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Strength-Building Flow

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You will feel light and lifted after taking this Wunda Chair workout with Monica Wilson. She focuses on building strength on the Wunda Chair so you can take your Reformer workouts to another level. She follows the order of the Reformer work, adding details about the similarities between the movements on both pieces of equipment.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad

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Oct 15, 2015
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Okay. Today we are going to do a one to chair with Juliana Fabio here. She is quite an accomplished Palati student and instructor. Um, but we are going to be taking her reformer or advanced reformer to another level. So she's going to be doing a lot of exercises here. I played with the order with some of the one two chair exercises to help really strengthen and get more out of your advanced reformer. So let's start off with our footwork. So we're going to sit down right here.

Good. I have one spring on the top and one spring on the bottom. You can put a pad on the pedal as well, but I think we're pretty good right now. And Go ahead and put your toes on the pedal. Good. And make sure there's centered so you're a little farther to your left there. Make your right foot over and pull out his stance. Great.

Now I want you to sit right up onto your sit bones. Yeah, really feel them in the mat. Feel your tailbone go like energy down through the box so you have a really strong stable pelvis. Know. And then you're going to pull your belly into your back and pull in the opposite direction at the crown of your head. Your hands are great right here. You can also put them behind, but I like how her body looks right now, so I'm going to keep them there. So staying just like that, I want you to try to pull the pedal up as high as you can with your stomach, of course. And now you're going to do 10 reps pushing down and up, down, up, down, up, beautiful, down, up. Don't curl your tailbone under it goes through.

You use your belly to pull up and three and two and hold. Now go legs together. Squeeze them together and put your arches on the pedal. Slide them forward. Good. Schoolies together, pulling in and up away from that strong pelvis that's going down. Those hips are working and down, up, down, up, good, down. Pull all the way up, all the way down, all the way down. Yes, really love this stable alignment here. And three, keep curling and one and enough. Now go to the heel of the foot.

Very good. A little bit to your left for me. Thank you. And now let's challenge you a little more. Press your pelvis together, send it through the box, Belize in and up. But now have the [inaudible] one on top of the other so she has nothing to hold onto. Now ant down one, two. That's it. Nice. Very stable. She's not pumping with her pelvis going like that. Her holding her belly.

Pull that pedal all the way up though. All the way up with your lower belly. Three, two, one. Excellent. Relax. Step carefully off the front edge and just turned directly around. I do have two pads as I mentioned earlier. Um, you don't need them sometimes, but half a myth you do or non slip pads. All right. So I want you to stand in a nice Pilati stance for me.

So throughout this we're going to keep our energy nice and our politesse forms. So you have weight on the ball of every toe, a little bit of weight on the side of your foot and weight on the heel of your foot. But we don't have a collapsed arched, we want that whole front. Interline to be working. So we're going to have a little lift in our arch. We're going to have a little lift in our inner thigh, our pelvic floor, and then that lower belly pulling in and up, lifting our chest forward. Very nice. Good. Very good. All right. Maybe length in the lower back.

Just a hair. Thank you. Good. And now reach your arms up overhead, extending that beautiful posture line and roll off an imaginary wall to put your hands. So even though you're transitioning, you're not doing an exercise. I want you to work. And now put your hands right here on the back of the chair. Good place a foot up on the pedal. Great. And we're going to bring it down together and the other foot comes up. Great. Good, nice Palladio stance.

Let's have your heels a little more over the ball of your foot and I want you to use your belly to pull your weight forward so your shoulders are over the wrists. Good. I think your risks are slightly turning out a little bit. So just tool. Yes. Excellent ears between those arms. Now this is very similar to the pull up. We're not going to be doing the pull-up. We're doing tendon stretch. The fourth part of the foot work, so you're going to keep the pedal down, doesn't lift, and you're going to lower the heels down, down, down, yes, stretching. And now to lift, you're going to use your belly to pull into here and all the way up here, beautiful stretch down, down, down on the front of her body. She's lifting her arch, her inner thighs are pelvic floor, all of it in and stretched down to three and lift two, three and stretch your tailbone down as if you're pushing it, your heels down with it and scoop in.

And I'm going to keep moving around for the last four down. So I'm making sure and scooping up that she's keeping balanced and down. Not going to one side here and pulling up. Beautiful. Give me two more down. She's doing a great job here, but you really want to pretend there's a zipper zip up those dyes. Two more down, down, down, and that belly pulls in and up, up, up. Last time, stretch down, down, down, and scoop it in. In, in. That completes our footwork.

You're going to take one foot to the floor. Good. And control it up with the other. Keep your hands where right where they are. Bring your right foot to the floor. Excellent. Feeder in what? Palati stance. We is more on the ball of your foot, not in the back of your knees. Soften those [inaudible] and now roll up, lengthening that lower back, one length in it. So it's really short right now. I need you to that could you feel that difference a little bit? Okay.

All right, so now we're going to do the hundred. So I'm going to turn the pedal just to here. So we're going to keep warming up and I want you to turn around and with your bottom, almost off the front edge, go ahead and lie down onto your back. Good. All right, hug your knees into your chest. Good. So this mat is not super cushiony. It's less cushiony than the regular mats.

And you can feel if your back is on it or not, which I like. Keep your knees there and arms by your side and start pumping them for the hundred. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Keep your right and left shoulder blades on the mat very ago with your belly pulling in and up. Reach your legs away. But don't let these bones come up off the mat. Yes, keep these down so the legs might have to come up a little higher, but that belly stays super scooped. Good. So just like in your tendons, stretch the Belize pulling into the lower back and all the way up here. That's excellent. Good. That's fit.

