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Work with Elbow & Knee Pain

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Enjoy the wonderful teaching and learning moments between Niedra Gabriel and her student, Tom, in this Reformer workout. Tom has elbow and knee problems, as well as dropped arches, so Niedra teaches him traditional intermediate and advanced Reformer exercises with emphasis on addressing these issues and where to direct the weight to correct the imbalances. You'll gain a thorough perspective on adjusting the exercises for proper placement that is unique to your body.
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Good afternoon everybody. I have Tom here with me. It was going to be my student of the day and we're going to be doing reformer. Tom has been doing pilates for a few years, so he's advanced, intermediate. And you told me you had a few issues you were dealing with which are uh, we will turn anything on tendon issue in the elbow and problems, a little sensitive knees and a uh, those are the main ones today. Okay. An ankle thing. So whenever I meet somebody new Tom, would you stand up for a minute?

He's also six foot two. So we have to adjust everything. We love our tall man. Um, he does have a tendency to have dropped artists. I'm really going to be working a lot on that. Uh, very, very, very common that people's feet are not really anchored right. So everything else in the body is slightly dysfunctional, but that's why we all do polarities cause we do need it. So one of the places that I'll be focusing a lot is getting weighted to the outer foot and then making sure that the trunk is stable. And, and I suspect a lot of knee problems is coming from the feet and the elbow problems are coming from not using enough of his lats.

So the stress is going into a joint that doesn't need to be worked. But we'll find out. So Tom, why don't you lie down on your back. This is the grads machine. It's got four springs. Our springs are the same because he is tall. I have him in third year and I want for me Tom, all five toes on.

So you may have to bring your toes closer together and you have to face there. So almost touching different placement heals a little bit lower down. And I've got a little, could be a piece of paper, a credit card, a hundred dollars bill, but the heel, now I want to left here pushing to the right cause you're swaying too far. Can you bring your knee shoulder width tail down a high. I want that tail on the Mat.

I want you to think from your tail up through the occipital bone long. Just length. So the hips are going towards me and your head is going away from me. Now very slightly. Take those triceps into the mat, so I just saw him ground. Good. Now, nice scoop. Don't let the heels too high.

There's going to be different. He'll know he'll the two high, drop them, drop them now narrow the hips. Ah, there we go. Keep these heels going and out. You go and push into the treaty. Come back, press, push into the feet. Come back, press, push into the feet. Come back, press put an our parts. I want you turn your head to the right and the left and look and see where your scholars in relation to the shoulder rest. You see how different your Chin is hitting one side and it's not even. Yeah, so we need to get you right in the middle.

That's looking considerably better. Want you to lift your head up and inspect your own body to make sure you're in the middle is intermediate. Now I want him to do this. The dirt work of critiquing himself. Thank you. This will make your size worth more. If you lift your heels too high now pressure into the little tall and out you go and back. Not Too wide with the knees, not too wide.

You need the legs going into the socket. Three, lengthen this left hip down. Fourth, keep the pressure into the heel and the little toe. And what this does is now we starting to work in the arch and in the size, not too wide and nine and 10. Okay. Middle of the arches. Bird on a perch. Get the knees closer. I mean there's something going on with this head, so see if you can feel the base of the skull and see if you could, if you can even out the pressure. Both sides of the skull. Yes. Anchor down. Good.

This is starting and I want this left hip more towards, there we go. Okay. Now out you go again. Even work with those hips. Two and three and four. Keep going but I would like you to separate the knees a little bit for me. That's better for me. So I know different teachers had different focus. I want this outer part of the foot taking more weight. Eight, two more times like this. Nine and 10.

Very good on your heels. Now I want you to really pull the big toe side out. Yes. And just for a change, not the, don't let these bone, I'm gonna put my fist between your ankle bones so you have to put more weight into the outer foot. Now bring your big toe joints together. So you're gonna feel like you're sickling and you look like you're sickling. But this outer line has to open. It's dropped into much. Now pull this toe back.

Yes, and out you go. Press and press and press and push into the heel on the way back into the heel. Into the heel. Yes. It's like you're doing this standing up. So it's easy to fly in. Three more times. And one more time. Okay. Hold the handles lift here.

