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Looking for an energy boost in just 20 minutes? Then take this Mat class with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt, whose infectious energy is sure to rub off on you! Ton starts the class with deep core work, and Michael finishes by teaching the Mat exercises as Joseph Pilates would have done them. Have fun with this dynamic duo!
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Hi, I'm Joan and I'm Michael. So here we go. Afternoon Delight. Let's pick it up. Let's go. So you're going to start on the front edge of your mat. You're going to crush your legs, cross your arms, and press the hips backwards as you slowly sit yourself down all the way, place your feet down and have the legs together. Cross your arms. Just roll yourself down nice and easy, and then roll yourself back up. Now as you roll up and as you roll down, you might feel a little what we call a debt point where it's hard to control, right?

So roll down and find that spot in your head where it's the most difficult for you. Roll through it and then roll back up on the way up. Find where that spot is again. Now you're going to roll down and stop right where that point is going to roll down. Find your little spot and stop there. Now we're going to do small pulses rolling into it and back out of it and to and in.

And three and four and five. Are you only going to do 10 and six and seven and eight and nine stop at the bottom. Now go down again for ten one and two and three and four. Keep breathing and five and six and seven and eight and nine. Stop at the bottom. We have one more set to go. Go down.

One and two and three stop complaining and four and five. It's way too early in the workout already start and seven and eight and nine. Roll down all the way. Stretched the legs out, reaching along with the arms. Keep the legs apart and on the Mat. Go only your upper body up and start your hundred breathing in and exhale.

Keep the legs totally relaxed. Inhale and exhale. Now close the legs. Keep them on the floor and exhale and inhale and exhale. Now on the next inhale, pull the abdominals in on the excellent. Lift the legs off the floor, holding it on this low as you can be.

Inhaling and exhale. Stay here and start bicycling your legs. Keep pumping the imes and exhale n I'll reverse it and we have one more set after this to go in. Then relax and go down. Stretch the legs out. Bring the arms up, point your feet. Inhale, lift the arms, flex the feet.

Exhale, rule yourself up and stay the feet flex and we have three little pulses, two and three and enroll yourself down. Once your head is on the mat, point the feet to bring the arms back. Inhale, lift the arms, flex the feet. Exhale, send the yields away from you. Hold one, hold to hold three. Push the heels forward as you roll back down and then point the feet when the arms go back. Inhale, lift the arms and flex the feet. Exhale, stretch all the way forward and arrange on her each two. [inaudible] three and then roll yourself back down.

Keep them together and point the feet and reach and reach long. Send those heels into my feet. Keep going. Keep going. There you go. Push me away. One and two. You're not that hard. They're not pushed down mate. Stay on it. Stay on it. Stay on my yields. Keep rolling backwards, but skip the feet here. Keep the vein here and we have one more time. Arms Up, flexes feet and go and already drawn and two and three and push those heels forward as you roll backwards and then relax. Bring the right leg up, hold onto the leg and give it a stretch towards you.

Try to keep the neck long reach. Now hold on with both hands on the outside of the leg and you're going to keep that hip all the way down as she sent that leg to the opposite ear. So you're going to cross it away. Now while you're crossing thing of the sitz bone of this leg to reach for the bottom and go and bring it back to the center and change legs. The other leg goes up. Give it a stretch towards you. Again, reach long with the standing leg or with the bottom leg. There you go.

Place the hands on the outside of the leg. Sent this hip. This sits bone to the bottom of the bottom angle. As you pull it up to watch your ear, you have to bend the elbows. Otherwise, the leg will always be an arm's length away from you and you know physics. It's a horrible thing. Now bring the leg back, change Lex again and bring and bend the leg in. Lift the other leg straight up. We're going to the Dilek circles in this position.

So we're going to go down with the leg open and now with the leg off the floor is going to be a little harder to stabilize, but try not to rock on the pelvis and four and one more time five and then reverse your circle. It might help if you send this burned leg away from you and push it into your hands. Sometimes it helps you stabilize a little bit more. I think we have one more to go and then we change Lex. So bend that leg lifted up, pushed that like a little bit away from you and start going down with that leg and open up one day ago down open and to now you feel yourself rocking. If you feel yourself rocking, something went terribly wrong.

Keep it still and around or whatever. You'd five reverse it, open around in one and open around. Pull up to open around and bring it up. Three open around, bring it up, four and open around and bring it around. Five bent, both knees in. Pull yourself in as tiny as you can be and start rocking your body like you starting rolling like a ball. Rolling it up all the way. Find your balance and then we'll do a three more.

Lifted up the hips up and bring them down and lift the hips up and bring them down last time. Bring them up, find your balance and stay there. Bend the right leg in, outset hand, and your ankle. Do not touch. The other leg is hovering above the leg of the floor. Slowly roll yourself down and pull in one and change one and two. And to keep those elbows nice and lifted and four and four we're going to do six sets and that means all one more time, both legs in Henri reach, reach, inhale, long exhale, pool.

