Class #2296

Mat Workout

45 min - Class


Make the breath work for you in the third class in Alan Herdman's progressive Mat series. He adds on from the previous class focusing on establishing work in the muscles before doing the movements. He also adds in preps for exercises like Swan and Teaser as well as a challenge to test your balance.
What You'll Need: Mat


This is class three. A lot of the exercises are basically the same, but we're just adding onto them. But what I want you to think about all the way through is those basic positions of ...

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Alan, I really like your class, especially your variation with hundred ;) . Thank you!
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Wealth of knowledge. thanks to you I was released quite early from pt for knee replacement.??????????
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Alan, I loved your class and the methodical pace. Love your cuing of breath with movement.
Great class. Looking forward to the 4th one!
I love Mr. Herdman's approach and his methodical delivery. Very challenging but also energizing. I loved executing this class. the body felt wonderful -lengthened-when done.
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Lovely to see "Real client" shaped participants and the challenges they have with the exercises . Many thanks to them for taking part in front of the camera :)

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