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High Chair Workout

10 min - Class


Get more depth out of your workout in this High Chair workout with Monica Wilson. She explains how the High Chair is more helpful than the Wunda Chair so you can understand what you are doing in each movement. It's a quick class, but you will definitely feel your legs and seat after these exercises!
What You'll Need: High Chair

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Okay. So I'm here with Candace and we're going to be doing the big chair just about three to four exercises, um, that if you want to work on your big chair, this is really great to get...


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Great set up for pumping. I'm going to try it today. Thank you.
Hands down, I haven't learned SO much in such short time before... the description is spot on: "... understand what you are doing in each movement" . I now do :) Thanks Monica. Would love to see a longer video using the High chair with the same focus as this one.
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Thank you Monica. Great detail. Clear and concise. Only having a Wunda chair, I will try to translate what is accomplished here.
Love the break down of these exercises since it's so easy to get sloppy:)
I'm super excited to see a workout on the high chair. Fantastic instruction. Thank you for that.
Thank you, Monica. It was very precise and informative. I am looking forward to using a high chair.

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