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Strong and Long Reformer

50 min - Class


You will feel strong and long after this Reformer workout with Meredith. She uses shorter repetitions while focusing on the end range of movement for each exercise. Meredith also uses the Magic Circle the entire class with variations of Long Spine Stretch, Knee Stretches, and more.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Magic Circle

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Nov 22, 2014
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Hi. Today's focus is to work strong but long perhaps using shorter repetitions, but focusing on in ranges of movement. I have the magic circle here on the box waiting for me. I'm gonna use it for some of the class. So what we're going to do is we're going to start towards the end of the reformer.

I have a blue spring on starting with the arms down the sides of reaching down the size of the body and lifting in opposition, the top of the head up towards the sky. We inhale and reach the arms out. You're just taking a moment here. Slowly moving the arms to bring awareness into the body. Exhale to press the arms out to bring intention into our practice as the arms low or there's a direct direct reminder to lengthen up and inhale.

One more time. We reach out through the arms reaching wide, touching the two sides of the room. As the arms reach overhead, the spine, Ilan gates, it grows, it reaches out through the fingertips and as the arm press out, we feel that capacity for expansion in our bodies. Taking the arms up one more time in here. As we exhale, we're going to round the spine, taking the hands to the box. Inhale, allow the pelvis to start to lift up. Finding a flat back. Then keeping the spine long, taking that flat back forward and down. Inhaling to pause. Excellent to round the spine back in.

So just moving the spine through space, standing just over the heel. Stilting the tailbone up. Moving like a wave through this find we find the flat back and reach long pivoting at the hip joints x. We were around the spine back in feeling the shoulders draw heavily away from the ears. One more time. Let the pelvis lead. Reach out. Pause there.

Connecting the front ribs to the back ribs is always a good thing for me to think about. An exhaling to around the spine, up keeping the spine round in the pelvis squared. Step the right hand over near the left hand and once again you long gate the back. As we press out on the box. This time we're reaching the body around towards the left, lengthening out through the right side of the body. Xcel to curl again. Notice that we're trying to keep the hips fairly straightforward. Feel that the tailbone lifts up.

There's a ripple energy through the spine as we find that flat spine and then we reach out and over towards the left, paying specific attention to standing back on the right foot XL to curl the body. Walk the right hand to the red side of the box, follow it with the left hand. Find a flat spy. Reached the box out. Elongating this time the left side of the body. Feel the ribs draw in and up. Xcel to cruel in rippling through the spine, fine flat and then hinges from the hip joints. Take the box down or the spine down and then curl and then one hand once again on either side of the box. One more time. We reached the back, long lengthening down.

Feel that the head doesn't drop below the arms that we're trying to challenge that link. Challenge that position all the time. Pressing the box away, but leaning back towards the feet. We now exhale and curl the body back in and roll the spine up. While I'm here. I'm just going to set my springs up for foot worth. I prefer my preference is three reds and one blue spring, so sitting down on the box. Now the visual that I want us to try to remember when using the ring is that we have a circular or a cylinder in our trunk as well as a cylindrical shape prop in our hands, so the pelvic floor, the diaphragm, the front and the back of the body. That's where our cylinder lies, and as you press into the ring each time, try to draw energy into the cylinder. That is your body. Inhale, I want you to pull the ring apart. Feel that the ribs expand. Exhale, press into the ring. Round the spine.

Roll backwards. Press down and slightly back with the feet. Yeah, let the low back come to the mat. Inhale, we're going to take the arms up, up, up, reach back, back, back, and XO. The arms come in. The body will follow. Lifting the spine tall. Inhale, pull the ring apart. Exhale, press into the ring with your arms, with your back muscles, with your waist in with. He inhale, we take the ring back and here's that exploration of the end range, the end range. Really challenge yourself there and then reach the ring forward and allow the body to just float back up and elongate the spine. Inhale, pull the ring apart. Last time. Exhale, we curl, we press inwards. All around. The ribs are sliding in and together the front ribs are sliding down the back.

