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Reformer Workout

45 min - Class


Meredith Rogers guides Nicole through her very first Pilates session in this Reformer class. She shows her how to use breath to move, and gives her the basics of Pilates terminology. This is a great class for any beginning student because it offers helpful information for a good foundation without being overwhelming.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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This is Nicole. We're going to do her very first palladia session ever right now. Okay, Nicole, what I want you to do is stand just as you are and look down at your feet and just make ...


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Lucky Nicole. I hope someday you introduce me to the reformer too!

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Very helpful
Great teaching skills
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Love you Meredith!! One of my all time favorite teachers, thank you for always teaching with passion and grace. Thanks PA for so many amazing role models!!!!!
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I love each and everyone of your classes. This one was really helpful with the cueing to our new clients. I just have one question: what did you feel during footwork by touching her feet when you said that the left leg is bearing more weight?
You are an awesome instructor. Thank you!
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Sorry I meant her right leg (not left)
I missed you, wellcome back!!!
This class and Alan herdman begginers mat workout, came just in time ,when i am in a phase that i want to go back to the basics and the fundamentals.
thank you Meredith!
and thank you pillates anytime to bring such an amazing instructors and classes. as a pilates instructor i'm lerning allot!
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Meredith, I learn so much from watching and taking your classes (which I do on a regular basis). I will refer to this particular video often, as it is such a wonderful tool for working with a first time client. In my humble opinion, the sign of a great teacher is not only being able to demonstrate the highest and most advanced level of exercises (which you do beautifully), but even more importantly, being able to explain and break down the fundamentals to an absolute beginner with clarity, compassion and patience. You are truly an inspiring teacher and a role model to me. Thank you.
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Awesome! Are you going to continue with Nicole? I would like to see you give more sessions with her maybe after ! or 2 months in.
Just what I needed today! Thank you Meredith :)
Thank you all for your beautiful feedback. I kinda threw Nicole under the bus that day and she did SO great. I would love to continue working with her but our schedules are tough to coordinate so I'm not sure. Probably not on a regular basis. I would love to teach her again though...for sure!!
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