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If you need to relax after a long day, you will love this Mat class by Michael Friztke and Ton Voogt! They're calling it "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" because they focus on stretching and unwinding so you can release any tension you may have. They invite you to pay attention to what is happening in your body so you can feel your center as well as the differences between the two sides of the body. This is definitely a class that will make you feel good!
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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm down and welcome to now I lay me down to sleep. Um, it's basically a stretch class. Um, just have fun. Keep it your own level. Um, your own stretch. Don't think about Pharm as, just relax some music on and yes, pick your favorite music to chill out to whatever that day might be or whatever style you like and put it on because there was no really rhythm counts. It's just chill. Relax.

So are you going to do is just stand however is comfortable for you. Just place your hands together just to serve in a circle. I don't care if you close your eyes, keep them open. Just focus in where, just take a couple of deep breaths. I really just try and bring your focus sander the day and bring your focus more into your center. Think of bringing it into your belly and the breath tie into your back.

However you like to think. I'm just thought it'd be aware of your body, how it feels and just sort of relax and just sort of open your eyes for a second. Then you're going to take a nice wide stance. You can be off your mat too. It doesn't matter. Remember, we're not about farm. You're just going to grab the backs of your thighs. You're going to take a deep breath in.

Think of just letting your sits bones drop down, bringing their pubic bone up to your nose and think of stretching the front of your body. Just opening it up after the tension of the day just in house. And if this bothers your neck, you can bring your chin forward. Otherwise, just let your head hang everything. Go. Take a couple of deep breaths on your own time and then slowly roll back up to sort of a neutral position. Grab on again. You're going to really bend your elbows, take a deep breath in, and on the exhale you're just gonna roll forward.

Bending the elbows you're going down. Really think of bringing your head down between your legs. She has stretched the back side of your body. If this bothers you, you can bend your knees slightly if you feel tense or tight. Otherwise keep them straight and just taking nice deep breath. Let it go. Then bend your knees, slowly roll yourself up the one shop, you're going to actually clasp your fingers like this behind you.

I'm just showing you. It's so they look like this and all you're going to do is the same stretch that we just did this last time. You gotta take a deep in your shoulders at pulled back to open it up and you're going to round forward and you're just going to bring your hands straight up to the ceiling and let your head just hang. Don't try to control anything. Just let it hang. And really think of bringing your arms straight up to the ceiling.

Not so much above your head. So this just hang the fingers are reaching long. Take a nice deep breath in and then bend your knees and bring your hands down to your backs, your sides, and slowly roll yourself up that open your legs even wider. Stretch your fingers out. Think of Davinci. Vitruvian man. So a nice big ax. So think of dropping your sitz bones down from there. Bring your pubic bone opportunities arc slightly forward.

Just take a deep breath in. And then exhale, come back to neutral. So you're almost like breathing. I just opening it up. Just start everything and come back to neutral. Whatever your neutral is. Inhale, open up. Yes Radica, go back to neutral on more just any Oster Rach and acts out back to neutral. This time, just think of melting down. Bend your knees, grab your ankles or your casts and some here you're just going to stretch up, straightening your legs, letting your head hang, and then bend back down just into a squat as far as you can.

And then just stretch. And again, Ben and [inaudible]. Sure. And then this time you stayed bent. Just slowly make your way down to the floor. Remember, no farm, you're just gonna sit with whatever leg you want in the front, in a cross leg position. If this is uncomfortable, sit this way.

And if that's even uncomfortable, leave your legs, whatever's comfortable for you. So then your arms are just relaxed at your sides. I want you to take a deep breath in and just lift your shoulders up to your ears. No farmy member. And just ask how that account again, just inhale [inaudible] and inhale and exhale, let it go. And then to your right side, what you wanna do is just let your head tilt and lived one shoulder up and let it go. Try the other side, left side lift and let it go. Now, whatever side was the tightest, do the side that was easier. So we don't touch the side. Titus, you want the easier side. So in hill and then asked how we're going to do it three times and yeah, I and just ask how I release it. And again, inhale, exhale, release. Now go to the tighter side, lift it up and release. Inhale, hop. And if I'm going too slow or too fast, do it on your own rhythm.

You're just stretching your own body. I am relaxed. And generally you feel a little bit looser on that other side. Now what we're going to do is look over your shoulders. The same thing. You're going to [inaudible] look up and over. So you're going to twist like you're looking behind you and back down.