Keep the knees in for a minute for me. I like your arms to the ceiling just for now. Now just to get the feeling, lift the shoulders up and pull the hands down towards me, Paul and lift the arms back up again and I'm bringing, so I've just moved him in the first year because he's nice and strong and now it doesn't, it doesn't matter. So just for a moment, I want you to lift the shoulders away from the mat and pull them a little bit to the hands of right now. Pull the armpits to your waist. Now extend the arms out towards the parking lot and come back up again. Now I want you to pull this so your shoulder blade is widening and the shoulders coming forward. And then just pull straight down you more, more, more, more, and come back up. Now this time tried to touch the ceiling more. Thank you.

Lift your head up and look at your navel more with the head. More with the head more with the head. And now pull those arm to the parking lot, Paul Paul, Paul just to there and more. Lift and let the head go down and the arms go long again. Lift, lift your head up and stretch to the parking lot.

So we store all of this part and come back down. Now your upper powerhouses beginning to work. One more time. Just like that lift. Lift your head up, up, up, up, up, reach with those arms and come back down. That was awesome. So you're going to go up into that shape. The only thing I would like you to watch is not the cruncher Chin down, but just keep it long and you will drop your legs down on the foot border.

You have to go up first, so lift your head and chest. You're going to reach more up, more up with those arms, more up to the pex contract. Now extend your legs out. Hands are above. Drop the legs down, lift up more, lift up more and I'll start your pumps. Breathing in, legs are relaxing, down, legs are relaxing down. I want those hip flexors relaxed. Reach with the legs out and bend your knees and come back in. We're going to refine this a little bit. So very common for these muscles to get super, super grippy.

So they're out of balance with the rest of you. I actually don't want, I want the legs on the bar so that you don't zero. Zilch. I want to all upper body work. Okay, so knees can come in. Just lift your arms to the ceiling. I put him on three year, three, three springs and extend out long. Lift your chest really round. Lift your Chin a little bit there. Extend the legs out and resting. Rest. This is soft. Everything's soft.

Relaxed that work. Here. Go full. Five XLT, four five into three full five. Exhale. Tried to soften. Here it reaches out, reaches out. Say I'm three, four, five into four. Five. Exhale. Three, four, five into three full five. Exhale. Three, four, five. Last set, four five. Exhale, three, four, five.

Bend your knees in. Lift your arms up. I am releasing a spring for you is on two springs right now for overhead. So move yourself down a little bit so you have room to roll on your shoulders. First Time we'll have a test run. See what you do. So lift the arms up, legs over and up. You go up, up, up, up and roll down through the spine. Legs down, arms up. Okay.

So I'm gonna want you going a whole lot higher up here. The first thing you did, and I, and I understand you pull the shoulders into the socket and then you move down. I would like you to try new way. You let the shoulders come forward, but by doing that you'll allow, and then I want you from your shoulder to your hand to push into the mat. So it'll bring this whole high part of the rib cage up. I'll give you a hand with that. So arms down, legs over, arms down over to me, over to me, over to me. Now reach the hands to the parking lot and dig him into the mat.

Dig a man, dig them and press the hips to me. Hips to me, hips to me, pushed down with the arms to lift. Much better and roll down. Keep pushing those arms down into the mat, row, row, row, row, row, legs down, arms up to have to work your triceps and your chest a lot. So arms down, legs over, over. Press your hips forward. Press your hips forward. Press your hips forward more. Push into my hands. Push and demand a hot. That's where we want. And now roll down with control.

Arms Up. One more time. Arms down, legs over, hips, over, hips, over. Push with the arms. This is your base. More up, more up, more up. The hips. Have to come. Way Forward to lift and roll down. Roll on, roll down. Bend your knees in. Okay, we're paying you for the Olympics. You know, elbows in, you're actually on two springs. This is coordination. So remember that lift we were working on in hundreds, much more. Lift all of this upper back us. Really?

They're like someone's pressing the sternum down. Here we go. Arms and legs go out. Long open and close. Bend your knees, curl your chest up, extend the legs lower. Open and close and bend. I want the shoulders longer towards me. Round those upper chest, open and close and bend. One more. Set. Extend, pause.

