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Whether you have been naughty or nice, this Mat workout by Meredith Rogers will give you everything you need to get your holiday started! She uses the Magic Circle and adds fun combinations to put a new spin on some of the traditional exercises. You will definitely want to repeat this class because there are so many little challenges to work on! Happy Holidays!
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Dec 25, 2015
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It might not look like Christmas. Okay, here in California, but it's Christmas to us. So if you want to work out with us, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, go, go, go. All right, Chrissy got my friend Christie in the his ass and now we're gonna call. All right, so just the rest of the circle, just underneath the kneecap.

You look that seed at the feeder parallel to one another and in service, straight arms. And, and gently here, let's close our eyes for just a minute and forget that. Um, I just embarrassed myself in front of all of you and my friend Christie. Oh, if you're wondering what my hat says, it says I've been good, which is only partially true. So lifting tall, feeling energy, running up and down the spine, feeling the weight of the body sitting on top of the sitting bones. And then with the heels of your hands, gently press into the ring with the upper arm and gently guide the ring back against the knees and use that to lift the spine up. And you can open your eyes whenever you want or keep them closed as long as you want. But I'm opening my now. Inhaling and exhale. Feel the rotation of the pelvis going in a posterior direction. So round the lower spine.

Let the ring reach out in front of you without rounding the collarbones too much. And then press the ring down into the knees to Elongate the back and sit up again. Inhale and exhale, pressing the ring. So using the ring as a, as a what? A tool to create resistance against. And then using the ring as a tool to feel the spine Ilan Gate.

Inhale and exhale around. Just watch it. The collarbones don't start curling forward. Just using, using, um, the idea of the collarbones and the ring as a rectangle, right with, with sharp edges and around. And we're moving on. So we're going to lift the ring up off the knees. Inhale here. Exhale, roll the body back, pause there, feel the lower back. Come on to the mat. Inhale, bring the ring up over the head. Exhale, bring the ring down just over. The knees are in front of the knees and roll the spine up.

Bring the ring just to the ankles so the shoulders come over the pelvis and then lift up. The ring comes in front of us. Inhale and exhale, tucking the tail under. Feel the feet glide backwards towards the backs of the legs using the hamstrings. Use a little bit. Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale, lower the arm and Rola and lift the spine. Inhale and exhale. Rolling backs of feel. That same idea of the ring reaching forward as the lower spine rounds. Even when you don't have the ring against your knee's depressed. Inhale the arms come. Exhale the arms come down.

Inhale to pause and exhale to roll up sitting tawdry. Then as you rotate your body towards me, exhale as you roll down that side of the spine coming through center. Either take the ring in front of you or lift the ring up overhead. Come around to the opposite side. Roll up that side of the spine, lifted tall and rotation and find center. Inhale to rotate. Exhale to roll.

That rounding ring can come across the body or it can come up over the top of the head over to the other side. Rola, lifting and rotate to center. Let's do that one more time through. Inhale and exhale. Using the breath, stabilizing the lower back as you rotate around the spine, rounding the spine all the way and finding center. And inhale and exhale. As we roll back the ring goes up all the while doing a little upper arm, gentle pressuring into the ring. Find Center. And inhale here. Exhale, rolling down. Kicking it up a notch.

So we're gonna stay on our lower spine area. Again. Gonna rotate toward me. So drive the ring like a steering wheel in you and excellent. And in here and Xcel. We'll do two more to each side in here. Excellent. In n x. So you're not leaning, I'm not leaning.

I'm rotating. I'm thinking flection with rotation. Thank you. Kinda like chess live with rotation in NSA, that Oh boss man. Simple question. And around and now for Christie's and she's going to be so smart. Aleke we're going to stay down in this position again in bend our elbows. So I want you to press into the ring and curl around it and back. Five Times.

Curl and back. Curl and back to generating intraabdominal pressure with the ring. Number one, we're not coming back up from here. We're going down and then stretching the arms straight up, sliding the feet in so that the feet come right in line with the sitting bones. The ring is just over the chest here. Inhale, exhale.

