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Join Meredith Rogers and her friends from Italy in this Reformer workout. You'll warm up on the Mat with several exercises for spinal mobility and articulation, and then continue with the Reformer for exercises such as Footwork, Side Splits, Knee Stretches, Chest Expansion, and more. Throughout these Reformer exercises, Meredith emphasizes the proper alignment of the legs.
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Nov 18, 2015
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I'm so excited to have my friend's Mossy and eating a here all the way from Italy to take class. Very excited. So we begin standing tall, reaching the arms down and then pulling the arms into the body. Feel the down reach of the arms, enables the spine to lift taller, and then reach out with your arms. Reach out and touch both sides of the room. Feel that nice slow stretch across the trek. Just reach all the way up and then push through the heels of the hands.

Reach out and push the walls away. Reach all the way down and bring the arms down. Inhale. And then exhale. We're going to do just a little half roll down. So as you round down, your arms can go just near the springs. So reach down, rolling down your arms can just reach inside of the springs. You won't be able to get all the way down. That's okay. Inhale there.

Exhale, start rolling your way back up. Coming up to standing, dropping the head, dropping the shoulders. As you find your way up to standing, take the arms out, reach Ya. Reach, Ah, feel the energy upward through the body. Press through the heels of the hands. Reach wide and down. Let the arms come all the way down to the legs. Take another inhale and exhale rolling down. So checking in, feeling balanced on the feet, just taking the arms and reaching insides of the springs. Good. Pause and inhale. And then exhale. Feel the movement of the spine.

We let the body come back up. Tipping the pelvis under, reaching all the way back, grounding through the feet, lengthening through the spine. Let's do that one more time. Arms up, reach up, push through the heels in the hands and then up the front of the body with the arms in here. And then exhale, we're going to round down and put our hands on the box for a cat. Stretch for the hands. Just rest right on the edges of the box, bringing the spine nice and round. And then inhale, let the pelvis start to tip up and press the box away. So moving the box forward. Inhale and exhale, rolling the spine back in and in the, we move your hands to here and then reach to the blocks. We'll move with your spine. Correct. Beautiful.

Inhale and exhale. It's nice to have some good movers. Even though there's a language barrier that's been in the knees here so that we can get a little bit more length out of the back. Lifting right here. Yeah. Beautiful. And rounding backend. So keeping the knees bent as we reached the spine out. Lengthen.

Lengthen, lifting the Chester. Beautiful, beautiful, long, straight, strong back and XLT around the spine. Back. Nice guys. One more time. Reach out. I felt like when I was teaching in Italy, I always wanted to teach in Spanish or because I know a little Spanish, but I don't think Spanish and Italian are the same and then around. So I just got caught myself wanting to do that again, but I'll restrain myself. So come all the way up from here. Rounding at let the box come and take the arms all the way up again.

Reach up around. Down. This time we're going to take a hold of the flip bar with the hands. Grab onto that foot bar, bend your knees, and come down onto the mat, and then just reach for that strap. Your feet are going to go underneath the strap to stretch out through the legs. Always bent knees, always fine. Not always bent knees, but if you need to bend, that's always fine with me. So you're going to reach the arms out, lift the spine top, inhale. And as you exhale, start a roll down or roll up.

So you're going to roll yourself down towards the Mat, articulating down, rounding, dipping the pelvis under, feeling the low back. Come down, lift the arms and reach back. And then inhale, bring the head and chest back up. Roll all the way forward. Pass the pelvis, reaching forward, forward, forward. Find the bar with your hands. Push down on the bar, lift your back. So you're gonna come up on the diagonal. You can use your arms, the INA, you getting it, you can use your hands to pull. Yes. And then we lift from there to sit up India and exhale, rolling back, reaching the arms in her, lifting the head and chest. Exhale, roll up, reach for the bar, use the arms, use the pressure of the arms to lift the spine all the way. Beautiful. And then sit all the way up. Arms out in front.

