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Get ready to celebrate in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers! This is her 200th class, and she has invited her friends to play in this class with her. She includes seamless transitions so you can flow from one movement to the next. Congratulations Meredith!
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Mar 22, 2016
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I'm super excited cause all my girls are here to play with me today. And while it's not technically my 200 class, I think it's technically like 205 or something very exciting like that. We're going to pretend it's number 200 and we're going to celebrate. So here we go. All right, so everybody just sit up, take your hands behind your thighs, look down at your feet and make sure that they're lined up with your sitting bones evenly spaced straight out in front of you with a slight separation in between them. Lift your spine using your arms and close your eyes. So for the moment, just allow tension, hexis tension, any tension to leave your body and bringing your awareness into a feeling, perhaps of rising lightness through the spine, heaviness and the shoulders ease already.

Maybe you want to set an intention for your practice. My intention is to have fun. So that's a fun fact. Um, and now bringing awareness to your breasts. So inhaling, feeling the wit ribs will whims the ribs. Expand to the outsides of your body. As that happens, draw the abdominals back towards the spine and see if you can lift yourself up a little bit taller. And then as the exhale happens, feel how the ribs can slide down the front of the body without having to bear down are your on yourself or create any excess tension and inhale, feeling the ribs, letting the trunk expand, drawing the abdominals back towards the spine. Lightening Yourself over your pelvis and exhale and then opening up the eyes and inhale. And then as we exhale, keep the shoulders right as they are, but just slide the pelvis under. So tuck the tail under.

Draw the abdominals in the shoulders. Don't lean back. They stay right, they stay open. They say stacked over the pelvis and then feel that you're sliding your hands down your legs towards your pelvis as you pull yourself actively back up into a seated position. Inhale and exhale. Let the pelvis around. So feel here as we just start moving in a gentle way, how we can create a little bit more space in our body. Inhale to lift and exhale. Tuck the tail under. Draw the abdominals back towards the thighs.

Put a little awareness into the insides of the legs, the inner thigh, and inhale to lift. Moving a little further down. Now Xcel start the same, so tuck the tail under round and then allow the arms to start to straighten and let them go all the way straight and then pull against yourself. So deepening into that curl. Check in with the collarbones. They should still be open. And then reach forward. Get your body right up close to your thighs. Extend out on the diagonal, trying to slide your body into your thighs and then into an upright position.

Inhale XL. Start from the pelvis round down. Allow the arms to straighten. So now the shoulders back up a little bit. Dig down deep into that shape. The pelvis, the front hip bones are level. Inhale and exhale round forward hollowing, creating a cylinder of space and then press the chest forward. Reach out towards the knees and lift the spine up. One more time.

Inhale and XL her round. Stretch the arms out. Pause and inhale, deepen. Exhale around forward chest to thighs. Slide the body out over the size and sit tall. Reach your arms forward. Inhale, exhale.

Start from the same place so that small tuck of the pelvis and then round down. Find the lower back against the mat. Inhale, lift the arms, open the arms out to the sides. Exhale, press the year in front of you into itself and roll up. Inhale, sit tall. Exhale, Tuck the tail under round back. Feel the feet firmly on the floor. Try to reach down. See how close you can get to your lower back.

That's going to be different for us all. Inhale, arms up, arms open, and press energetically. Arms forward. Bring the spine with you and then this time as you sit up, lifts the arms overhead. Open the arms out to the side and round again, reaching over yourself. Roll back. Okay. Arms. Okay. Arms Open. I'm sorry, Sarah. Sorry Sarah for starting like this, but you're going to be just fine and reach and open and then create press contract. Roll that.

Okay. Easy around and strong. Press forward and lift the arms. As the spine lifts up, bring the arms out to the side. Take the back hand towards me. So reach across yourself.

Roll down your spine, rounding down, trying to find the lower spine onto the mat. Open the arms out to the side. Take the front arm to the back of the room. Roll up that side of your body. And as you come unwind, take the arms back out to this side. Take the front arm to the back of the room. Go the way you just came up.

Exhale around, feed on the floor, heavy open to the center. Bring it across to the other side. Roll up that side. Open back to center and towards me in you. And exhale. Now this time the arm that's on top that came from the back goes up and we when meal, the arms around, we roll up that side of the body and it center and to the back of the room in here and exhale.