Start to articulate the spine. Lifting the pelvis up. Inhale, take the arms overhead. Exhale, roll the spine down, thinking vertebra by Vertebra. And then as the tailbone touches reached the ring forward and curl the head and chest up. Lower the head and chest ring comes just over the chest. Inhale, exhale, articulate the spine, pressing down through the feet, pulling back with the feet. Inhale, exhale, reach the r O, arms overhead. I forgot that bit. XL, roll the spine. Now lift the head and chest and lift up.

Hold here, and five little squeezes. Who? One, two, three, four, five. Bring the body down so we roll the pelvis up again. Bring the ring up overhead. Inhale, exhale, curl the body back down. Inhale, just around the time that tailbone touches. So reach up and hold. Inhale, rotate towards me again. Another chest lift with rotation type of a feeling. Inhale, reach.

The ring goes. Just love it. Outside of the kneecaps, let's do more of this like this. Whatever you say, Mary c likes this. We'll do three more for Christie and exhale. And you know when I say three, I mean three to both sides, right Christie? So that's a total of six. I got it. Thank you. I love it. You can't get me last time and last second to the back maybe and center and, and in here. And exhale, rolling the pelvis up again. So once again, bringing the arms overhead, taking a breath in here. Exhale, peeling the spine down, peeling the spine down.

And then this time bringing the ring just over the chest. Wrap your fingers around the inside of the ring so you can stretch the ring. Pull the ring apart. Inhale, prepare, exhale. Pick the pelvis up in one piece so it's a bridge and pull the ring apart as you pull it to your chest or your elbows back. And my elbows are bending. I'm dragging the ring towards me. And then gentle, precious.

We lower the pelvis and straighten the arms, bend the elbows, lifting the pelvis, pull the ring back and push up. So the ring saying just in front of my chest, I'm pulling it towards my chest and oppressing. And I almost made a joke about my chest, but I'll stop. We won't do any self-sabotaging comments and push. Let's do two more.

Pull and push and pull and push and pause and lift. One leg and lift the other leg. So now we're gonna do is we're going to try to keep the ring just still right over the top, right over the chest. And we're going to take the knees towards me in you and exhale to center. So how still can you keep your ring as the question in here and exhale to center. You might feel it waver a little bit. Try not to let it move too much to the opposite side and center and inhale and center. So now we're going to add a little flection. Chrissy, we're going to inhale to the side. Exhale, curl your head and chest towards me.

Lifting up, finding your balance there. Inhale, come back and exhale the knees back. Inhale Z, rotate the other way. Exhale, curl the head and chest up on the diagonal. Inhale, lower the head and chest down and exhale to center. So really the head and chest inhale are going straight up. It's just the pelvis that's on the diagonal so that when we come down the ring sous just over the chest and center, I keep catching myself, hike my hip view. We encourage, um, so when you go across, try not to lift the hip up towards the ribs as you go across, but instead just pick the opposite side of the pelvis up of the direction that you want to rotate. And then keep the pelvis totally still. Is that what you're talking about, Chris? Stinky as you lift up, lower down, and then fight and center transfer the ring behind your head.

You'll have to thread your Santa Hat through the ring so you don't get your opinions in place. The ring just set the base of your skull. So let the lower legs relax here. Yeah, so I'm just dropping my feet towards my pelvis, towards the back of my leg. We're going to curl the head and chest, trying to bring the ring up, close to the knees and inhale to come down and Xcel to curl the head and chest up and inhale to come down. And one more like that. Exhale, curl the head in, chest up, pause there. And now keep the legs as they are, but let the thighs drift away from the body.

The fetal. Come closer to the floor as close as you want, and then pull. Just float the knees back and inhale lower and exhale, lift nice and relaxed through the legs. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. Now we're going to lower the legs as we inhale and as the legs come up, returning towards me. Inhale, legs go down, body, come center. Exhale, turning the other way. We're going to do this three times. Three inhale, center, six total true.

Exhale, twist. Inhale, center. Just cause you and I don't count the same way, doesn't mean it's not legitimate. And heal center. I just caught myself not relaxing my lower leg and Youtu Christie. So keep those lower legs relaxed and center.

