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Standing Tower Flow

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Dance with your springs in this challenging Tower workout with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt! You will be standing the entire class on the outside of the Tower unit with the Arm Springs. Each movement builds up to combinations which include squats and balances so you can work your whole body.
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Hi, I'm Tony. And I'm Michael and welcome to another tower. So today we're going to do everything standing on the outside of your tower. So you can either use your wall units, your reformer with the tower or your Cadillac sitting on the outside, whatever you want. Um, we're going to use a lot of the arms springs, so we had set it up with the arm springs on the hook. Slightly higher than the shoulders, but you can always change that or change it to the Lek springs if that's works better for you. Um, anything else? No. Okay. I think we should start. Let's go. So we're going to start without the springs.

So you're going to face your tower and you're gonna hold on, come a little bit closer with your legs together to, um, the height of about your hips. We arms are straight and you're just gonna Relax your head down and you're going to curl yourself backwards rounding and just opening your shoulders, get, then that will keep your leg straight. There you go. You are getting to relaxed right there. And now move your hips forward and slowly come into a slight extension, keeping the arms straight. So you're going to be able to hang back a little bit. Now if you want to hang a little bit more, just move your feet a little bit closer, right?

So you're gonna move your feet more forward, closer to your while unit. Head down, hang back out. And I want you to really pull up in those rips so your back becomes as wide as possible, right? And then pull the hips forward. And now that your feet are forward, you can hang on a slight angle backswing, increase it a little bit. Let's do it one more time. So we're gonna scoop back, lengthen the neck, release it. Don't press your Chin down, and then press the pubic bone forward. Oh, and we reach back and then relax and come back up. So you're gonna make a quarter turn facing that side, and you're gonna line yourself up with your front spring so you shoulders are lined up with it.

You gonna hold on with the outside hand and the inside hand comes right on top of that. Now you're gonna have to feel how far away you need to stent. Okay, have you like slightly apart. You can soften your knees if you want to be a little bit more stable, the elbows are into your body from here, keep it sternum height. You're going to press it straight out in front of you and then bring it back in. Now just keep going with that elbows into the body and you only want to activate to stabilize that outside. So the spring as you push it out wants to pull you towards the wall unit and you're just going to hold that in really nice and tight and bring it back in.

So adjust your tension when needed. One more time, pressing it straight out and bringing it straight back in. Now bring the hands in towards you and bring the hands up from here. We're going to do the same thing, pushing straight up to the ceiling, pressing it straight up and try not to be pulled over and bring it back in. There you go. Find that space going. Stay up there. Very strong. They keep going out and bring it again two more times to bring it straight up and back in. One more time. Looking good.

Press it straight up and bring it in. Now we're going to combine those two, so we're going to straight out from your lifted, straight up to the ceiling. Bring it back to the front, to the front and then bend it back in day ago. So press it out. Go straight up, lean forward, bent back in on it, knee for just the arm. Sorry. Press it out, arms go up, arms go forward. Then back in one more time. Press it out, bring it up, bring it forward, bring it back in. Let's go to the other side. So just take your other spring because of Noosa the fastest.

Make sure you have the outside hand on the handle, not the inside hand, and the other hand is just on top of it. Elbows are in. Find your space and press it out. So you use, you're going to have to find your magic space here. Bring it back in and press out to make sure you feel the stability in your, in your stomach and not in the arm so much. Press it out, bring it back in one more time for number four I think, and then bring it in. We're going to keep the in and go straight up. Press it up and bring it back in. If you want to move out, just keep moving out until you feel that tension where you can hold it two more times. Bring it up and bring it back in towards you. One more time. Press it out. And now we combine them.

So we're gonna press it straight out. Bring the arms straight up, bring them straight in front of you, and then bend them back in there. You got Presad out, lifted up. There we go. Press it forward. Bend back in two more times. Breasted out, straight up, straight forward. Bend back in for the last time for I said out, straight up, straight forward. Bend back in and relax. Good fish, your springs for the chest expansion. So we just got to stand in the pilot stents. The arms are in front of you.

