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Every day is a chance to do something good for yourself, so why not start the New Year with a standing workout? Join Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers in this class using the Magic Circle while they test your balance with exercises like Standing Side Kick and more! You will definitely feel like you are starting the year feeling strong after completing this workout! Happy New Year!

This year we are offering two classes to kick off the New Year! Try our other New Year's Mat Workout today!
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Happy New Year, everyone. Happy New Year, Meredith. It's girl time. And so whether or not you're watching this on New Year's Day, which I hope you are, um, it could just be a new day. So every day is a chance to get started or do something good for yourself. So we're gonna do a quick standing workout. I'm trying to tap into everything and have a little fun. Be Together.

It's a new year's resolution to make it happen more often. Yes. Yes, yes. Okay. Any requests? Nothing too hard. Nothing too hard. We'll see. We'll see. Let's just feel good. All right, so we're going to start actually with the ring in the hands, heel palm of the hands, right around your chest. You can face me, you can give them a good side view. That's cool. And then from here, just inhale, no movement, but feel your feet as you do kind of position your weight forward. Maybe just a hair, but not from the hips, but rather the whole line of your back body. Almost like you're going to push your thigh bones backwards, but keep yourself lined up.

Even if it feels like it's on a diagonal breathing just easily for now when it feels right, take another inhale on your exhale. Just a lightly squeezed the ring. Okay, so that you feel a little action in your chest. Not a whole lot in the ring, but just some sense of connection to the front and back. Inhale, release. Let your ribs mimic the ring. Exhale, let your ribs do even more than the ring does. Inhale, filling up and exhale. Decide what you're doing for yourself. Decide how you want to feel. This time. Inhale, you're going to start to exhale and rise up to the balls of the feet. Just squeeze. You don't have to go real high.

Just feel where you are and if it's wobbly in house, lowly, lower yourself down. Exhale again. Yeah. If it's one, believe meaning you're waving your whole body, make some adjustments. Try to find the connection to the front, to the back again, exhaling, you can go a little higher if you start to feel it and wobbly on the feet, you know we kind of have to give that up. That's okay. That's normal. That's her body helping us. But if it's real crazy, make your adjustments handout down. We're just focusing and again, exhaling. Inhale down the last one, exhaling up and down from here. Just let the ring go down.

We're going to just do a roll down, so from their feet slightly apart, you could do it and turn out, but we're not going to inhale nothing to do with the ring at the moment. Just exhale and round forward and over, over, over, letting the arms hang. Take a moment to think of drawing the chest up higher. It will round your upper back. That's fine. Exhale, find a connection to the back of your body again as you roll back up. Okay, and we'll do it again. Inhale, exhale. Taking it down. This time when you get down there, turn the ring on his end so that the handle is down and put your hands side by side. You're not really gonna push on it much, but what I'm trying to establish a little bit here is as you lightly push on the ring, keep that, but now pull the chest backwards, right?

And almost send the hips forward so they're not reaching behind you at all. Inhale, push into it a little more. Keep that resistance on the ring. Exhale, pull the belly up even more. Staying down. Inhale, just kind of maintaining easy resistance, but finding the difference that opposition that you can create in your upper spine. And one more time. Inhale. We'll pick up the ring this time. So just bring it with you. Exhale and roll yourself up. Okay, so we're going to step wide with our feet. Take them, bring right up overhead, just a little bit more warming up here. And from here we're going to lift up.

Go ahead and lift the shoulders even a little bit. Reaching over to our left, reaching. Extend into that right foot just a little bit more and exhaling up other side and mirroring, right. Inhale up and over. You don't have to go far down. Just up and over. Find that long line of your body. Exhale, bring it up. Watch that. We don't hyper extend our knees. Inhale, so that means you have a sense of from the inner arch all the way up through the inner thigh. Exhaler still kind of warming up. I'll go a little quicker in a second, but just get that bit of a stretch and and two more like this for now.

Just stretch long stretch long and back. Notice you can let the shoulders relax up and over and back and just for a couple of, by the way, we're not squeezing, we're just sort of holding it. I've, I've even wrapped my some on the inside, but you just don't squeeze. Rotate to your left and center and to the right and center. And as you do this, just notice I'm going to turn, keep weight equal on both feet and center and turn, Oh that was harder for me. A little change here are going to rotate. We're going to round over, rounding over, rounding over, keep rounded in your upper back but try not to let the hips reach back much and then just come right back up, arms up, go overhead and other side rotate.