And one more time across and center. So now here's the fun part. We're gonna lift the knees. We're gonna roll the pelvis up to the knees. Come right under the ring towards the nose, lower the pelvis and lower the lay. Woo. Yeah. Exhale. It's like rolling like a ball.

Curl that and legs. One more time. And he's come on. Roll into your ball. Lower your pelvis sa gently place the legs down, one at a time or both at the same time. Take the ring from behind your head and lower your head down onto the mat. Back into the pelvic curl position with your feet. Please. Inhale, keeping the ring just over the chest. We're going to roll the spine up, lifting the hips, lift the left leg up, and then adjust your ring so that your thigh and your ring can connect together. So it might have to go forward for me, it does anyway.

And then stretch that leg up straight. So we're going to take the leg down and then kicked back touch. Take the leg down and kicked back touch. Notice that the weight is stabilized across bull shoulders and down and kicked back. Touch and down and kicked back touch one more to make six down and kicked back touch.

I'm saying the little lifts for six repetitions so that I can be accountable and Kristy can help me say accountable for being even on both sides. Okay. I'll start now to what? Take the foot down. Let's take the arms over the head and in here and then rule the spine all the way down and I just really love that feeling of having the arms reaching in the opposite direction of the spine and dropping the tail all the way. Any? Yeah. Exhale. Roll. Lifting the pelvis, arms, bringing the arms back. Okay. Thank you. Left leg stays on the Mat, right? Like comes up to touch the rink straightens off. Arms are straight.

We kicked the leg down and FlexTouch one touch two. Okay. I think I might have it but thanks Chrissy. Nothing like having a friend to keep you honest. Is that five per seat. And here's six. So we hold Nita Ring and press two are you pressing up? Be pressing three to go up with my leg, my supporting like I'm pressing my straight leg into my ring. Got It.

Five six point. Bend the knee, arms overhead, rural, the sign down. Stretch one leg out onto the floor, stretch the other leg out onto the floor. Lift the head and chest and roll through the spy. So from the round spine we're going to bring the ring, squeezing the ring into the chest, straighten the arms around the back, keep the knees face up and roll down. Articulating through the spine, bringing the arms up overhead. Inhale, head, chest, arms, exhale, roll shoulders over pelvis, bend the elbows, lifting the spine and then press. It's nice to come into a little extension, especially after all that flection that I tend to like to make us do and or encourage us to do in here and exhale and in him accent and rolling back. Finding a breath of my specified breath when I'm telling you to breathe doesn't make sense.

I hope that we'll all just keep breathing and bring the arms into the chest and press the arms back forward last time and her roll down and reach back and lift the head and chest curl. Chris Savis at a special surprise coming for you very soon. I lift the back. Flex the fee ring comes June. See, I'm glad it's coming. Okay, hold the ring just outside of the chest. Inhale wide elbows. I'm pushing a little bit. I'm not squeezing super hard, but I'm trying to hug my body with through the ring.

We're going to inhale here and we're going to do a double twist, twist, twist center and twist, twist center, and now rotate your body and hold. Take the arms and reach out. Lightly squeezing, not a ton. Lift the arms up, lift the spine, bring the arms back down. Then the elbows and find center, so we need a breath pattern. Let's inhale and pull the abdominals away and exhale and inhale, grow tall and exhale arms down and inhale elbows, Ben and exhale to center in. You can keep squeezing when you get to the top. I lose it, the I let go, I totally let go. So here's my squeezing thing or what's what's happening in my own experience and centers. I'm squeezing pretty lightly here. As I straighten my arms, I lose my squeeze a little bit. As my arms go up, I just let my squeeze go.

Thank you. And then down. Well, I think I might need to have you in all my classes. Asking questions can rotate out. It'd be much more of a clear teacher and less just trying to see what I can or can't. Keep up with [inaudible] and sent to you last time. Indeed. Xcel stretch. Lift down in thank you and center.

Here's your special surprise. Take your arms out, straight, roll down, pointing the feet, bind your way just to the shoulders. We used to do this all the time. You'll remember it all the way to the shoulder blades and then with the abdominals I want you to plan your stomach down and hover your left leg up and then we're going to curl up. Then the knee, single leg teaser with a bent knee and push out curl and curricula and curl. Half are doing five. This is for coming up right now. Number four, number five, and back. Lower the leg down. Let's roll up all the way.

