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Energize yourself with Michael and Ton in this invigorating Mat workout! They start off easy by warming up the feet, and then build up to the rest of the body. They also work on finding connections with preparatory exercises such as the Inverted Tick Tock, Kathy Grant's Baby Butt, and much more!
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Okay. Hi, I'm Tom and I'm Michael and good morning. Good Morning Matt Class. So let's wake up, stand with your legs in a comfortable position please. One hand on your shoulder with your fingers, right against that bone over there and the other hand goes in the back. So you create a diagonal line with your hands. You're just going to inhale and separate those two points.

And then as you exhale, think of pushing those points together and schoolies at how you can sort of like collapse into that side a little bit. And as you inhale, let it expand. Also briefly that back hand and then on the exhale, schoolies it altogether as that's open up, that ribcage, NL one more time and exhale, squeeze it [inaudible] and just relax. It's feel how to the difference between those two sides, which opening that up. Let's go to the other side as well. So the hand is here, the other hand is in the bottom of your ribs, creating the diagonal and an inhale, I'm on the exhale. Let them come together and really you can squeeze it and fall into that a little bit. Yeah, exaggerated. Inhale and the big exhale. Breathing is so good. Inhale, it's such a lovely thing.

Yeah. And then early relax. Let's put the weight on our, let's do our left foot or for you, your right foot. Review your following. So you're going to grab the towel and you going to pull it in, moving that foot forward and then pushing it away, right? And just go nice and fast pulling it in and pressing it out and pulling it in and I'm pressing it out and then leave it in. So from here, just lift your toes up and try to spread them as much as you can and then relax it back down. Since my toes don't do that very well, I'm doing it always with my hands because it's my chief here with your hands, the reason the domes, your legs and rich because then at least maybe you get what I want and then release. In fact, um, it's good to know your limitations lifted up and stay there. And let's play the piano with our toe. So you know, for racing around drying you good Christy reaching.

I try not to move your foot and really just try to do it with your toes, right? And now try to reverse that core to walk. And that is really tricky. I know someday it will be possible. So now I'm going to stay on the foot places on the outside and just roll on the outside of the foot. So you're going to go from the outside point of the heel to the little towel and just rock through it, right?

[inaudible] really just press into it. So you sort of like massage in the bottom of the foot. Now do the same thing on the inside to the inside of the heel to the big toe or the ball of the big toe. There you go. You don't have to lift the heel so high, just press. There you go. Make it nice and easy. And now we're going to spiral that.

So you're gonna start on the outside and you're going to press right into that big toe and press and try to keep the heel down. So you really go from point to point and stop. There you go. Point to point of stop and press it down and press it down and then just relax and just stand on both feet and see how it feels differently on the foot that you just worked. Might feel more grounded. Might feel woken up, but just like feel the difference, right? And then we'll go to the other foot. So from here we start with the towel to our towel, towel and just press. And if you go three in five out, I don't care. Right? Just move it.

What? This foot is a little bit. Yes. One might be going better than the other and that's okay. It's all good. It's just morning. Stay here. Lift your toes up and spread them again, look at my hands, not my feet. I'm Perez it up and bring it back down and left and spread and reach. Lift and hold it and then play it again. Piano.

There we go. You can play a little Mozart or Bach, whoever you like better. Ooh, chopsticks maybe and turn around. Go the other way. These toes are not playing something really pretty.

They play something very modern and under. Um, and it's let's get roll on the outside of the foot. It's interpretive punk. If there's such a thing, just roll through it wants to. One more time. Let's go into [inaudible], right? That must be something like interpretive punk. Let's go to the spiral and reach. Press it down, go from the outside to the inside and really make sure that you present, push it into it so you really get that moment where you really land on that foot. Let's do it one more time. There we go.

And just find your nice stance. So open the legs a little bit of wider and place the hands behind your body. Pull the abdominals in. And the first we're going to shift our hips forward and then we're going to think of opening the front of our body and that is going to get us back. Keep bushing from that foot all the way up and open.