And when Mele the arms around and roll through the spine and unwind and take the arms up overhead, interlock your fingers together, pull your spine up with your arms. Actually elevate your shoulders right up to your ears, pulling up, getting taller, and then let the shoulder blade soften. Take the arms out in front of you, separate them, and roll down. We're coming all the way down here, so either you'll need to scoot into your feet or scoot your feet closer to you for a pelvic curl. I'm gonna slide in towards my feet. Arms down on the Mat. Inhale here. Exhale.

The first thing that we feel is the low back. Flatten into the floor and then we feel the pelvis roll away from the floor. Planting, feeling energy into both feet evenly, feeling the arms reaching forward and away from the ears. Inhale and exhale as we roll down, continue to send the arms towards the feet. As the arms are reaching towards the feet.

The head is reaching in the opposite direction. Get a lot of flection in through that lower spine and work your way all the way down to your tailbone. And then inhale, arch the back, arch the back, let the lower back leave the floor and then come back through neutral and begin excelling as you roll yourself up again. Strong arms are heavy arms or elongated arms. Hold. Inhale and exhale. Roll down. Starting with the breastbone, feeling the individual ribs, feeling the five bones between the ribs and the pelvis. Let the pelvis draw and then extend the lower back.

Feel how that affects the head, the head slides along the Mat and neutral and one more like that. Exhale, rolling up long straight arms. Inhale to pause and exhale to roll down, letting the pelvis come down, reaching the tailbone down and back and neutral and one more time coming to the top. Exhale, lifting up the right leg stays on the mat. The left leg hinges up from the hip, comes up with a bent knee. We lift up and touch and exhale, lift feeling that you're trying to pull your leg in through space from right underneath the rib cage. Here's two and last holding here.

Now do a single legged pelvic curl trying to land evenly through the spine. Rolling yourself down. Drop all the way down through the tail bone and roll back up, pressing into that right foot. Just allowing that left leg to travel up in space. Inhale and exhale down tailbone drops and India and x rural and in here.

And exhale to roll down. Yeah, and India and XL to roll out past the top. As you place the left foot down on the mat. See if you can do so without a lot of shifting in the public's. Going straight across to the right. Exhale to lift the right leg up and inhale, touch and exhale, pull.

Imagine that you're pushing through something sticky and last two pulling in and last one pulling in. Pause there in here. Exhale, dropping the chest. Feel the reach of the arms roll all the way through the spine. Drop the tailbone down in here. Exhale, roll the spine back up again, pressing into that supporting leg. Inhale and exhale, rounding and inhale and exhale lifting and last time exhale to roll down. It's getting the body nice and warm, preparing us for what's the fun that's to come. Hold at the top right leg, goes down, arms reach overhead, and then keep the arms just hovering off the mat.

Lift the pelvis a little higher in space and then slowly down, dropping the chest, feeling that deep flection of the spine, reaching the arms, reaching the arms, drop all the way down to the tailbone. Bring the arms out to the sides. Let's hover the arms off the floor. Lift one leg, lift the other leg. So inhale as you bring your legs towards me using the opposite shoulder blade as an anchor instead of the opposite arm. Xcel to pull back in. How's we reach over to the other side?

XL to pull back two more times in here, Axa and in here. And exhale last one like that in here. And drawing back and in. Yeah, and exhale. And now reach the arms a little further away from you and set them onto the floor. And in your reach over you'll get more. Stretch both legs to straight.

Pull your straight legs back to center and bent and reach across the other way. Drawing the abdominals in opposition. Stretch the legs pulled back through center. And Ben. One more time to each direction in here and stretch and center and bend and to the back in here and stretch at center. And Ben, keeping the knees bent. Reach [inaudible] back, hands behind the head. Allow the fingers to fully interlace cradling the head and the hands. Exhale, curl the head and chest up without pushing the head forward.