Nice and inhale and exhale. Rolling back. Beautiful Work, beautiful work. Keep the arms nice and narrow. Inhale, lift the head and chest. Exhale, roller. Rolling up, up, up, up, reaching for the bar, using the arms to links and out through the spine. And then letting go and sitting all the way up.

Keep the arms nice and narrow just in line with the shoulders and to one, rounding down, reaching back, lifting and rolling. Uh, and so you just get that nice of the spine. Hands come down, knees can soften, spine elongates. We get that nice strong flat back. And then we let go. And one more. Rolling back. Okay. Reaching back. Okay. Inhale, bring the head and chest Baca.

Cool. Okay, good. One more into that back extension. So taking the bar, bringing the backup long. Nice. Nice, good. And then lift all the way back up to sitting. Perfect. Pause there. Bend your knees or scoot in a little closer. Make sure that straps got at night. You have a good hold on your feet. Yeah.

So we're going to inhale here. We're going to exhale and roll the spine back. Rolling the spine back, rolling the spine just to their lower back on the mat. Inhale, arms go up. Exhale, arms go down and we lift the spine back up. Reach out, open the arms, press forward, round the spine and roll back. Squeezing the legs together, finding your way just to the lower back. Inhale, arms open and around all the way and then feel as you sit up your arms, reach up with you. You lift your spine all the way up.

Open the arms and reach forward. Round and roll back. Good pause. Just the ride on up and just the left arm up and both arms at the same time. Ah, and down both arms at the same time. Again, up and open and around her reaching forward. Rolling and then lifting the spine up. Open the arms out. Press the air forward around, down, roll back.

Yeah. Pause there holding now just the right arm out to the side and back and the left arm out to the side and back and both arms out to the side and press the air out of the body and both arms again out to the side. But now we go over the head and we roll back up. Reach forward. Lift the spy. Yeah, open the arms and round the spine. Forward Rolling back.

This time we're going to go to towards me. Then you can take the arm and open it up the body and you come back and we go the other way. Take the arm and open up the body and come back and one, where do you eat? Say Open up the body and come back and open up the body and come back and reach out and open out to the side and round all the way forward and stretch. You can straighten your legs and have a stretch there. For those of you with tight hamstrings.

We've got Masiya little pads to sit up on that's totally legit for anyone. Straighten out your legs. I don't see you. I might have to bring that with you. Separate your feet, take your arms out in front of you and lift all the way up tall through the spine for the spine. Stretch forward. You can still bend your knees a little if you need to to lift all the way up tall first. Inhale spine, stretch forward. Exhale, rounding down. Inhale there, and then exhale.

Feel the spine come up one bone at a time, lifting up and forward. Inhale and exhale, round down, God reaching forward. Inhale and exhale, lifting, not stacking the back, finding that beautiful long mat in here. And exhale, turn around. Good.

Pause and in here and exhale to stack the spine lifting up and slightly forward in your mind, up and slightly for an excellent. Let's do that one more time. Inhale and exhale as you round forward. Pause and inhale and exhale as you stack your way back up, lifting up and forward. So now the feet are going to come out of the fuzzy or the strap and they're going to come put them up against the frame. We're going to do the saw, the saw they reach. You can still bend your knees. We're going to turn that way first towards the camera in here and exhale, reach forward and then build the spine back up.

Lift up in rotation exactly, and center and inhale and exhale. Diving down and inhale, lift up in rotation and exhale center. I love it. In heels, you rotate and exhale to reach. Inhale to lift. Exhale to center. Inhale Cerutti. Excellent. You reach back.

Arm reaches to inhale to lift and exhale to center. Let's do one more time through feeling the feet nice and still XL to reach. Inhale to lift. Exhale to center. Inhale to spiral upwards. Twist, exhale to die. Inhale to lift and exhale to come all the way back to center.

Bring your arms down. That's lovely. Great job. We're going to get them. We're going to come up off the floor. We're going to take the mats away. So we've transitioned the reformers for footwork and for the rest of the session, the reformers will look like this. So we're going to start on our heels for footwork. Get a nice strong connection into your heels. Inhale, prepare and Xcel to press away.