Keep the feet on the bar, reaching back, back, back, back only as far back as you can go without taking your body down and then forward and then [inaudible] rolling up, up, looking straight through the ring and sitting tall. Inhale, pull the ring apart. Feel the shoulder blades expand. XL, press into the ring. Find that same positioning on the lower back and now we turn, we rotate the ring, turning the top arm over the bottom arm and Xcel to come center in your turn, the body feel the rib that you're turning to slide inwards as the opposite ribs come across to meet it. Inhale to rotate and exhale to come back in. Heal to rotate and exhale to come back. One more.

Inhale to rotate. Annex. Have to come back and inhale to rotate and exhale to come back and post it in here and lifting. Oh, I bet. And now we do some seated rotation. We'll inhale and rotate to our right. Keep the relationship between the collarbones in the ring consistent.

Reach the ring up, feel the whole spine lift as the ring presses back. Lower the ring down and exhale to center. Here's some breath suggestion. Inhale to rotate the body. Exhale to stretch the spine up, lifting the top of the head through the ring and then press the ring back down and then come back to center in to rotate. I imagine as the arms lifted, the ring is a vacuum sucking the spine app.

That's our exhale. Inhale, the ring comes down an exhale. We take it back and inhale to rotate, keeping the knees and feet symmetrical on the bar. Exhale, inhale, the arms come back and exhale. We come to center breathing in here, breathing out. We rolled out the ring, reaches out in front of us, can't, how much can you round your back without actually moving the ring yet? And then peeling down, finding the lower back against the box, lifting one leg, lifting the other leg. Now we're going to hold it, the ring right here.

We're going to take the legs towards the bar as far as you can without lifting your lower spine off the box and back in how we reached down. And exhale we pull back one in how we reached an x, how we pull back, and now we're going to add the arms and just like we did before we find out how far back we can go without the body falling off the box or falling out of its selection in here. And exhale, press into the ring as it comes over the knees and inhale and exhale and then bring the knees into the chest. Hug The ring around the knees, cruel. The body lifts three, lifts the feet, take the right foot towards the bar and rotate the ring. Try to reach up and touch the outside of the left ankle and then center and then rotate and reach. Touch the outside of the right and center so we keep the knees bent.

Keep that lever heavy and center and reach. And every time I exhale I'm adding a little squeeze against the ring in here. Exhale and inhale. Exhale last time, reaching over, holding, pulling Ah, to light leg on the bottom three n center. Inhale, exhale and lift one, two is working on that an range hold center.

Set one leg down. Set the other leg down. Pull back a little bit with your feet. Feel the backside of the body. Engage at O. Roll yourself back up and lift the ring up over the head and bring the arms down. I'm going to take my box. I'm just going to bring my ring with me cause I'm gonna use it again. The box is gonna go away.

I've already set myself up for a footwork so I'm ready to go. I just need to put my bar up. Cool. Wind down on our back. Heels on the bar. Ring comes just over the top of the body. Tell Bonus Dan, we're going to inhale here as we exhale, just using the ring, a light press on the rink to gather energy through the middle of the body.

And in your release. And exhale, press. And let's pull the ring as we bend the knees, reminding ourselves. Exhale, press to create energy in both directions. Exhale, press and inhale. Paul, feel that as this happens, the shoulder say y and flat on them. We'll do four more and theory and back to and back one and pas moving our way to our toes, setting on setting up onto the toes. So we're going to move the ring through space. So as we press out, we're gonna press the ring towards the length and then lift back up and press into the ring, lowering it down and lifting back and press down. So we get a little full body work here. As we're doing our foot work, press and lift, taking care to stand equally on both legs, press and left, and for eh three to work in the backside of the body and one and lifting.

We'll bring the heels together, bring the ring down across the front of the chest. Inhale, exhale, press into the ring. Feel the whole body. Now you'll get a little bit more work here and then pull apart and press. Imagine that you're squeezing the rink, not just send, pulling, not just with your arms but also with the sides of your body, with your knees, with your heels and open and for notice the back of the body. Relax on the rich former too and the hack and one and the heck. And then we're going to take the heels out wide.

