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Look for the definition of the positions in this Mat workout with Alan Herdman. In the fourth class of his progressive series, he focuses on precision of movement while adding coordination challenges and changes in tempo. He increases the level from the previous classes with exercises like Shoulder Bridge, Rowing, and much more!
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Lying on your backs with your hands behind your head. Quite wide. Two elbows that separate your feet so they're on the edge, the outside edge of your mat. Okay. What we're going to do is just gently drop the left knee out to the side and then slowly stretch your right knee diagonally across towards your left foot, pulling diagonalis so you get that stretch through the front of the thigh and then come back to the dissenter. Okay, so let's get into the position. Take your breath in. Now as you breathe out, drop the Let. Let's go over to the front first.

Drop the left leg forward and slowly stretch the right leg away and lengthen. Feel it's being gently pull diagonally away. Pause there. Breathing in as you breathe out, pull up through the stomach muscles and pull more on your left side to bring the leg up and then over to the other side and stretch over. Keep the shoulder blade down and stretch. Pause breathing in and pull up through the right side and up through the center and then over and drop the knee over and breathe out and stretch.

Feel it that this right knee is being lengthened away from the hip. Pause breathing in, pull up the stomach muscles and then slowly come back. Imagine the upper torso is turning in the opposite direction as you go over, so drop the left knee open, rich with the right side and feel the right upper torso turning in the opposite direction. And so you're almost getting a double spiral. One more to each side and stretch, pause, breathing in. I feel you're lifting up on both parts of the both sides of the abdominals, but a little more on the left hand side as you come through center and come over to the left and stretch.

I feel the lift through as if you're going to sit up straight and pulled back with your left side. Just a little more undressed, arms by your sides. Okay. Place your hands on your hips so your thumbs are rod at the back of the pelvis, your fingers on the front. Same position with the fetus before. Take a breath in. Now as you breathe out, lengthen your waist line with your hands and do a straight lift up with your pelvis. So you're bridging, so your shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line.

And then slowly come back down. Actually let's breathe into lift. Breathe out to go down. So breathe in length the waist and lift and slowly take it down. Breathing out. Think the whole back touching the floor at the same time. And lift, breathing in.

Feel the energy going through your knees as you do it and slowly breathe out as you go back down and lift very long torso, very long torso and Chante, stretch away. And slowly go down. Lift your right knee up towards the chest and now do the same thing on your left foot. So breathe into lift. Keep it absolutely level. Keep the waistline long with your hands, and then breathe out as you go down. Let's do twice in this position with the same leg and lift.

And then dad, let's do four and lift and then run and lift. Keeping the waist by low, very long. And I'm still get that sensation of wrapping around. And then down change legs. So I want that narrowness of the waist. So you do it and bend the knee up and slowly lift. Stretch with your hands. Use Your hands to open the waistline and slowly go down and lift. Breathing in and breathe out.

Keep the weight into the foot and lift and a long neck. You'll the head being gently pushed away and [inaudible] and lift and down. Nice. Put both feet down onto the ground. Lift up with both legs. Separate your feet, just a little hip with the part not too wide, just yeah, and our hands on the hips. Now lift up into the bridge. Breathing in. Put your hands onto the floor, lift your right knee up, stretching up to the ceiling. And now keeping the pelvis in place.

Slowly stretch the leg way down as close to the floor as possible without moving your hips and then breathe into lifted up and breathe out. As you go down and breathe into lift, use your stomach muscles out and up and [inaudible] using the apps to support and up. Bend your knee and place it down and lower down and lift up. Bring your right leg up. Okay.

And or the left leg, sorry, which is the other leg, whichever the word, and stretch away. Four Times. Reach away. But remember the pelvis stays in place and stretch and up and stretch and lift. Stretch, lift last time and stretch. Lift and lower down and stretch your arms back behind your head. Stretch the legs out. We're going to do a roll up again, but we're going to roll up with pointed feet.

Straight legs stretch over three times a four counts. One, two, three, four. Bend your knees up, breathing in and roll down with bent knees and then straighten them to come up again. Okay, so arms up, upper back and head forward. Breathing in, pause and breathe out and lift pointed feet and stretch over. One, two, three. Bend your knees, breathing in, bend your knees up and breathe out and slowly roll down slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly stretch your arms back as you straighten your knees so you get a full body stretch and bring your arms up, upper back and head fold. Breathing in, pause. And now lift into the curve and stretch over. One, two, [inaudible]. Three, four. Bend your knees, breathing in, and then breathe out. As you go down.