Open this leg and back that leg and back. Bend your knees. Now that you know what I want you to do. And Ben, one more time reversing the legs. Nothing moves. Nothing moves at was better, Ben. You have to do it one more time because you haven't done it right yet. And it said quiet trunk now, just the lake. Just much better.

Bend your knees and bend your arms and relax. You deserved it. Okay. Rolling. So he's going onto one spring now because we're forced spring machine, even though you could use anyone, it's preferable that one of the middle ones so nice and long. I think you could be a little further back just a bit. Okay. Long arms scooped, enable and roll back. Arms Out, push, thumbs, touch and big circle all the way around.

Down. Okay, pause a minute. So I would like this for me is very much about the shoulder girdle. A lot more work so the shoulder blade can move towards the spine, away from the spine. We can get faith fixated on never letting this happen. I'm in a different schools. So today we're going to do all the rules you're never supposed to do where you get to do them with me on camera. So when you come back, I want you to bring this shoulder way forward and you see if you lift your shoulder up, let it come forward. Now just lift up the chest the way from.

That's it. That's it. The truth is muscles are down and the hands will pull into their stay. They're widen his shoulders more. Now take your arms to the side. Now push nothing moves, push, push, push, push, and now come forward. Thumbs, touch. Do not lock those elbows. Work on the shoulders.

Lift the shoulders up, not the elbows. Don't lock the elbows. Do not lock the elbows. Yes, yes. We need to get the shoulders to loosen up and then circle around all the way over and give yourself a stretch. Come back up. So very easy to go into this position in order to get, that's the elbow problem. We need to get lots of trunk work goings. I want you from here. You're going to feel nerdy, but I don't want you to go into that thing. Okay, so round your back and wrote, robbing the shoulder blades on the way back. Let the shoulders come forward.

Yes, exactly. Make the pex work now. Push now, dive forward with the shoulder blade. Much better now. Big Circle like that from the shoulders to the hands. Much better. Now pull your rib cage backwards and lift the ribs off. One more time. Much better work and roll back. Round that upper back. Open the arms out.

Push with those arms and dive your head to your knees. Big Circle from the shoulders. Much, much, much better down and come back up. So I could see the whole upper arm working. Now 90 degrees or higher. Only thing is let's get these trapezius muscles down. Yes, so this is done, but you still wrap all of this around. Now up through the head, up, come back up. Lengthen up and out, up and out, down with those arms. Some such big circle, just the same way. Lovely work. Open that back out. Lifting the stomach. Come back up and hinge back. Shoulders are gliding down your back.

Come back up. Lengthen out. Now one thing here, I want the right rip forward and lengthen the left rib away from the, from the hip. This the tight tends to be short, big circle keeping the left rib away from the left hip. Now your straight excellent work. Come back up. Now one thing here, one more time. Don't just think shoulders down. I'd like you to think of the armpit pulling down. That engages a lot. So armpits down and the head up even more. Pull it down. That's it.

So we get the lats working and then you move from there. Press and lift. Long arms, long spine. Pull the arms down and back. And Big Circle. Don't forget your left waist pulling away from your hip. Good correction. Come back up and turn around to face the front. Nice work. Really good.

Long legs. Thumbs reaching. Now let's have your knees slightly bent just for a minute and I want the shoulders lift up in the waist. Lift up, press through my hand. Okay, reach out with the hands. Get Taller and lift up from those hips all the way out. All the way out and down. Very good. Start again. Stretch out. I want you to stay taller. Keep that height straight, taller, push away away. And one more time. Left.

Ribs higher, left rib long and lift the left arm. Left arm, left arm, left arm. That's it. Now keep that height. That was ma. Now you even yourself out. Flex your feet and slide forward and push into your heels. Unravel yourself. Lifting up all the way out and down and slide forward.

Reaching Long. Roll yourself up through the crown of the head. I want to see the link through the head. Yes, and down. One more time. Scoop the navel and reach. Unravel the spine up through the head, up through the head. It's all about the trunk. Very good shaving.

