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Get your whole body moving in just 20 minutes with this Mat workout by Jennifer Golden Zumann! She works on finding your elastic range so you can create length in your body. She touches on everything you need to get your body feeling great in a short amount of time!
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Jan 22, 2016
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Hello, I'm Jennifer Golden Zuman and if you're like me, I often don't have time to do a full length workout, but rest assured you can still work out in 10 to 15 minutes as we're going to do right now. Get the whole body moving, get the heart rate up and really touch on all the things he might need to touch on in a 15 minute span. So follow along. Here we go. I think we're going to start today on the hands and knees. Line up your poems so they're under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. I have my toes underneath so I can get a little, a bit of a toe stretch right now cause that feels nice for me and just glide, glide back and forth a couple of times and just get a sense of glide in your hips. Notice I'm not rounding my back as I do it. I'm just gliding back and forth, finding a sense of balance. Now I'm going to drop the spine down between the shoulder blades and let my elbows bend just a fraction and then rise back up.

I call this elevator down elevator up because it's really a movement of the rib cage in the shoulders and it's not a back bend forward bend movement is just elevator down. Elevator up. Let's do one more of these. Good. Now I'm going to bring the hands just a little further forward so I can work into my upper spine where I tend to get a little tight. So as you inhale, you're going to coil the head in as though you're going to do a somersault and just shift the weight forward into your upper back and then exhale to come back again. A few more of these. This one I feel like looks like a buffalo.

I want you to really get very spiny and round in the upper back, but not not in the pelvis. [inaudible] and now we're going to do the exhalation with the pelvis. So we'll take a deep breath in and as you exhale, just the pelvis goes back and back up. Just warming up the spine. I'm going to let the feet relax at this point.

Exhaling and inhaling. I'm not sitting all the way to child's pose, nor am I really tucking under. I'm just focusing on spreading out the webbing of tissue around my sacrum. Now I'm going to go back and forth with this. So this whole movement is sort of egg shaped. It's not a cat.

So I'm going to inhale, I travel forward, and then exhale as I traveled back, I'm massaging up and down the front of my spine. Let's just do one more of those. Good. And then we're going to sit facing friends. Now my spine is pretty well warmed up from that. So I'm going to do a couple of roll-ups legs together, reaching my legs. Say Open Up, stretching the ribs. Imagine that you're pulling off a tight shirt, so it's not that your shoulders go up, but you're lifting and opening each rib without arching the back. Inhale and exhale.

When I do these [inaudible], I like to find my resilient range. So stretch as far as you feel it still has a resilience to pull you back again. One more. Okay, and back. Bring your right leg into your chest and give it a hug. Here.

The left leg now is going to be nice and strong. We're going to inhale, lifted. Exhale, bring it down. Imagine that you're pumping your lungs with the leg and then hold it up and take it out to the side and down and back out and up. Two more times, exploring the hip socket, letting the leg rotate as it needs to to follow the rim of the socket, round the head up, and then just stretch back down. I've got to run to switch sides.

I always like to let my legs settle into the abdomen a little first up and down and three, and then hold it up and I'm going to take it out to the side, roll it through the joint, and then back around and up. What I was doing with my hand is sort of showing you what I'm doing with my hip. A lot of people get like clunking in their hip during a movement like this. But I want you to really feel that if you follow it and you really trace it all the way through, you can find how you need to stabilize to get that leg right in the socket. Bring it down, round up and back down.

Bring both legs in with my hands behind the legs and I'm gonna extend through the toes. Press the legs into the arms to come up like a hammock. Inhale as you do it to inflate the back big parachute or big Hammock, and then lay back down. And again, inhaling up. I know that seems a little strange to inhale up, but I'm doing it to inflate the upper back. Now the ladies are going to start to break free, so I inhale and then exhale. Inhale and exhale again, coil up and the legs break free.

On this last one we're going to do with a hundred so here we are, and begin. Inhale and exhale. With each inhale, inflate the upper back. So much. Make it so full that it provides an anchor. No, I'm just going to do one more [inaudible] and back down your rock. Up to a seated position. Now bring the soles of my feet together and do a little spine wave from in a roll forward. Re my diaphragm over my abdominal organs.