Inhale and reach and pull back in. We're already halfway there and pull back in and four fallback and five burring it back in and the last time six pull back and right like up, straight or left leg down. Give it a pull. Pull one, one and one. Let's speed it up to two, two, two, three, three, three, three, four, four, four, four, five, five, five, six, six both legs up and hands behind your head. Inhale down. Exhale, hap and to now don't only go down, go out, reach for the middle, Peres it up or reach for a middle, burry back up and two more. Brewing it back up shore. Let's make this the last one out for the Chris Gus Elbow.

Toony and hold two, three and change and hold two, three and hold. Now make sure the hips don't move. Just the upper body. Two, three. Now look behind you. Look behind you. Look behind you. Yeah. Change your living in New York you always should know who's behind you. Change and look, look, look, change and look, look, or am more time. Look two, three and look two, three and relax. Spring the iron legs up. Bring the arms up like you're holding a bike.

And now we're going to make a bicycle. Motion with the legs nice and big. Now lift the head up. Keep biking as you slowly roll yourself up. Keep biking now reverse your bikes as you slowly roll yourself back down. Roll yourself up. One more time to reverse your bike.

Stay up there. Stay with the legs up in the teaser position and open the legs as wide as you can. Then place the hands behind your head. Take a big breath in. Bring the elbows in and exhale and roll forward. And then length in the spine. As you roll back up and sit up tall and the elbows go in and think, not the elbows on the mat, but before arms on the mat so the elbows point in towards you and the four arm goes to the floor. There you go.

And roll back up and sit up tall and elbows go in and curl it underneath you. There you go. And Roll back up and let's try that one more time. Let's not try it. Let's just do it. And elbows in an rural forward and rural back up.

Then bend the knees, hold onto the ankles, find your balance, stretch the legs out for the open leg rocker. Wherever you are, I don't care, but don't change it. Okay, so don't move the hands up and down. Don't bend the legs. I know all the cheats. I've seen them all. Now Curl and lift the hips off the floor. Lift them up, bring them down and find your balance. Don't change your hands and we're lift up and back down and woo and lift up and come down and lift up and come down. Let's do it two more times. Put some energy into it, otherwise you never get up.

Get up there you go. And roll down and get up and then close your legs slowly. Roll down, arms go down for the corkscrew. Bring the legs. Just keep the hips on the floor for now. Bring them to the right. Bring them down around to the left and back up and I'll reverse it and just focus on the heels. Staying together, going around and back up and going around.

Now lift the hips slightly of the floor, feet up to the ceiling and around and lift and around and lift and around and lift and around. Stop in the middle. Bring the arms down, lift the arms up, lift your head up. Keep coming up until you're floating into your teaser. Keep coming, keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming. Stay here.

Open the Lex place and down. Hands behind your head. Sit Up nice and tall. We're going to focus on the saw on the top arm, so you're going to bring the twist and our follow the top arm all the way around and then bring it back up. There you go. If it's more comfortable to sit less wide, just bring your legs in and go around. Follow the top arm and bring it back up for air. Inhale, exhale. Bring your lungs out.

Schoolies that washcloth, MTN. Come back up and then skirt it all out and come up for air. One more set and to wish and squeeze the air out of your lungs to come back up. One more big one. Exhale all the way around. Slowly roll back up. Well, I think you squeezed enough the arms here, stomachs.

So what we're going to do is single leg kit. You can do it while on your forearms with your fist together, your hands flat. I don't care from their bringing your legs together. Make sure you're supported and just have kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. You can smile, kick, kick the last set because Holly smile from there.

Do Joe's double leg kick. You're going to place your hands right and your lower back. It's a little bit different and the accent is out. So start with your legs bent. And from here you just go out and haul and release back down. Bring your head to the mat. I'm just doing it.

This thing up so I can talk and you guys can hear me and down and stretch it out in whole and bring it down. Now we're going to hold the hold out from there. Circle your arms around and let's start swimming. And we're swimming. We're swimming now we're swimming now we're swimming. We're swimming, we're swimming faster. Oh look, sharks that dolphins swim, swim, and relax. Take a deep breath in and just sit back in child's pose.

So good job. Take a deep breath in here. And your break is all of our cells onto your back for netball. Now your legs are just going to be hip width apart. You're going to be relaxed, you're gonna place, your hands are right behind your head. And we're gonna do Joe's version. So you're gonna end help bring in your elbows up.