60 and exhale, two, three, four, five. Nice. Draw that belly into the mat. Yes. And pulling it in and up. Really stretching. Don't forget that front line. So it's arches inner thighs. Oh, that floor and hug your knees into your chest. Excellent. Ooh, stay like that. Series of five. Stretch the left leg out. Good.

Right hand goes to the ankle and it's all about that and switch. So keep it here, make it smaller if you need to. This is your warm up, so you want it to really count. It needs to warm up your stomach and needs to stretch your back. He needs to keep you square. That's it. And right and pulling in and up. Left, right?

And that's it. And Hug both knees in ankles, double leg stretch. Inhale, pull in and up. That's it. Exhale in with the air. Exhale. That's really good, Juliana. You're really keeping that lift in your powerhouse. Two more.

Pull it in. One more strong pelvis. And now right leg up, left leg forward for single, straight like and switch and switch. It's all from here again. Yes. All scooping enough. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Little quicker. But keep this. Don't let it go.

And both legs up, hands behind your head. Good and lower the legs a little. And from here, yes. Still there's a lift in your arch. Lift in the inner thigh. Everything's coming up. Keep that connection. That's it. And keeping that connection one more and exhale.

Bend the right knee and twist to it up. Up and pulling in and up to switch sides. Key, pulling it a yes and pulling in and up. You did such a beautiful footwork. Think about how you sit. That's it. Hug those knees into your chest. Oh, we're done with our warm up there. Go ahead and stand up. Nice.

And I'm going to turn, um, I'm going to turn it this way. All right, I'm gonna now switch it to one spring in the middle. Cause we're going to be using our hands for a little bit. Generally, when your hands are on the, uh, pedal, this is the pedal you're gonna be on one screen. Now I'm saying all this, but of course, if you are tempting to do any of these exercises today and you're pretty good [inaudible] uh, enthusiast here. So those things are, you already know we're going to do our push down. So I want you to be about a box away from here.

So slide back a little bit and centered. Of course, a little more good. All right, so this distance is kinda how far I have you from here. Does that make sense? Let me see that Poli stance. Active working the lift in the arch, lift in the inner thighs powerhouse. And now lift your arms up from there. Good.

I want you, you're just a bit with this coming down back towards this. So lift this forward. Go forward with it. There you go. Yes. Yes, there now will often imaginary while taking this bone for this one, this one, this one. And you're use your belly to reach forward with your arms to the pedal. Heels of the hands go on the pedal. Good.

She's going to keep scooping into here and up and push the pedal all the way down and to come up. She'll start rolling her tailbone under and here, keep your ears between your arms and scoop and in and up and down. To come up. There's a lift in the arch. Lift in the inner thigh. There we go. Watch the knees and down. This time I want you to stay down. Okay. And I want you to bend just the elbows so the body stays. Still.

Pull the pedal up by bending the elbows. As you straighten around this more, better to more bend, curl your tailbone under more. It's kind of broken out behind you and bend and round up more. Ooh, that's it. One more time. Curl it under. Hold. And now roll up with the tailbone going first. Yes. Head now between your arms. Good. Keep squeezing arms up to the ceiling. There you go.

Very nice. Good. Come on over here. And we're going to do swan. So you're gonna lie down with your ribs off the front edge. Good. And place your hands on the pedal and just push it down. So this is instead of your long box, how do we get more out of our long box? All right. Our pull straps for this exercise.

So she's got like a Mermaid's tail wrapping and squeezing. We don't shorten the back. When we do pull straps, we keep this really long. So her belly is going to keep in and reaching out the crown of your head. Good. And now I want you to think about opening the collarbones and using those triceps to pull up those elbows. So pull up those elbows. You're going to stay yes. And push down. Pulling in your belly. Two more.

This is just pumping and down. One more. Now, pulling in and up. Lift up your head and come into a nice back. Then opening those collarbones. Good. Cut. Pull the pedal all the way up. Julietta you can do it up, up, up, up, up and down. Very nice. Yes. Now a little quicker on those pumps. We're gonna pump, pump and one, two, three. Keep the arms straight and use your belly to pull up. Up, up.

Yes. And go down one more time. Pump two, three and we go lifting from your stomach. Nice. Excellent job. Good. All right. And I want you to put your feet down on the floor. Good. Let the pedal up now before coming up with the body. Thank you.

Put your hands on top of the chair. I know. Round your back to come up. So push with the arms around your back and show me that great a lot. His posture that you're going to do. Keeping the weight on the ball of your foot. There you go. Nice. Arms Up. [inaudible] beautiful. Okay, now we're going to do horseback. Okay.

So after you do some long box in your long bus, you're going to be doing horseback. So I want you to come over onto this side. We're still on one spring in the middle and you're gonna end up swinging your leg over to get onto horseback. Yeah. All right. That's it. You're in. Put your hands in the middle. You got it. Nice. Excellent. Now have you done horseback before? Ooh. Okay. Lots of fun here. And so your bottom is off the back edge, like so good. And you're going to have straight legs. Good.

And you're going to have flexed feet. So when you're in arrest, position and horseback, you have straight legs, flex feet, and like this. Yes. And it's you want to s I want to see a metamorphosis in your body where as you point your toe, you're going to squeeze your hips, curl under that tailbone, and round your back into that nice horseback. Okay, so we're going to, so the epitome of a c curve is horseback. All right? You're going to press with your hips and inner thighs into there and you're going to, yes. Good. Excellent.