The arms are going to start bent as they were just, we're gonna stretch up, present to the ring and pull in and vent and press. So imagine here that as the arms are squeezing the ring, the legs are also working in that same orientation, working into one another and Paul and for pulling back and theory polling back to pulling back and or and pulling back on the lesson. And then we're going to do is come onto the toes. And here I want us to rest the ring right over the tops of the rims, a gentle heel position, heel of the hand position on the top of the, on the top of the ring. And inhale here as we exhale and stretch through the legs, we're going to gently bend the arms. And press and release.

So imagine here that you're pressing down or just continuing to remind ourselves and to create challenge around the idea that we can always feel that dropping action, that exhalation action around the rib cage, not rounding through the spine, but simply bringing the front ribs to the back ribs and, and we'll do four and lift three and two and left uh, one and uh, taking the ring back in our long arm position, toes back to the center of the bar. We'll just reach out and the heels go down and up and down. And I'm here. I'm visualizing as I present to the ring that my body is lifting up with my arms. So what I mean by that is that I'm not dropping into my reformer, but I'm all almost trying to pull and hover my body up off the reformer working all the time in the down, curl in the Dorsey flection, adamantly pulling under the bar and then floating almost as the, again, the ring could just suspend our body off the reformer.

I'm going to do two more year and one more. And then holding here. We're going to pray and pray hands and can we keep the arms very still here? Surprisingly challenging. And I just, usually we have our arms down next to our sides to create additional support as we move the feet from position to position, finding the up and then the down, keeping the feet active all the time. And then just looking and watching is the ring stuff.

It's an interesting inquiry, physical inquiry and mental inquiry. I knew one more on each side after this. So here we are. We'd pull under, we're going to stay there and stretch dash two three pulling from the front of the shit. Lift and pull under two, three and lift and [inaudible] bend the needs to come back and lower the arms down. Roll to your side and help yourself though. Um, we're going to do a little bit of single leg work. I'm just gonna remove one of my red springs.

So I like a nice heavy setting and you come down into our side. I just thread my arm through and rested on the headrest and then I place my head right on it. And that's not comfortable. You could get yourself a pillow of some description. So I'm going to take the ring and I'm going to arrest it just in front of my body. So now as I exhale to use my top leg and press out, I'm going to press down on the ring with my top arm and lift my ribs on my bottom side.

So just reminding myself to stay active on both sides of the body and release and slide the ring down, lifting the bottom ribs and release and press left and really press left and really work through the waist. Although the front of the body's working slightly to press the ring. Now we want to keep the collar bones long and why last too. And the last one going to hold the contraction that down contraction with the m we're going to bend the knee. We're going to do 10 little pulses, nine with both of the leggings and the arm. Seven breathing into the center of the body.

Five four, three, two one stretching all the way out and bending to come in. Turning onto our backs here. Take the leg that was just on the bar. Hook it into the ring, stretch the opposite leg out on the bar and just allow that knee to. Then as you bring the leg that you were just working across the body, I'm endeavoring to keep the opposite side of my pelvis heavy and I'm using my opposite handed to assure myself that that's happening. I'm actually with my left arm, which is holding the ring.

I'm pulling across and with my right arm I'm pulling down like I'm trying to pull my body in two directions and then we're going to come back through center and just simply switch to the other side. So down on the arm, finding position where you're comfortable finding a nice flat spine resting the ring on the reformer. Inhale, we pressed down an e long ate the body and resist and let go and again, as I'm pressing down on the ring, I'm lifting through the bottom side of my body, not overextending, not arching that sigh, but in an attempt to keep my body long on both sites, press and really press and really reaching down, feeling the head relaxed on the arm for more. Three more. Breathing up the bottom too, and one holding that contraction that down in direction with the arm bending the knee. And now we pause one and two and three little pulses with the eye.

Little pulses with the legs. Four, three, two, one reaching all way coming all the way back down before we turn to take the stretch on that side, we're just going to help herself up and remove one of the red springs. So now I have one red spring and one blue spring. I'm going to ally myself back down and I'm gonna let my bottom leg rest in. Bend on the bar. I'm going to take that leg that I just worked in, rested in the ring and then using my opposite hand to hold the pelvis down and just allowing the body to come across. So I'm feeling almost as though I'm making an x with the bones of the femur and the pelvis. Does that make sense? I don't know if it makes sense.