Ah, good. I like your transition here. So before you start, just get your hands here just for today. Bring the elbows a little bit more forward cause there's a lot of tension in your trapezius muscle. So I want you to think again of this going down. It's not so much here, but there right now your neck is nice and soft and you only spend the elbows as much as you can without this gripping. As your arms go up, this is going to go down. Yes. So it's like a cake going down and that gets long, much better. So the neck is soft, there's no tension in the neck and your side body starts to take the stress of that movement. One more time like that. That was excellent.

Arms go out to the side. Cross your feet the other way. Same. Feeling armpits down to get the rib cage to lift you. Very good. Keep going. I want the hands closer to your solar plexus, not your sternum. I want them low. Now lift your elbows much more. Elbows are lifting more. One more time like this.

Okay. Hook the handles behind you. Stay sitting. If you are, bring the hands here like hug a tree. So the tips of these elbows I want facing the side right now. The facing the floor. Huh? That's how much of it you see this whole muscle rolls around now.

This still is done. Armpits down, elbows up, elbows. Stay up. Risk face you. That's how much movement lift his elbows up now the front chest and the back chest. Keep those elbows lifting. I don't want to see that happened. Elbows to the side. Better elbow. Yes. Elbows lifted. Lifted, lifted. One more time and keep the hands below the shoulder line. A lot of work.

Shake your arms out. That's hard. Okay, let's have you bring the box down for a long, long box. So he's still in first gear. Still on one spring. Pulling on the straps. Do you usually work this far forward with the chest? Oh, okay. If I'm the same school, if I'm just testing him, move yourself back of it a little bit more. In an ideal world, the shoulders.

There we go. We want this area nice and soft. The legs along. I would like you to take the left rib and move it towards the ocean. Yes, you have a tendency to have this rib hollowed out and this rib too full. So really now your spine is straight. Now, the only thing now is I'd like you to lift your back of your head neck. So you're long in the occipital bones. Okay, here we go. Pull back with the arms and roll hands close to your hips and release the arms down and again, roll.

Now I want you only to bend and lift the upper chest above my hand. This stays long and release the arms down. Can you pull your floating ribs up a bit? So this part, that's too much. You're tucking there. There now only work above my hand, above my hand. Lift the chest, lift the chest, press a sternum forward and back. Good to the back. Bend should really be happening here.

Arm societ hardest area of the back to bend. Loves have for, you know, for me Tom, I just grabbed like that and I want the wrist stable. Ritz facing the floor and the risks do not bend at all. Remember the Trapezius muscle are soft. These muscles are strong. Yes. Okay.

Back towards your hips and open the arms out. Keep these muscles long. Armpits pulled back and open out and I'm going to be horrible to you. I want you to externally rotate internally rotate. I apologize. Bend the elbow and as you go back you're going to bring your thumbs above your bottom, but with an elbow soft.

So you'll have to really internally rotate soft elbows, soft elbows, not squeeze your shoulder blades and work from the shoulders and then you rotate out to do not hyperextend those elbows. Keep them soft. Work the upper arm muscles, squeeze the shoulder blades and open out are some work on your back backstroke. Very hard to do. And I know the trick of the elbow cause I do it all the time myself, but it's all about the shoulders. So [inaudible] I've got you on two springs backstroke. So remember that chest you worked on for the hundreds. I want you that high up.

So arms and legs to the ceiling and lift that chest up open and curl. So like someone pushing this in, but this should be touching the mat touching right to there. That citizen upper back. You want to bend and bend the elbows and lift open and try to lift that even more. But this goes into your body and come back in one more time. Lift open and scoop that naval.

Come back in and teaser. Nice long arms, long legs. Open up the hip flexors. Here's a great place to get that length happening here and the lean long stomach and up. You come to your teaser roll and lift up, down and up with the arms three times one and to very good and make sure the arms are reaching forward. Show degrade to why now and you wrote back when that sternum, back, sternum, back, sternum, back. Release the legs.

Release the arms so there's a stance in the shoulder girdle again. Roll yourself up. Reach the arms to the wall. Shoulders are down. I don't want, I don't care how small or big these circles, I don't want the trapezius muscles doing them. I want your lapse. Doing them now. Reach the arms forward and up. Reach towards my hands and take the chest back. Go a little further back.