And try to come up just a little more. You could point the toes. Beautiful. And sit. Hey, that's a pretty nice there, Juliana for first time. Okay. I'm going to bring these pads a little bit forward. Sorry, cause that this is a combo chair [inaudible] Combo chair and it has these rails on the side and they can be a little stinker. How a little bit more forward with the legs. Where your hip state. Yes, so it's not so wide. Let's try that one more time and then we're going to add some fun to it.

So we're going to point those toes. Press with the hips and inner thighs dry your belly. She just is beautiful here. So she's literally levitating over the one two chair and your arms can effortlessly go down to that pedals. Yup. [inaudible] and you're going to keep your powerhouse as you push that pedal down.

Press your hips and pull up and go down two more times and up. One more time. Belly scoops in and up and you're gonna pull up. Keep your bottom pressing into the barrel. Don't stick it out behind you. Yes. And sit with your feet flexed. Woo. Nice job. Okay.

Now we're going to do the same thing where you're going to go down and up three times with this time. When you come up, you're going to hold yourself up and you're going to give me three circles. Maybe picture, um, teaser on when you do teaser and you do circles, how your body, your frame does not move. So let me see your hips. Press your inner thighs, press your power, your powerhouse. Pull in and up and hands down. Good. And pushing down and scooping up and down and pulling up.

Hold it here and I hold it down if you can. Thank you. You're doing a lot with your right. So make your left rib pull over and come up using your left side to come up. Yes. Yes. And staying there with the tailbone under cause you're using your hips can be three circles. Staying up. One, stay more forward with the Bach and the arms to don't, not behind you, but more in front. They're there now.

This has gone straight. Can you round? Thank you. That's what I wanted to see and sit. Very, very nice. Good job. Swing your right leg over. We're gonna have even more fun with teasers. So I'm going to put a pad right here and let's get rid of that one for a little bit. Come on this edge.

So we're continuing with our long box and we're gonna sit with your back to the pedal. This is how I like to adjust. I want you to hug your knees into your chest, like hug them. And when you're hugging, you should have a hands with distance behind you. Good. So now when your feet are down, but when you're up in this position, okay? Okay. Now using your powerhouse.

Can you get into actually hold underneath your knees and see if you can extend your legs thinking about a teaser. Very nice. Now crawl up your legs. Good. All right. Now use that opposition to try to get your pelvis in the right position cause it's a little yes. Yeah, yeah. Good. So then you're going to keep your legs where they are and you need to feel that lift in your arches and inner thighs and everything and squeezing your legs. So we're gonna balance without holding onto our legs.

Reach your arms like so. Now you're going to turn the palms up and bend the elbows past you and they're going to go down to the pedal behind you. Excellent. Good. All right. Now using that strong pelvis, you're gonna use the lower belly and roll down your lower eyes on your lower belly and make that push down the pedal. Your arms stay straight and go down. Yes. All the way, all the way, all the way. And now to come up, it's your upper set of your six pack, then your middle, then your lower, super easy and lower. There's nothing like teaser on the one two chair to make your teaser get extra strong at rolling up. Excellent. Come forward with your arms.

Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, reach. Good. Hugging your knees for a little break. Whew, that's good. Those are some good ones. Now we're going to do teaser too high, so it's a little different than the ones that are on the map. So try to get back into your position.

Try to press those hips together and keep that scoop as those legs go. Good. And you're again, you're going to turn the palms up, bend your elbows past you hands, go on the pedal. There you go. Now bring the legs down so they're at the same level as there and it's kind of hard to do this. And you're gonna roll lower set of your six pack, middle and upper, and keep the hips reaching this way and now head to your chest, pull in your stomach. Excellent. And next time you don't have to go back with your head and curl up keeping your legs here. Oh that's good and down. Amazing. I am not holding you and curl.

I am literally just here for moral support cause I'm not doing anything. Curl it up. Upper set comes forward, middle scoop and scoop and scoop in. Bring those legs all the way up and hug them in. Good. Good, good, good. How are you doing? Good. All right. Last one is the Combo. So this time it's a little more fun that as you go down the legs go down and then now as you come up that come up.

That is beautiful. Good. Bend the elbows past you. Yes. And it's a lot of sending your pelvis that way. As you go down with your lower set, middle and upper. You got it. You got it. You got it. Here's my morals for it again and curl it up.

Up percent middle telling you and reach for me as you go down. Yes. And coming up. And one more time reaching for me. Yep. And curling up. Scoop. Scoop, scoop. Yes. Reach your arms for your toes. Bend your knees into your chest.

Oh, nice job. So we are done with our long box now, right? So we're going to put that away and we're going to actually not put away, we would turn it around for short box if we were doing reformer. So our new our mermaid. So go ahead and sit facing here.

Good. Since you're so tall. Wish I was so tall. I don't know. There's good things about being short. You're gonna slide back a little bit and we're going to have both like straight and you're going actually, so you're sitting on both cheeks, both sit bones, all of that. And the legs will be straight crossing the left ankle, but straight legs ahead of you. And let me know if this edge again gets you. I can put a pad underneath. Okay, so you're imagining you're doing short box. So what does that mean? You have both sit bones down into the box, you're rooting your tailbone through, and then you're going to pull your belly into lower back and grow as tall as you can, lifting your arms, extending your posture all the way to here.

Hey, we're gonna do the one that's called the side reach on short box. So we're going to lean a little forward. So we're gonna use our powerhouse to take our weight forward. Our shoulders are a little in front of our, um, hip bones, and that's where I want you. This arm just drops it. We'll get to the pedal. Don't make it go to the pedal before your body gets there.