When you come up into the curb, don't come up to a straight back. Keep the curves. You round your back and come up. And when you're here, you stretch over. Bend your knees up with your head forward. Then draw yourself away. You good on. Okay. So when you bend your knees, don't lift. Keep it there so the face stays over the thighs or your knees and then slowly draw back. Okay, so bring your arms up, upper back and head forward. Pause and slowly breathe out. You cover.

Keep the curve and stretch over. One, two, three, four. Bend your knees up there and slowly roll back down slowly, slowly, slowly. Keep your arms parallel to the floors you could on and stretch back and arms up, upper back and head forward. Breathing. Now I want definite pause here. Focus now. Lift into the focus and stretch over. Reach. One, two, lax the shoulders. Three, four, bend.

Breathing in and slowly breathe out as you go down. One more time. Stretch your legs and arms. Upper back and head forward. And lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Gotcha. And stretch over. Alright everyone. Stay there. Stay where you are. Now draw the shoulder blades down.

Everybody pull the blades down and now feel from that position that you're just stretching of spine over the legs that the blades are going in the opposite direction. That's it. Now Bend your knees up and now slowly roll down and arms. They're the mats on. Great for this because from here, if you're on the floor, you're going to get a much better feel of pulling. So when you get down to here, when you get your back straight, it's arms and legs simultaneously. So you get a good long stretch. Ready to start again to come up.

Okay, one last one. But watch that. What I'm getting is that you're so keen to get over your letting your shoulders. It's the spine that takes you over certain fat. Your arms are held back so the scapula stays, uh, positioned on your back. Let me see one more. This is going to be absolutely perfect. OK. Uh, bring your arms up, upper back and head forward.

Breathing in and lift into the curb and reach one. Shoulders down. Two shoulders down more. Three, four. Bend your knees up, breathing in and slowly roll back down and stretch and reach. Good. Arms out to the side. Bend both knees up, let your knees, so your thighs at right angles, heels, alerting the knees. And what you're going to do is from there, we're in this position. You go over, you come center Oba Center legs straight over center over center.

Legs Bent. Okay. Remember the knees must state at gala, so we'll go over towards the front first. Okay. Lift your knees up. Heels lower than the hip. Knees. Old Habits by, that's okay. So remember as you go over to that side, it's the opposite hip that does the lift. So breathe out as you go over, breathe in to come through center and then breathe out to come over, bring your knees. There you go. Come through center, straighten your legs and over. Stay there, flex the feet. Hard point. Come through center and then over and flex point center, bend your knees and to the right, go over center and over.

Breathe in to come through center legs up, breathe out and go over flex hard. When the are there, point comes center to the other side. Keep the legs together, flex hard point center and then down. One more set to the left in these together. Center breathing in to the right.

Breathing out center, breathing in, legs up straight. Breathe out and go over to the right flex point. Lift over to the left. Flex point and lift and bend your knees. That was nice. In fact, it gives me an idea.

Beware my ideas will in this position we'll go over. Now we leave this leg alone. Bring this one back to the other side and then bring this one over. Okay, so stretch your legs up. Now go over to your left. Leave the left leg that bring your right leg over and now bring your right leg over to match it. Take your left leg over, bring your right leg over to match over.

And this one over and this one follows this one over. This one. Pause over to your, to the back here. What last one? One leg the other leg over. Bring them up to the center and bend your knees and rest. They wanted to do overtime at year two and rest. You got it then with it was good. That was very good. Very good.

Okay. How are we doing right? We're going to do double leg stretch. When you remember who did it on two cans last, we're going to draw on four cans. Okay, so you start is if you going to do the single leg stretches, you breathe in and stretch out flex and turnout, turn the arms, breathe out, you go back, breathe in and reach. Bend your knees and come down so it's and one.

Breathe out. And to breathe in. Three. Breathe out. Four. Okay, so hold onto your ankles. Don't take the legs too low. Okay, hold onto your ankles. Elbows wide. I keep the upper torso coming forward. Bring your knees forward just in little, so hold onto the outside. There you go. So breathe in, arms and legs, stretching out. Flex in turnout. Breathe out and take your arms back. Breathe in and reach up.