Uh, this side look behind you. The shoulder will go up and back down. Now, whichever side is the easiest, do that side first and it might be different. Just lift it up and we'll do it three times. And Jeff's release and lifted up and really, and it up and really other side lifted up and release. Just let go of that tension, your neck, your shoulders, and why my time and I think then start with the circle. Just look to the right, circle that down and around the left and up and go to bed.

Left down around the right and up. Now take the easiest way, do it three times, whatever that is. Look to the side, down and around and ops. Same side, easier side and third time, just circle it around and now the other side, just look circling around and uh, and last time and just come back. Center hall, play your neck and shoulders should be a little relaxed. You're letting God bet. Then you're just going to stretch your legs out long in front of you. From there. You're going to grab on to the backs of your thighs. Just gently press into them and just slowly curl down onto the floor.

Once you're down on the floor, you're going to bend your legs together in a diamond shape. You're going to interlace your fingers and place the palms towards the top of your head right on top of your head in this position. So you're like two little diamonds. What you're going to do is stretch out long. You're going to stretch the legs and stretch the arms, stretch out, and really bring it all back here so you want to inhouse your stretch it all out, keeping the arms on the floor if you can. If you can't, that's okay. Exhale it back in and again, inhale, stretch, and I it in one more time. Inhale, stretch.

Stay out in the stretch, stretch more. Stretch and just release the hands from there. Bring the hands back behind your head from here. Let your legs open a bit and just hanging. They can be parallel hanging out to the side and you're going to think of doing like almost half a neck. Paul, you're going to inhale, bring your elbow was in, and just trudge the back of your head, coming up as high as you can and open and release it down.

So inhale up, calling it all in and exhale, roll back and let it go. Okay, and in Hell and exhale. One more time. Inhale up higher as you can stretch in the back of your head and exhale. Roll it down. Draw your legs into your chest. Give it a gentle squeeze. Place your hands behind your thighs.

Press your thighs into the backs, into your hands. From there, just start rocking gently to massage the spine and rock up to sitting. Once you're up for sitting, what you're gonna do is grab onto the outsides of your feet, legs. They're together and you're going to slide your legs out. Are you? We'll tie back like mine. First. Mats are a little sticky, so it depends on what the surfaces on from their holding the outsides of your feet. You're just going to bend the knees and then stretch. If you can hold the outside as you feet, you can hold anywhere on the outside of your legs and just inhale, bend acts, how let it go and release. And again, inhale and exhale, release. Stay there.

Open your legs a little bit from their palms are going to face the feet and you're just going to hang there. Take a deep breath in and exhale, release. Just stay in the stretch. Inhale, you'll be aware of the tension in your body. On the exhale. Try and release that tension and inhale, exhale, Jost, release it on more in inhale and asks her release. Now slowly just start to roll yourself down until you're all the way on the mat. Then we're going to do what we like to call one leg shoulder bridge. So you're going to bend one leg, I don't care which one.

The other one is going to be from here. The leg that is bent is going to stay right where it is and you're going to think of lifting up and pushing the opposite hip forward and back down. So you just think of up and um, just to stretch it up and lifted up. You want to try and make sure this knee, if you can get as, just keep that stretch and just open roll up. Yep. There you go. Feel that tendency will be to want to let this, let go. Just keep it going forward and you'll feel this stretch.

Good. And change legs, the other side. And just to roll over. Good. Keeping that going forward. Go ahead and you want to make sure this like stays and we're all over to the side. There we go. And one more time. Good. And relax. Draw your legs in gamma gentle squeeze and then let go. And just let your hands stay for a second.

Then pull them back in early. Pull it in, and then just like Gog, your legs. And one more time. Just squeeze it in. Ah, let go. From there. You're going to place your hands right behind your head. We're going to do a tick talk from here. You're just going to take a deep breath and go to one side or right or left. I don't care. And back to the center, over to the other side, back to the center.

Now, whatever side was easier, that's what I want you to do three times. So take your easier side and just go over and bring it back up. Second time on your easier side and up. Good last time and up. Now on your more challenging side over and bring it up over and bring it up one more time over and bring it up again.

Relax in the center. Draw your legs in again, just giving it a gentle little stretch. From there, you're then going to stretch your legs out all the way from here, you're going to bring your right leg straight up and let's bring the arms out to the side so we can help stabilize body. I bet now you're gonna let that right leg just open all the way to the side. No control. Remember, just let it go. Go and bring it back up and lower it down. Bring the other leg up the left turn, let it go and burn it up. Lower down.