Go back, go back. You rolling down. You rolling down, but you're resisting by reaching. Yes. So we get the chest to be involved in all the dementia. One more time. Nice and long. And roll the lift up. Roll to lift long arms and reverse circles and worked from your laps to make the arms float better and reach and reach. Now how long can you roll down without the fingers moving in space?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Open everything out. Excellent work. Drop the straps. Let's go for stomach massage. Um, all right, so that's fine. So we're going for stomach massage. Now Tom, get into position. Now he has a Tuckie pelvis, so I actually don't want him to take advantage of that. He has a tendency to use the power from low down. I want you on top.

You will need to move your bottom back and get high on your sit bones. So remember from the tail up to the kind of how tall can you get even more lift. If you need to move your bottom back. Let's have you even further back. So it's a bit unusual, but he is now lift up even more, even more. Now lift the ribs and round yourself in your upper ribcage. Remember, this has to widen. Do not push back and lift up.

So you lifting up out of the pelvis, not down. All five toes have to be on for me. That's my latest obsession. So here we go, press out, but pull the floating ribs back and in floating ribs back. So I want to see all of this widening. Shoulders wide, wide, wide, wide and forced like someone's punching unit tests and lifting you to the sky at the same time and six. So the range of movement in the legs is a little bit less, but the trunk has got a lot more integrity.

Eight and nine and 10 very good. Take those hands behind you. So on three springs now, uh, how can we wrap that? Can you wrap the hands around like that? So eventually you actually not holding. Can you lift up shoulders? So remember the trapezius muscles can be grippy now work the trunk, work the trunk more. Press up to my head, up, up, up from here. More lift, more lift, more or less. Okay. Out You go. Press lower down, lift up then one and press to make sure that little toe was working so the outside of the foot is working. And don't let the need go to turn down and six and seven and last one eight.

Okay, arms for word. Now lift up even more out of the lower back. Out of the lower back. Lift up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Okay. Press out and reach towards me. Get longer in the spine and come back in. Okay. [inaudible] and side ribs a mom. Now you're going to take your armpits down, but keep that length. That's it. Two more times like this. So this is down, but you're reaching and last one hands come a little bit lower down.

Now, armpits to your waist. Armpits, your waist even more there. Now press and reach to the window. Wheat and back. I want you to reach all the way behind you more. Open that left rib, open it, open it and right whip. Open it, open it, open it, and left rib. Lift the right rib up, right rib up. Yes and twist. Okay, hold the foot bar with your hands. Stretch out as to anything that feels good to you.

Bend your knees. They can go wide now if you want and push out and just use your arms traction into your back. Stretch and back. One more time. Push, press, press, press, stretch and back. Okay, very good. You do tendon stretch. Yeah, let's have you back in first year I think and see what happens. Everybody loves tendance stretch. Ha ha ha.

Do you usually do it from this gear or do you do with one gear in [inaudible] okay, first. Right. Okay. Let me do one second. I met, let's have a look at what happens to you. Look a little bit cramped and because there's ham springs are still a bit tight. I think this will give him now take your toes back and I want the heels a lot more down. Wait for the back. More back, more back. Now heels down. Before you even start, press your heels down.

Press Push, push, push and up. Okay, sit back into the foot bar. Let's have your, so you're going to anchor your sit bone just in front of that bar right now. Push the legs all the way out. Bend over with your body and see if you can lift your bottom up so your arms are going to straighten. And now lift the bottom straight up to bring the carrot in. Yes. Then you need know that you're going to start again the same way. Bend down now, right now I want to get a lot more tendon stretch.

I want to get that ankle. So move your feet down so maybe the ball of the foot is so you now flex your feet as much as you can. We're going for even more. We trying to get that position. Even if you need the bending just for a second, can you get more flection out of your feet now then there, but watch this side of the foot. So we start to get this joint to work. So you're in maximum plaques. Now Bend your knees back, bend your knees, backs. They bring the carriage in and when you push out, I want you to push the heel down, the heel down, three times like that, just to get that feeling different.

Work into the lower leg. One more time like that. And press now bend over with your trunk and lengthen the arms. But lift your hips up, lift the hips up, lift the hips up, heels down, heels down, heels down, heels down. Then you knees and sit two more times. Just like that. Heels go way down and press now scoop to get bend over and lift your hips up and you're lifting to the ceiling. Up. Heels down. Heels down. Heels down.