Bend your knees and done. Okay guys, do it with me. Just keep out of the corner of your eye. So this position and one, flex and turnout arms. Two arms, three, bend down. Four. Breathe in and stretch. Let the shoulders go into your ears as you breathe out. Shoulders down as you breathe in, and then out and breathe in. And lift. Flex and 10. I breathe out as you go back. Breathe in and reach.

Bend your knees and down. One more. Breathe in and stretch. Breathe out, breathe in and reach. And then done. Okay. Addressed. How about six counts? Why not? One too [inaudible]. Three arms are slightly higher. Four, five, six, remember? And one, two. Let's do just, sorry. Let's do it all together.

Okay. And one. Flex and turnout. Arms. Two arms. Three. Flex the feet, legs down. Four up. Five Dan's and Ben? Six. That was a tryout. That was a rehearsal. I want to see definition with your legs.

So from here you're there and you get there. Turned out, flexed. Then your arms go back. Then your arms come up, they go down, they point and then come up and down. So the legs are very, very strong. Are we ready? We're going to do to absolutely perfect. Breathe in and stretch Lex and turnout. Take your arms back. Breathing out, arms up. Breathing in.

Flex the feet, legs down. Point, legs up. Bend your knees. And then Dan and undressed. Good. How are you feeling? I want rolling like a ball twice. Do you hold the second one? Stretch your arms and legs and good to open leg rocker twice.

Go back to ball. Okay. But you have to pause when you go into the Open Lake Rock. Okay. Ready? Now there's no competition. Okay, just keep rolling. I like that. Just keep rolling. That's fine. So, and again, I, I would want to see by this time I want to see the definition of positions. Alright, talk your head in and off you go. And back and up.

Back and up. Stay open your legs open like rocker. Back and up. Back and up. Pause. Ball Ball. Oh, back and up. Together.

Back and up. Rocca and back. Up, back and up. Ball. Back up, back and up. Rocker and back and up.

I like it. Back and up. Stop there. Teza go into the teaser position. Take your arms, turn out the legs, turn out the legs and reach. Retreat. Retreat. Now ro slowly down as you lower your legs and they head back. Fantastic. It's nice to change positions rather than to go, we're doing the rock roll. Rolling like ball. Now we're doing the locker intermix with you.

Bend your knees at you. Don't bend your knees, lie flat. Stretch your legs out. Now lift your right leg. Now actually lift the leg closest to the front. So left leg up. Okay, now let's do a big circle, but keeping your left hip done. So we're gonna go in what's best. So we're gonna go round and as far as you can do four inwards and four outwards, as big as you can make without the pelvis moving.

Keep the pelvis absolutely straight and still and feel pull around through the center and then reverse it all together. So you're doing to get your legs involved four times and then four times with the other leg. Again, try and keep your pelvis absolutely. If you want to put your hand on your hip to help to balance do so by all means in widths. First, go right through the center line and around and run. And the other way, try and keep it even all the way through rather than sweeping around. Keep it even so you can really feel the rotation in your hip joints and relax legs up to 90 degrees and straighten your legs.

Let's do the corkscrew. Stretch your legs up in there. We'll go to the right and take it around to the right and, and then back up four to the right and four to the left with your knees completely straight and around at it. And a [inaudible]. Oh, that's nice. And then up and rest. Sorry, have you on the other direction? No, sorry. Go the other direction.

Yeah, and then rest. Very nice. Oh, okay. Just pull your knees towards you and relax. Sitting up. Now stretch your legs out so the heels are slightly wider than your bed. Stretch your arms out. We're going to do the sore that the first two to each side you're going to stretch. And as you reach out, this arm is, this hand is going to go on the floor behind you and push you into the soar and then lifted it up. Then come center, push and then lit. So your hand, the backhand is helping you to get over.

So we'll go frontways. So from there turn and reach and the hand behind you on the floor and push. Push with the hand, push, push, push, push. Then come up and center and to the other side and push with your back hand. Push yourself away and then let the back hand up and center and reach and stretch, push, push, push, push, push, stabilize the opposite hip and then come up.