It makes sense in my brain. Leg goes across the hip joint, pulls down, and then coming back through center, taking the ring between the knees, lifting the feet up. I'm going to bring my feet together and I'm going to reach back. This is a very simple exercise though. It's not easy at all. Bringing my arms just above my shoulders. Inhale here on the exhale. Firstly, I'm just going to press into the ring and feel the ribs slide down.

So I'm trying to gather energy through my midsection and release without ever actually lifting into flection yet. Exhale, press and really excellent press and release. Now I'm gonna Pause there with the ring not squeezing to its maximum and I'm going to curl my chest up and I'm gonna squeeze. One, two, three. I'm going to lift my arms first and then I'm going to take my body down. I just need to readjust. Mirroring a little bit. Coming right back. Yeah, in you. Exhale, bringing the Chyna, bringing the trunk up, pause and press one and two.

And here as your inflection, you can see as one leg working harder and then lifting the arms and lowering the body. One more time like guy. Exhale, lifting the head and chest and I'm pressing one. Every time we squeeze we can squeeze the arms into the body. We can squeeze the abdominals down and release. And now in here and as we exhale we're going to curl the head and chest up and extend the lay and bend the knees and come down and curl the head in Chelsea pen. Stretch the legs and then the knees and come down. One more.

I like that curl they had in chest up in stretch the legs holding the body. Here we take the legs down to three, reaching out over the foot bar and up to three, keeping the knees as strong and straight as we can. Down to three and two, three and down to holding the legs. We turn the arms in and we open and pour three open. Keeping the arms lined up with the body pulled to open Po, then the knees and lower the body. All right, way down.

It's tough to bring one foot in at a time into the straps I reach and place the other fit in the strap. And we're going to bend the knees and we're going to bring the ring into the ankles and I didn't. They're nice and nice and even and pressed the legs out, settling and pressing into the ram. In parallel. I'm going to keep my pelvis down and I'll allow my legs to lift up, looking at my knee joints, making sure they're facing me. I'm going to bend my knees, holding my femurs still. So I'm working through my hamstrings and I'm going to press out on the right.

Let's inhale to lift the legs. Exhale, keep the femurs still bend and pull the ring down and exhale says stretch. And one more lift. Yeah, bend and crass and now reverse. So we bet and we keep that femur still and we press into the ring as we straighten the knees and then we press through the backsides of the legs to lower the legs down in any Elle to bend the knees, keep the tailbone down, reach up with the ankles and pressing back down. And one more time like that. Bend and reach, press and bend.

And this time we're just gonna lift. We're gonna take the rings into our hands. Just rest the ring across the center of the chest again, coming once again into a rotational position with our hips. And then we're going to open and as the legs come together, I kind of press into the ring and lift. So I'm just do, we've done a lot of inner thigh work. I'm just trying to open that. Join up, open up the hip joint in Haleigh, open and press one more. I know. Yep.

One more. Just couldn't decide there for a minute and press. So let's take that in reverse now in how reaches around and press and inhale, feel the ring can expand as the ribs expand coming all the way together in the center with the legs and press down with the legs and into the ring. And two of them are reaching around in a and press last time, reaching around and up and the press [inaudible]. What'd he say? Should we try the long spine with the ring? I think that's a logical progression here.

I didn't give myself a little bit of space. Place the ring back into my ankles. I'm going to maintain my rotation in my pelvis, stretching out through the legs. We bring the legs to vertical from vertical and keeping the carriage still. We lift the body reaching up. Ah, and we're gonna press to Siri. And then we're going to roll the spine back down, keeping the legs reaching straight up, checking in for tension in the neck and shoulders, dropping the pelvis and taking the legs down and in here to lift the lay finding vertical and acts as we arise.

Ah, AH, ah Huh. And then the rolling down, keeping the stillness in the reformer, tailbone touches and the legs. Press away. Blasts time. We're going to have those three little pulses again and this time as we pull someone us to see if we can lengthen our spine with [inaudible] each pulse. So we find our way to the top. We you press, lift, press lift, reaching taller and taller each time and then slowly down all the way finding the pelvis and taking the legs away. And the niece. Take the ring in the hands, take one foot out of this, trap the other foot out of the strap, and bring the reformer in, rolling over to the side and helping ourselves up. So what we're gonna do now is move to one red spring.