So think of lifting from your sternum or from your collar bones. And inhale down and exhale, lifting the head and chest ribs. Slide down the front of the body. It's down the front of the body, curling up nice and high and inhale to come down and exhale to lift and down. And now this time as we lift the chest, we're going to stretch the lay and then the knees and stretch the legs and Ben the knees, pulling the knees into a bent position and stretch the legs. Stay lifted now and bend the knees and now take the legs, both of the legs at the same time and take them away from you as far as you can without losing your curl, without losing your low back against the floor and pull back and inhale down deep and Paul and inhale down and deep. And Paul. Two more.

Inhale down deep in and pull. Inhale down. Last time, deepening Paul. Drop the feet. Curl the knees into the nose. Lower the pelvis back down. Lift the feet to tabletop. Take the legs away. Inhale. Exhale. Bring the legs back.

Drop the feet as you inhale. Exhale, curl knees into nouns. Inhale, legs down. Lift the feet of who that could be an XL. So just breathe. We'll do three more. Kirra rural down, C in here and back. Feet go down. Oh, warming Dan feat and a way.

Last one. Lift feet down. Curl in. Fida arms forward. Arms Down, head down. Stretch your legs on a low diagonal or high diagonal, wherever you can support your spine. Lift the legs up. Inhale, exhale. Tip the pelvis over. Roll the spine over. Flex through your feet. Separate your legs, lower your legs down without changing the orientation of the spine and slowly roll the spine back down into the floor. So stretching the spine, stretching the backs of the legs. As the tailbone touches the toes, point the legs come down and together. Inhale to bring the legs up. Exhale, roll the spine over. Drawing in deep.

Flex the feet. Separate the legs and, and roll the spine down and point. Circle down and together. Lift one more. Rolling over. Flex separating down and rolling down at the bottom. Keep the legs apart. Point the feet, take them down, lift them up apart. Roll up and over. Flex to bring the legs together. Roll the spine down. Slowly energizing the opposition point.

Take the legs away and lift. Separate and lift. Roll up and over. Flex squeezed together and roll down. One more point. Separate. Lift up to go over. Flex together. Roll down as the pelvis comes down the like, stay together. The toes.

Point the hip leg start tool or we cruel the head and chest up off the mat and inhale, pump the arms. One, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five in here and XL. Inhale, lift the right leg. Exhale, put it down. Inhale, lift the left way. Exhale, put it down. Inhale, lower the right leg. Exhale, bring it up. I don't know how to make this into 100 lower the left and bring it up.

Let's bend the knees and stretch the length and lift the legs. You think we're there yet? I lower the lanes and then the knees and whole and wrap the hands around the ankles. Talk into a tiny ball. Tiny ball and rock. That was my least pretty role I've ever, I'm sure everybody did a much nicer job than I did. Okay, so nice, nice and snug or if you need to modify, if you need to make it easier and bring it in. Bring it out a little wider. Here we go. Rolling like a ball. We rock back and come up to that and squeeze the legs together.

Rock back and come up to balance and rock back and come up to balance. Two more. India and lift. I'm rocking myself off my mat and in heel and list and placing the feet down. Let's stretch the legs out in front of us. Separate the legs and bring the arms out and breathing in and breathing out.

Take the head down and begin rolling through the spine, reaching the spine out over the legs. Inhale and see how easily you can just rebound your spine back up. This nice, easy, soft in here. And exhale as we roll the spine down and in here and pulling back up. Yeah, and India and one more. Her rounding down and in here and rolling and in here and taking it into extension.

Take the body forward, leading with the arms, arms come to the ears, the back stretches out on the diagonal. Good, beautiful. Take it all the way back. Forward and up and inhale and exhale. Take it forward. Arms come to the ears, the head states just between the arms. We reach out through the back. Pause. Exhale, reach forward and lift and one more time in here and exhale. Roll down and reach out and reach back down and lift up. And then coming back into that forward position again. So we're going down, we're going to raise the am's, linkedin out through this spine.

Take the hands and just let them fall to the ankles of the shins or wherever they happen to land in your body. Pull yourself into a little bit, a longer position, a little longer spider, and then raise the arms and let them arms float up. And then take the arm from the back of the room. It goes in between the legs and then open the opposite arm behind you and then shoot right back to that forward position. Arm from the front of the room comes down between the legs, pull, rotate, reaching behind you, like there's something back there that you really want. And wine is it? Wine and then back to center.