Center. Turn and push and lift. Okay? This time saw rich lift, stretch up and no, wait a minute. That's I think that again, do twice with the sore. Then we'll do twice spine. Twist that with the legs apart. Okay?

With with this here and then the lift, but with the legs in the sore position, so the sore twice on each side. Then spine twist, lift, center down into the other side. Okay, I've changed my mind. Do the soul twice as we've done it without pushing with the hand. Okay? Just as normal.

So turn and stretch. Lift rich, turn and stretch. Lift, turn and stretch. Lift, turn and stretch. Lift right, stretch out. Up right onto the hips. Go on, sit up. Straight back, completely straight. Palms down.

Pulled back a little and breathe in and turn to your, to the front, to the front. Breathe out and center. Breathe in and turn. Breathe out and center. Turn. Now hold it there. Lift your arms up above your head and reach. Shoulders down. Shoulders down. Now come through center and turn to the other side with your arms above your head.

Stretch down with your hands center and to the other side, center to this side. Come through center. Lift your arms up, reach through the center to the left and open. Stretch to the center and saw and one and lift and two and lift and three lift and four lift. Bring the legs together and just stretch over with pointed feet. Lying in a straight line. Just watch me first in this position.

Completely straight. Lift the hips up and hold one, two, three, four and stretch and up. And then down to the other side we'll do twice on each side. Okay, on your, with your elbow bent, your elbow is underneath the shoulder, the legs are straight, feet are flexed. So your is if your stance like you trust skin tomb on this, in this position and uh, breathe in and lift your pelvis up and hold one, two, three, four and lengthen your arm over your head and lifted up. Now kip, stretch your arm up to the ceiling and slowly lower your hips, but keep your arm up to the ceiling and then bring your arm back by your side. And lift rich arm as if you're hanging from the ceiling. And hold one, two, three, four and reach over.

Bring your arm up again and feel you're holding onto the ceiling as you slowly learn the hip span and then back and swing around facing the front and stretch out. Okay. Feet on top of each other and bear, look very long. Legs, elbow under the shoulder and lift and reach your arm up and stretch and hold. One, two, three, four stretch arm over the head and then come back and slowly low the hip down as your arm stretches up to the ceiling and Leard on and lift and reach up. One not yet. Two, three, four and stretch over, over, over, over and back. And then dad and rest sitting up facing, actually faced, uh, to the front. Yeah, to each other. Sorry, pointed feet, but you, let's do flex feet on this.

Arms out in front. Now take a breath in. As you breathe out, curl back to here. Hold, breathe in, lift up and stretch your arms forward and flex. Breathe out, hold, breathe in, lift up through the curve. And then stretch and point curve back. Now hold the curb and I straighten your back and reach your arms up to the ceiling and lift and then turn and breathe out. Breathe in and lift straight back, straight back, lift and then back. And again, curl back. Go back, Brown, the background background back. And now straighten your back.

As you stretch now come up, come up, lift, lift, lift and a and curl. Run the back of your tailbone, sliding towards your heels and reach up. Lifting. Turn the palms and rich out of it. And good undressed. Oh in out in and rich.

But from this position, I don't want you to try and take your arms up and over. When you're from here, you're here as you wrote, as you sit up straight you from the, you're going to rotate into the shoulder joint to rotate your hands. Ready to start. So out in, out. As you sit up, rotate, drawing the shoulder blades down and then back. Okay. And breathe out and curl open to the side. Rotate and stretch forward. Now come up straight and push the shoulder blades down as you straighten.

Flex the feet, breathe out, breathe in point as you go forward and lift up and rotate and flex as you go down open breathing in, breathe out and curl over. Hands behind you. Arms out to the side and rotate and sit up. Very straight. Add one more and flex as you go down. Open point and sit up straight and then back again. Make it all in the trial.

You were doing something with your wrists here. [inaudible] from here it's opening out to there and then it's through the shoulder joint that you go back. So it's rather than doing something with here, here and it's the shoulder joint that goes in to take you forward and then the shoulder that pulls you through. So you're getting much more work in around the shoulder girdle. Okay, let's try one more like that and breathe out and co back a whole the curve as you open your arms out to the side and rotate in the shoulder joint as you go over, they'll come up straight, rotating in the shoulder joint and that's it. Yeah. So it's all this sort of movement that you're getting much more work into the joint. Okay. Cause you can do quite a lot here without anything happening here. Too much. Okay. And just relaxed for what? Just relax.