You're going to keep lifting up. This arm tries to stay as close to your ear as you can. And now side bend, leaving your strong pelvis here. Go over to the left and then your hand when it touches the pedal, go as low as you can. Stay forward with the shoulders and use that belly to pull yourself up. Okay. Stay there. That was pretty good at step you. Um, I want this to round the opposite way. Okay. Beautiful. Going down. Yes.

Staying in front of me in front of me. Now to come up. Start from here. Here, here. Sitting on both hips. One more. Staying in front of your hips and now start by pushing down your right hip. Yes. Oh, that was good. Bold arms up to the ceiling and other side. Excellent. So step off.

Nice. I changed the pad to here and now you're going to face this direction and your right ankle will be over your left. Good. Nice. So she's Square. Seeing on both. Hit sip phones scooping in your belly. Lift up your arms. Right now her shoulders are over her hips. What we want to lean forward.

That's it. Good. The right arm just drops. It will be in the middle of the pedal with your fingers pointing forward. But first I want you to grow taller. This arm goes as close to your head as you can and slowly go overstaying forward. Good, good, good. Keep reaching, reaching, staying forward. And starting with your pelvis first. You come up, up, up, she's got it. And two more this arm staying closer to your head. Two, three, little forward and pull. And, and one more stretch.

A little forward to three ampoule and to grow tall. Both arms up to the ceiling. Excellent. And rest. So that was your side rates on the short box. So next we're going to do twist, twist. This one of my favorites. Um, because I'm just kinda that way.

So I like to draw an x from one corner to the other and that ax is going to be the line of your hips. K and you put the pad close to the pedal, but you sit with your, almost your back to the pedal. Good. Cuda think, remember and um, your hips as far away from that pad as possible. All right, so then we're going to lift into our teaser. You're going to stay square powerhouse. The arm's going to go to the very back corner. And when I move I have to move my box together. Okay.

So I'm moving my box together and I'm going to be stacked my hips, one on top of the other, my shoulders, one on top of the, I'm wrapping and reaching my legs that way I'm using my powerhouse to reach this way. So then I'm going to hold my hips still and I'm going to add a little extra twist. I'm going to come back to square and from my powerhouse I'm going to pull in controlling that spring as I come back up to my teaser. All right, you get to try it now. So on short box on our twist.

So go ahead and hug those knees in. Good. So your, this hip is going to be on here. So exactly. Great job. And the ankle that's closer to the pedal goes on top. So that if it was under, you would just roll over and fall both arms extended. Great. Drop the left arm behind you and I'll help you. Good. Good. But stay square. Yes, I'm here for you. Okay. You're going to use your belly.

Reach your up. You moved your arms without your hips, right? Let's move them together. There you go. Keep going. Keep going. Yes. So on the short box, and this is going to reach here, you want to push your legs this way. There we go. Now let's hold that bottom and hips tight and see if you can twist your ribs towards the pedal. Twist to three. Beautiful untwist. Yes. And then from your scoop, control that pedal back up and you'll do it two more times.

Keeping your hand down and over. You Go. Yes. Move this hip. Move that hip. Yes, you got arms by your head. Twist. Once you're stable, untwist and from your powerhouse and lengthening, scooping arm reaches as if yes, one more. And scoop reached that hip each time you got better, Juliana. Excellent. Twisting those ribs.

Love this and untwist and from here, yes, scooping in. And now the other arm comes to meet it and you get to do the other side like a pro. Nice job. So we moved the pad onto the other side closest to the pedal and we have our x here. You didn't have your back to the chair. Yes, back to the pedal. Very nice. Good lines up her hips. With that x, the ankle closest to the peddle will be on top. Good. The right arm is going to go to that back corner.

You got it all in your stomach. Your right shoulder is up quite a bit. So be careful with that. Good. And we move both hips with your shoulders as you twist. Scoop, scoop. So this hips really far behind. Yeah. Ooh, yeah. Don't twist yet.

I want you to feel your belly pull in and out of the crown of your head. And I need this hip to squeeze a little more and reach. Now that's the length I walk. Beautiful. Now you can twist. Now you can untwist and keeping that length come up, using your powerhouse, resisting that pedal as you come up and back down against stomach. Uses hip to go over, over and reach and reach. Square first.

Little more pelvis here. Now you can twist good and untwist. Watch that right shoulder from yes and bend the elbow a little bit. Yes. And come up using your powerhouse. Scoop who? That was nice. One more. Keep that shoulder like that. Use your powerhouse. Use your hips.

Scoop. Get this hip over this one. Nice straight diagonal. And now you can twist. Wash that shoulder or yes, yes, yes. On twist and scooping in and up. You're going to come up, up, up in the other arm, comes to meet it. Wonderful. And you're all done with that. Ooh. How's that?

Gonna Change Your twist on the short box. Reaching. Good. All right, so now we are going to do, um, tendon stretch and table. So when your, we do tendon stretch and table, um, table would be semicircle. So first tendon stretch. I'm going to now our feet are going to be on the pedal, so I'm gonna change the spanx. Hmm. I'm going to keep one middle like it is. I'm going to add a bottom. All right?

So do you have tendon stretch in your head on the reformer? That's going making a connection. We're going to sit down here facing this direction. Good. And put your feet on the chair. Good. Right on your arches and push it all the way down. Excellent.