Now, whichever side was your easier side, let's see that leg first. So bring the leg up, but what we're going to do is cross the body first. Say it in a cross the body over on, and then you're going to bring it up and then you're going to open it to [inaudible] the side and brewing up in hell over and up. And just let it go and up. One more time. Cross the body and try and leave both shoulders on the [inaudible] Matt, if you can. But if you can't, that's okay too. And bring it in.

Bring that leg down, bring the other leg up. And again, we [inaudible] cross it first so you just like cross and bring, I owe it to the side, add up, cross it over and up and open it. God Up. Third Time Josh, let it fall over, brewing it up, open it, bring it up and bring the leg down from there. Dry your legs in again. Give it a little squeeze. Like go [inaudible]. Place your feet flat on the floor a little bit away from your buttocks. Fred.

Nice little shoulder bridge and just roll up as high as you want to, as low as you want to. It's just to stretch your back and roll it down and again, we'll roll that out. [inaudible] this time we're going to roll that up. Yeah, you going to bring your arms up long about your head and then slowly roll yourself down. Draw your arms in, down to your sides. Take a deep breath in and again, just relax. One more deep breath in and let it go. Then slowly roll over to your side to get yourself up.

Ain't going to sit down on your, with your legs slightly open and place both hands on top of your knees. There you go. This is bothering your knees. You can put like a pillow or a ball underneath you as well. So you're going to place all the weight on your right hand. Push it down and lift the left leg up and then press it back down a little.

Go to the other side, press the arm down to lift the leg up and come back down. So it's almost like you're walking up big steps, pressing it down to come up. Just step in your own tempo. Yes, make sure they're nice and big and heavy, and use your arms to really push down into that floor. Let's do two more sets. Press and again, just go on your own tempo. Find the breathing pattern that works for you.

And then when you get done with your second set, just relax down. Then plays one foot in front. And we're going to work this hip flexor. So I want you to slowly release the hip and then curl the pelvis under, not by using your glutes, by, by pooling the pubic bone up towards you and you feel that bone circling in and then release it. So just live the pubic bone and really said, find your own rhythm there and you should feel slowly that front releasing and you might feel that Femur to thighbone externally rotating right underneath you.

There you go. Pull it up. I still have one more time. Lift it up and let's relax and let's change legs. So make sure the hip is relaxed, release it, and then pull the pubic bone up in the loud at phone to move and really so just feel the sensation of the, of the booms moving in your body rather than trying to control it. Just experience it.

Just feel it, Paul, and get up and there we go. Let's do it two more times and then the last time, curling it in and then plays both feet down. You can sit back on your feet and just bring the arms down and relax your body all the way down. Slowly roll up, leaving the hands where they are. Once you're up, flip the hands around and place your fingertips. Pull that pubic bone up again to push the hips up to it. Diagonal line. Now release the Sitz bone and Lou lift the chest to sit back on the heels and then articulate forward to relax all the way down again to roll all the way up.

Place the fingertips down. Pull the pubic bone into, lift in the diagonal, release the sits bones. Lift the sternum and come to the extension. Rolling. It's okay. That's two more of these rolling up. Find your little wave inside your body, curling it up. Who release and lift.

Use the arms and go all the way forward. Release through it. Yeah, let's do one more time curl. Place the fingertips down, lift the pelvis, release it, calming in through it, and then stay in this physician for a second to just take a nice big breath and exhale. Then circle the arms to the front and you start lifting the hips forward, sliding your hands forward so your hips are right above your knees and I'll slowly lower the [inaudible]. Nobody down until your four are on the floor, or even if you have the flexibility to bring your Chin on the floor.

It all depends on where you are at and we just gonna to stay here for a couple of breaths. Inhaling deeply and exhaling just in your own tempo and have the feeling of your stomach, your abdominals, just dropping down towards your knees. Inhaling, feel the expansion in the body and then as you exhale, feel the release of the lines of tension. Let's take one more big inhale and slowly exhale. Now start with the head, lift your head up and that lifts the chest up. And then allow the hips to come forward and calm down.

Lift the head as high as you can and just try to stay here with the belly. That's soft. The legs are relaxed. Use the arms to be strong. Try to keep your breath even and deep down. Go into any panic.

Yeah, one more big. Inhale and exhale. And then lift the hips and press yourself back onto the heels. Back into your child's pose. Round in that spine, and just open it up and then roll yourself up. Once you're up, you're going to sit down in your mat, you're going to crush your legs. Either leg is fine, doesn't matter, but which no matter what leg is in front, that same arm goes in front. Okay? So if your right leg is in front, you're going to cross their hands with the right arm in front and the other one, there you go.