Right? Let us do one of my least favorite exercises. I want you to do the Swan. So, but what we're going to do, you're going to lie on your front with your arms out in front. Let's, let's pull our maths away. So we'll have our hands on the bed on the floor.

So just pull them out to the side. So you have your hands on the floor so you can start slide. No, still, you can lie on your mads, but just have your upper torso on the floor. Can we have them straight? So it looks Lik let's have it in line with each other. Okay. Now from there you're doing exactly what you did earlier with straight arms.

You're going to do Cobra position quite high. So curl up, arm, straight, arm, straight, arm, straight, arm straight. And now from there, lift your arms up. No lift your arms up off the floor. And pitch forward and lift and pitch forward and lift, pitch forward and lift. Pitch forward. Lift. Stay there. Put your hands back on the floor and slowly go down. Yeah, and curl up. No slide up. Sorry, my fault.

Slide up as high as you can. High, high, high, high c. Take one arm up this time. Take the other arm up. No pitch forward, down and lift down. Undressed into the rest position. I hate that exercise and I'll say this on camera and relax and just relax in that position. Just take your time, relax and sitting up on your hands and knees.

Bring your mats back into the center. Okay. [inaudible] you're going to do the dog position again. [inaudible] you're going to stretch your right arm and left leg out, but from this position, as you breathe out, you're going to run the low back and bring your elbow in the into the center and drop the head down and then stretch back again and bend, breathing out and then breathe in. Okay, so we'll do four on one side for the other. Okay. Again, have your elbows slightly rotated outwards. [inaudible] now stretch your right arm and left a way. Now the movement starts from the pelvis. So curl under, bring your elbow and your knee past each other in the center and then breathe in and reach out and breathe out.

Contract the lower back and stretch and contract and stretch and contract and stretch and contract and stretch and place the arm and leg down. Other side. Get your position ready first and now stretch your arm and your leg out. Reach out, reach out, and now run the back contract. And then reach and contract and reach.

Contract and reach and contract and rich and neat down into center. And sit down and stretch your back out. Let's try a variation of the single straight leg stretch. Okay? You lie down in this position and your arm, your your arms are going to is if you're doing flies, okay? So have you make a soft fist. So you're in this position.

As you breathe out, you lift your upper torso up and lift your legs up so you curl up into this position, okay? You open your arms, breathing in. Then as you breathe out, you close your arms and change your legs. So breathe in. Okay, so we start with your legs straight and your arms out slightly curved. So you're bring your upper torso forward. Let's bring that right back. Leg up first back, leg up, straight. The other leg, just a little off the ground.

Hold that position. Breathe in. [inaudible] [inaudible]. [inaudible] open your arms, breathing in and change legs. Open your arms. No, just your arms and change legs and the arms open and change. Leash open and change.

Open change and dressed. Nice. Stretch your legs out. Stretch your arms out, back behind, and really reach away. And that just stretch your right arm and left leg away. Just reach and strip.

Come back and the other sides stretch and relax and stretch and relax and stretch and relax. Last run and stretch and relax and bend your knees up. Bring your arms up, rolled over onto your side. Uh, nice to the front and onto your hands and knees, aren't you? No. Let's stay in this position. It's slide on. Stretch your arms out and stretch your legs as if you were going to do the, um, let's, uh, leg lifts to the side. So just watch for a second. You're going to stretch yourself out.

This bottom leg is on the ground. You're going to lift this leg up so it's parallel to the hip. Then then your knee from here, and take the knee back behind you. So you're getting a stretch in the front of the thigh. Okay. Then you're going to rotate in the hip joint and bring your knee up to this position. Then lift your knee up, extend it, and then take it down. Okay, so what I'll do it in front.

Okay, just the first one. So you can see. So stretch out, lift this knee up, bend it, and pull it back. Keeping the hips square until you feel a stretch in the front of your thigh. Now from there, rotate in the hip joint and bring your foot in line with the knee joint. Lift your knee up, extended flex, and then take it down point and then turn parallel. Okay, so lift the knee up, stretch your arm out. So you're like on your arm, bend the knee back and slowly take it back so you feel a stretch up through the front of the thigh.