And then inhale to come back in and exhale to press away. Pause for just a moment there. Drop the tail down, feel the length of the spine, and then keep that length of the spine and resist there. Springs in good and just keep going. Creating a rhythm. We go out and in, out and in. Both Nancy and ENA are working with four springs and n, one with three reds and a blue. Oh both with three reds in the blue.

Good. So we're going to do that two more times. Keeping the feet nice and still try to keep the feet right on my hand, right on my hands. Good. One more good, Ben. Didn't come all the way back. Move to your toes. Keep the thighs parallel. Separate this foot just a little bit. Press out. Good and back.

Good. Press out. Idina a drop your feet right here. Hold your feet right there as you bent. So the, when the legs are straight, the feet are pointed, but when the knees bend, the feet stay still gun. So I'm just watching. They're moving. They've got their pace going. I'm watching the tracking of the hip to the knee, to the ankle. Keep this knee in a little bit. Oh, I almost just drift.

Oh. Graceville last two. Okay. Keep your feet right here with me. That's right. Good one more. Now, all the way to straight and keep your feet with me as you come in. Good pause. When you get all the way to the bottom, come into the small v shape with your feet. Same rule with the fee. Press out. No, no, no. You're good. You're good. You're good. Small V. That's right. And push out.

I was just saying it's the same with the heels. You Bend and hold still and when your legs are straight, you're in pointed and then bend in. Drag the reformer back in and reach out. Wraps. Squeeze. Feel that you're not just squeezing your legs, but you're feeling the squeeze coming all the way up through your trunk all the way through your person. Go ahead.

We'll do three more all the way back and drag the reformer in and two more all the way back and come back and good and last one all the way back and come back in. I'm just going to make a little head adjustment here. Okay. Pause there. Wide V, heels wide. V Heels first. Okay, so you feel the wrap of the hips and then we're gonna stretch the reformer away. Press and then pull back and keep your feet with me. Touch me. That's right. And comment.

So the feet are nice and still is though. They had something to stand on right here. Right there. Okay. So fussy about the few positions because we want the, the muscles in the feet to work. Nice. Good. Last time. Beautiful. Come all the way back in. We're going to move to the toes now.

Wide v on the toes and so we can practice that same foot position here. Again, stretch the reformer away. Feel here that you're in the lift without the super nation and then Ben. Okay. And reach pressing through the inner thighs. Beautiful and Ben and reach and working just as hard to bring the reformer in as you're working towards.

Press it away. Last five. Stay right here with me and for good. Pulling back. Nice straight hands. Easy with the arms. Good too. I love it. One more time, Ben didn't bring the cares all the way back. Move to the toes in the center of the bar for calve raises.

Okay. Just a little bit separate with your feet. Mozzie that's right. And then we're going to go all the way under and articulate up and all the way under and feel it as the feet come up, they keep that beautiful line, beautiful down and left. Nice and down so that you could lift right from the backside of the leg and then keep that and resist from there. As your heels come down by keeping with the breath, let's do four more. Dragging down and lifting up. Dragging down and lifting. Huh?

Two and one from the top going into prancing. So when heel comes down, we come up and then down, up and then down, lift and down, have that nice rhythmic pacing up down. So that energy between the inner thighs, the energy in the arms. Five more. Hi Amanda. Hello. Watching the stability of the pelvis.

Two more nice. Push into this part of your foot. Push into this part of your foot. Yeah, you're good. You're good. One more good. And then just pause and spend and come back in. We're going to do a single leg, single leg here.

Do you want a lighter spring? Hmm. No. Yes. Hmm. Lighter spring. No, no, you're good. I'm talking about you. Sure you want your lights street. Okay, so we take the left leg is going to stretch out the a right legs. Just going to stay still or whatever legs on the bar, the right leg bend and come back in. I only know left Jen writes when it's on my own body, reach out.