Better. One more time. Just like that. Bend over. Lift the stomach and lift the hips. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Heels down though, down with the heel and said, okay, so I know it's probably tighten it in in the hamstrings. Yeah, just a fun little addition to this is I want you to sit here on the side of the reform with your legs in front of you. The hands on either side. Extend the legs out, bend over, and lift your bottom up by straightening the elbows and see if you can lift your legs up. Yes, there's your attendance stretch and yes. So do you see how much you work in your trunk?

That's a feeling you want to catch for every time. Shorts, find massage. You deserved it. So you go back into first year for Short Stein. Okay, I would like the strap right by the heel. So it's just below that little knobbly bone. Yep. Okay. Now get yourself in the middle. Do you see how your head is? Yes. Yes.

You have a tendency to drift off to the right. Much better. Okay, I'll let you go. Lift the hips up and long. Bend the knees down. Roll your hips away. Roll, roll, roll, roll. Push your 50 your bottom. Extend the legs out and pause. Now here we go. Lift the hips. Lift the hips more up, up, up in power from the hips. Power. Try to touch the ceiling up up, up. Now when you bend your knees and you sit both higher, higher, now pull your feet in a little bit toward your bottom and roll down slowly.

I want you to work into that high part of the ribs better. Do not deserve your knees. Want to widen because part of the hamstrings, we want to keep the knees facing your armpits only. So if your knees roll out, you're going into your comfort zone, not elongating the hamstrings. So have a go again. Extend the legs, hips right away. This is all power. Use that triceps. Now when you bend, don't let these hips snap. Pull your feet, your bottom a bit. So you action. Now as you wrote down, watch it. The knees do not roll out better.

So the inner thigh gets lengths and into the sit bone and push down two more times. Just like that. So very important not to overturn. You'd like to turn the knees out too much and that actually is not setting the hip femur bone in the socket. You see how you widen? Look at that. They go in here. You want to stay in your box and it's going to feel very bizarre. This needs to widen but not the nice and the one more time.

Extend. Watch those knees. Watch them. Watson, the two externally. There's your angle. Now you're in your box. Now you rolling from the box. Don't let the knees roll out dough. Yes, yes, yes. Very good. Okay. Get your feet out of here. Long stretch series [inaudible] so back into, so he's in second year two springs and let's have you step into position and [inaudible] now. Okay step that's, let's have you step down from any, because you're a little Tuckie in the pelvis. I would like you in third year. And what I'm trying to do is find that line from tail through your head.

That's the longest. So for me, we're breaking the rules again. I want you to walk your feet for the back so you'll be higher. And I want to bring this down a bit now linkedin the tail, don't talk at length in it and tighten your hips better. So this gets tight, but you don't bring the pelvis under, send your suppose the flexors back. That's better. Keep yourself compact and press away. And now s through the crown of the head.

As you come forward, this stays long, much better. And the heels press back and you try to keep them where they are. Press and now you're full central trunk. One more time. Just like that. Very good. Bend your knees down. So now just for a minute, stick your bottom out. Just for a minute, then come up to an upright position.

And so I don't want you to take the tail and really jam it in. Send your tail back a minute. No other way. I want the sacred. Now this is a thing, the pelvis and the the pelvis lifts but not because you're jamming the hip sockets. And right now your hip is going way to the left. Send your weight into my hand. Yes that squares. Cause you do have a bit of a twist going length in this side down.

That's much better. And now this shoulder down. Excellent. Okay. Out You go. Much better line. And then just feel that front and back. Trunk Long Press and front and back. Trunk Long. One more time. Press and Rhonda back. Trunk Long. Good up. Stretch.

Oh k press long. And come back up and press your hips down now. Broad knee, shoulders, armpits, through your waist better. So we open up that upper back. Press armpits to your waist and elephant. Good work. Okay, so Lyft, you know what?