Reach forward all the way and then roll back. Find your way down to your shoulder blades. Pause there, floating the right way. And then that right, like just floats through spaces. We bend one and then and two so you can create a push away energy with that leg as it's going away from you. And two more. And last one, the light goes down, rural, up, up in reach forward and inhale and roll back. I keep pulling on it, just so you know, you're enjoying pulling my output.

I liked the output a lot too, on the way down from, just on the way down. Okay, so we're going to go left like again. Oh, sorry. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And now we're going to west Anri so lowering down and two [inaudible] and [inaudible]. Yup. Here's four last time and all the way down the leg goes down. Oh good. Yes. Almost. Almost there. I had rode down last time.

Did the other side five to go. Okay. Flow through, right leg, make that clean and twists and three of five. Feel that rotation around the red for number five, we go down the leg and we lift all the way up this influx, your feet and hope the ring around your feet and then pull your body forward. And then from that place, pull the body out on the diagonal. And then from that place, let take the ring up. Reach with it up towards your ears, finding a nice extended spine and press back and back and back. Back. Is it all the way up? Bend your knees, take the ring and push it against your ankles.

So we'll attempt the rolling like a ball here, Christie. So using the arms to pull the legs into the body, deepening through the abdominals. Here we go. We're going to rock back on the inhale and rock back. Exhale and inhale and exhale when we're like that. And then I have an idea, I'm not sure if it's going to work. So we're going to go back and rolling like a ball.

We're gonna let the ring coma. We're going to roll up and teaser and then thread back. Roll back, Rola thread through teeth. One more, two more. Since Christy didn't do the first [inaudible] they didn't know. I'm not guarantee you no one else did either. We had to hear it. But we will from now on Bec we didn't know what you're going to do back there. We Oh, we should just, I should trust him. So sorry and hold it here. Okay. Just there. Roll yourself down with the best control that you can find.

I'm go ahead and slow cause I'm trying to do the same thing. And once you come down this rest of the ring on your knees, hug your knees to your chest and curl the head and chest up. Hands on the ring. Heels of the hands on the ring. Double leg stretch in here and pull. So feel that stretcher and drag that feel the rib cage drawn down all the time.

The stability of the lower spine. Here's halfway and back. The legs shoot straight out and straight. And number four counting to theory and in two and back. One and everything down. Take your ring again behind your skull.

Yeah, let's come across just the opposite. The eyes. Hats are hot. That's really hot. Especially when it's 85 degrees. So no moving on. Smith. Hello. Okay, so we're curled up. We're going into single leg stretch. What I want us to do was we'll say leg closest to me pulls underneath the ring.

Just underneath your two hands. The other ones that goes slow. Five, five, four. Kristy will count. Three, three, three, two, one special surprise. Double Time. Five, four, three, two, one. [inaudible] closest to the bench. And we touch the elbow to the knee. Slow and touch the elbow to the knee. And touch, touch, hurry. Do you think Santa's does pull out a bed? I mean, have you seen his hands last one?

Double Time. Five, four, three, two, one. Oh Center, take the ring in your ankles. Okay, so the legs can be straight or a little bit bent here. Remember that little lifting of the knees into the chest. That was a prep for this. So this is our roll over. We're going to lower the lane, we're going to lift the legs up to vertical, heal the spine over pause area, pushing through the heels in here and exhale rolling.

And the legs go down. And I, and yeah. Excellent to the over a nice long strong arms. As you roll down you could attempt to drag the ring and touch the nose with it. Can you make it Christie? Um, I'll try. Just kidding. No. So you are lowering your legs as you go. I wasn't just, I'm trying to bring them closer to my body. Okay.

But you might not be able to actually tell that I'm doing that. So just it's an energetic thing. I'd like to think my legs are just too long. So now lift your head and roll up your long legs and grab your ring and put your legs down. Okay. So grab your ring and sit yourself up. Actually send you, set your ring. So it's just in front of your, sorry, just in between your legs. It just had an arms distance away. I've just resting lightly. The heels of my hands on the ring. So what for five times five repetitions, what we're going to do is in here, and press the ring down.