Good and back out there. Keeping that same foot, that stillness in the foot. I feeling the work come from the back of the leg first. So we do three, two, and one. Hold. Take the legs straight up. It can stay soft. It can say soph. We do five circles in, down, around, in, back, in, down, all round into, in, down, around in, three in, down or around in, four in, down around, and pause.

Take it in the reverse. Go ass down. Cross the leg. And I feel that as your leg comes towards your body, you're pulling in from your waist. Three more times, reaching around. Good. Two more times. Pulling in. And last one. Bend your right leg, bend your left leg and come back in. Change sides.

Just a little bit over here, just a little bit right there. Here we go. So the leg stays bent. For now we're just going to press out, push good and back. So this knee can keep moving. This knee does a little bit of internal rotation. Just yeah, that's too much right there as perfect. Right there. Right there.

Good. So now to make it even more complex, you've got to push here. Yeah. So you have to organize from down there. That's right. Yeah. Yes. Okay. Last two. [inaudible] [inaudible] Yup. So, um, so what we're doing with ENA is we're looking at a go ahead and push out. We're looking at a, at a hip that internally rotates and an ink and an ankle that supinate.

So we're having to organize it from two different joints. Cross the body, reach down, come around and pull in, in, in cross the body, reached down, come around and pull it in. And now when you're standing on it, you can really organize around that, right? You push into here, you keep the knee, you keep all those pieces. Okay. Two more. Swing and catch. One more. Swing and catch Pars rivers.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and too good. Keep you really stand in this hit in this foot. Last one. Better Good Ben. Both knees and bend and bring the carriage back. That's going to be our other solo single leg work. So I'd like for you to sit up.

Okay. Change your springs for abdominal work. So moving onto abdominal work. Yeah, I'd be, if you were me, if it were me, I would might do one red and one blue, one red. Either way. Okay. One red, one blue, one red, lie back down.

Okay. Take your straps in your hands. Start give yourself just a little bit of space between your shoulders and your shoulder blocks. Okay. And then bring the legs up to table top. Yup. Good. Press the legs together. Inhale. As you exhale, lift the sternum, reach through the arms, keep the knees bent.

Hundred Prep, lift the arms first and then let the body come down. Correct. Inhale, hold your features. Tier. Exhale, reach. Good. It was very small, narrow arms, and then reach back. Good. Three more like that. Exhale. Feel that the arms, press the air out of the body and inhale, come back. And two more XL, keeping the knees squeezing together and back.

And one more left. Hold here. Now the legs are going to straighten in here and Ben, reach good and straight and inhale and then reach forward with the, I'm good to go. Ben. Ben, Ben, I'm just going to give you some resistance and reach out in here and pull. And as you pull, reach even higher into your curl. Last to inhale, reach, and exhale, draw in and inhale, reach, and exhale, draw in. And last one. Inhale, reach, and exhale, draw in, pause and rest all the way. I don't rest all the way, but just take a break in hand. Add, lift back on. This time the legs go straight up into the air, straight up into the air.

And we're going to take one leg down and one leg back. Press kick and press kick and press kick. Good. And you can use the bar. We're to press into reach. Nice and reach. Nice and shoulders down. Shoulders down. Last one, reach, change a little higher. There you go.

Oh, just straight up. Straight up, straight up, straight up. Both legs, straight up into the air. Bend your knees and rest. Okay, so today with the coordination, we're going to do something a little different. We'll do two coordinations, just regular. So we go up, we open and close, and then we bend in, come in, and then we're going to do coordination with the single leg. So we'll come up and instead of both legs moving out once one leg, one leg bend and come down. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

Here we go. You know, regular coordination. Inhale, prepare. Exhale, lift. Stretch the legs. Good. Open. Close Benz and down one. More like that. Exhale, lift. Open. Close Ben. Lift higher and come down. Okay, so the next, now we go up into the lift. Hold. Now hold right. Leg Center, left leg center bend and that, that's exactly right. Good. And then lift up, stretch the lay left leg center. Watch the stability, right leg center.