And I promise these girls wine, if they would come take class with me and then switch sides. Eat. That's a good, that's a good, it's a good motivation. It's a good motivation and back to center and go to the other way. Reach for your wine and it's so close and back to center. And then all the way up in center, arms out to the sides, twist this way, try to see if you can find that same long back as you go into your saw. And then arms are reaching away from one another, elongating up and then coming to center and inhale and reach out and reach away with the arm. Send them in opposite directions and center and twist, rising up and stretch forward reaching and center and inhale, reach ya feeling the energy of the arms, the north south energy there is also in my brain an east west energy.

So it's like all four points of a compass are active reach-out and center. Last time in here. And reach forward and reach out and center. Slide your legs together and take your hands behind your back. Fingers can face in or face out to the sides as to your preference. Push the mat away from you, lifting the chest, feel the legs anchoring down into the mat. And now exhale, lift the pelvis up, sending the feed down towards the floor.

And now keep that nice long supported back, pushing the mat away from you as you sit back down. And again, exhale, press into the legs, lift and back down. And three more times is getting those hip flexes to open a little bit. Reach up and down and last to as the pelvis is lifting. As the heels are pressing, the abdominals are heavy. They're reaching down through the mat and down. And last time exhale to left. And then as you sit down and get prepared to lift up, Pressa sit up, arms out to the sides. Flex your feet, palms face up and swing towards me. Wait Paul Paul Center and pull. Pull until we go with our arms. Just go hands behind the head. Pull, pull center.

So do whatever suits you. Where are you going to do hands behind our head for um, space center and twist. Twist central. Now, no center and a little quicker. Just twist, twist, switch, twist, twist, switch in the switch. Can you lift? Twith twist, lift, twist, twist, lift, twist, twice. Lift. Last time to the back. Lift all the way.

I keep your hands behind your head. Bring Your Chin into your chest like you're trying to fold yourself into yourself. Bring your forehead all the way down just to your thighs and then lengthen the spine out over the legs. Pressing the head back into the hands to sit up all the way. Bend your knees, taking the hands to the knees, lifting the feet.

Press your knees into your hands and start to around through the lower spine, round through the lower spine. Come down slow or come down with control your best. Yes, control until you come all the way down into that double leg stretch position. Any inhale into our double leg stretch here we go out and pull the fico straight out in front of you instead of dropping or lifting, if possible, out and back so that the arms are reaching for one another and pull and reach and pull and reach. Feel that stretch the oppositional stretch and in and for pulling back and three pulling back and two, pulling back. One more. Pulling back both hands onto the left knee, right leg, fourth pull and change. Pull.

Keep the curl in the body so you can use your arms. But don't use your arms to pull yourself up too much or just off your shoulders. Just using the arms to help you maintain that position. Feel an energetic inward pool of the bent knee while the straight leg is energetically pulling away. So there were working in oppositional directions. We're going to do one and then we're going to go hands behind the head and we twist and twist and twist.

So feeling the ribs almost changing places, keeping the feet lined up like they're reaching for a goal. Pulling over and over and over and over. And three, two, one center. Place one foot down. Place your other foot down. Lower your head and chest. Reach your arms down along your sides. Inhale, roll the spine. Exhale to lift, Eh, we're gonna lift the left leg off the floor, stretch it up to the ceiling and make three circles to the inside of the body.

One trying to hold the torsos still. Two and three. We make three circles. To the outside of the body. One stabilized two and three. We're going to elect. Take the leg down, kick back one down, kick back to down, kicked back three and now bicycle.

So the leg goes down. Benz touches the floor and lifts down. Ben Sweeps the floor. Enlists bend and hold. Go the reverse bend. Reach out and kick. Ben. Stay lifted and reach the stay lifted in reach and then pull the leg in towards you deeply like you're piking a single leg. Pike, single leg. Pike. We deal with lower all the way down the leg that's on the floor.

The bent leg straightens the top leg Benz. Take your right hand to your outside. Left thigh and twist. Looking over your opposite shoulder. Wringing out the spine, Eh, come back through center. That bent knee goes straight down. We slide the straight leg in. Preparing for a lift. Prepare for liftoff. Here we go. Roll yourself up.

