Class #2293

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


In the second class of this series, Alan Herdman takes it up a notch from the previous class. He adds in more abdominal work and he includes prone and side lying exercises so you can begin to work the entire body. He also shows how to narrow the waist so you work your abdominals more successfully.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Uh, this is the second in the series. We're going to just move it up a notch or two, but I always start in the same position. I always start with a mat, work in this semi supine positi...

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just a beautiful class.....thank you....learnt so much and reaffirmed my practce.
Really nice class, thank you...
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wonderful cue
I like in shoulder bridge thinking about abdominals moving more than vertebras
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Thank you Alan this was a useful, informative, well-paced class filled with valuable content delivered progressively.
Patient, precise, sensibility. Thank you, Alan.
Great cues for my new client!
Wonderful cues, very relaxed approach. Love it! Thank you!
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Thank you Alan. A lovely class and I was particularly interested to learn of the modification to 'table top'. I also picked up a number of tips regarding a better execution of the cat stretch. It amazes me how interesting pilates moves are when they are broken down to their simplest form.
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Lovely, deep, instructive work. Thanks Alan :))
Absolutely wonderful. Clear, concise and precise. Thank you Alan.
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