And as soon as your arms get above your hip, you open it. Then inhale, exhale, roll it, and really let those arms come in. See you inhale, bringing it up, curling good, Eh, keep open and roll it back down through, down. Go back, nope. And go down. Yeah, we're doing it this way, the easy way. And when the arms get open, we open and then you call a close and you roll down. Doesn't that feel better? And in how it does for me.

And then we help. And then we were all so we don't have that coming up. And again, last time for perfection open, there's the open and closed it again. You stay rounded and flection and roll yourself down. Then shoulder bed, I told you you would like it from their place.

Your fingertips. Run your thighs. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Roll yourself all the way up until your forearms and your thighs all touch and right. Roll it down and again, inhale, roll yourself up, aiming your knees forward, getting that wonderful stretch and then we'll roll like that. One more time. Roll it up. Stay up. Take your arms along behind your head. Stir ratchet out. Now reach long with your fingers.

Push through your knees and slowly start to roll down. Reach with your fingers. Push my fingers away. Yes, he get that length and that felt so good. Let's do it once more. Bring your fingertips right to the legs. Roll yourself up for the shoulder bridge. Ah, take the arms off. Stir right Chalan and roll down through that spine articulating and ice. Grab onto the backs of your thighs and rock yourself up to sitting.

Good. Then we're all going to put our head this way for the sidekicks. And today we're going to do the side kick, starting kicking to the back into the fan kicks. So you're going to want to line up on the very edge of your mat. Arms are this way, and imagine my legs are on the floor. From there, you're going to start kicking back front, back front. Third time back front. Open those legs around and, and with the leg. [inaudible] back front, back, front, back front and open the legs around and we end back front, back, front. Third Time's the time. Remember, and up and around and changing it back. Front, back, front last time and around, and let's do the whole thing. One more time. Back, front, back, back. Circle it around. Good and back.

Fraud. I saw that back front, back circle all the way around and relaxed onto your backs. That was really good. Guys. Grab onto the backs of your thighs. Rock yourself up to sitting. Now face each other for spine twist. So imagine that my legs are on the Mat. Arms are long. You're going to look at your little finger and everybody's going to go to their right to whatever your right is.

Bring your legs together and from there look at your middle finger and just let it twist and twist. A little bounce to three center. Look to the other, middle finger and bounds to three center and twist and path to three center and a twist. Empaths to three center. One more set, twist to three, center last time to west and back to three and relaxed. Now for the teaser you can just oh long arms start long. Let me do a little variation with the rowing.

You're going to do the rowing arms and back and then kind of bring them back up front and right back and front. One more time. This way, roll that back and front. Now we're going to roll back and open the arms to the side. Bring them back into the sternum and up. So there's a rhythm. You go back, you open, you pull it in and far right and back and open in forward. One more time and pack. Open N and forward.

Now we're going into the teaser. We go back, you open, float the legs up for the teaser and down and we roll back and open, float up, hold the teaser roller down. We pull head. If I can hold it, you think they can hold it up and down. One more time. You pull it in, you open the arms, you press up and hold. We're holding and we're holding for the pitcher's [inaudible] and relaxed from there. Come a little bit more forward on your mat for the boomerang. Cross that one leg in front.

I don't care which one hands are down at your sides. From there they're going to slide back and you're going to bounce to three. Roll back, change the legs, come up and into that teaser. I would go down and pounce to three rural back. Change legs up and go down and bow.

It's two, three and up an over change legs and come up to that beautiful teaser and then lower down. Last time bounce two, three. Well back and up you change legs. Okay. After that. Beautiful teaser. Hold the pitcher. Hold that, hold it, and slowly lower down. Place your hands right by your hips. Scoot the front edge of your mat, grab onto your feet for seal. We have two beats to the front and two to the back, so we be beat.

You roll back. Beep, beep, beep, beat. Remember the beats happen when you're not moving. So clap, clap. You roll back, clap, clap, clap, clap. And you want to think the same thing sits bones up. Sitz bones drop. You lift the sitz bones up.

You locked up and down and you lift them up. They're rotten down. One more time. Go back and guess what? It's time to come up standing and there is your afternoon. Quickie. Good work.

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Great, quick mat work to get it all done. I always like going back to Joe' originals. They just feel right. Thanks Michael and Ton for the fun you inject into every class. Movement should be fun and inspiring.
Thank you Lynn. We are glad you enjoyed this workout.
Such fun and a great short workout. I have never done some of those "Joe" exercises so thank you!
Fun quickie..the hundred and bicycle combo is a challenge!
Sarah N
How fun was that?! Talk about an energizing burst! Loved the side kicks!
Fun, strong...just brilliant!
Economic and highly effective. Love the brisk pace.
Lorie H
Putting the fun into Pilates. Thank u!!
wow! great class! Michael n ton great cueing and a nice pace. into my favorites, I hope to conquer my flailing!
So fun and effective! Thanks, guys!!
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