Bend first and come down one more time. Eats like that. So it'll be two more. Total lift up. Stretch, right leg center, left leg center, bend and come down last time. Lift. Left leg center, right leg center. Bend and rest. Beautiful work.

Beautiful work. I'm going to add a spring for foot work or for hip work. So I'm just adding a blue spring. So now we have one red and one blue spring on both reformers. Okay. And you guys can put your feet into the straps. Okay. So we're going to start with circles today.

So want you to lift your legs up to the maximum amount that you can, lift them without the tailbone lifting and go into an externally rotated hip position. From there, press down, reach out, feel the circular action of the Femur in the hip joint. Touch and press reach out. Circle External rotators and press. Okay. An open [inaudible] rotate. Good. And Press God an out all round touch and press last one. So we allow the hip joins to warm up and yeah, and then we're gonna reverse that. Waze, scoot a little bit to the left with your pelvis. There you go.

And then we reverse, we go up open, push, push my arms, squeeze me. That's it. Lift, open, squeeze. Make that squeeze. Come from a place of really deep strength. Okay, last two. Lovely work last time. Okay. And now we're going to do the extended frog.

So now what I want you to do is bend your knees. Go ahead. Inhale, Pars. Exhale, stretch the legs out. Keep the carriage still. Inhale, pause, exhale. Push the legs back together and then inhale, exhale, stretch out. Inhale, pause. We've got [inaudible], two different bodies here doing great jobs. Squeeze. So you gather and then [inaudible] and reach out. Good and coming back. Coming back, coming. Maca. We can challenge them both.

And Ben and the heels go straight out. They don't drop it all good and squeeze. Soften your knees a little. And last one, just a little soft within these. And when you come in [inaudible]. [inaudible]. Okay, so let's take that in reverse. How do we do that? We open, we bend the knees, go push the heels together. Oh, I'm not going to make it easy for you. That's the problem. Get eminent. Press out.

So once the legs open, they go as wide as they can and then they come together on that same line. Don't let the knees move. Don't let the knees move. Heels, heels, heels. Worked on this side. Good. And press out and open and bend. Nice. Beautiful. Keep the knees open and reach out. I love it. I do. Okay. One more time.

Open Bend and reach out. Okay. Nice job. Beautiful job. Okay, so I'm going to have you bend your knees. You can take your feet out of your straps. Okay. Keep your straps with you though. Take your head rest down.

We're going to do the rollover for spinal articulation today. Okay, good. So I might, I'm just going to lighten the springs. I'm taking them both down to one red spring. Okay. And then taking the straps in your hand, bringing their feet up. Yup.

Stretch the legs out to where you can control the position of your spine. As you exhale, as you inhale, press your arms down and lift your legs up and then as you exhale, go into your roll over. So you're going to roll yourself over. I'm going to help you. Yup. Good. And then from there we roll this signed down. Continue to reach through the arms. Next time we'll separate the legs.

That okay to light to light. He says to me. Okay. And then reached the up in her legs. Come up, arms come down. Exhale, we roll over. Good. Straight over. That's right. Good. Inhale. This time, flex the feet and separate and Xcel rolling down. Push into my hands. Question to my hands. Good. I'm right here though. So let me get out before you move your arms. There you go.

Circle the legs to come down and around. Lift the legs up. One more time. Lift the legs, reach up over the top. Okay. Go ahead and separate flax and slowly down. Slowly lengthen the side of your body a little.

There you go. Okay, pause. Bring the legs down and together. Bend your knees and rest your feet. Okay, so let's set this wraps back. Good job that this wraps have put. This drops away. We're going to come up for a stretch. Okay. We're going to do the side splits. So let's, I think one spring is good for this.

So let's take the foot bar down on these reformers. I kind of like the foot bar to go this way so it stays out of the way. I know that a good spring for the side splits for you. One spring. Do you want a green? Okay. I think it will be fine. Yeah. Okay. So we're going to see, we're going to get up onto the reformer for the side splits.