Take a big breath in. As you bring your arms all the way back behind you, keeping those rips in, look to the right look all the way to the left. Look back to the front and then release the springs next time you started looking the other way, pulling it in. Look to the left, look to the right, look to the front. We have one more set to go. Now keep going and make sure that the arms go back and chest does not go forward, right? So you want to keep, make up your mind where we're going for acid back. I think of our left and then to different to the f and then relax. Now I'm going to turn the hands around.

We not gone to do looks this time and I don't want you to squeeze your shoulder blades together on this one. So you just going to bring your arms back probably just underneath the shoulders and then really set right. So press it back about when the hands are right underneath your shoulders because then they start squeezing and bring it back to the front. Let's do it two more times. Pressing it back, making sure that line is absolutely where it needs to be, and then release it. And then we have one more to go.

Pressing it in and now let's go back to their site. Yep. Holding one hand again, lining ourselves up with that spring. Now this time we're going to hold with the hand closest to the spring. The other hand is going to be untapped, the lexical, and be slightly apart. You're going to bring the items in front of you, like you're holding a big wheel.

You're going to try to keep the relationship between your hand and your sternum to sing as you rotate your body away from the wall unit, trying to keep the hips as still as possible and then bring it back in. So don't overshoot it. Just go to the side. Bring this side where the spring is on, bring that forward and then bring it back in. Right one more time. So think of bringing this spring or round to the front and then bring it in. Now we're going to twist it and we're going to hold it there.

So you're gonna twist and you're holded in a take the head out the hand that doesn't hold the handle off. And now you're going to continue with this arm straight forward. As that arms goes to the side, then bring the hand back and then untwist yourself. Hmm, that felt good. So we're going to do it again. So we're going to twist as far as we can. Then take the hand off. This hand continues in line with the, with the spring. Bring the hand back and then untwist.

Let's do it one more time and they will change. So rotate now continue to push that spring straight out in line where it was. Bring the hand back, untwist yourself and turn over to the other spring for the other side. There we go. Here we are. So recap legs are hip width apart.

The springs in our hand that's closest to the tower. The other hand is on front. We're going to hold on like a big wheel and rotate away. Rotate as much as you can and then come back in. There we go. We have two more to go in this way. Now play around with your breathing. You can either inhale when you rotate or you can exhale on your rotate, so you want to try, which feels better for your body, right?

You can play around with that to twist. There you go. Very nice and bring it back in. Take the hand off so we're going to rotate as far as we can. Then we keep the outside hand off and that spring stays in that same direction. The hand goes back and we rotate back to the front. There we go.

So rotate all the way first. Then continue to press it through. Take that outside or the inside side forward and bring it back in and bring it back home. One more time. Rotate it all the way. Continue with this side going forward and around the ago. Bring it back and then really ease.

We're going to do decide bends, so we're going to have our back to the wall. While you're nuts, one handle in each side, hint, and you're going to be in a pile he stands or a v position or a military position or whatever you want to call that. So here we are, we're going to have the hand slightly in front of us. Lean slightly into the spring. So we have a little tension, but not a lot. Now we're going to just go and decide. Bend to dull, right? Let's go to the right now. Make sure that the hand stays in front of you, right?

And now let's go to the other side. Come back to the center. So the hand here stays in front, and with this hand you try to pull that spring open and bring it back to the center. Let's try it one more time. So the hand in the front, the bottom hand is going to keep your balance. This one is going to create this stretch and then come back to the center. We'll go to the left side, reaching all the way over reaching. Don't twist, and then come back to the center. Relax the springs for a second.

Now Christy knew what we were going to do. We're going to do the butterfly, so we're going to add the slight rotation. So here we go. Come back into the side bend position. So we're going to side bend to the right. Once you're all the way at your side bent, flip the bottom hand around and press it behind you and follow that hand without moving your feet. There you go. Come back to the side bend position and then come back to the front and back up. Let's go.

The other side side went first so the hand stays in front of you for the whole site. Then then it flips, then it goes behind you. As you keep pulling that spring open, come back to the center and come back to the center. There you go. So now relax for a second. You can do this again or we can add on and make it a little bit more challenging. And why not right here. We lean forward, we're going to start side bending.

Then we flip it around and we bring it behind you. Now flip your feet around and continue, but now lean backwards into the springs. You're going to lean back, lean back, lean back, bring the arm back down, and then we come back to the front and leaning forward again. So the body will always stay on that same angle when we're forward. It leans forward after the twist really leaning backwards so the body makes it full rotation around itself. Let's go to the left. So we reach arm goes behind you.

Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back. Oops. Kick those reps in. What bar? Bring the arm down. Get tension on it. Keep it close to you. Bring it back around. Let's try that one more time just for good luck. So side bend, bring the arm behind you. Follow the hand. [inaudible] give the ribs and give the ribs dare to lean.

And now bring that arm down and flip around and bring it back. And we have one more time to go to the other side. Full reach and go. So you might want to play around with how much leaning you need to do and able to do it. Let's come back and then slowly release head. Thank you very much. And then lead let go of the handles. That was pretty good. Um, shave.

So for the shave you're going to take a lunge position. I don't care which foot. Let's start with the right foot in front. We'll just keep starting. Biggest thing with this exercise that you want to make sure of is the back foot. You want to keep that straight and you want to keep weight in the outside of the back foot. Just starting right here, from here all you're going to do is just shave up from your shoulders and bring it down. I'm trying to keep the back nice and wide ribs in.

Keep the weight on that back foot. You can open the elbows just a little bit more and I would be really happy. That is great. Good. And one more. Now we're going to build onto it. So what we're going to do is the shave press down, we're gonna press up, press down just below your shoulders, bring the arms straight back up and bend it back in.

So we have out harass it down. You can smile and bring it up and bring it down. And again, press it up per [inaudible] down. Bring it up. That so good. Let's add on. So we press out, you bring it down from here, bend the elbows, trying to keep the hands in the elbows and the shoulders on the same plane.

Then it's just like hands up and then you shave again. Bring it down. All on one same plane and up and again, up, progressing out one plane and up. And let's reverse it. So bring me arms down, press it out, up and, uh, out up. [inaudible] and I think we have one more. So we stay even, you know, I'm allowed to see counter up, bend and down and relax for a second, Ben, change feet. So the other foot's and fun. And let's do a little swimming.

So what you're going to do is start right from the armpits. You're going to just press it out, right arm is going to go down and it's going to band. And then the left arm is going to come down. And then you're going to start to bring the arms up a little bit higher as if you're really swimming and you can smile. It's not brain surgery, it's just swimming.

Now you can make it a little bit more fun and who wouldn't want to? Let's add a little rotation. So add your ribs, rotating as you bring it up and rotating and looking. Try and keep it in your rib cage and not in your shoulders. So it's your rips, it's all your thoracic spine. That's rotating. Good. Yeah, we go and relax from here. You're going to turn around, just shake out your arms for a second.

What we're going to do is start the prep for the lean back squat. So what you're going to do is basically get the tension on the spring. From here, all you're going to do is think of taking one flat line in a hinge and back up. Just take it out and back in. Good. Just keep it down. There you go. And yeah, now that was so good. Let's squat.

So you take it back than just sit on the floor. Big thing here. If you pull down, you'll stay down and ah, and you can release the arms and pull in. I just sit down, just sit all the way down. There we go. And then come all the way up. I heard that. Let's see it again and lean back and sit.

You making me squat two and up and relax. Then just relax for a second. Then chest expansion like we just did with tone, just press it back. Just normal in applauding stance, military stance or whatever you want to call it. Press the arms back and just look to the right look left center and release.

Let's add the breath. Inhale, hold your breath. Look left. Look right. Center and release. Oh, that was so good. Let's add on. So let's go up through Relevate. Inhale up, going down. Exhale, squat. Inhale, look to the right and left. Exhale, center and inhale up and exhale down. And we together inhale again up and we're going down third floor, second floor, basement. And Look, look, center, you're gonna make it and down. Now let's put that all together.

So we have up and we squat down. Well, just forget about the breathing. We're just happy that you got down and you can look the center and come back up and lower down and then lift the heels, bring it back up for the lean squat and sit down. You might have to do what she did. You might have to go out a little bit, which is totally fine and come back up and release. And that was so good. Let's do it again. So back to military stance. Inhale, 10 shot going down, press it down and look to the side. I don't care which side at this point. Side Center and come back up.

Just pick a side and release it. Step back and hinge back. Good. Don't, don't pass. That does happen. Come back one more time for perfection. Yes please.