So from here you going to keep your back nice and relaxed and you're going to roll yourself forward. A just direct the head towards the floor. In front of you, you're not with a flat back. So keep the neck and the back relaxed. But also don't force yourself down to the floor. Allow yourself to lengthen out. There we go. Keep the breath nice and easy.

Relax the space between your shoulder blades and your neck. Okay. On your next exhale, slowly roll up. And then we're going to change. They're going to change your legs. And again, the legs in front, that's also the same arm that goes in front.

And then release 40 you might feel a difference in the stretch. You might not [inaudible] just of knowledge to stretch and the difference in your body. Breathe nice and deep. And then on your next exhale, just slowly roll yourself up again. Once you're all the way up, just open the legs up you.

So you might want to come as wide as comfortable. Hmm. So from here, interlace your fingers, prs them out, and lift the arms up. Take a big breath in to feel that stretch. And on your exhale, just go over to one side. I don't care which side it is. Stay here on the inhale of don't stretch more. Think of the inhale, lengthening the body, increasing the tension on the lines of tension.

And on the exhale just really on the email. Feel the body like a big balloon expanding. So the expansion creates a stretch not to go on further down. It's the expansion in the body that really let that body floats and then slowly bring it up. And let's go to the other side. Press it away. Hurry.

Tried to go it directly. Side Lang fans feel the stretch as you expand the body full of air that creates the big stretch and allow it to release when your come and your exhale and then come back up and relax the arm. Then bend the right foot in towards you and you're gonna place your hands behind that bend like and you're slowly gung to rotate the straight leg down. So the big toes on the floor and you stay here. And now as you inhale, try to rotate the upper body as far as it's possible and just stay in that breath trying to look for the back heel. Almost use the arms to lift the body and to create that rotation.

Key breathing. One more big inhale and then slowly rotate back to the center. Stretch that leg back out. Bend the other leg back in please. The hands over the bent leg allowed it straight leg to rotate slightly so that big toe is on the floor.

And then exhale as you push yourself around the corner, use the arms and use the breath to feel the expansion in every little part of your body. Breathe into the whole body's at a whole body expense itself and not just into the lungs. Yes. Let's take one more big breath. One more big exhale, and then untwist yourself coming to the front.

That place you fit. Soles of your feet together and hold on to your toes. I'm going to sit up tall and on the exhale, open the elbow so they go in front of your Shin, towards the floor and then the head goes to your toes. Yes, relaxed air. If you want to wiggle a little bit, please do so. Keeping the arms relaxed.

Allow them to sink down towards the floor. Don't pull on your toes to get lower. The exhale and the relaxation will get where you need to get. That's one more big inhale. One more big exhale.

Slowly roll yourself up. And once you're up, you're going to change your hands. You're going to bring them in the inside and grab the ankles. You're going to bend your elbows and press the elbows into your thighs and you're just going to rock yourself from site to site nice and easy and use the arms to push that thigh down. To change two sides, you're going to press the elbow that's up into that leg to push yourself over and press and reach. There you go. Just feel how the body reacts to that. Slow rocking, nice and easy. Let's do two more sets wherever you are and then come back to your center.

Then straighten the legs out. Let them just relax. Come a little bit forward in your mat. So you have space to lie down. Spring the arms slightly in front of you and just feather. Shift your body nice and easy. And as you go, slowly roll yourself down like a feather or like of leaf that slowly rolls down to the floor. Once you're down, relax the arms, relax your head down on the floor and just close your eyes. Just take a nice couple of breaths and you can stay here for as long as you need to.

And whenever you're ready. Whenever that, maybe just slowly roll up to your side to get up. But just do it whenever you are ready. So I just mentioned these in it's banking use end whenever you're ready. Thank you girls.

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Used this video to help me stretch after a very hard days work in the garden. Just what my body needed. Thank you.
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Great - thanks
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Wonderful stretch. Thank you so much!
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Thanks!! I needed that!
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very nice class - not only for the end of the day, worked just fine to start what is likely to be a stressful day after a long, active weekend. Thanks! :)
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There are times when what you think you want and what you actually need are two different things. This is exactly what I needed today! You guys are awesome thank you! Not sure when this was filmed... that water looks beautiful...such an aqua color.
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Did this class when I had very tight shoulders. It really helped stretch them out. Thank you.
Thank you everybody! Glad you are enjoying this one!
This felt so good tonight. It is just what I needed after I hit a wall this afternoon. Glad to have this to move my body still even when I am not feeling up for more aggressive body work :) Thanks!!
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