Make sure they hit your level. Go ahead and round down, down, down, and then roll back. Changing it slightly. Rotate again or the hips allowed to go back a little. Try not to big. Sure. A little why were mine? No, I'm like, but he's saying excel over and down. When you get down here, let's go ahead and just put the ring down again on its end and do that same thing we did a minute ago. So you're holding that right hip back a little probably in attempt and then push down on an inhale. Resist the ring release on the exhale, but stay down and do two more.

Inhale and exhale and inhale, push XL. You can come all the way up. Just reposition the ring. Arms go up and overhead in rotation and other side. Inhale. Exhale, dive down. Head first, upper back, place the ring. Ooh, this way it's harder for me, that's for sure. So for me, I'm thinking I want that right hip pushing forward this time just to help me in help. Push down. Head is down. Exhale, scoop, belly. Almost try to keep the resistance the same on the ring as you lift off. At two one more time and bring the ring up with you and now we're centered. Let the ring come down. Okay, so now let's put them together sort of.

So we're going to go back to the start with them up. Anchor your feet. You might even decide, do you want to go further because you were a tiny bit more loosened up to let's say the left. Inhale up over and exhale. So we'll do a few normal just up over. Go little further. Reach into that left foot as you go further through the hands and up. Just two more like that in here. And exhale, no rotating yet and now we'll change it a little and come over to the left.

You can soften your knees a little bit. We're not going very far. Rotate the upper body only come back where you just left open and up to the center. Inhale up and over to the right like you're in between two plates of glass road. Teach, trying to kind of limit the lower body. You have to move the whole spine. That's the truth. But we're kind of resist resisting that.

Not just going with it up and over just for now. Come on back and center and just last one up over. Rotate. Come on back and center. All right. Feet together. So far so good. Okay, so one of the things I've been kind of playing with partly Debra lesson was just here is the idea of really pulling back in the upper body right under the sternum. And I think sometimes we both even go too low.

So I'm thinking just softer up higher. So if I put the ring here, I'm not going to leave it here, but just the idea actually maybe we can, I turned it so the handles not digging in but you might like that better and let's just hold it like so if that works for you, you don't have to hold hands, you know, with yourself. But that's sort of helping me to get a sense of it. I'm going to turn sideways just for explanation that we would to round law, allowing the whole spine to change. Right. So you are going to have a bit of a Tuck in the pelvis from there. Come back up and I guess the point of the ring is that's where I'm trying to soften and fold. So a little squeeze of the ring and then eventually my lower end of the spine would have to change. Okay. If that works for you can keep it there, but I think you're going to want to move the ring out to your hands and we'll do the a hundred in that position. So just round over, extend the arms almost two straight, but on a low diagonal.

And from here we just begin inhaling with the little pumps that they arm, two, three, four, five and exhale two, three, right? So that's the breath we know and we'll add a little bit more of the sense of the a hundred by going inhale, two, three, four, five leg goes up, two, three, four, five, flex down to same leg and up to really reaching long inhale. And I'm going to do two more like that. In and out, keeping our curve, looking through the ring in one more time, man. Up and in. You're going to change legs and out. Two, three, four, five.

Inhale for five and exhale, two, whoa. And inhale, and it's Ada. You're not just hunched over, right? You're reaching. Make that shape and down to Marcet. Inhale and down. Last one and down. Two, three, four, five. Alright. Stand up straight. Take the ring, reach it forward from here. Light squeeze at the ring and you're just gonna rise up on the toes again and lower back down. I'm not squeezing hard, but do you have a sense of using my arms a little there? Well, and on the last one for now, just getting that balance. We're going back into a little bit of footwork and down. All right.

Time to hit this baby up. It is the new year, so we're in parallel feet. I'm going to turn sideways with you just for fun. Are you having fun? Yeah. You don't have to lie. No. Okay. I'm having fun. Okay, good. Bring up. We're just going to sit down and reach. Sit as low as you can. Sorry. Just was a little background so it's okay. Come on baby. And then when you have to come back up, squeeze the ring on the way out.

Exhale to go nice and slow. Get down there, get down as best you can. I know Dorsey flection doesn't always work for all of us and that means me. So I'm practicing reach. Try not to lean too far forward and down. Just one more like this. And now, now we won't go quite as far, but we'll go a little quicker. Okay, so just what we can maintain at this pace.

