Class #2486

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Move with the music in this Mat workout with Stephanie Herman. She teaches the basics of her program, Pilates Ballet by Stephanie Herman®, which takes Pilates exercises into more dynamic movements. She shows you how you can find your correct alignment and the muscles in your body so you can move with grace and balance.

A dance background is not required for this class, however the continuous flow will make you feel like a dancer!
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Overball, Foam Roller

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Breath of fresh air!!!
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Very fluid and lovely. God focus on the breath
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Thank you Michele, and Joan, I loved the typo "GOD" ??
Lovely to watch very lovely fluid routine
I've really enjoyed your class, thank you. Your Pilates Ballet is very interesting. I love Barre workout too. Music is energy and sometimes is very nice to flow with the music so I control my body with my mind, breathing and music!.
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Thank you Mercedes and Beth?
Glad you appreciated the musical flow with breathe and intent.
Great sequence, feeling wonderful and was able to tune into subtle ab movements as the arms and legs moved. Thanks!
Thank you Jen,
Glad you were able to find those abs, Keep it up to find more:)
Beautiful! Can you tell me the music you used? It, too, was lovely!
Relaxing, fluid workout. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!
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