Hold that in breath for five, four, three, two, one. And exhale, release the ring. But stay tall. Press during down lift. Inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. So it's a long inhale and a quick exhale. And in it, I don't mean like at like a sniff breath and hold your breath for five. I mean like a big inhale, filling your body up with air. And exhale two more times the press, you could think of it coming from the shoulder blades rather than the hands. So the downfall of the shoulder is what lifts the spine. And exhale, last one, inhale, build the spine up and exhale.

And now what we're gonna do is inhale again this time, feel that same lifting up, and then exhale, curl the spine so the ring can travel forward a little bit. So we're doing just a seated flection exercise and then inhale, sit Baca. So you're feeling up as you're sitting up. And then, and inhale to lift Baca. And three more XL so that we get that feeling of going up first before we go down and inhale to lift back up. And last two.

It feels nice on my lower back. I was just thinking that. Can we do another one? Yeah. One more. Oh, or two more as good. I know you said that now that I listen to you and yeah, let's move on. But this little bit too. So holding now the ring in the hands. Inhale. So now we're going to go forward all the way, all the way as far as you can and then we're going gonna bend the elbows, bring the ring into the chest. Coming forward on the diagonal. Sorry.

That's all right. Press the ring out to straight as you sit up in, you know, prepare XL to curl the spine down in your Chrissy. We could pull the ring instead of squeezing it right here. The ring apart as you bring your back up. That feels so much better. So much better. And then gently press on the ring as you straight. So it's not even a squeeze.

I don't want a lot of tension on that and then around and if you do well then that's fine. It is Christmas after all what you want. Cool. Well lift the spine, get that big nice flat back. Then reach out and last to India and inhale pool the ring into the chest. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Exhale, stretch the arms. Sit Tall. It feels so nice. Last one. Exhale. Inhale, bring the ring of the chest. Lifting up, uh, uh, stretch out and now come towards me in rotation.

The hand, the opposite hand to leg goes down. We are going to go down crossing that or risk to the ankle. Lift up in rotation. Do you rotate the ring and then center in heels here. Rotate sitting tall. Exhale to reach down.

Inhale to grow road. The spine. Backup. Do you rotate the ring and Xcel to center and not to mention or are just reminding us that in all this old bleak work we want to really focus. I mean we are back. Extensors are certainly working, but bringing awareness to your obliques, bring awareness to the front of your body and x out. Diving down and inhale, Lift Dana and center last time reaching forward, lifting up and center and [inaudible] rotate the ribs under as the arm goes under lifter, bring the ribs up as the ring comes up. Whoa. That was brilliant. Queuing at the end.

[inaudible] that and they'll be kidding instead of it coming to do it again. I did. It was different. Come on. Okay, so we're here. We're here to learn. So rib cage under as the arm goes under and then we go forward. Now I get it and then lift it. As we do rotate, we bring that back and center school now teach a differently from Allah. Well, no, I just didn't.

I honestly have never said that before in my whole life. I never even thought about it. It just, and I teach this exercise all the time. Lift and center. It's good. Thank you. Let's go into a side. Okay. Like this. Okay. Put the ring in between your ankles and just like all the way down onto the mat. Okay. So I'm just resting my three arm in front of my body and we're going to bring awareness to having the both knees facing straight ahead.

And then what I want you to do is push up into the ring with the bottom leg and use the bottom leg to lift both legs up and inhale to lower a little bit. Exhale to reach the legs away to lift. So I'm talking today about just using the bottom leg to lift. So to do what we all know as a as a lateral flection exercise and abdominal exercise. No bleak exercise but it's nice sometimes to use a different part of the body a little bit to bring awareness into what we are wanting to work in a different way and lift and we'll just do five more sun thinking.

That's 10 okay, I'll reach out for yeah, pulling the bottom leg out as well too. Checking in with the supporting arm. Shoulder. Every once in awhile hold the ring in the air. Take the top leg to the back and the bottom leg to the front. Only small and center. Top leg to the front.