And help Paul and going down like the sound effects and look and look and center. Calming up and lower down. Step back, partner squat. And we go down and we come up and really well teamwork. It's all about it takes a village sometimes, doesn't it? So let's go back to something. The arm work right? The legs have done so much. So we go start up with the fencing. We're going to build up.

So face that way again and stand actually in the middle of your machine. So now you have a front spring in the back spring. So you're going to use the front spring with your outside hand. There you go. And you basically going to do the Swati like you're opening a door. So from here, just open it until it is in line with your body and then bend it back into come home so it goes out and open big heavy door and bring it back.

Enlist it with one more time and press it out and open and then bring it back and let go of that spring. Now use the Vec, stay there, the beck spring with the inside hand. There we go. So it goes from here, from where you're holding it on a diagonal down, and then bring it back and try not to move your body so it just goes right across and bring it back in. One more time per ass. There we go. Let's put that all together. So now we are going to add the legs as well. So what I want you to do is place the outside heel in the arch of the inside foot. Now this foot is making an angle.

We're going to step out into that angle, right in a lunge position. Then at the same time, both hands are going to do what we just rehearsed. All right, let's put an altogether. People here, I add, press it out and lean and then slowly come back home, right? Simple. Add her as adapt. Now this is fencing, so put a little little drama into it and come back and there you go. And Perez out and bring it back in and let's turn around. Let's practice that on this site. So good idea. Sometimes I have a good idea. Stepping in the middle. There we go.

There we are. Outside. Hand goes into Swati. Opening the door and you don't have to stumble into the door. You can just open it talking about making an entrance. Okay, let's do it a little more. Open it a little bit. Let's change hands.

That's why we have rehearsals and go on to the angle for this and bring it back in. Um, for us one more time. Cut it down. There we go. Bring it in. Let's put it all together. So let's add two feet. So the foot is in the heel. No, the yields in the arch. Here we go. Find that angle and go on. God, Angie, she was like, so that like the three musketeers here and Perez, of course I don't have a sport and which is much better. And go out details and then bring it back. He was a three or two.

Time flies. We haven't. So let's face the front. Your Ego. Self doubt. Sorry. So you're going to have to find your space again. Legs are going to be hit with apart started with no tension on the spring. You're just going to roll. You're not roll flat back forward until you're into a tabletop position.

The arms stay without tension. So this save slightly in front there, you got to find your tabletop and then just roll yourself back up to release the spine. Right? So now we're going to find a tabletop and we're going to stay there. So find your day able to up. Stay there. Pull the abdominals in. Just press the arms down to watch your angles without changing your top and release it. We're going to do the three times and don't sink and to pull back in one more time and press for the third time.

Release the spring and roll yourself up. Now we're going to add on. You can stay here or you can add on. Choose carefully. Here we go. Go into your tabletop position. Press the arms. Now continued to press the Andes. You lean backwards into the spring low. Keep this back straight so you're gonna lean backwards.

Once you're all the way out, bend the arms and bounce back so the arms go down. Lean into it. Continue to bring the arms up. Don't change your table. Set up and bend it back in. One more time, pressed on those shoulders. Come down, just the arms. Lean dare to lean dense with your springs, and now reverse it. So we're going to lean into the spring. As we stretch out the arms, go down to come back home and bend the elbows. Don't sink.

Press out and lean backwards. There you go. Arms go down to come back up. There we are and one more time press and then release it. Rolling yourself back up. Turn yourself around. Come a little closer to the wall unit, which would be my suggestion.

You can stay further away if you want them. Loads are going to be hard. Hip width apart. Roll yourself down. Hands come to your feet. Stretch the arms out and lean into the spring until you're in a tabletop position. So lean forward again. Now bend the arms and come back home. Arms, go back down.

Stretch them forward as you lean out, bend back in. When you bounce back, really dare to lean again. Dare to go forward. All you can do is take a step and bring it back in. Now reverse it lean and jump out. Bring the arms down, bring it all the way down and roll back up. Perez out and reach. Reach, reach, reach. There you go. Bring it down to release. They're getting braver.