Then stretch forward and up and again down forward, up and back. One more time. This direction and I'm going to reverse it. Lengthen forward and drop back through the belly. Notice my legs are in a wide diamond far. It's not like a butterfly where it's tight in. Good. I'm going to stretch the legs up, roll back down again and then I'm going to bring the legs in and for roll overs.

So now my hips are already warmed up so I can really explore if I can go a little lower with control. Still [inaudible] anchoring through the arms. I like this to be an arm exercise too. Really? I like it all to be a whole body exercise. Let 'em meet. No, certainly if your back arches when your legs lower, only go as low as you can without your back arching [inaudible] and one more. Good. Now bend the knees, bring your arms to a w position. We're going to do a little bit of a twist tie with the spine. So from here we're going to stretch the legs out nice and long and then bring them back in and then we'll go to the other side.

So you actually want to roll onto the hip and stretch and bring it back in. Roll onto the hip, try to get all the way onto your hip for that stretch and then recoil. It's important that you work to find the elastic range. We'll do one more to each side and last one. And all right, now we're going to rock up to a seated position. I'm going to take my legs out to the sides. Now if I'm on the mat, I like to take my legs as wide as possible, but since I'm up on here, this, this is as wide as possible, so that's fine.

But to bring the arms out to the sides, inhale and finding my resilient range burst open. And as you twist and move, I want you to explore the massaging of your organs as you reach and twist through your arms. Every drop of air comes out and the sponge opens up. We'll do one more to each side. The sponge opens up. Okay, good. Now we're going to open lake rocker, so I'm going to from this position, roll right back in.

Grab onto the feet and open the legs out to the sides. Before I move, I want to check my balance. I'm going to close and open, close and open. One more time. Find your balance. Find your balance and rule and balance. I want you to give it enough power that you have to kind of catch yourself. Don't be too conservative. How Fun with it. Good. All right, now I'm going to turn over onto the belly.

I always like to warm up once or twice first to get that upper spine, moving. Somebody to keep the legs long behind me. Take a deep breath in and on the initial part of your exhalation, let your spine drop towards your breastbone and travel forward and then bring it back down. And again, travel forward and down. Now we're going to bring the arms straight out to the sides. We do a little bit of an airplane movement, so the hands are gonna lift first.

Then I'm going to turn the breastbone inside out. Spin my arms back. Go ahead and spin your arms back and then bring them back to the sides and down. Now if you can keep the belly up, it's okay for the legs to float. Let's try to do that now. Arms, spine, legs, Turley, arms out.

Send the breastbone forward. You're trying to expose the breast bone to the front of your mat. Arms come back forward and down. Now we're gonna spin the arms the other way. Arms, spine, turn it back and then back forward and down again. Arms, spine reach.

Don't worry about height. Guys. Think about length and anchor the bones of the pelvis. Anchor the bones of the ribs and then shoot out of a canon and then back forward. And down. Now if you've watched videos of Joseph Milad, he's doing swan, we're going to do it just like that. So you're just going to lift on up and then we're going to start wracking and down right up on those four arms. Let's keep the pace going. Kik and rich blow out all your air. Then stretch, blow out and stretch, blow out and stretch.

Let's keep [inaudible] all that tautness in the whole body and [inaudible] too. I like Paul, but we're going to do a fancy like pull because that's fun. So we're going to bring the leg back and then we're going to bring it in. Oh, and back and in. Now let's take a couple with a spiral and now let's make it like I'm pretty. Let's make it sleepy, so straight back again and in. Find the springs and then wind it and unwind and wind and unwind and bring it down.

Maybe a push up for good measure and then let's do the other side back and breathe in and out. Take it to the side. Breathe in and out. Breathing. Keep both hands working straight to the back. It's tempting to go into backbend flexibility, but if you really drive into both arms, that will prevent that. Okay, and good. All right.

And let's lower slowly down. So slowly, so slowly for swimming. Stay very, very tight. We'll inhale and exhale one more cycle [inaudible] hold and stretch and bring that down. All right, let's come on up now to a seated position and we're going to do a spine twist facing the other direction now, which is kind of fun. So, um, let's get into spine twist by bringing your hands behind you and rolling your pelvis back and then use your arms to Elongate your spine.

Don't let them hyper extend. Just press and get your sitting bones down. Stretch your fingers to get all the way up at the peak and then bring your arms to the sides. Bye. Now your breath should be working because your heart should be up one word to each side and we'll move into our leg stretches. So right leg in first and breathe out.