Bottom like to the back center twice, mark both directions. Top, leg, back, bottom, leg forward. Don't make it too big or your lose your ring and you're not moving your hips right or not moving my head. I'm moving my legs around and you'll feel how it changes the work. I definitely in the old league. I hope I totally feel it. Okay, I can trim and then center. So we're going to lower the legs down. We're going to transition through Christie. Put the ring on the mat, take the bottom foot out.

This is my favorite transition with the ring in this particular place. Okay, so now we take the top foot out and put it in and then pick up the ring and move it to the front of your mat. Look down the line of your body. See that your feet are straight out lined up, meaning your top leg is not pulled back towards you with a high tip. So really long through the way. So I'm going to put my hand just on my pelvis to make sure it stays still.

We're going to push the bottom, lay down on the top, leg up kind of quick. 10, nine. We're never leaving the ring with the top leg. Just putting a little bit of extra force against it. Six, three 52 thanks. This is what's, it's nice to have a counter in the room. Okay, so now we're going to bend that knee. I'm close anyway. We're going to do five of these. Push over the top. Uh, so take the bar, take the top leg out. Sorry. Bend the knee, push your leg through the rig. Take your leg through the ring, like you're pushing something away. Then your knee and push something away over the top of the ring. So you're doing a leg kick like a guppy.

Caddick gotta get it and push through with, um, intensity or with in intention is maybe a better word. Three and over the top and four under and over, the top and five under and over the top. And now Christie, we're gonna go forward. We're gonna drop all the way down into the floor. So forward in front of you, all the way down to the floor lifts. Suspend the lane and then come all the way down.

Drop behind Chrissy and I have these nice raise mat that makes that a little bit tougher. Touch front lift, touch, bad reach. I can't actually touch the floor behind me and if you're wondering, Christie, can you, no, no, not really. I can touch the front, but I have a feeling it's where I'm placed on the Mat. Two, two and one and then reached the leg back. Leave the leg back. Take your arm and reach for it. In fact, put your hand down and come up onto your bottom elbow. Still holding onto the ring with the lower leg. Use your arms to help yourself turn and lift through the chest.

I'm going to stretch through my obliques here on at least. Just try to find a little bit of extension where, lift that back like up straight up and press ten nine you're at your highest lift. I have six. I'm sorry. Five. All right. Three, two, one. Benjani grab your rings. Switch sides of stretch at the end. So ring goes in the ankles slide out. So you're straight again. Checking in, check. Organizing. Right, looking down at the knees, making sure that they face straight ahead. Inhale here, bringing awareness to the bottom leg as we lift the ring up, up off the floor and and lift and down.

Number three left number three and down. Checking in with the supporting arm. I like to pull that hand down towards the in a downward action towards my pelvis, towards my feet. Is that five? This is six. Thank you. I was right on and I'll pretend that I was seven, seven and three more had is nice and aligned with the spine. Two more. Last one.

And now we go toppling forward, bottom leg, back and center and lets in yellow as we do the rotation and center on the exhale. Why is that so hard? I don't know. It just is. It's a Christmas miracle. One more. Okay. And other legs go down and here is how we transition. We take the ring forward, that's falling off, ring forward, bottom. They comes out, he goes inside of the ring, top light goes up, goes inside of the ring, pick up the ring, bring it towards the front of the Mat.

So we're now on the diagonal or in an l shape with the body. Look down at your feet line. 'Em Up and here we go. Bottom leg down top like press and Pratt. You did investor before I did. You did really quick. Yeah. Four, five, six, seven, eight. There's your Christmas gift.

I counted from myself and your don't bend your knee, take it out of the ring. Top Lady comes out of the ring. It pushes over the top bends and kicks through with intention. We talked about and pushed through creating a little resistance like you're pushing something heavy away for four and five and five and other lead comes up over the top. I'm going to rest my hand on my mat instead of on my pelvis so I have some stability and we go to the front and to the back.

I like the feeling of letting my leg suspend while it's up there and then get heavy and suspend and get heavy and he was three, three and four and four and five at five and now we're going to come up onto the bottom forearm. Advent, my arm that was supporting me, so I've got both. Hope has been now lifting the chest up and forth. Lift that back leg as high as you can and then lift up. Good. Lap 30 you very especially like your sparkles. Hmm. Five six lift your chest up. Thank you.