Go out. Bring the arms down, bring it back up and relax. Good. I think we should do another squad. They seem excited. So let's turn around, hold onto the handles. And this is going to be just a 90 degree squat. So you're going to be leaning slight young, everything is going to be, or almost everything's going to be at a 90 degree angle. So the arms are going to be 90 elbows are going to be 90 and now you're going to bend the legs until the knees are 90 and the hips are 90 and you're just going to stay there for a second.

So make sure that this is all straight up and then slowly come back up. Right? Let's try that one more time. Find your space. Find your magic spot as you go down and sit. Which other than these don't come together. [inaudible] hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it and come back up. Now let's go down and let's play.

So we go down into your 90 degree spot. Find it, don't change anything. Just lift one leg up, one leg. So one leg comes off the floor and plays it back. I come back out. He seemed confused. I did not know how else to call it. Right. Hold on. It's like my English lesson. This is what we learned.

So let's go down into that 90 degree angle again. Yeah, you go, you keep the tension. I lift the other leg up. Lift, lift, lift. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it, hold it. Place it down and come back up. Right. So let's start it again. If you want to, they might not, but if you want him at the same time that you lift that leg up, release slightly. The spring on the other side. Okay, so the left leg or the right leg goes up and the left arm goes forward. It's going to be tricky, but try. Here we go. So lean back, sit in it, and then take the one leg off and the opposite hand releases. There you go. Hold it. Hold it, hold it. Bring it back and come back up our this side.

Here we go. One more. Give it your all and rich. Release the spring release. The spring release. The spring. There you go, bring it back and see if you put your mind to it's not so hard and then relaxed. They did it. They did it to stop. Turn around reverse chest expansion. So you're going to come a little bit forward with the spring starting behind you. From here, you're just going to bring the springs in front and then you're gonna think of hedging forward, bringing your butt to, Oh and we release the arms.

So arms go in front of you and then you just fall forward. Trust yourself. How far can you go now? Yeah, that's pretty far. It's pretty good. I'm right there. Trust yourself. Go for it. There you go. Actually back and relax. Oops. Nobody thought that. [inaudible] pardon?

Right. I relaxed. Good. Let's do more spots. One leg, you have the prep with town. This is your favorite. Your springs are going to be out there. It's just a little bit of tension. Now they are going to stay there and all you're going to do is take one leg off now and you're going to sit down. Think of the karate kid now. Change legs. You have to bring it down.

Head down. There you go. You try not to pull the spring. I'm impressed. All you have to add home. If you're not as good, all you have to do is think karate kid. It's this. It's hanging out, but only with your legs straight. There you go. That's a little bit of tones exercise as well. Let's do it again.

Actually we have to do it twice. One for each leg, don't we? No, no. It's the last one. The neck. Good. One more squat. What do you mean now? So you're going to start with your palms up. This one's easy tip with apart.

Are you going to do is pull in and you're going to just squat down and you're just going to sit, see, easy and come back and then release the arms and again, so much better on two legs, isn't it? I ain't going down good and come back up. We're not. We're not done yet. Now you're just going to go in and you're going to sit just to here. Then you're just going to like we did in the beginning. Can we do a little, I mean I'm squatting, I'm doing that. I'm older and out and then pull it in, going up and relaxed.

Then let's take the spring and put it on the bottom. Both of them. Do you want to set the springs on the bottom? One more down. One could do it there if one learned it there, but we're going to do it down on the bottom. All you're going to do then from here is take a lunge. Again, you're going to have the handles here and it's going to be a high contraction here and you're going to bring your arms back just like you do up for the chest expansion as high as you can. They might not get past your body. You can move a little bit closer.

Make sure there's a deep lunge in front and you want to make sure that you also keep the weight on the outside of that foot so you don't roll in. You feel? Yes. So press there and it's a high contraction. [inaudible] same exercise that Joe did on the reformer. If you've seen the archival tapes, but we're just doing it standing because we can. Good. One more. Breathe and relax. Change legacy of the other leg in front.

Next exercise is going to be the zip up, so all you're going to do is take the arms out and you're just going to bring it to [inaudible], the pits and down. So adjust yourself as needed and pull it into the pits and down to the pits. And a good, bring the booty a little bit more forward there. Feel the difference in the lunge. Good. One more. Good. Then leave the arms out long and angle this way.