Now have a little Pilati stance. Good. All right. Your hands are going to be on the front edge and you're going to straighten your legs and bring your chest down to your legs. Good. Excellent. Watch these shoulders that you don't get concave here. So you might need a yeah, right. So she scooped all the way up into here instead of changing it and to those shoulders. Excellent. You always want to find that zipper and wrap in. Squeeze.

Okay. If you try to pull the pedal this way or go to forward the pedals, not gonna move because the physics of it, the pedals this way. So there has to be a little bit of a diagonal, but you don't want to scrape your thighs on here. Okay? So trying to keep that scoop and that rapid squeeze. We're gonna pull right into here to pull the pedal up. Up.

She goes up and down and up. Don't get concave in there. Use those hips. And here, up, up, up and down. One more. Last concave. Use that belly and nice job. Sit down. Good. So as you get even stronger than you hold one leg forward and you can do 10 stretch with one leg forward, side, back to all kinds of fun combos.

Yes. All right. But now we're going to stay here and we're going to keep the same tension. One spring in the middle, one spring on bottom. And instead of semicircle and the reformer, we're going to do table here. Okay? So I want you to put your toes on the pad and it's a Pilati stance.

Good. Now there's two ways of lifting your bottom. You can either push down on the pedal and put your hands actually way behind you this time. Yup. So push the pedal down and lift up your seat. Good. That's the easy way and put down, we're going to do the real way. So if you are on the reformer, you'd have to lift up your bottom and get into position. So keep the pedal up as high as you can right here and now don't push it down. Instead press your strong pelvis together. Good.

Bring your knees a little forward and you're gonna make a straight line from your shoulders. Come forward a little more. Lift up your hips. Here's your table. And now try to push down and pull the pillow up and down and up and up. Hamstrings and glutes and squeeze it up. And five and four. Come on, pull it up to your bottom. And three, two, last one and sit. Oh. Oh. Where'd you feel that one? Yeah, that's good stuff. Yep. All right, we're gonna do one more set of 10. Okay. That was really good.

I loved the line that you had here cause we're always trying to not shorten that back or stick out our belly. Okay. We're trying to really lengthen that and have that lift in your belly. So this really gets all those muscles. So we're going to go ahead and no pushing the pedal down. Excellent. Good. Beautiful. Little higher. Think Rainbow and down at pole once.

Real steady in those hips. Yes. Real steady. That's five by more. Yes. Good. Keep Up. It's starting to go down. Get lifted up. Lift up your bottom one more and sit. Oh, nice job. Bottom on. Fire. Hamstrings on fire. Very good. Okay, go ahead and step off. And now we're gonna do some backward arms. So I'm just going to put the, actually I'm gonna put it, let's slide this back a little bit.

All right cause I want you to sit right in front of it. Okay. Okay. So about right here. So we also have long back stretch. I'd like you to cross and try to sit down as controlled as you can. Good. Pulling your belly in. Nice job. Good.

And now straighten your legs in front of you. Okay. Center yourself on that black pad. Thank you. Right. And I'm going to go ahead and bring the pad down for you. If you're by yourself, be careful as you twist back and you put your hands up, I need to change the springs so it's one spring in the middle because her hands are going to go on and again, so I'll drop the one on the bottom. Make sure you do that before you sit down and we're going to put your hands facing you. Good. Good. All right.

I want you to flex your feet. Good. Push those heels away from your strong pelvis. Those sit bones are going down through the floor. Your tailbones going through your powerhouses, pulling in and up the crown of your head. Good. Now I like these shoulders. I don't like the elbows soften up. Yes.

Excellent. Okay. That is perfect. Now, now I want you to keep this really open. Keep your shoulders over those hips so you keep that nice square body and she's gonna use her triceps to pull the pedal up as high as she can, pulling the pedal up up. And now as you push it down, pull your belly in and grow taller and bending up. Pull it up and pull it and grow taller and bend and off your bottom. Push those heels away and bend and pull and up and bending. Last one. Good. Now turn your hands the other way.

Most of those were excellent, Juliana. Really good. Some of them you started using your back of your ribs to do it. So right now I want you to pull your ribs a little more back. Actually the opposite. Yeah. So what you're doing is you are tipping your pelvis a little forward, and so that's perfect right now, your alignment. Okay?

Keep it as you pull the pedal up again. Pull it up and grow taller. Yes, pull it up. Don't let that pelvis go when you grow taller am. I'm just here for safety. One more time. Beautiful. Okay. Take your hands off and reach all the way forward to your ankles and stretch. Stretch, stretch.

All right. And you're going to swing your legs aside and stand up and you're gonna basically put your feet right where that black pad is. We're going to do arm frog next. I'm going to take it away. Okay, good. And Go ahead and stand up. Nice.

My slide this a little closer to you actually a lot. Skip back a tiny bit, right on. All right and nice. Okay. Raise your arms up overhead. Have that lift in your arch. No, not in your knees. Your inner thighs. Great. Good. And I want you to bring your hands down a step back a little bit. Yeah, let's try that scooping in. Nice. And I want you to play a or bend your knees down as your arms come down to the pep. Oop. Don't bend over. Just just down.

Good. I was actually pretty good. So stay, I won't torture you with moving. I want for heels over her hands on the pedal. So when you line yourself up at home, heels with the hands on the pedal without changing her alignment, can you kind of curl your tailbone under you a little bit? Excellent. So now her back straight, she's not sticking her bottom out behind her. And now I want you to come up off of your heels a little bit.