Seven eight nine 10 [inaudible]. Flip on your back. Bring your ring with you. Take the left foot into the ring, but the balls of the toes and just in the underneath that pad, other leg. Straight out on the mat. Bring your leg as close in as you can toward your body. Give it a little pull as much or as little as you want. We're gonna bend that way. The one in the rain, we're going to press back up in Hilton Bend.

Pull down and wide with the elbows. As you stretch up. If you want more of a stretch, try to reach the heel over the top of the ring in the toes, back towards your body. Last too, pressing up. Last one, pressing up. So let's take the right hand. Hold the ring with her right hand. Bring the left hand out to the side somewhere for counter balance and start to drag like across the other, the straight leg.

So keeping the left hip on the floor for the moment it, this feels like a lot of knee tension. Feel free to soften the knees a little bit and then continue to bring that leg over. So you're reaching your elbow. The one that's holding onto the ring down towards the floor, giving yourself a little bit more hip stretch, a little bit of rotation. Did your hip come up yet? It's up, definitely up. Now I have to let it come up now.

Now what I'm going to try and do is try the pelvis. It's lifted up off the floor. I'm gonna try to pull that down towards the wall and then we're going to bring the leg back. Use your arm to do it and then take that leg out. I'm going to put my clothes back on because they seem to be coming off and then we'll switch sides that we should pull back heels and we bend there like my nemesis and pull and stretch. It's a good thing.

I'm tall ish and pulled down as you stretch a reed, really reaching that heel through three more reaching hail through. Okay. And then we're going to bring the ring into the left hand. So initially we talked about just keeping the pelvis on the floor as a just the leg comes across just cause it's a different stretch. And again, soften the knee if you need to.

And then I'll allow the pelvis to lift off is reach my bedtime down towards the floor. And then if it suits you, you can play with trying to pull the pelvis down towards the foot that's still on the floor. It could also turn the lower leg inward a little so it doesn't flop out to the side. Yeah, you might have to bow it off. I see. Yeah. Good idea. I was satisfying but effective. It'd be effective. Oh, okay. Come back to center and turn on your stomach. So we have these nice Slippy mats. If you have carpet, this works really well on carpet. Um, if you have a sticky mat, then you're going to have to pick your ring up off the floor.

So what I want us to do here is just start to lift the head and chest up or that's, we're going to stay there. So now bring awareness to your abdominals, into your legs, just energized through both. And now drag during, Hook your thumbs on the inside of your ring and drag the ring towards you. Pulling it apart with me and then press the right. You're not rising up even, you're just staying. I'm just holding my back. Okay, so if for those of you who know we're equipment work, this is kind of like the reverse of breaststroke on the mat, on the reformer, right? So you're pulling instead of pushing. So we're going to try it without gliding the ring now.

So that's a quite a lot harder meaning, okay, so she changed the hold of the hand so that the hands are holding the ring. Just the palms of the hands on the ring. So we'll lift the head in chest just as much as before, not high. And then you're going to bring your ring up. We're going to think about that same energy, elbows pulling out, hands reaching in. The ring goes just under, through.

You're looking through the window of the ring, reach the arms back out, lower the arms and rest the spine. So we need some breathing. Yeah. Inhale to lift the back. Exhale to lift the ring. Inhale to bend the arms. Exhale to stretch the arms. Lower down and down. One more time.

Inhale to lift the back. Exhale to lift the right inhale to bring the ring and feel the spine. Reach out, not up, up and out. I suppose lower the ring. I lower the spine. Okay, so turn your ring so it's resting on one of the handles. And then take your hands either right at the top. That's a little bit more challenging. If your shoulders are as flexible, you could go just a little wider, or let's say it's like 10 and two.

We're going to slide the shoulder blades down. So rather than pushing down on the ring, I want you to pull the ring towards your body, lift your head, and then lift your spine. As you're lifting your spine. The ring will come towards you, um, slants towards you, and then start to press away. First, not losing shoulder blade control. That just letting it go back up, right? Oh my feet. Slide the shoulder blades down. Pick the header. Your feet are cramping.