I want you to step up onto one, up onto the frame. Does anyone want a sticky? No sticky for your feet in case you're going to come on in a hold. You're going to step your other foot up. Roll yourself up to standing and then we'll go to here. Okay.

Go a little wider with that foot. That's fine. Okay, good. Okay, so we're going to start from a fairly conservative position, a small position. I want you to squeeze the reformer, keep the carriage still. Go ahead and now open the legs go wide, wide, wide, wide. Why are you going wherever you want to go. Okay. And then we lift the spine. Ah, and we hold two, three and then open the legs out. Ah, ah, ah. And then reaching up through the spine, lifting, lifting, hold to back up just a little bit. Three and open and hold and lift. Reaching. Good. Use this like a little bit more. Okay, good.

And two more times. Got domain domain it stare right over the top of yourself. And then drawing and feeling the abdominals would work this like a little harder. Good. So the tendency is, last one is to use the leg that's on, that's a base of stability. But you want to really make sure that you stand on both legs evenly. Both legs evenly. Great.

You guys roll down well up row or we're gonna roll down in three [inaudible] bend. Bend your knees. Yeah, hold the reformers still and step off. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Well, there's one side, there's another. Kay. Sometimes I go around the long way to stall.

Okay, so we step up onto the frame for us. That's important. Good. And then watch it. The feet are all aligned with one another. Beautiful. Okay. Arms Up. Hold the carriage. Still Inhale, open. The legs go down, down. Beautiful. And then pooling in both legs equal hold to fury and open.

Our Italian friends are very lucky. They brought us rain. We haven't had rain. I don't remember when the last time we had rain was a long time. And we need it so we're happy. Alright, Shane, lifting, lifting, lifting, squeeze. Don't forget to hold. And then two more times opening out beautiful arm positions.

Beautiful spinal positions. Good. All the way in. Nice touch. Whole. Lovely. Hey, one way. Okay, good. Gorgeous you guys. Okay, so to get down you can roll down, roll down, hold the reformers still and stuck down.

Oh Nice. Okay. So let's put the foot bar back up. We're going to do the down stretch followed by some knee stretches. Okay. So you can whatever springs is fine. I like for, I like for me a red, you can choose whatever you like.

Down stretch. Okay. Mazda is choosing to use a red and a blue string, which is totally legitimate. You're probably a little bit bigger than me, so that makes sense. All right, so let's bring the body into a nice arch and nice lifted position. So you want to feel the hamstrings working to support that.

Feel the abdominals working to support that. And then we're gonna press the reformer away. Press out. Yeah, push out. Ah, AH, beautiful. And then come back and again, creating a sense of support from the front and the back of the body, hamstrings and abdominals, and then go out. Go ahead. And as you lift in, feel that you're coming up in, you're trying to reach up against an imaginary wall. Good.

And then press out. Yeah, it's sliding back in. Lifting the chest, lifting the chest. I love it. Three more richer and back up, up in a way. Up in a way. Up in a way. Good. Two more. Opening through the collar bones. Lovely. Last one.

And now from there, round into your knee stretch position. So we get it back into the round, back knee stretch. Just working the spine in the opposite range of motion. Motion. Keep the spine still. That's right in here. And exhale, pull under. Stay round. Inhale and exhale. Good. And exhale back.

So that exhale breath is what brings the knees underneath you. Good. India and Xcel are wrapping. Nice. Beautiful. Three more. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale that last time and XL more around. Masih. Thank you. One more from Aussie. Good. That's enough. Come all the way in.

Bruno Rola. The next thing that we're going to do is the chest expansion, kneeling. So I think that's a perfect spring. Do you want to, you are going to keep your spring. Okay. Turn yourself around. Chest expansion. Hmm. Okay. All right, beautiful. Instead of holding onto the straps, I'm actually going to ask you to hold up here and then you can tell me if you still want to keep the spring that you decided on the is working with a red and a blue. That's a tough spring for that gun. Okay, so we're going to come to just in front of the body right there. Okay. So I want you to keep the positioning of your spine, keep the shoulders right over the knees and then press the arms back.

