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If you're looking for a workout that is quick and effective, then this is the perfect class for you! Cara Reeser teaches a standing workout using the Theraband that works your entire body in a short amount of time. With low repetitions and precise movements, this class will give you the boost you need for the rest of your day!

If you want to do this workout when you don't have access to the video, print out our pdf version below.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Theraband

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Okay. Hi, I'm Carrie sir, and I'm here to do a mobile workout with you again. This one is standing, so if you don't have on tights today, that's all right. You're going to take your theraband, which you already have. This is a yellow. You could have a heavier band. This is a pretty light one, but it's enough for me today and you're going to start standing on your band. This is the way we ended. The last ones have you did the last one.

You'll remember this gesture, but I like to start with it too. I'm going to lengthen my spine up the wall. My feet are far like maybe a foot and a half from the wall. I'm standing on the band. Take a deep breath in. Hold your breath at the top and exhale true shoulders. Relax. Take another deep breath in and exhale on the next inhale.

Drop your head and let the band help you. Roll down through your spine. Your Butt will slide up the wall and you are going to hang down and stretch the backs of your legs. Big Breath in and out, and we're going to roll back up. Bring your abdominal muscles towards your spine, lengthen, and then make big shoulder circles. You're going to go forward up, and then this moment, the star, the band pulls your shoulders down.

It's really a nice stretch around the muscles of the neck. We're going to go down again, letting the band assist us, stretching the backs of the legs rolling back up, and this time you're going to pick those arms up. Inhale, exhale. Actually, let's turn our palms out on that one. Inhale. Exhale. Not too much tension in the upper shoulders. Try to make this part of your rib cage, breath and down. Okay, so the next thing are wall squats. You can have the same position you could tighten up on your band.

You're going to go as low as you can. Go sliding down that wall, pulling that band optic a breath. Exhale up. Good. If you didn't go very low, you might. Next time, here we go. Take it down all the way. Take a pause, feel your feet, push back up, and again, inhale, drawing that naval back a little bit to support your low back. And uh, all right, jump back. That was tricky. And hold the band crossed. Side hips. All right, this is super important for our low back.

So we're going to go ahead and do eight on each side. That's two. Three, try not to tip over. Four, five, six, smooth it out. Seven, eight, switch sides. Now Watch, I'm not falling. You'll hold yourself up. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. That's already tiring. All right, so you're going to stand on the band with your left foot. Your right foot is going to be back against the wall and we're going to do some lunges. So just lunge down, take a breath or two, straighten your back leg and let that stretch the front of your hip.

Really, really the place where you're sitting all day needs some stretching. Inhale, lift, open, exhale, open, exhale, open, exhale. Great. So switch sides. Same thing. Take a second in this lunch, get your set up, get your heel against the wall. And Ben. Now really go a little lower. Straighten the back leg. Breathe, lift the arms and we're going open three times. Inhale, exhale. Keep your elbow straight. Keep reaching into the band.

Keep bending your front leg, stretch the back of the leg and come and stand into the band with your other foot. A little bit of arms. Take the palm to the heart stretch and in actually bring this foot to the side. That's better. Stretch and in stretch. And then now we're going to go the other arm. Reach and reach and reach in other arm and up, down, up, down, up, switch feet. So you're getting the gist of this, right?

You go out and then feel the backs of your arms working, keeping your posture really long. Really Tall. Big Breath in. Yeah, the band will flip around. That's fine. And in and down. And then last time on this side, big breath. Long Spine. Great. And step on the band both feet. Again, this one reminds me of when I was in PE class when I was a kid. And to go down, you're going to reach for the corner of one side and pick up the band on the back. Come back up, pull both arms doing different things. Long Spine, no slouching. Break at the hips. Stretch your legs and Paul and [inaudible]. Let's do one more on each side just cause it's super awesome in my opinion.

And if your arms are getting tired that because you're getting stronger. All right. Take the van, bring it around your upper back. Turn to the wall. Ladies. Get your pushups on. Here we go. Put your hands here. Now this band is going to help me keep my back. Wong. Elbows to the wall and elbows to the wall. Oh, okay. Elbows to the wall. Up.

Twist to the right center. Twist to the left. See all I'm turning my head with the twist that's going to make my neck feel better throughout the day and not get so stiff that I can drive when I'm 90. Okay, one more slide. Good. One more pushup just for fun. Okay, great.

Have a great day. See Ya.


Kim W
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I could keep it on the Cara Reeser channel all day long! This would make a great beginning or ending to mat class. Thank you!
So glad you like it Kim. More on the way. Happy Holidays.

I really have a great day. Thank you ??
Thank you! I really enjoyed that. I'm pregnant so it was a nice workout for myself and great inspiration for my classes:)
Saraanya, Oilvia, Thank you. Glad you like it.
Happy Holidays and I am grateful for your kind feedback.
Just what I needed when I woke up late this morning!
Cool and casual! Will def look out for a full class of yours! thanks
Margherita S
love,it. gets all the right places!
Kathleen M
I like the tricep push-ups at the end. Thx cara!
Jamie H
Therabands are so useful and effective! I highly recommend them.This video had helpful tips and is ideal for people who do not have much time to work out.
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