Left leg stays on the floor and the right leg comes up. Stretches to the ceiling. We circle to the inside of the body. Or one side might be different than the other. That's perfectly normal. Paws, rivers pulling around two and three. Now the leg is going down and back.

Point and flex. Reach and hold. Reach down, bend, sweep the mat and kick down. Then keep reading. Last time, reach up river as we go down and forward. Back Down and forward. Back. Last one down and forward. Back. Hold it there, pike it in towards you. Rolling yourself down.

Pausing at the bottom. Stretch that bent leg out straight. Then the top length twist, looking over the opposite shoulder perhaps. Yeah, come back through center. Stretch the leg that's in your hand. Reach up towards that ankle, drawing the leg in towards the body. Give it a nice stretch. And now stabilize your trunk. Change sides.

We're going to hold here to get a little stretch, a little stretch. I know we change and we pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, switch. Take the bottom like to the ground and press down and three of five and two [inaudible] no one and hands behind the head. Legs a little faster but they still make the same pattern and pull. Pull to keeping the trunk. Nice and still three and three and four.

Four and five and now row g and across keeping the elbows. Why the head heavy last three and three, two and two. One, one both legs up in center. Head down, arms down. Inhale. Exhale. Tip your body overrule over. [inaudible] pause and breathe. Take the arms around to the sides. Reaching back for the feet.

Yeah. First thing you want to do here for the control balance is lengthen out through the spine, so you're trying to reach up into a straight or back. We're going to hold onto the right foot. We're going to lift the left leg up. It's going to reach for the ceiling and oh pool and switch and cool pool and switch and reach up and change and reacher and change. One more and change [inaudible] both legs down into both hands.

Keep your hands on your feet or behind your shins if that's more appropriate for you and just gently press the legs into the [inaudible] body is you slowly, slowly curl the body back down into the mat. Pausing at the bottom. Now bring the arms down. We're going to tip the legs towards me in here. Exhale, make a circle around the pelvis and center and Amia and down around and draw in and inhale and down around and draw in and in here and down around and draw in. Pause there. Take the legs down. We're going to go into the advanced corkscrew.

So bringing the legs up, taking the legs over the body, bring the legs down towards the Mat, over towards me. Rolls down that side of your spine. Reach it down around the outside of the pelvis, up the other side of the body and center. Go the other way. So when you go to situate your legs, you want it just to point over that opposite shoulder. Don't go too far. You'll throw yourself off balance and fine center.

And in here round when you're in the air, it's nice to be able to see your pelvis right in front of your face. Check that it stays level as the legs rotate as a spine road rotates down around, up. And let's do one more in here. Down, around and over, up and to the back. Exhaling all the way through around and center on India. And now roll down. Here's what we're gonna do.

We're going to roll the spine down. We're going to lift the head up. We're going to reach the arms forward, you know, articulate this at reach for your toes. Roll back down, leave your legs where they are. Arms down, legs that rollover legs go down and then up into the Jackknife. So reach up trying to create a long straight line in your body. And then her rolled down, tried to press the legs away from you.

Has the pelvis comes down, the head comes up. This is getting us ready for something later. You reach Ya. I'm reaching for the sea. And then we roll back down and tried to leave the legs. Sta harms come down, head comes down, legs go, huff, reach over. And then down and up with the legs, reaching up, finding your height, finding your hip extensors, your back extensors and not down legs. Come forward. Head comes a roll.

Reach for the feet. One more. Roll down, legs come up, head comes down. Reach over trying to make one. Move into the next seamless lift up. Reach up, pressing the legs away. Okay. And then Dan [inaudible] and head and roll up and catch your legs. Hey, let's attempt to openly rocker. Can't promise anything, but we'll see.

So we just pull the shoulders down. We'll see. It's not a competition. It's just fun. Rock back in here and role and Elan. Game and rock back and roll. UE Lung Gate and tumor rock back and lift. Reach up through this by last time. Rock back and lift up. Now let's see if I can make this transition work.

Let go. Take the leg that's furthest away from me over the top of the leg. That's closest to me. Bend your knees and turn this way the door. Yay. Now you can have two wines.