So we go down and up and and have, now I'm going a little bit more for um, pure gluten quad and maybe even a little heart rate action. So not so much into the going to actually sit down aspect. Let's do five more. Go on, come on in. I'm coming. My pants are falling off. I thought you made a new year's resolution to be nice. Stay up. Hover the heels. Barely. You can be perfect on your first stare. There you go.

Fairly heavy. We'll go a tiny bit slower and [inaudible] love you. And Af isn't it fun focused? That's all we need. A little focus one more like that for sure. And the swivel the heels together, they can come down for the philosophy stance. Maybe a little more turned out in the normal. Find that sense of rap. Here we go. Take it down. You're going to aim low with those arms and come up.

Take it down, school down and up. Or what you could do is pull a little wrap the full. Okay, so we're pushing now and we pull up, we push and we pull heat up a little, go five and squeezed four and three and do an app one and hold it up from here. Press and rising up to the toes again for three. Extend the arms if you want the re and then come on down pole like your like heels touch down and to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and pull the touchdown. Last one. And taught to touch down. Yeah. So far so good. Yes. Okay, quick, just a little behind the back action.

We're taking it in heel of the hands and essentially you're going to try to wrap the arms, elbows back, but not so much. Not so much that you're really majorly pinching, trying to just almost externally rotate that upper arm and then from there all we're doing is pressing straight down the body first. Oppose that action by rising up in your spine. Feel that action hopefully in the mid upper back and then straight down your spine in lifting arms. Just like I'm trying to hand my ring to Mary and then back down.

Bend the elbows. No real pressing on the ring at the moment. You can attempt to here reach down, rise your spine up, a subtle extension in the back. Come on, stretch the ABS. Why not? You don't have to even hold the pelvis totally still, but just some sense of stretch. Come back to sort of neutral in the spine and raise the arms that nice and straight. Yeah, let's bend him in. Here's the choreography. Now reach down as you stretch the spine. As you straighten out the spine. Lifting sort of a three parter.

I think bend pushed down. Stretch a little extension in the spine. As you straighten out the spine, lift the arm straight and prs down. As you extend, extend, extend, extend. As you straighten the spine and lift the arms, changing it just a little very little. Bend the elbows. We press down as you press down, extend them away from you to that straight position and extend the upper back.

And then straighten your spine. Bend the elbow as you squeeze in, reach down, extend the upper back, straighten the arms fully. Do you feel it? Okay, good. And one more. Then the down, reach back, all opening up to what's next and release. From there we're going to go into have lunch and a balance. So where are we going to do it is essentially, let's just see [inaudible] now your left hand would be on the floor for balance. Mostly. Um, sort of, right? I know it doesn't really do much, so don't rely on it too much. But initially all we're doing, you can do whatever you want with the other hand is just bending into it a little deeper at the back foot is very flexed and then straightening up a touch. Right. It's not a full extension of that forward leg bent. I'm not, the ring is truly right now just for balance and up. Right.

That's no big deal, right Mary? It's hard. It's hard. Okay, so it's hard for me. It's hard for me to, I was hoping you'd say no problem. And you could demo the next one instead if you want to, you're going to lift off going almost to straight with the other leg and then Ben and go right back where you came from and lift. Right. And I'll just do four. Here's three focus. You don't have to be perpendicular, but you do want the back leg energized. This is four already, isn't it? I think it is. Sorry, I made you think and look. All right.

Then just come in and change legs. Yeah. Okay, so we come on down. Nice, long lunch. I'll turn to, I don't think I need to. As long as you're keeping that back leg straight. Yeah. Cool. Let's do a few where we don't come off. There was three we bend, we rise up and get the feel for it. So I'm actually pulling weight in the forward for it of course. But also toward the back you want to keep the back leg straight. Three we might've done four like this. So it's up to you. You think so. Okay, so there's four, then we did four with the liftoff or just do four more here.

Here we go. Control the thing that helps me when it does help and I think you know what I mean, sometimes it doesn't. If someone were pulling my back leg, the leg that's lifting off as if somehow it's staying connected to the wall behind me. That's three already. Yes. Up, up, up and, and then just step in. Roll yourself up, manage it. Manage your bar. That's a good start. What else? Faith please. You want to lead it, I'm sure. Okay, so let's take the arms out front. Heels in, toes out. We're going to pull the ring. Then the arms go down, keeping the shoulders ride over the pelvis, press the ring, stand up.