So really focused on opening the body rather than our chain, right? If it bothers your neck, dry your chin in, slightly. Pull the abdominals in and slowly come back up to standing. Then we're going to reverse that. So we're going to open the elbows, bend them head goes down and round your back as much as you can. Now let the head just hang down, right? Bend your elbows. Do not go further down.

Think of going in more so we're rounding the spine, widening the space between our shoulder blades. Take another big breath in and then slowly roll yourself up to standing. Then if you want to, you can bring your legs a little bit closer and you don't have to. So bend the knees and relax the body slightly forward now in the full round, but semi arms are down from here. Press with the arms and then create a long spine.

Don't go into the artist, not a cat stretch. It's just long. And then release the arms and release the spine. Perez a heavyweight. Think of the sitz bones going out the crown of the head going forward and then release with, don't let the ribs relax and peress long. And then really, let's do it one more time and we'll hold it in that long length into position.

Now lift the arms a little higher as you bend the arms of bend the legs more, and then place the hands on the floor and then slowly kneel down one leg at the time. Make sure your wrists are right underneath your shoulders and your hips are right underneath your knees and wiggle around a little bit so you make sure you have even weight on all four points from here. Exhale as you round like a normal cat stretch. And then think of lengthening the spine in this extension. Think of separating your sitz bones as you lift the sternum up and an exhale round it back in.

So still think long in the extension, but just open those sitz bones apart a little bit more to find that space and then curl it back in. Let's do that one more time and then inhale, lengthen. Pull yourself forward and then come back into that normal long spine. Now you're going to change your hand, your right hand, and you're going to cross it over the left. There you go. You try to keep the hips still square, so it's only the upper body that change.

We still have even weight on both knees. We're going to do exactly the same thing. So inhale, lengthen the spine and then exhale round the spine. So it's the same movement. Only have a little side bend involved. Now, even though it's the same, it's going to feel very different and lengthen so it shouldn't be the same. And exhale, round and long and round. Yay. Bring that hand back and let's go to the other side. Flip it over.

Make sure your hips are even on divided. The weights even divided over both legs rounded as you push it in. We're starting your inhale. It doesn't matter, and reach long and try to keep even weighed on both knees and the hips as square as possible. So we only side bending the upper part of the spine, not divest and reach. And let's do it one more time.

Exhaling and then come back into destroyed line. When you're done, then move your feet to the front and just have your legs apart. Holding on behind your thighs. [inaudible] sitting up nice and tall and I'm going to start from that tailbone. You're gonna curl it under and roll it down to about when the elbows are straight. Now don't think of going up.

Think of going in towards yourself to initiate that roll up on the top length in the spine back out. Now if you want to, you can push your legs into your hands, so press the legs away from you and that will help you to get a little bit more connection into your little lower part of your abdominals. And then curl in. Do Watch yourself to roll up and lifted back up. Press Alexa away, curl it in rural throat. Very nice.

And then roll back in and let's have it one more time in here on the top. Exhale, curl it down. Find that di rounding of the spine. Roll in towards yourself and sit up. Now we're going to go all the way down so we're going to roll down exhaling.

Once the arms are straight, continue to go until you're all the way down and stretch your legs out. Bend the right leg in towards you. Hold on, like you're going to do the single leg stretch or outside him your ankle and give it a stretch in towards you. Then press the leg away a little bit. As you crew up the upper body reach, flex the bottom foot lifted all the way up. Bring it all the way back down. Pull the leg in more as you lower the body back down, and then stretch the leg back out over the floor. Pull the leg in, left leg, pulling it in, curl up in the crunch, flex the foot lifted up. Push the yield away.

As you lower it back down, come back down and give yourself a stretch and pull that leg back out. Exhale, pull the leg in. Inhale, curl up XL. Flex the lift up in Hilton. Bring it down. Exhale to pull the leg in and lie down. Inhale to stretch the leg out and then your exhale and the left leg comes in and curl back up on the inhale. Exhale, lift it up. Inhale, bring it down and then pull it in towards you. And let's do it one more set. So pull the leg in.