Now rotate in the hip joint to bring the foot towards the knee. Lift your knee up, leave the heel down. Lift your knee up first. Then slowly extend the leg flex and take the leg down and point. Turn the leg parallel. Lift it up a little. Bend the knee first.

Now slowly take your knee backwards so you get the front of the thigh stretched out. Now rotate in the hip joint to bring your knee through center. Lift your knee up and extend. Flex and lower down and then back. Bend your knee and pull back. Now rotates through the hip joint and bringing your foot through.

Lift your knee up, extend the foot flex and lift a little higher this time and lower down last one and bend the knee back and really stretch back. Making sure the pelvis is held further back for the back, for the back and drink. Come through center. Bring your knee up as you work into the hip. Lift the leg up. Flex, lift higher and lower down and change over to the other side. Really, really get feeling of pulling back.

So you get this stretch through here. And then from there it's the rotation and the hip cuts getting work into the hip joint. A little more. Stretch out, very straight first, really very long. Now lift the leg up so it's parallel with the hip joint. Now lifted up, first lifted up, no, just straight. That's it. Reach out with the leg. Now Bend it and take it back. Pull back, take back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back.

And now rotate in the hip to bring the foot through to the knee. Lift your knee up to the ceiling. Then slowly extend the lower part of the leg. Flex and lift higher. And then slowly Dan, turn parallel and bend the knee. Now slowly take them knee back, but pull up the stomach muscles as you do it and you'll feel this in the back of the thigh and into the glutes.

Point your foot and rotate in the joint. Bringing the foot through to the knee. Lift your knee up, knee up first. Then you extend and slowly go down and bend, pull back, come through. Now your knee comes up first, then you extend to get more lift through here. That's it. Okay. And then down one more time. And then, and pull back, pull back more. Pull back, pull ball Paul and rotate in the hip joint.

Lift your knee up and then slowly extend flex, lift higher and od. Good. Bend both knees, your friend and up onto your hands and knees. And that we know how to stand up in this position. Come up to kneeling and place one foot in front and slowly stand up. Okay, we're going to roll down, walk forward into plank position and do the leg pull back. Okay? Okay, why not?

Up very straight. So we'll take the front leg back first. We'll do it twice and done twice and done and then roll back up again. Ups very straight road on, no hands onto the floor and slowly walk forward working the pelvis as you walk forward. Work the pelvis. So we've got posterior pelvic tilt. Really pull through to here. Now the front leg lift off and stretch and down again, and lift again.

And then dad and the other leg lift. Just do it twice and done and lift and then done. And slowly walk up. Walk up and slowly stand up straight and up. You come, curl up, curl up, color you go.

We're going to do one more. Try and get a plank position if you can. Okay. Oh, one more time. Why not? Up Straight? No, we're going for planks, but if we can't, it doesn't matter. Okay. Ready and roll down all the way down. And now walk away. Keep walking away. I've got your hips. Don't worry. Now go into posterior pelvic. Tilt everyone to get that.

And now left the outside the front leg and lift one and lift two. And then dad, and now the other leg. Lift one, lift two and dad. And now slowly walk back. Walk back and up. UCO and up straight. There you go. [inaudible] very good. Very good. Very nice.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you for the interesting hip rotations in side lying. Deliberate pace gives time to "feel" the movements more deeply.
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I love the pace, as I am coming back to pilates and Alan was so encouraging to his students! I felt he was encouraging me as well.
I just love his class....I had classes with Alan and I can now enjoy some extra with pilates anytime..
Kelly S
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I like the transition from rolling like a ball, into open leg rocker, into teaser. :)
I really love being able to dig-in, connect and explore each moment. Like a deep, moving meditation! Thank you, Mr. Herdman!
Another wonderful class, Alan! Your pace and cueing really deepen my connection to the work and help my ADHD side slow down and explore more. ;) Love your sense of humor, too!
i liked his pace, ideas for making the class more interesting! thx!!!
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Very interesting class.I like the fact that Alan is working with a class not made up entirely of Pilates teachers.He helps to 'correct' with admirable tact and warmth.I 'm just off to teach 2 classes and feel inspired by him..
None of the videos are opening up today, the site opens but the videos don't load. Is there a technical problem today? When PA doesn't function its like going without my morning coffee!
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