Exhale an inhale forward and press back. And as you press back, lift up and forward. Yes. Push the arms towards the floor. And in him you mean a is working on a lighter spring, she has a blue. I'm just getting you a nice, good solid range with her arms. Keep reaching up and forward. Nice. So the down reach, the, the idea of bringing the, I'm so almost like you're trying to drag your knuckles on the floor is where I, what I think is the most important.

K just one more time. Last one. Beautiful. That's plenty. So what I'm going to have you do now is put your straps down. I'm going to give you eating it. I'm going to give you a little more spring. We're going to do some biceps here. So you're going to scoot back?

Yeah. Yeah. So where I want you to be is where you can hold with your feet. [inaudible] okay. And then roll up. Just be careful. There's a little balance. Okay. So arms out. Go back into a thigh stretch. Not too far. Not too, too far. Just a little lean. Not your biggest by stretch.

Religious Lean. And now we bicep. Okay. Is it too heavy? Sorry. There you go. Sorry. Okay, so we bought one spring, one red spring, one red spring and one blue spring. I like to work with one in one red and one blue Masi I want you to take your arms all the way to straight. Thank you. Good. Beautiful. And you feel how you have to manage your balance here, right?

Or you should, yeah, keep the arms nice and narrow the elbows nice and narrow. Nice. Good. Last two times. Nice. Beautiful. One more time. Okay. Rest for a second. Arrest for a second. I'm going to give you more spring again. So now I have one red, one blue, two reds, one blue. You can do it.

We're going to do some rowing so the arms are out. You have to get back into your thigh. Stretch. Catch your balance. You just make sure you're nice and strong there. Pull. Yeah. Good work. And then push and pull.

Keep the pelvis forward. Nice. Good. And push and pull. Good. And reach. Does that spring heavy enough for you? It's good. Yeah. Good. Okay. Nicely done you guys. We're going to do four more. Okay.

Keep the pelvis pressed forward. So that's, that's the hard part for you, right? Keeping that five stretch happening too. Lovely. And one good. You guys. Great job. That's enough. Put your spring, uh, straps down. Let's get the box. We're going to do some sides.

Okay. So I'm just adding all of the springs onto the reformers and making space for the strap. And what I think want to see maybe is to um, to position your boss cause you're a little taller. So if you position your box over the top just to give him, um, plenty of space to work with. Is that going to be okay? I think it's good. Okay. So why don't we face me until your foot underneath your strap and then reached down and put your other, your free hand, your bottom hand down on the headrest.

Good. Beautiful. Okay, so the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna create a nice long line with the body. We're going to go both hands behind the head today. Okay. So one hand comes back. Move your shoulder blade like that. So there's space. Okay. So when you're ready to bring this light back a little. Okay. So we're going to lift the leg, lift the chest. Hey, other hand back. Good. You guys, look forward just a little right there we go. All the way down. We're just going to go five times and then we reach out.

I love ponytails. I like to pull on them. Good. Go all the way down and to reach, ah, all the way down. So it Masi think about this energy right there. Okay. Last two. So you're going out there, uh, last one. That's all. So you can stay down, you can reach over, reach over, push this foot the other way. Feel that beautiful stretch in the side of the body.

This is the best part. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think so. Okay. Go ahead and then help yourself up and other side. So when you, um, okay. Never mind. Okay. So you want to make sure that when you set your hand behind your head, you're not trying to squeeze your shoulder blade back.

Trying to keep the shoulder blades wide. Exactly. Good. Then we're going to go, we're ready to go. That's beautiful. That's beautiful. Go for it. Exhale to the left and reach this way out and inhale down and exhale out your reach out shoulder blades more wide. So you see how that makes room for your head and in here. So don't squeeze your shoulder blades together. When you put your hands behind your head, keep your shoulder blades nice and wide.