Little let's do bicep. So keep this [inaudible] and go up. There we go. You can smile. Ooh, look at these biceps. Ooh. Hmm. I don't know. Thank you. I relax.

Good. Wait, we're not done yet though. Oh, most almost done. Let's go. Let go to spring, so we don't need springs anymore. Let's stretch out a little bit. We're just going to hold on to your push through bar without a sprint, right? So remember how we started like leaning backwards. We just going to do the same thing. But now with your squat, so the way Aaron start at the session, so bend your knees and just hang out like you going water skiing. Go all the way down. Make yourself as round as possible.

Just really hang on your equipment. Then press the hips forward, straighten the legs. Think of pushing the pubic bone towards the push through bar as you slightly go into an extension, right? So if you want to move your feet forward and get more of an angle, please do so. This will be a good time to move. Then bring their head forward and sit back.

Round your back and just hang out. Let the head relax. Forward stretch. There we go. Then initiate with the hips, press it forward, calming to that slide extension, and then come back to standing. Make s quarter turn pulled on to the middle. I have the legs together. So you're going to go into a psych bent.

The first thing you going to move is your hips sideways, then hang. Yep. No, stay here. If he'd say it, she really just hand and then bring the arm up and that reaches for the bar. So we stretch those hips all the way out and then come back to the center, right? So first shift the hips, then bring the arm, don't undress me, and then reach to keep it all straight and then come back. And one more time, we're going to stay there. So shift the hips, bring the arm all the way around, keep it by the ear. Now just do a small rotation to rewards the bar.

So just bring the top ribcage forward and bring it back to the side. So we just moving this part. So going forward. There you go. And then back, now start the same way, but now rotate and increase it by reaching for that bar with the top hand and bring it back to the side and come back to decide. Bend one more time. We rotate, touch, come back to the center. Pull yourself back straight and we're going to turn around. Okay, so side Ben. See, suddenly it all became worth it.

So shift the hip sideways, hang over and reach. Try not to rotate in the pure side bend part and then move the hips back and bring the arm back down. One more time, shift sideways and then reach over and then come back. There you go. So let's now stay there. So we're going to shift. We bring it up and all the way over, which is gonna rotate the top side of our body. The top rib cage comes around and comes back and it comes around and it comes back. Now continue. So Camaros, stay there, stay there and I'll continue. Continue to continue until you touch and then come back to decide then and again, rotate first, then touch.

Come back to your side bend and pull yourself back up to phase. Your bar had legs, hip width apart. And we just going to roll forward, soften the knees and press the bar away like a cat stretch. Think of separating the sits bones and lift the chest. There you go.

Then cool the tailbone back under and roll yourself back up to standing. Let's do it one more time. The head goes down when you need to bend the knees. Just soften the knees. Allow the Sitz bones to open as you lift the sternum up, and then cool the tailbone under to roll it back up. Now this time only rolled down until the buy's between the pulse so you can roll down until the bar is between the Poles. Soften your knees, let go of the bar with your hands, and then slowly roll yourself up to standing.

Take a nice big breath in and exhale and look, you're still standing. There we go. Thanks so much. Good job.


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Love tower workouts, love standing Pilates, love balance work. Most of all love 2 outstanding teachers who crack jokes throughout the class. So much fun. Thank you!
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in a word - YUM....2nd word - yowza - those sgl leg squats - oh my! Love this....thank you!
Kinney F
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You guys rock!
2 people like this.
Super fun! Those single leg squats were killer!
Thank you Angela, Jennifer, Kinney and Rachel. We are glad you enjoyed the workout. Yes the squats are....well....challenging.
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Loved it! I love that there was only one switch of the springs throughout the whole session. That karate kid move was a killer I could not do it!
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Like always, great teaching. !

Guys use leg springs ? Or just move further out ?

Thank you.
Thanks Ileana. You can always use leg springs or move further out, it depends on the strength of your springs and the capabilities of your client. We don't like to say "only guys use leg springs" because there are many women who can and should use leg springs!
Thank you Connie Murtaugh. Keep trying the Karate Kid! One day you might surprise yourself!!!!!
Love standing work! The single leg squats were challenging indeed. I couldn't get back up! Thank you for another awesome class:)
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