Come up into crunch, flexing, lift, push the heel away to lower. Come in to the stretch and stretch the leg up last time on the other leg. Pull it in, curl it up, press the heel away, bring it down all the way and give yourself a stretch and bend. Stretch the leg out. Bend both legs in towards you. There we go. We're curl ourselves up. Stretch the legs out, holding on behind the thighs, finding that strong contraction, and then pull it back in towards you and press it out.

Inhaling. Exhaling. Pool it in. Don't lower the legs too much. It's nice and easy, right? And bring it back in. Press it out in a hole that here, find your magic lurk. Lift and start the a hundred so don't make it too hard on yourself. Exhale all the way.

Reaching long of adjust your legs where ever you need them to be, to be in a strong contraction, but not in like a major workout. Right? It's still only morning. Exhale. Now there's a slight problem that I forgot to count, so we are just going to continue, but I know you count it right and we have, I have no trust in her counting and back. So we're just going to do three more as of now. And then inhale and exhale and inhale. There you go.

And wherever you get to your next exhale at the end of the axial Benji's in and relax yourself down. Curl yourself up into a little ball position again and start massaging your spine nice and easy. Rocking it up and down. Take your time to slowly come higher and higher until you find your balance all the way up. Once you found your balance all the way up, just place your feet down. You're going to open the legs in a nice wide position, just wherever you feel comfortable, right? So not a big huge stretch. Just feels comfortable.

Place the hands on the floor. Now you're going to push the earth away as you cruel. The tailbone backwards, rounding the lower back specifically. Then use the arms to lift yourself up. Slide the hands forward. As you roll into your spine straight forward, roll yourself back up. Place the hands back on the floor.

Use the mat to curl the pelvis under. Impression itself away. Use the hands to length and yourself up and then roll back up. So the movement of the arms is going to help you as you roll back out. Use the arms to push yourself around. Then almost think of pooling on the arms and pull yourself up into that lift.

Feel that and an exhale rolling forward. Let's try that one more time. Rolling all the way up. Sitting up tall. Use the hands to push. Use the arms to live. The head goes down and exhale all the way forward and then slowly roll yourself back up. We're waking up, so let's get the hips going.

So you're going to lie down everybody's head this way. So you're going to have your legs bent and 90 90 so just on top of each other. Now take the top leg and lift it up just to 90 degrees so it's parallel. Place the hand on in front. I don't care if the flips, flex, pointed, whatever you want to do. It's not about the feet, it's about the hips. Are you going to do is take the top foot and bring it down to the bottom foot?

That's all we're going to do. It's just a little external rotation. This must be for, I'm guessing. We'll see when we watch oh lucky guests, eight nine [inaudible] 10 and just relaxed her leg down. Stretch the leg out, long, leaving the bottom like bent. From there, just lifted up in line with your hip and little circles. Circle Front two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine 10 stop and reverse that little circles to the back. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and relax it down.

Just feel that stretch for a second. Waking Up. Then lift the leg up and what you're going to do is just very small. Just let it swing. Go back, find not big, not big kick. Just swing it back. So it's almost like a rubber band. You go back first to let us lean forward, get it moving good at eight, nine and 10 and bring it back and just relax. Take this top hand.

You're going to move it out just a bit in front of you now, but we're going to do this and what we call the inverted tick-tock. You're going to lead with your head in your nose. All you going to do, start with your head leaning and let that go all the way to the mat and then you bid cage flawless. He'd just start to wake up your thoracic spine and then slowly come back out of it. Just waking up that spine just slowly roll down. Good thing we all cleaned our mat. Don't they smell fresh, and again, roll it down this time, just stay there in that stretch.

Take a deep breath in and exhale. Just let it go a little bit more. Inhale, exhale, and then slowly roll yourself back up. Then you're going to take the arm that's underneath your head, bringing out long along the floor. Bring the top hand here. I like just letting my head hang, but if you're at home and you need little Palo for your neck, please use it from here. You're going to start the same way we did with inverted tech-talk.

Let the head and the sternum just sort of slide along and slide it back in and let that slide. I'm back in last time slide and we're now going to take the arm up and bring it up towards the ceiling. From here you are going to start with the lumbar spine, the lower back, and just let it ripple down and open into the Czech talk and then bring the arm back up and back over and just repeat that, just the arm out so it starts there. He lifted up to the ceiling. Hold it there. Now start with your lumbar spine, your lower back.

