, C and down. Yeah. Really good though. Where'd you feel that feeling? Here? In there? Yeah. Gripping more than back here. Yeah. Hm. She's at [inaudible] now. You've got a little more in the back of the fight.

Ooh. Check you out. [inaudible] [inaudible] nice job. Very good way to correct yourself there. And put your hands down and foot down and face forward. Good. So these exercise, one foot to the floor and control it. These are super advanced exercises and like I said, we've been working on getting that shape right so that the PSI can be one of the hardest for the right alignment and everything. Really good work on that.

Um, pumping on knees. So we're going to regain that shape. I'll put it right here and we're going to do one spring in the middle. Come over on my side. You like this one or don't like this one? This is a great one. Okay, so this is again, because she's kneeling, you're going to feel the back of the thigh and seat extremely.

And the powerhouse, just where I want it. So arms up to the ceiling. Good. And we're gonna squeeze and lift up. Yes. I love the scoop. Keeping your weight forward over your knees and the fingers will all be together. Thumbs to heels. The hands. Excellent. Okay, I'm going to hold her ankles and bring your hips forward a little bit. And now go down with that pedal. Hold it down. Hold it down.

Now curl that tail bone under scoop and scoop up into the back of those ribs. Go down, curl that tailbone under, scoop into the back of the ribs, all the way. Good. And down and scooping in and in. Up, up, up. Now hold it your Maria. You can sit back a little bit. I'm going to let go and you're going to do one without me. Just go and where you want to go. Yes.

And curling the tailbone under. You're making that look easy. And then keep squeezing your hips forward as you come all the way up. And then here's where your upper back went into your lower back again. Yes. And pushing down a lean your shoulders a little forward. Yes. And push down those arms as you open. Excellent. Yes.

That's what I wanted to see. Wonderful. Go ahead and step off. Okay, beautiful. Okay, we're going to attempt some pushups. Three. Okay. Come on over here. I'm gonna pull it this way a little bit. Good. Okay. And we're sticking to one spring in the middle. And I'm going to put a pad here. Okay. So you're going to turn your back to the chair right here and you're like, nope. Like your whole way. Yeah, eh? Yeah.

And let's go ahead and get in a nice Velodea stance. Good. And you're gonna roll off an imaginary wall. Good. And you're going to let me know if it bothers you to have the pattern. If it feels better, and you're going to put a foot up on the pedal. Good. Now keep your weight up here and put the other foot on the pedal.

Beautiful. Keep the pedal. That's okay. So let me know if you're ready to try again. There we go, man. Your light as a feather and walk your hands out. [inaudible]. There you go. Now lower down just your hips. Just your hips. Keep the pedal up. You've got it. Keep squeezing down the hips.

You got it? Little bit lower. Three. Ooh, a little adjustment. Now bend the elbows down up once. Lower the hips and another inch. Yup. Down. Up to good heels together if you can. Oh yeah. One more. And now Pica. Straight arms walk back. [inaudible] good. Walk out one more inch. Squeeze your hips down. Straight. Arm, strong. Poe powerhouse. Now don't move the arms.

Lower the feet. Lower the feet from the hips. Lower the feet one more and lower everything down. Up One. You got it dead up too. Dan. Up Three. And now we're going to pike up. So walk back into the pedal. Good.

Bring one foot to the floor and the other and you're going to roll up just like you have all the time. Arms that and pushing down earth. Excellent. Great job. Okay, now one spring on the bottom and once on the bod top, one spring, top, one spring bottom for our finale, which is star. Now I'm just going to have Maria hold the position because we're working on the side profile here like we saw on going upside. So I think we're in good alignment here and I'm going to switch it to one spring on the top. One spring on the bottom. Okay.

All right, so we're going to come from here and you're going to try to put your right foot as far the toes point to that front part. Okay. Just start there. Good. And then your right hand is going to go to the middle of the chair. Good. And we're going to press down that pedal with control. Okay. Stay there. You got weight on it now don't move on until I'm out of the way here.

And we're going to take the LE, the top leg up to the ceiling. Good. And the left arm behind your head. Okay, so I was very, I just want to see her shape so I don't want to see this knee rolling in. I want you to bend it if you can and push this hip forward as oh yeah, that's nice. Good. This leg is reaching out. We're Holden from here and now want you to rotate. Make sure this hand is really behind the head. Okay.

Like neck pull hand. There you go. And so therefore the elbow has to be up to the ceiling and rotate this shoulder. So it's facing the w in front of yes. So we're holding here. Nice. And we're squeezing here. The top leg has gone behind you. Reach it forward a little and out it out.

Straight out. Now from the, that's it. All right. So when you get super, super advanced, you can pull this pedal up, but I just want her to feel this hold. Now put your left foot down and we're going to turn around the other side. Left foot to the pedal. Good. And you're gonna put your left hand in the middle. Good. And now you guys get a chance to see it from here. So you're going to carefully, let's see.

Take your top foot back to the back edge so you can put your toes on the front edge. Yes, there you go. Good. That's safe. Good. All right. So don't worry about lifting that leg so much as getting the, Ooh, that's good alignment. Now look at the window and look at the mirror. Put your hand behind your head. Excellent. And lift this leg up straight with the body. Excellent. Good hold. I'm going to let go because you're changing your energy to your foot and I want you to hold it here. And so she's really the elbow to the hand.

Super important. And again, when you're super advanced, that pedal flowed up to, she's dying to try our EO and you're gonna use that hip and you're gonna lift up the pedal, Huh? Yeah. And you fell all those muscles working, didn't you turn towards the chair? And, but that is exactly what you should do. You should give it like a little, oh, I'm going to. And so you really feel all those muscles right? And one foot to the pedal. This is your grand finale, Maria. We're going to bring the pedal up. Your foot comes down and you're going to roll up your spine, keeping that shape and press those arms down as you grow even taller, keeping the weight on the ball of your foot and you're all done.


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a real professional:)thank you monica!
1 person likes this.
Great class Mónica! I love your cues! so clear and precise in every single exercise and your client made an excellent job too! Congratulations!
1 person likes this.
You have such a nice rapport with your client. It's great to see! Really enjoyed the class, thank you.
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Wow, I am so impressed! - With Maria, who is performing all those super hard moves and with you Monica, managing to give her the right cues and the right spotting to make her feel safe! I also admire how you feel confident enough to bring your client into this kind of advanced state! thank you both!
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That is a wonderful example of smooth and precise cueing while flowing with comfort and ease throughout the session. Maria is inspirational exuding confidence, strength and grace. Thank you both for this super Wunda class. I'm "springing forward" into daylight savings time with this session. Thank you,??
Monica Wilson
I am so glad y'all enjoyed this class so much! I love teaching Maria and I am so thankful this class could demonstrate how to transition smoothly from one challenging exercise to the next.
Paola Maruca
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loved this class and Monica's cues were impeccable...thank you...I really appreciated the pace. It gave me the chance to be more 'spot on' on many little details ....very helpful
Monica Wilson
Thank you Paola! Monica:)
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Fun, challenging and yet relaxing at the same time! Must be your calming approach to cueing. :) Thanks for a great video and workout!

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