Class #2298

Challenge Your Coordination

50 min - Class


Look for the definition of the positions in this Mat workout with Alan Herdman. In the fourth class in his progressive series, he focuses on precision of movement while adding coordination challenges and changes in tempo. He increases the level from the previous classes with exercises like Shoulder Bridge, Rowing, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat


Lying on your backs with your hands behind your head. Quite wide. Two elbows that separate your feet so they're on the edge, the outside edge of your mat. Okay. What we're going to do ...

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Thank you for the interesting hip rotations in side lying. Deliberate pace gives time to "feel" the movements more deeply.
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I love the pace, as I am coming back to pilates and Alan was so encouraging to his students! I felt he was encouraging me as well.
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I just love his class....I had classes with Alan and I can now enjoy some extra with pilates anytime..
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I like the transition from rolling like a ball, into open leg rocker, into teaser. :)
I really love being able to dig-in, connect and explore each moment. Like a deep, moving meditation! Thank you, Mr. Herdman!
Another wonderful class, Alan! Your pace and cueing really deepen my connection to the work and help my ADHD side slow down and explore more. ;) Love your sense of humor, too!
i liked his pace, ideas for making the class more interesting! thx!!!
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Very interesting class.I like the fact that Alan is working with a class not made up entirely of Pilates teachers.He helps to 'correct' with admirable tact and warmth.I 'm just off to teach 2 classes and feel inspired by him..
None of the videos are opening up today, the site opens but the videos don't load. Is there a technical problem today? When PA doesn't function its like going without my morning coffee!
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