Just let it ripple down through so you're not using your shoulder to make the twist and blowing it up and back over. And let's do it one more time. Slide it out, brewing it up, and just let your back ripple. We're going to stay there for an extra breath in this position. Take a deep breath in and just relax. Opening up your body for the day and Berea back up and over from there. Very gently. Just bring your own back, lift yourself up for our Christie transition and we do the other side.

It's for the camera. You're going to start with your legs bent again. [inaudible] long legs are bent at 90 90 if you're not quite there, that's close enough. Lift the leg up, make sure it's hip level and just with the foot, just lower the top for two the down. One, two, three. Try not to move anything here so it's all just external rotation. Six, seven you can smile a nine, 10 and relax. Slide this leg out long. Okay. Then lifted up just even with your hip and little circles.

Front first circle front two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and stop and circle back to three, four. Don't worry about the foot. Remember ladder, just hang nine 10 an [inaudible] x. From there, all you're going to do is bring the leg up again and you're going to kick it just to the [inaudible] back and front. Remember just think swing and swing back front for, just let it swing. Five and six up at eight and nine I hope. Lucky guess 10 and really bring the leg back in right on top for that inverted TechTalk.

Bring the arm out a little bit more and you really think one a lead with the head in the nose and that just starts the movement and you just let it ripple over and brewing it back up. So again, you just thought that I'd had lead. Let that take it over. Then the whole thoracic spine just out and bring it back in and up. Good. And one more time and we're going to stay there. So just let him, Oh God. Take a deep breath in.

Exhale, let it go. One more breath. Let it in. Exhale, let it go and come back up from there. Bring that bottom arm out long in front and you're going to slide it out along the floor leading with that sternum and back in and slotted out. The head can follow. That's fine. This is the third time. So let it slide out and bring that on up from there.

Start with the lower back. Just let it ripple down. Open yourself up, brewing it back up to the ceiling and brewing it over. And again, slide it. Oh, lift it up and it's there. And then let the ripples start at the back. Can you just open and then bring it back up last time? Just let it slide and up.

And we're going to stay there for an extra breath in here and just let it go. Open yourself up for the day. And another one, Huh? And brewing it back up and back over from there. We're gonna lie down on her stomach and we're going to do Kathy grandson, baby box. So from here your legs are just going to be relaxed.

Head is down, is gonna be right on top of your hands. From here, all I want you to do is sink of lifting your sits bones app and then release it back down and think of pulling your pubic bone up to your nose. You release up and then it just sinks. Try not to use any of the glutes. Just release the Sitz bones up and then let it sink down and pull your pubic bone up to your nose. One more time, lifted up [inaudible] jars to relax and stay in that relaxed position from there. Don't change a thing as you're lying there. Think of pulling your forearms down towards your shoulders and feel how that attaches in the back.

You feel that and release it for a second and again, pull that, get that connection in your shoulders and release. Now we're going to add on Paul, so you get that connection. Think of lengthening through your neck through the top of your head and just living the head off the hands. It's not about the extension, it's about the length. Release it back down and release the forearms. You release the shoulders, Polen the forearms, length the neck through the crown. Lift up and relax it all back down and relax the forearms pole in the floor, arms. Get the connection and the shoulders lengthen the neck.

Lift up into extension and release it down. Now listen carefully. We're going to add on. You're going to pull down with your forearms. Get that connection. Lift your elbows off the floor first. Then lift your head in your hands off to match the elbows and lower everything back down and relax.

Hold the floor. Arms, lift the elbows. Lift the head in the hands. It's very small. It's about that wonderful length. And relax it down. Paul in the forearms. Get that connection. Lift the elbows. Lift the head length. Yes, very nice and lower down. One more time.

Pull in the forearms. Get that connection. Lift the elbows. Lift the head up and relax everything down. Now leave the upper body just relaxed. Curl your toes under your knees or on the [inaudible] floor. Now think of extending your leg by pushing through the heel. Okay.