We're just gonna use the ring for awareness around, again, just like we've been doing, finding the center of the body. So we're going to come up and what I want you to do is go into a little bit of a wider position with your knees, slightly wider than normal, and place the ring in between your legs. So just to get it in between your legs, there should be a little bit of engagement happening. They're taking a hold of the straps, reaching the arms down the sides of the body. So I'm not expecting you to squeeze or move the legs towards one another. I'm just wanting you to hold the ring there.

And now we're going to press down and back with the arms. Just bringing awareness to the middle of the body and reaching forward and press down and back with the arms and bringing awareness to it. Always to the middle of the body to this size, pulling together to the top of the head, reaching up. We're going to hold back on these last three. We're going to pull back whole and then find that end range one down and back, two down and back three and then reaching for keeping the arms very straight all the time and we press back. Can we hold?

Let me go down and two and back. I'm not even really pulling back more than I than I was at the end range of my movement. I have gotten there. I've gotten to my maximum pulling back holding and then I'm just trying to go further. But if I'm already at my maximum, all I can do is create more. Try living's going to stay where it has her going to reach over and place the straps down. Gonna walk forward. Hands on the risers, sit back so the pelvis hovers just over the rink and then slide the shoulders down and pull. This is a heavier spring, a much heavier Sprake than I usually use for this exercise. We're just gonna do a few. We're going to pull through and release back and pull through and release back on the next three.

We're going to do the same thing that we just did, so we pull through and now we hole two to three and really and again pull through hole, pull one, two, three and really last pull through hole one, two, three and release. I'm just going to let my body hang down between my arms for two moments. Taking a stretch through the shoulders. Be Very careful as you walk yourself back. Carefully. Take the ring out from between the lengths.

Place the ring down in front of the thighs so I can just reach with the, with the knuckles of my fingers. So we're just going to inhale here without shifting backwards at all. We're going to let the body start to fold for it. As it folds forward, you'll find in the heels of your hands. Now I want you to draw in and up on your waist and apply down pressure on the ring. And then lift back up in here.

Exhale, head goes down. Yeah, spine. So we lift through the middle of our bodies. We're pressing our pelvis forward. It's not a huge moment, but you should feel a lot of work. I'm feeling my legs, my hamstrings, my ams. Yeah, most importantly, and certainly my abdominals. We're going to do that three more times and we're going to add a little press at the bottom. So exhale, lifting up and over, keeping the pelvis stuff and how we lift through the waist area. Press and press and press and rolling ourselves back up and looking forward one more time like that.

Inhale and exhale as we draw in and reached down and how he brass and press and press and rolling up. Really come to see it here. Taking the legs out in front of us. So I'm going to stick with that one spring. I'm going to take my straps in my hand. It's going to be a little bit of a challenge to get ourselves into, but we'll manage. So from there I want you to put your ring in your upper arms and then sitting up tall and pressing inward so that we feel that the upper arms are working towards one another and the spine is working all the time to sit up.

And then we're just going to bend the arms, lift and press into the ring and open. So you could think about as, as the elbows are bending in, the elbows are reaching towards one another and the collarbones and the shoulder blades are broad and it's not the most challenging bicep exercise ever. But holding the position with the Pecs, with the upper back, and then moving from the biceps is where I'm finding my challenge and reaching a, keeping those inner Elvis, reaching together all the time and out and back and out. Now we're going to bend like this around back. The ring will get in your way so you can only go so far. And then we're gonna lift the chest, extend the back, reach the body up and straighten the arms.

Two more times like that. Bent and Harass Pas, extend the spine, lift the elbows, reach up and straighten last bet and extend the sign. Lift up, lift the elbows and reach to stray. Wow. It felt very challenging to me. Let me do a little bit of rotational work. Now I'm going to move to a blue spring.