Let's have you bring the feet a little for the forward an inch or two forward. Get your hips back just for once back in. Lift the toes in the balls of the feet up so you really into the heels and lift these ribs. Now push away, push and pull. Dig into the heels, dig into the heels and for, keep those heels pressing down so you really stretch the backs of the knees as much as you can. Not Watch the knees that they don't internally rotate. This is where you take the hamstrings and I want waiting to the outer foot, waiting more in this right leg into the outer foot. It you, even if there's no, that's better. So you why in here? More time.

Okay, nice stretch first. And what do you usually do with it? Okay, we'll see. It's kind of first time. Now I'm going to be really funny, but I'd like all five toes on. So you will feel totally like you're sickled. But this outer line so your little toe is still not touching. You. See, it's up in the air. I want this part of your foot attaching. No, not the here.

I wanted down. Yes. So we bend and you see that side is extremely short, even more get weight. So now the artist's working and then you will have to in time bring the heel back without losing. Now you're setting these two bones in relation to the heel, the right way. So all of the site has to get long. You see it short. So really press the side into them. Into the foot. Yes. And now big round shape. Let the shoulders go wide.

Okay, and here we go. Pull, pull that they had dropped. Three, four, five, much better. Six, seven, last one, flat back one. Make sure those armpits are riding down to your waist. Nice. Five, six, seven, eight and knees off. Broaden and widen your shoulders. And last one, kneel down. Let's change this last one. Put the foot bar down. Hands on the frame, on the sides, on the side of the character over here, over here.

Now round your back and spread the shoulders apart so you push up into my hand. That's it. Make sure that the only thing, shoulders also writing down. Now lift your knees on. Really now out. You go in to six of these three, four. Let the head drop. Five and six. Okay. On your back for different, Huh? Lot of hard work. Okay.

Long spine massage setting you up. So we're putting strap extensions on. He's still on two springs grafts. We put the handle on the strap together. Make sure the hooks stay on the outside. Yes, you want to watch this? Very good again, right by the heel. Hands are down.

So make sure your tail is on and make sure the head is in the middle again. Yes. Okay, so just stretch the legs out and just three leg circles and pull down. So the leg circles should only be the width of the reformer and that's it. Now let's have you roll up onto your shoulders. Roll yourself up, open the legs out, pull into the straps and roll. Roll roll down. Now bring the legs to here.

Bring the legs up and don't tell. Now see if you can only roll up to the legs. Go straight up. I don't want to take the leg. That's it. Open the legs. Open the legs and roll down to the feet. I don't want you to stretch the feet further even though that's the more advanced version like you to keep the feet right above the hips. Open the legs. Now roll down there. No, don't push out. Work the trunk. Work the trunk.

Work the trunk. Yes. And take the legs down and together. So you still do it, but you don't throw the legs out cause it forces you to work more in the trunk. Now go a little higher. Open the legs, the width of the machine, and then roll down from here. Keeping yourself above better, better, better. But you see now you're flying forward. It's anal work. One more time. A high as you can go and roll up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, open the legs and feel them staying up at the ceiling.

And you traction your spine down away from him. Nice. And a few frogs to relax and one and two and three. Lower leg. So, and for that, there we go. So every time you stretch out, the strap should be just hovering above the shoulder. Rest. Then Fi. Okay. Take the straps off. We'll keep you in this tight gear. Just, just running. So you'll push out. I want all five toes on. You may feel like your, your Pitman told, but right now that's okay. Cause we need this outer line. It's a bit short.

Better and go for your run one and one. So use this to cool down. Stretch everything out. Stick connected. Be Aware of what direction your knees appointed is your headrest up. Lift your head rest up with your hands. So it looks to me, keep going. Your left knee is going out, your right knee is going straight.

So you didn't want to be very aware with the kneecap, so that's better. So the pressure and force of the springs is going right through the center of your body. Oh, okay. Bend your knees to come back in. How will you know hip pelvic lift, how are you with balance? Controlled Front with the um, you know, pressing out. Okay, let's have a go. I think you would need that in third year. Good. So Yup. Yup. And your hands will be able to shoulder rest.

So he's in third gear, two springs. This is the much of a guy exercise. Precise to remember. No talking Tom. I don't want the, but I want you to press out longer. Some spine as long you have to bring your pelvis there. There's your position now. Hamstrings work. But you don't shorten the pelvis. It's still tucked.