That was a little shoulder kink in my body. You, let's do cool. Gesta eyes forward. Last time. Stop. Hold. Whoa, whoa. This way. Hold it. Five, four, three of you're good to rest, rest, stretch. Oh, ah. Give yourself that moment to really open up the side of your body.

Now you're good. Okay. And then come back on and let's take the spring down to one blue, almost only one k and then we're going to turn the box. So it's long. This is a simple back extension. I teach it all the time. It's one of my very favorites.

It's not tricky or has a lot of choreography, but it's a really, um, focused exercise and I find it very beneficial. So you're going to like face down, your hands are gonna go on the frame. So you're going to have, you're like this. Yeah, I head that way. You good? Okay. So your arms are going to reach all the way out, all the way up as far as you can reach.

And then I want you to think about starting your movement with your shoulder blades. Good. And then start pulling the reformer that way. So you're gonna move the reformer. Yep, exactly. Lifting the spine 15 this fine, doing this fine. Good. And then as you come back down, you want to resist it and beautiful. Yeah, exactly. Lovely. Good. So we feel that we start the work in the Scapula and why?

I want you to focus, right. Okay. Right there. Right there. Good and hold that. I love it. And then when you go down, you want to create a resistance pattern. I think you could probably start with your arms a little further forward too. And give yourself some more range. So don't think high, don't think high. Think low and focused on the upper back. Yeah.

Beautiful. I love it. I would even stop you there, I think. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And then resisting back down. Okay, let's do about three more like that. Feeling the abdominal support, the spine, feeling that the pelvis is nice and stable. Nice and stable. Good.

Try to see if you can keep the ribs and the pelvis still like this space still. So only working up here holding this, these bones away from each other. Yeah. Yes, yes, yes. Okay. I think that was too, did I say to, I promise to that's enough. So let your back settle and then step off the side of the reformer onto the ground.

Let's come in. I think we'll be pretty close but I think we can make it so soon, right? And we're going to finish the way we started. Okay. So we're just going to in here and we're going to ask. So in reach forward for the box rounding down and then soft news is great. So reach out and find that nice long spine again.

You might find that you've got more arrange now, more range. Just keep your head here. Okay. And then around back in. Beautiful. And again, press our, oh, just keep your hands on the box. That's how we're going to go two more times. So finding your flat back and it's not all of us that need to think about going down as we go out. Lift out to go out.

Some of us need to just think about going out to go out and that's enough. And then around. Okay. Then beautiful. One more time reaching out. I love it. It's beautiful. And rounding.

And then once you're a kickbox comes into the stopper, just continue up onto your feet. Good. See, um, come here. Come here. You can just face me. So we know, just reach out. Take the arms up, lift. Interlock your hands. Threaten the hands inside on. Reach over.

I left and rage over. Yeah. And then the arms separate. You reach out. Spread the fingers this time. Really gathering energy. An inhale. Okay. And XL rounding the spine rolling towards the floor.

Oh, feeling the body lift to support that downward movement. The abdominals lift to support that downward movement. Yeah. Inhale and exhale. As you roll back up, as you come up, let your arms come up in front of you. Reach forward. And I add open and arms down. And just one more time. Roll the spine down.

Exhale your body down, letting your shoulders settle. You can inhale and exhale as you lift back. Huh? And irreechaa Oh, no way. And just let the arms fall. Can I see.


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Wonderful class Meredith one of the best stretches as a warm up, great use of the foot strap for mat work.
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Love your work Meredith :)
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I am finishing the comprehensive BASI program in VA in December. Watching you teach is so helpful. You are one of my favorites.
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Going into faves!
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Meredith thank you very much.
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Thank you Mary! Always enjoy your classes.
Missing my BASi family. hugs to all.
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I really love your classes Meredith, You are very inspiring
Thank you ALL for watching my classes. This one was extra special with my friends from Italy!
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Great class Meri as always and great students!
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Great class. Just a little suggestion. It would have been good to have an alternative for the mat work at the beginning for those who don't have a strap at the bottom of their reformer.
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