I'm going to sit cross legged on the reformer and I'd like to take the strap, the one that's closest to us here, and bring it around so that it hooks across the ring hooks across the handle of the ring, and then we're going to hold the ring just against the rims with the hands and the front of the body. So as you can feel now, just holding this position can, can require a little bit of an organizational stabilization. Inhaling here, as we exhale, rotating towards the foot bar, we're going to engage this, those obliques. We're going to twist and then I want us to d rotate from the opposite side of the body without going too far without passing the mid line and Xcel as we turn and arise. Just keeping the arm and rib relationship consistent. Meaning don't pull the ring off center and then lift and pull. And now we're going to hold this orientation and we're going to try to go a little further and further and hold.

And then center we're going to work the opposite rain. So we're going to de rotate the body, keeping the pelvis stuff and then pull ourself to center and rotate the body. Letting the springs. We'll do some of your work for you or all of your work that for that matter if you let them, but you don't have to let them do your work for you. You can feel the opposite side of the body turning. Yeah.

And then we control [inaudible] all back and one more churning and control the way back holding, pressing the ring into the body. Lifting no one to stay. Get press the ring into the ribs and just start to pick the chest up. So a little bit of seated back extension, coming back to neutral and see turning around to the other side. Now I'm going to change the cross on my legs. Okay.

And then again, so taking the strap that's closest to you looking at around the ribs or around the ring. The ring is gonna rest, just where the front ribs come together. And now we hold the body and just take a minute to organize yourself so that your body is straight and you feel connected to both sides of the body. And then we're gonna draw into that far away. Sign in, rotate towards the bar. And then d rotate from the side of the body closest to the risers and then lift and rotate. And d rotate back just to center, just to center, which can be challenging to find.

[inaudible]. And this time we're going a little further. So lift and twist and lift and twist. Yeah, left into West. And then coming back to the center, find your center and then rotating towards the risers. I myself being a rib thruster, like having the ring in front of my ribs to remind me not to overextend the from my thoracic spine. Do you rotate and pull back?

Yeah. De Roti. Yeah, pull back. Working both sides of the body and Paul back. And then taking this strap away. I'm going to change my blue spring to a red spring and come back up onto my knees. Once again, I'm going to bring in the ring in between my thighs and I'm going to bring my feet right up against the shorter block. It's a little challenging to get the rain in there, but once it's there, it works just fine. Okay, the feed up against a shorter back and we're gonna sit back into around position. And from there we're going to press the carriage out.

And as you pull it back in, you're going to round in, curl on the ringer tip a little bit. As it comes towards the springs, my, my front ring is tipping up and as it goes away from us, the front of the rings tipping down and then draw in. And as you pull into your middle in that round back stretch and I want you to press into your ring and, and press into the right and back and harass into the [inaudible] and back and press into the ring and holding. Here. We just squeeze one and two, squeezing all the way through the body three and release and pull in. Then press one, two, three and back last time poorly press one to three and all the way take the ring out from between the legs. Just going to carry it with me while I go onto and grab my box again.

I'm going to pick up the box, place the box on the reformer. I'm setting up for a side over us here. So for that I need to lower my bar and I need to load up my spring and I had my foot strap. So starting with the one foot underneath the strap, bringing the ring with us. We'll bring that opposite leg up underneath us on the box and we'll shift over onto that hip.

So for now I'm just going to take my ring out in front of me relative to my spine or forward relative to my spine. From there, lifting the leg up into the strap. I'm just going to take my bottom like, sorry, that's an arm my bottom arm up. So from here we're going to go down over the box. Inhale, exhale to lift holding here, reaching overhead, lowering down. Inhale, go down over the box, press up with the bottom hand. Feel that bottom right of lift us up, reach up and down. One more over the box, lift up, arms holding to each elongating, taking the bottom hand all the way down. I can bring the ring down with us and just hanging into that stretch. I'm going to take my ring and just hook it over that front shoulder block so that I can help myself up and go through a rotation.

That's important to me. It feels good. Stretching them back of the body. So just these little, it's just small repetitions with a lot of focus. A lot of internal focus can really bring a lot of challenge to the body without really needing to go into complicated choreography. In my opinion, and I've said this before and I'll say it again, some of the places where I'm able to find the most challenged within my own experience are the places where the choreography is the most simple. So I have my hand down.