Inhale Ben pressed and inhale, pull. So think about as the arms are bending, the knees are rotating behind you. We'll do two more then and re and then and reach. Now Bend and go down. Hold that, change the pull to a push and go little bit down, a little bit up. Squeeze with the arms. Squeeze down, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Go Down, lift the left heel and with squeeze, squeeze. Put you in charge. Julie. Squeeze one more and he left. Heel goes down. Right heel left. Sammy, press go down. Equal weight on both legs.

Here's three, two and [inaudible] go down, lower the heels, stretch up, arms up and now you can have it. Okay, so there was one more I wanted to do, maybe two, but I think just this one. And that was to take the ring at your high rib cage cause there was a temptation sometimes too thrust the rubbed out. I'm going to do a sidekick standing like Billy Banksbanks' style. [inaudible] maybe tie bar. Okay. I'm with you just don't know what to do. What we're going to do.

So basically just play with the idea that you're pushy. Don't let your hand move right now. Push your ribs into the ring. Okay. Don't do that anymore. Instead push your hand into your ribs. But don't let it push you away. Of course. So you're upright. You can kind of meet in the middle with the resistance.

Come off to one side and find balance. Yeah, and that's, that's where I would want to throw us. Right. So I'm just using it as a reminder. If you don't like your hand there, you could do it with the forearm. It's not, it's pretty. I'm going to keep it here. From there you can tilt over more, push into it more to, it reminds you to almost lift the rib cage as you then lift. You're like [inaudible] my long leg. Gonna hit you Mary. I don't think of, I knew. Sure I have yours. Not yet. Here we go. Just circle forward three, two. Don't lose contact with those ribs. One reverse. One, two, three. Now lower down touch. Come back up. Five. Sorry, four either way.

Three to lean into it. Morphy can one now it goes down, then up, down, up. Just like before. Take it behind you. Back to the side and down. Down, up, back, side and down. Three to go. One back. Damn. Lean on it. Back. One to go.

Good for your balance maybe. I bet it is. And then Centera yeah, if you can, you could hold the wallet in the, let's just do a quick stretch. Awfully felt a little glute. You can do whatever you with the arms. So what we're doing is trying to almost stick the rear end out behind us. Keep a flat back at low if you want, but open the knee. Okay.

And if we can by side find the ribs, play with it a little. Each side is different. So you want to feel where your ribs are reaching into the ring, but it's not, you're not allowing it to change the other side. But the foot go out to just an easy point, but energized I think helps move already did it, didn't I? So for part of why I'm doing this cause I need to, it's the idea of coming up and over.

I'm not trying to necessarily are around or arch to the side, but it keeps me in place a little better. Alright, so I'm almost holding my upper body up and we circle forward whichever way that is. T one. Okay. And and three rivers for three, one and two and three. Then we went down and up, down, up, one, down, up, way up. Lean into it more if you can. There's three or five. If you notice your toes gripping, try and relax them and now it goes down. Then up again, down, up behind you. Back to the side and down and up.

Sweep it back to the side. And this, whoa. Back side down. Finally lift. I think that five one, one more. Here comes goodness. What have you noticed? I'm sure and down cross it in front. Oh, that's why I wanted to stop. Oh that's it's tighter. Oh, I'd like to start the new year.

Feeling strong on my legs strong and where I'm going. I got to get up down quite a bit. So let's just do one more side stretch and see if it's different than the beginning. Okay. And call it a day you can face face our friends feet wide, really wide and coming up and over this time I shall change it slightly. Mary, go ahead and bend the knees in that play that you did. Now rotate down, go all the way down and over to the other side. Open it out to the side and up and reverse it to the left.

Rounding down, open it up and center one more. Each direction to the side. Stretching. Let the body be rounded. Their open house. Nice and flat. Front to back. Last one. Oh, breathing thing. Glad you took the time and up and then just stand on up.

And that's it. That's a good start. So now, happy new year. Happy New Year.

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Brilliant workout! So beautiful in it's simplicity but very fresh and challenging at the same time. You two are fantastic! Give me more :)
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Love your classes! Always fresh and new. ??
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love this work out. Just what I needed!
3 people like this.
Belated Happy New Year! Did this workout the day after knocking down a wall The exercises were just right for stretching all of my sore muscles from the day before.
2 people like this.
This was fun, thank you. Like the balance stuff too as I like to work it into every class. I find that my students really need to work on their balance.
2 people like this.
You guys make the Girls Time Clases the hardest! Loved it thank you!
Abigail A
2 people like this.
Two of my favorite instructors in one quick fun class with the magic circles!
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I like your dynamic together. Keeping it real.
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What fun! Thank you ladies!
Thanks everyone!
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