Linkedin through the field to straighten that leg and the knees will come off. So really think of pushing out. Yes, and relax it down. And again, push out. Long through the heels. Lengthen. Lengthen. Great. Nice. Lengthen and relax. One more time.

Just a little. Lengthen out and relax. Now we're gonna add on. You're going to have that wonderful lengthy all found. Hold it there. Push through the heels, lengthen his legs. Now point the feet without lifting the legs. Flex the feed, bring them back under. I relax it then so you push through your heels.

Oh thanks. And how long then point your feet and legs stuffy. Bring their toes back under and relax it down. One more time. Push the feet [inaudible]. Lengthen by pointing the feet. Flex the feet, curl the toes under and bring it back.

Now leave the right foot. Bent the telescope and there, I mean, and the left foot just goes flats here on the top. From there you're going to add the opposition for one arm swimming. So you're going to have the left arm long and the right arm is going to be folded. So we're going to put it all together. So what you're going to do is pull the right four arm, think of pressing through the heel at the same time. Now lift the left arm and point the foot and lift off into one arm swimming.

So you have all those points put together and relax it and change sides. See if flex the foot. Go ahead Paul with the forearm. Get the connection, flex through the foot. Now point the foot and lift the arm off. Remember it's about the length, not about height or extension. And relax it down once more each side. So change sides.

Really think of the length in and out. Long gun connection with a farm. And you lift off. Yes, Rach and X. And again I this side sister. Wretched out. Good. Oh, we caught the opposition. There we go.

Okay. Everybody has a different drummer and relax and relax it down from there. Just sit back in child's pose. Yeah. [inaudible] and that's enough break. We have a day to go through from here onto your hands and knees.

Let's get the blood going a little with the little cat stretch, pushups. So from here you're going to make sure all the points Tom talked about earlier and we'll start with the left leg coming in. So we're gonna round and bring the knee into the nose. Stretch it out. We'll just do this a few times, right? Exhale, bring it in. Inhale, stretch, exhale, round. Inhale, stretching.

Hold it there. Now we're going to dive forward and bring your Chin down. And Siva round stretch down, up. Let's pick up the pace. So we've got around. Stretch down, up, stretch down, up. One more. God, stretch down and change. Legs start off easy so you just exhale round. Inhale, stretch, exhale, round. Inhale, stretch, exhale, round. Inhale, stretch, exhale. Inhale strategy.

Now we're going to do it once more as directed to push up and dive forward and up. Exhale around and stretch. It's like that. I continue to turn this on, isn't it enough? Slowly, anything. And then you it out. Pack around, stretch up to more, a little bit quicker and down. Last one, put a little thought into ass there and relax and sit back in child's pose and that's enough. And come to the front edge of your mat for seal. Find that little balance. Just two claps in front. Clap, clap. And you think of lifting.

You sit the phones, he dropped him. Clap, clap, lift, drop and lift and drop. Good. You guys keep going. And now we're going to do it one last time and up to standing. Are you ready for your day?

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4 people like this.
This workout left me ready to start the day. I feel my circulation has improved and my body feels limber. thanks.
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Thank you Tanya. Seize The Day!!!!
2 people like this.
Great, loved this class
2 people like this.
Fantastic class....made me think less is more. Please make more video"s soon.
Lorie H
2 people like this.
Enjoy the team teaching and variations of fundamental moves. Thank you.
2 people like this.
Wonderful class filled with my favorite instructors! Kristi, Amy, Meredith, Ton, and Michael! I loved all the prone and side lying work. My spine is happy. Thank you Michael and Ton. I am fortunate to be able to deepen my practice with your guidance.
1 person likes this.
Thank you Jill, Brenda, Lorie and Rachel. We are glad you enjoyed this workout. Brenda Du Preez, yes there are more video's going to be released soon! Rachel Bennett, we are so glad we can be a part of your Pilates journey.
Delish! I now TOTALLY get how "swimming" and oppositional reaches are stabilized in one's center! Another epiphany! Thanks, Michael, Ton and PA!
Loved this to start my day! Y'all are a great compliment to each other. More please!
Taghrid K
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Loved this class, the tick tock and the swimming variation is fabulous. Thank you Michael and Ton.
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