Let's just do single leg stretches and four, three, two. Let's keep the flow going with the legs in stretch and recoil. Don't just tighten your stomach, stretch your stomach and bring the air out one more. And in the criss cross, rotate and fill with air. We're going to go slow first so you can center your spine.

Feel the spine is your central access. Now fast for four, three, two, one and bridge. Anchor your arms. Anchor your feet and lengthen your spine up. Feel the hips floating up towards the ceiling. Arms anchoring into the floor, and then beginning in the throat.

Let each vertebra fall into the hammock of the back so we don't have to tighten the neck at all. Just let each one drop down. Stretch the pubic bone away at the end and let that recoil back to bring you back up again. Up, up, up, and Dan. And one more time. Strong arms. Let's bring the arms overhead and this the right hip and then back down and lift the left. So for these, I want to think about the hip that's lifting.

Not so much dropping the hip, but lifting one. So we're rotating the spine. Hell this on the spinal access. Last one with the left and roll your spine right back down. [inaudible] immediately follow your head coming up.

Use the backs of your legs to help you up to a seated position. Now leg straight out in front of you. Hands behind. We're going to come up into leg. Pull back. So strong arms, strong legs. Unfold your front and then fold it back down and again, unfold. Stretch your front back taught and then the front gets more taut and the back stretches last one and back down. Good. Alright, we're going to lay on the side for a sidekick.

So just going to do a basic side kick. Now I want the leg a little bit in front of your spine. I really like both hands on the head here so your balance has to come from your trunk. We're going to kick way forward and way back. Way Forward and way back. Breathe in and blow out. Fill with air.

Last one holds here. From here we're going to bend your knees and we're going to come right up into a mermaid and away. Use this arm. This a little nice tricep yield into the tricep here a little bit and then up and then when you come down, absorb, absorb into the hand and into the elbow and then spring back and now we come up, clasp the wrist and let that lift you up and then right back down and up and are right back down and up. So much that you end up out here and let's circle here.

Three, two, one other direction, three, two and one stretch and bring it down. Let's take the legs over to the other side and do our side kick over here and we go forward and back. Breathe in, breathe out. Three more and two and one. We're getting every bit of our body working in a short amount of time into our mermaid now up and absorb into the arm, lift and absorb into your arm. This time we call them up like I lifted myself up on my arm and down, up and down and I come up so much that I keep going and find myself here.

Three, two, one other direction. Three, two, and one. Good. Now I'm going to come down to the floor because the next sequence has to violate the boundaries of a mat. All right, so in this position we're going to work with our spiral winding and unwinding. We're going to be rolling out this hip. It was important. The legs aren't too far forward here, so you're going to miss asage forward, keeping the flesh in and rolling on the bones. So in here, draw in and roll on your bones and then organically the upper spine turns the opposite and winding up.

Good. Now if that feels natural, then it just unwinds right back up and then right back down and back, up and down, and then it can keep winding all the way to our side. Plank bend back, winded, back around and down. Let's do one more of those and lift and back down and our spiral and home. We'll do the other side and we roll forward. Starting with just the basic, you may find that one side has to stop at as sooner phase and that's quite alright. Second phase is a turn back and then the third phase rolls up. Do about two of those. If you have more time, you could do more of each too, and then we take it so it keeps winding and it's open, and then it whines back around. Let's do one more of these [inaudible] and back around. Let's go straight to your belly, right up to a push up.

Let's walk the hands back and we'll finish with the arms coming up. Rolling down. We're going to do one slow controlled. Push up and bring the hands back. As we roll up, we're going to bring the arms to the side.

Interlace the fingers and stretch. Lengthen your ribs, Lincoln, your waist, and we are done.


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Great express workout
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Love the flow! Beautiful transitions!
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Excelente clase!
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Fab Workout
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Jennifer...That was absolutely brilliant ... loved your creativity and transitions. ..a really fun workout.
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As random as mine. Love it
Thanks All! When we're short on time, we have to let the body play!!
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Jennifer-Jennifer-Jennifer!! Oh how your work calls to me!! Delicious AND Nutritious!! Thank you!! I'll be coming back to this over and over.
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Great Class.
Best I've taken on Pilates Anytime.
Thank You!
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This is great! Thank you!
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