[inaudible] there's your position now you lock, that's it. So out in, in three times. Much better in the pelvis. Two, three. And can you do three pushups and push? He's a guy too. Yeah. And three bring your bottom up and bring the carriage in. Very nice down. Very, very good work.

Let's do once front splits because I want to see what's happening with the hips because you're a little bit hinged and we need to get the legs stretching away. So do you usually do it in third gear or ah, second gear to springs. This is an interesting one because it really addresses the rotational aspect of the, um, so the, we want the front, the front split, so the back leg is going to be straight. So the heel is going to be on the show. The rest? Yes. Can you pop your heel a little bit more onto the headrest?

So the right now your heel, that's it. That now we'll take a minute here. Can you square the hips and lift your hip up bit right now. So we get the hip squares. I'm looking at your sacred now for you. I want you to push into the back heel as much as you can. Don't, don't go out. Don't go out.

Get just stretch and lengthen this muscle and try not to Tuck your pelvis so much. Can you links in it that way. So then hip is in line with the knee. The stomach is lifting and extend straight back. Don't go up or down, but straight back. Do not let this go out and come back in. Keep that square. So the pelvis is completely square. This hip stays back and two better.

One more time like this and this hamstring is pulling inwards but the hip is going forward and come back in. Now can you lift up so you don't want to go any? So the hips have to stay very compressed. If you need to hold square hips, grounding right hip forward, left hip, back and back. Knee straight, push into the outer foot and back. You go out, a foot has to work goods. You're not going up and down. You're going back and forth. One more time. Very good hands come down.

Change legs. I'll change the pad for you square. Now you throwing the hip way over there. That's even this right hip has to go way back in my direction better. The left rib has to lift and the rib cage has to move to the left. Yeah. Rib Cage more towards my hand. W just there laterally. Exactly. So you want this being pulled that way. This back. Okay.

Three times now you squared the trunk out and two and three very good. Lifting up. Try to keep the pelvis that square, left hip forward, right hip, back and this knee long and strong. The backlinks, your lever and three very good. Ben Dover. Step off the carriage. Uh, let's have you just standing the equivalent of wall. Just stand facing me. Arms come up. But now wait into the outer foot even. I'd like you just exaggerated.

So you take all the weight off your toe, the big toe come better, and now roll down towards the floor, keeping the weight into the outer foot. Right now it's just going to be a little bit odd. The head is relaxed and circle the arms three times. One, two, three. Reverse it. One, two, three. Now hamstrings moved towards each other without the knee caps that said, just stand for a minute. I want you to feel light on your feet. Much better with the pelvis. Pelvis is long, but it's not gripped under you.

Take a big breath in and feel the self yourself opening and breathe out and thank you so much. Work. Yay.


Now i have a new dream , i wish Niedra to be your student!!!
some of the things that i usually know to not do, you said to do, i need some answers, why do you want him to forward the scapula? when he rounding his back.
thanks great class.
Really enjoyed watching your teaching Niedra....great observations corrections and cueing. Thank you
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Really enjoyed seeing this. Thank you Niedra and well done Tom! Lovely cueing of the changes you made to accommodateTom's tall body and its particular idiosyncrasies-and clear explanations of why. Valuable stuff, thanks again!
Thank you Niedra! Great adapting and cuing this program to the individual. Love your energy. You are a role model of mine.
Great class as always! Thank you!!
Sharon O
Fantastic teaching moments! Thank you for your detailed cueing so we can watch Tom self correct according to whar you see! Great session??
Sharon O
Great session!! No question :))
Wonderful class! You could really see how his tendon stretch improved!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you all for your comments and feed back. It is always a pleasure to read the responses to the video's that get posted to Pilates Anytime. In my opinion Teaching is an art and science, a formula and loads of creative common sense... I personally LOVE the need to always think on my feet and figure out the secret entrance point to a body.
Hani ( from Israel - top of the page comment) I go to Israel once a year so we can always arrange a few classes if you like. I travel a lot so please reach out if you want my to be on my mailing list for live workshops and trainings - I can be reached at
Niedra, this was a fantastic class. Finally with corrections of the student. I wish there were more classes on PA with observations of movements and immediate corrections.
Thank you so much for yet another great class of yours!
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