What are you doing with your feet to make them cramp right now? I don't know. No. Yes, it's all connected, isn't it Christie? I guess reach back out. Okay. So we're going to do two more like that and then we're going to do, um, something else that's surprise for you. Christina are getting lots of surprises today. Really exciting ones. Yeah, that's way better than call. Okay. So here it is.

Come on. Maybe not your maximum height, maybe almost a maximum height. And then see if you can rest the right hands on the top, cause it's gonna make it easier here. So now we're gonna take the wire. We'll say left arm lifted just off the ring and stretch the right leg away and then place it down. Try not to lose stability in the center of your body as you switch and center, I don't know, opposite arm to Lang. The lay reaches, the arm floats, read. So use the ring to help us keep that nice height. If this is just horrible for your shoulders, that feels terrible.

Just put the ring away and do it with your hands on the floor. So one more to each side please. It's a nice upper back exercises. I hate. Definitely. Okay. And then we're going to gently bend the elbows, lower the spine, put the ring on its side, put your forums on the mat, slide your knees in and sit back onto your feet. So in my mind, in my world, no magic circle.

Circle class will be complete without some pushups. I love the pushups. With the magic circle, there's nothing better. So how do you do that? Did you take your ring and you can either go like, I put it right under my rib cage. Some people like it like this, underneath the breasts on underneath the breastbone. And you can decide, oh, I had no, I think I do like this. Yeah, I do. Long ways. Okay.

So what's nice about this and straighten them, set them down on the Mat, is that once you come out into that plank position, you get a little deceleration from the ring. So we're going to bend the elbows and straight. And then as you're going down onto the ring, you're also reminded not to let your belly rest on it and press and bend at press two more like that. You okay, Christie? Yep. Good. One more. Hold your arm straight. Lift your left leg up. Five, four, three, two, one. Put it down. Two pushups.

Inhale and exhale right leg with five, four, three, two, one down, two pushups. Hold there. Stabilize round just off the ring and rests on their don't know. Upper body rounds like a pike. Tailbone tucks and back. One more curl. Toblin tox.

Bend job was one time straighten. Lift your hips up, your rings, gonna drop. Walk your feet in the raindrop. Put it to the sidewalk all the way in. And then just pausing here. Cradle your elbows with your hands or hold your hat on either way, and bend your knees and the street just three times cooling down in hill to bend streets and inhale to Ben and straight. And then just to let the arms fall and the roll through this fine.

Rounding, rounding a landing, bring the arms up. Floating. Either way, doesn't matter. Doesn't matter anymore. Open all the way. Gathering energy. We all need extra energy at Christmas. I feel like I do. I reach out. Oh, when to embrace the season of giving. I last time and this time just let your arms fall.

Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Thank you.


2 people like this.
What a happy holiday of my favorite gifts (and people) here for me on Christmas morning!!
2 people like this.
Merry Christmas and thank you for all you do!! Both of you!!
2 people like this.
Thank you, now I am ready for Crhistmas Dinner.
Merry Christmas to both of you!
2 people like this.
You guys made me laugh! Great chemistry and fabulous flow, thanks for the session.
2 people like this.
Merry Christmas Meredith and Kristy! Not only was this a fun and challenging class but it was like having a laugh with a couple of pals! I am so full of Christmas pudding that this was just the ticket. Thanks! Jenny
2 people like this.
Only managed to open this lovely present on Boxing Day. I am now stretched and refreshed after a lazy Christmas. Thank you!
2 people like this.
great class and fun, the Tina Fey and Amy P. of Pilates. Happy New Year and thank you.
2 people like this.
After 2 crazy (but good) days of Christmas this was perfect for the day after! So many good cues! Putting this in my favorites so I can have Christmas all year! I actually just thought about what I said..... Thank goodness it only comes once a year! Merry Christmas!
2 people like this.
Ho, ho, ho. Thanks for the wonderful workout. I love the ring!
2 people like this.
Quite challenging after all the turkey indulging ?? Wishing both of you already a Happy New Year. Looking forward to more of your workouts, keep up the good work in 2016!!
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