Lift your bottom up there, Casey. You're not sitting on your heels either. You've got to engage some muscles. Now this is to work right here. So you're just going to push little three pumps, pumping one to hold it down and pretending. Grow Taller, taller, taller and release. And again, nope, we popped our bottom out behind us. There we go. At [inaudible]. Oh and released. So beautiful. Juliana, again, pulling in to and stretch and release. Nice job. Arms up to the ceiling.

Powerhouse lifts you all the way up as your heels go down. Lift up, lift up. Excellent. Oh, those guys are burning. Yeah, that's it. Okay, good work there. Now we're going to do the pull up. We haven't done that one and I'm doing this one instead of snake. So you end up pushing the carriage out in the other reformer and you've got to pull it back in with your powerhouse. So we're going to do the pull up.

I'm going to change the springs to, let's try one on top, one on bottom to give you, um, a lot of confidence. And then I want to see if you can change it to chew on the bottom on a grass. Our goal really is to have just with one spring in the middle, but that's having hardly any work at all help at all. So I want you to work towards that. Okay. So stand pretty close to the chair. Good. And I want you to have your feet a little closer together. There you go. And get into your nice posture. So lift in the arch, lift in the inner thighs, pelvic floor. Beautiful.

Roll off an imaginary wall. Excellent. Put your hands on that chair and then put a foot up on the pedal. Yeah. And we're to bring it down. The other foot up on the pedal. Good. And they're nice and centered in a Palati stance. Take your hands forward to this front edge. Okay, so it's the same as it tendons stretch.

Is there going to be shoulder width apart without risk turning out? Just a tiny bit narrower with this one. There you go. Good. Draw the head through. So you want to feel the chest bone pulling up into here. Puffing this up. Good. You want to feel that lift in the arch. Lift in the inner thigh, pelvic floor scooping in and up. Notice how her tailbone is pointing down.

Go ahead and stick it out behind you. So if she does this, she can't come up. So we're going to scoop and good. Good. And you're going to try to pull your belly into your bullet up, up, up, hold. And now stretch down. Control, control and scooping your belly. And here you pull up and control to go down. She's making this look easy. One more and lengthen to go down. Excellent.

Take one foot to the floor. Hold. Yeah, keep it down. Hips. Even everything working where the pedal comes up. Go ahead and let it up and slide back a little bit more. This foot to the floor and around your body up as I change the springs, but keep all of your powerhouse working. So I'm going to now do two on the bottom. Like I said. Really?

Okay, here we go. Arms up and rolling off that imaginary wall. Good. Put a foot up on the pedal, bring it down. Good. And the hands go to the back edge. So she has less help now. So on the pull up, you're working to have less and less help because on the reformer you start off learning the exercise with two springs and then you take it to one spring. Just like here. Okay. So we're going to pull those arches up, those inner thighs up and she's gonna Scoop, scoop, scoop.

And she's going to stretch down, down, down. And she's going to scoop into here, up to here, keeping their ears between those arms lengthening down. Before you start, I want you to pull that chest boat up into here. Yeah. So that opposition is there and you're gonna pull in enough in enough and control it down. That was much nicer. One foot to the floor and we're going to control it up with the other foot, both feet on the floor and round your body up.

Keeping that Nice Palladio's form weight on the front of your feet. Yeah. Arms up to the ceiling. Good. All Right, nice. How'd that feel? Good. Okay. Um, we're going to do one of my favorites. You want want to grab a Yoga Mat, which I need to do. So I'm gonna grab a Yoga Mat. All right, so we're going to lie this down. I'm gonna move this a little bit over and we're gonna lie down our Yoga Mat. Ladies, Mat, whatever you have. Spit it over just a bit and we're going to do corkscrew. So you're gonna lie down onto your back.

And I love this with the one to chair. Very nice. Juliana, go ahead and lie down. I'm just going to keep the springs the same. Slide a bit back further. Good. And go ahead and grab onto the pedal so you reach and grab onto the pedal and we're not going to move the pedal. Okay. So that's what's going to really challenge us. Sometimes in cork screw on the reformer, we end up using our arms a lot cause we get to hold on to the shoulder handles right there by our ears while our body moves around.

And so we might be Muslim through it. So this tells us, and we're not really going to get to muscle through it. So you're going to bend your knees into your chest, scooping in, extend the legs up and touch the toes right here. God. Excellent. So your goal is always to do as big of a range of motion as you can without losing control. So we're gonna roll down your back scooping in good.

And then you're going to circle to the right as far as you can with your bottom down Arrow and an all the way around to your left and right on up. You got to have some energy for me and you're gonna roll down your back to the left. Sweep around, scoop it in enough. There we go. Careful not to hit your toes. And two more sets around. Scoop it in around left and good toes. Okay. And down your back. Straight down to your left. All the way around.

Scooping in and up. Beautiful. One more. Set down your back to the right, keeping the pedal stable and scoop it in. And one more. Make sure you're stretching. She reaching. Yes, that's it. And then roll down your back. Nice. Very, very good. How about feel good.

Hug the knees in and go ahead and stand on up. Go ahead. Alright, now we're going to keep that there so that you have extra grip for pushups. So another advanced exercise on the reformer is balanced control, not bounce control step offs, which we're going to work on, but balance control where you're doing some leg lifts and some pushups. Okay, so we're going to do some pushups. Have you ever done pushups? The these, there are other ones, but we're doing the super advanced ones just for you. Okay, good. I'm going to keep, now we're to change the springs one, middle one bottom.