I do that so that I can find my position and I'm going to take my arm out in front of me. It's holding the ring. Once I'm certain that I'm ready to go, I'm going to bring bottom hand to their ring and then I inhale and take my body over the top ring still just in front of my chest. I exhale to a straight line. We're going to reach out through the body and then bringing the arms back and inhaling down and exhaling up and reaching out and yeah, inhaling down and exhaling up and we hold two, three, four, five and we will let the bottom hand catch us as we come down. So I might just hook that ring there now and take a stretch over the top. Breathing into the stretch. Sometimes like to shift slightly forward or back, allowing the stretch to move differently through my body.

Use this time to organize around what feels good to you. Rotate. I like to rotate, letting my spine slightly round first and then working tee longing the back as well. Okay. Coming back up. We're on the home stretch. I'm just gonna rest my ring on the box. Turn the box to a long position. And again, the placement of the ring might be the most challenging part of setting up for the exercise, but I'm sure we'll all manage well.

I'm going to use one blue spring and that will bring me full circle. Cool. Lying on the box, face down facing the risers. My chest is just over the edge. I don't want to look back and make sure I'm aligned and then I'm going to reach back, bend my knees and place the ring between my ankles.

Okay, so that's what's going on there. Stretch out through the legs. Press into the ringing. Keep the legs just, they're not gonna lift off the box, they're just gonna Hover. I want you to feel that they're very light on the box. The arms reach forward. We're going to start here just by letting the head come up. Start to slide the shoulder blades down and we lift up and forward through this spy.

And then we create a controlled resistance and that's where I'm going to press into my arena. Little and he long getting, letting the eyes change. We look where we're going, pulling the abdominals up away from the box. They're reaching back down. One more like that. Sliding the arms, sliding the spine and reaching back down. I'm gonna change it now without lifting the legs any higher than they are. They're hovering now I want them to hover just off the box.

We're going to slide up through the body and we're going gonna bend the knees, bend the knees, lifting the spine and bending the knees all the way back and then reaching all the way back in the air and bending the knee, sliding the arms back, bringing the tips of the toes all the way to the back of the head. Really in reality, Meredith, probably not, but that's a nice idea. And one more time ending and pulling back. Holding here, holding here. Let's do three pulses with the arms. Two, one, three lifts with the legs. Two, one, three of both legs, arms two, three. And then we all outta like stressed and reach all the way down. Letting the legs just hang.

When I bend my knees and reach back for my ring. Let's step to the side of the box. Let the ring rest on the box. Walking around to the front of the reformer. Inhaling, reaching up. Exhale, folding the body down. The hands come to the box, the tailbone, eland gates. We s fluidly move the spine, taking the body down. Dan, who might feel that you have more range here and then curling rippling through the spine as we lift back on and feel that as the tailbone lifts and we start to Ilan Gate through the spine, we press the weight of the body back into the legs. Try to let go of the front of the heads.

We dive down and rounding the are going to do one more. Sometimes feeling the ripple of the spine. I like to end and start with the same exercise just to feel different in how my body responds and how I feel in my body. Feeling the energy energy that we've all created through movement. Moving through. No, let the hands just slide off the box.

Take the rms around in half and now with less of a push than we started, but with more of a floating energy. Feel the body floating up through the arms and then let the arms bend and just fall trickling down, moving quietly, noticing the skin, the bones, the thins, the sensation between the skin and the bones. And when my reaching on Nice and easy, nice and [inaudible] and the elongation of the whole body and the energetic upward movement of the whole body of the arms, just fall through space and land. We take that energy and bring it with us for the rest of the day when I go week or whatever. Thanks.


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love it!! :)
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Great..Loved it !
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I have an incredible busy day but I just had to do this and so glad I took the time. Thank you Meredith, now I can face the day!
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Thank you meredith.
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muito bom. Adorei!!
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l really enjoyed this class. The less reps is more approach was great! Thank you Merideth!
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Definitely a challenge...Loving it! =)
Very challenging class! Loved using the ring. I especially loved the leg spring sequence. Thank you:)
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Great class!
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