You could also do one top one bottom, which the advantage to that is when you're doing your pushups, your feet have a little bit more help than they are. They're not pushing down the pedal. The bad thing is, is when you go to having a push down with your legs, which you'll know what I'm talking about in just a second. Uh, then it's really hard. So remember that you can't push down on the pedal and I will help you as much as I can. Okay? So stand right here and apply stance with your back to here. She's, she's, she's, it's calculating now that this, this is a little more interesting than we thought. Huh?

The wheels are turning up for it. I love it. Okay. Arms up to the ceiling. Okay, so we're not gonna let this go back into our lower back. We're going to have our weight on the ball of our foot. Lift in the arch, lift in the inner thighs powerhouse. And that powerhouse continues, yes. To lift that sternum. Go ahead and roll off an imaginary wall. Walk down all the way down to your feet.

Before you walk out into a push up position, just hands down. You're going to keep your weight on your hands. Oh hands all the way down. And you're going to bend the leg and put a foot up here. All right, you gotta keep scooping it and pulling up into here. Okay. Cause you're gonna put your other foot up in there. You got it. Check you out now. Strong hips and walk your feet out. I mean, hands out into a up.

Okay. Squeeze your bottom down a little lower. Now give me a set of three. Bending. One pull up. Beautiful. Straight back. Yup. A little less concave in the shoulders. One more squeezing. Good. Walk back, lifting up. Nice. Keeping the pedal up. Beautiful.

Walk back out. Okay. Squeeze down a little bit. No, no, no about betting the arms. Just the bottom. Okay. No arms. Now just try to bring the pedal down from here. Yes. And come up two more. Pedal down.

Come up. One more. You got it. Walk back up. I lifting up the hips. Strong stomach. Good. And now last one is combining all three. Walk Out, get into a good plank position. So as you bend the elbows, you also squeezed down the pedal and pull up the body and two and one more. And walk back to your feet. She is again making this look easy. And now carefully bring one foot up, foot off the pedal, and the other foot you're going to keep your head down and roll up your spine.

Beautiful. Nice job. How'd that feel? Yeah. Good. All right. I'm going to get rid of art, Yoga Mat and we're going to do start some mountain. Climb. Okay. So those are your balance control on your reformer. Okay?

Okay. So we're gonna do star. Do you like star? Do you know star? Okay. We are going to do one top one bottom for start because your leg is going to be, um, on the, on it. Most important thing in star is really to just get into position. Okay? And then if you can do get into position correctly, then you can try to do it.

So it's about keeping your box square and you're going to be using your hip to lift. All right? So I want you to stand facing the chair towards, sorry. Right where I am facing the pedal. Good. And you're going to do all your stuff. You're going to keep into your powerhouse.

Arms up and roll off that imaginary wall. Great. One foot up on the pedal. Bring it damn. Other foot too. Good. You want your right foot to stay on? Good. Good. All right. Stay right there. Bring just rest this leg for a second. Yes. And the front right arm goes to the front. You were fine. How you were actually, you just goes to the front edge. Good left hand behind your head. Good.

Now turn your whole box to face forward. Good. This leg is here. Good. You're sticking your bottom out behind you. That's it. Scoop it in. Good. Good. All right. Hold this position on your own. Okay. There you go. Yes. So this is hard work. Just this position if you can.

You're going to use this part of your body to lift up that pedal ant pulling up and down. Squeeze your bottom forward and it's going behind you. Yes. Elbows going behind you too. Let's regained that shape. Press through. Don't let your bone go behind you. Just one more. Pull that belly in and up. That was better. Bring this foot down. Swivel towards the chair.

Switching sides again, I can uh, over overstate that you just getting in the correct posture. Hand behind your head. Nice square body. Guess Square hips. Good reaching this leg. Good. That's enough work. But if you want, we're going to use this waist to go up one that doesn't come up that time and pull it up. Okay. Now we're talking and one more push your hips to me. Yes.

Yep. Woo. Bring that foot down. Nice job. Good. And I want you to stay right there. Okay? Okay. We're going to keep it on one top. One bottom. I'm going to grab a pad and we're going to mountain climb. Okay? So I want you to put your right foot right here, slightly turned out.

The goal of mountain climb is to keep that nice square box. Okay? And you're going to get comfortable with it by keeping your hands where they were for the pool up and the tendance stretch. You want to have your head asleep by your knee and you want to round your back. That's it. Bring your weight a little forward. That's it. Okay, so she's going to, I think of horseback. She's going to scoop into her lower back and pull up here.

This leg is going to pump freely with the knee. Right over here. Ready to start an eight. Count this hips. Gonna want to lift? So we're going to keep them square. Ready? Yeah. One, two, three, four, pelly. Six stomach a and start coming up with the hands one. Keep pumping. Do three, stomach four, pumping five, six, seven and hold in two, three, four, five, six, seven and down, curving up or back. Curving, middle back. Curving.

Lower back and down. Nice job. Bring that right foot down. Keep your hands there. We'll just switch the pat. So this is instead of our knee stretches. Okay. Really have, uh, have to emphasize more the pelvis and the alignment in our knees. Stretches. Okay.

And that it comes as if this is a door hinge and when you're doing these stretches, your knee is just swinging like a door swinging, open and close instead of moving your pelvis with it. Okay. So that this is the extreme version here. Goop in that valley in an up, her right knee is going to pump freely. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and up to three, four square off that right foot. Yes. Six, seven and knee. And stay. Two, three, four, five, six. And then down in upper back, middle back, rounding, rounding, and done. Nice job. Bring that left foot down. Yes, bring the right foot down to the floor and we're going to let the pedal come up and round up. Beautiful. Good.

And we're going to add with our front balance control and side balance control. Very similar to mountain climb in the setup, but not in what muscles you're gonna use. Or we're doing these instead of the front splits on the side splits. Okay, so same start always wanted, really feel all those muscles round off that imaginary wall working from head to toe. You can skip all that nice proper setup, but when you do, your body doesn't go ahead and put the right foot up. Your body doesn't really do the exercise, how it should. Okay, so on this one. Yeah. Good. Good. Scooping in, lift up your left heel. There you go.

Using these muscles, all these muscles lift and now lift up your whole box. I'll come in front of you in just a second. Good, good. There's all kinds of choreography for this exercise, but today I want her to do it just going up. So keep your hips square. Do not allow your right hip to hike. Keep it down a little bit more. Yes.

Use your powerhouse to pull that pedal up. [inaudible] the back of your left thigh is working all the way up and control it down. Feel energy. Push with the metatarsal of every foot there. Yes. And pulling up, keeping those hips square and going down. Yes. So I'm looking at the alignment. Don't cap can cave in on your arch there and down you go.

Keep weight off that arch. Good. Bring your hands down. Let's switch legs. So we're gonna move the pad here. Good. So again, this is not the dancers version of going up front. I'm looking at alignment and I'm looking at support in the angle. This one's hard for you on the Ankle, Huh?

So you wanna make sure all those boring things I've talked about this whole time. Wait on the ball of every toe, weight on the side foot. And I'm going to help hold you here and drop your left hip quite a bit. So it's going to lengthen down scooping in. All right. And uh, drop your left hip, otherwise you're not going to feel like you can do it. And use the right hamstring and glute to pull up. There we go.

And push with the left foot down. Drop your right hip again. Left hip, sorry. And push with the right foot down. Great strong ankle. Love it. It's up again. Stretch down that hip and down. Now we're going to do one more really reach, keep this here. Yes. Okay. Right there. Whatever muscles are working to hold that. That's what you gotta do.

And Yeah, that was so nice and down. Fantastic. Really good. Put your hands down and stay here and we're going to put twist and put your right foot here. The left foot stays on the pedal. Push down. Excellent. Maybe inch warm it forward a little bit. Thank you. Excellent. Okay, now our box is gonna face forward.

That means our frame, our police box and hands behind your head. Excellent. Good. So hard to do. So this is inside splits. We tend a lot to just pull the carriage in, but you really are supposed to pull the carriage up to bring the carriage in. So try to keep this alignment and we're going to pull the pedal up. Cool. Oh yeah, that's it. Kay.

Get this bottom under you and come down with control. Yes. And get that right hip under you again. Turn open that knee a little more. Thank you. One more. Wait, wait. Okay. Think of yes. So this is Kinda like star two, right? And last one up. Up, up. Yes. And down. Very nice. All right.

Turn towards the chair. Switch your pad over for me. Good. This is one that you can work on. Um, you're so sweet. You're like, yes, I can work on it. Bring your hands down. I meant to say, um, just I want you to be able to say, take your right foot back a tiny bit. Yes. Good. Why? What I'm having her do go, that's enough is you want to make sure that if you drew a straight line on your foot and your heel, that it would line up in the middle of your arch.

It wouldn't line up with your heel or the toes. So that's why it was lining up with your heels. I had you slide your foot back. Okay. So on the big chair when you had something to push your knee against and something to rest your hand, you can really work to get that. So that's a where we can keep working on. If you can't do this one at home, work on the big chair. If you have one, keep this hip dropping if you can. And we're working to pull our belly and pull all these muscles, even use these muscles to pull the pedal up.

All right, so she's leaning forward a lot, right? And come down. That's okay. How do we change that? Use me. Give me your hands. Good. Squeeze your bottom towards me. Pull your belly in and that's it. Squeeze the bottom under towards me. Yes, Juliana and down. See you have those muscles and again, up and down. Can You keep your left foot down on the pedal, right foot down.

Yes. Up. Ooh. Fantastic. Turn towards the chair. Both feet on the pedal. Good. One foot down. Control the peddle up with the other. Drop this little [inaudible] other foot to the floor. Good.

Let's see. You're ending scooping in, rolling up one vertebra at a time. Arms up to the ceiling, lifting your stomach all the way to your term, to your poems. Out Inhales. You pushed me down so that your belly lifts in and up. Push me down. Let me see some energy. Push, push, push, push, exhale, all your air and you are light and all pulled in and ready for an advance. Reformer. Nice job. Thank you, Juliana. Good job.


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Bravo, Juliana and Monica! That was tough but so informative!! Loved the emphasis on transitions preparing your body for the exercise and the use of the chair to improve your performance on the reformer. Thank you!
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Thank you! Wonderfully balanced - and challenging in the best way!
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This was amazing! Very good cueing of the exercises and I loved the comparisons to the Reformer. Thank you!
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nice class Monica, thank you
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Liked it but transitions between exercises was very slow so caused a little frustration for me as it just created a disconnect
Awsome Wunda class! The details in every exercise and cueing were so good! Monica is a very profesional teacher and Juliana was great too!
Great class! Going to look for one of your reformer classes next:)
Some really interesting movements and cues. However, the transitions of moving the actual chair around was very distracting. It also felt that there was over corrections at some points, which made it hard to "feel" the movement.
“UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE!” You win Monica! You kicked my booty with this one. 😉🙏🏼
Lily E
someone should update this to a 2....definitely not a 2/3.  
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