Good job. I need something to go into my hand. Okay, so my hands slippery. I'm getting a towel. All right, right. Going into the side bent. So what I want you to do here is push with the bottom hand and then feel that you're pushing the ribs away. Your hand is pushing into the mat, you're pulling the ribs away. We're going to lift up, stretching out through the lengths. That's our inhale. Exhale. Make a rainbow with the bottom of the body, looked down at that bottom hand. Bring the arm back and bend and inhale, lift and exhale.

Keeping the legs glued together. Reach up overhead and back and bend. And one more India and reach up and over and back. Bend. But go back up and take the bottom line again. So looking down at the pelvis, just make sure you're in a straight line.

Hand can stay reaching up or it can come back behind the head. We're going to lift that bottom leg, flex the foot, come forward, pull, pull and reach. Pull, pull and reach. Inhale and exhale as a suggestion or breathe as a second suggestion last time and hold it at the back. Take it down. Lift up to the front and uh, to the bat and up to the front. And I did they back. So I feel that it consists, spend in the suspend two more times through, up and around, front, up and around, back up and around, front, up and around, back, lifted, back out to the side. Turn to your mat, your leg that's on the ground or on the floor turns as well.

So now you're square to your mat. You to bend. Y'All was there going to bend wide. So wide arms. I would widen a little more Becca and just like, yeah, right outside the mat. We're going to bend in and reach that leg to the ceiling and then press away. So the nose comes into the mat and the leg, like a swan dive reaches up into the air and press. Huh?

And Ben Press that. Two more. Ben. Lift taking, going into that nice hip extension. Strong back extension last time. Lift. And then bring the hand that you are on my right hand. Your left hand turn back to the center, lifts the leg up even higher, even higher, and then bend it.

Scooted right in next to that opposite leg and sit back onto the hip and then come all the way onto that side. Okay, I am ready for the other side. [inaudible] okay, so the knees are bent. We're pressing away with the arm. That bottom arm, we're going to lift the body up in here. [inaudible] XL reach up and over, eyes, down, arm reaches, feet, reach up. Inhale that here, holding hands and down. I like it to read Shah, do it again.

And remember beach and back and down pay. Did you get a photo and lists and re and back and down. Here's where we just get ourselves on and the bottom lead comes in. Okay, so squaring the pelvis, check it out and then lifter and where you need it to be. Flex the foot and Paul forward, forward and hurry forward. Forward reach.

Keep the leg high as it moves through space high or is it moves to the back? I remember we have to suspend over this level and here we go. Here's our chance down in the back, spend, touch list and touch. Lift and forward and lift and back and lift and for floating through space. Nice and easy. That's not true.

But if you are managing it to be so could we potentially make it so I don't know. Nope. Okay. Maybe a little. So we turn and we let the knee rotate on the mat. The back leg is lifted. Pelvises square, wide arms wide elbow. Push up Ben, nose to the mat, leg in the air, and press back in here. Keep the abdominals working.

Press back in and pressed back. Last two, press back one more. Yeah, yeah. Press back. So now the hand comes back. We turn. Hopefully that feels okay. In your knees. Reach out, lifting the leg, lifting the leg, and then bring it in and sit into that hip, Eh, and then continue on to that. Hit Eh, for the twist. Just put my clothes back on and we'll get going. Yeah. Okay. Here we go. So push the ribs away and push the mat away in how stretch.

Exhale. Lift the pelvis. Reach through, down towards the Mat. Come back out to the side and let's hover down. Good lift three times. Reach through and back. And then town and odd last time and through.

And then bring your legs around the front stagger. Take your leg, hands behind you. This is for you, Becca. Now how much you love this exercise. Okay. So we're going to go to the ocean down around and center the other way down. Pull in to the back or the front. I don't know which one's the front of the back and all round.

Lifting the chest one more and to the other way. Holding it. Oh, bring me on that and transition to the other side and, and what and why. Yay. All right ladies, you're doing beautifully. Good job. Katie. Just had a baby like two days ago. Okay, let's do an amazing, not a girl Qaeda who we reach out in here.

Eyes through pressing the pelvis back the spine down. Long inhale. Sarah also just had a baby. Oh No, no, no. We hover. We have [inaudible] and um, and under, I also had a baby after the baby that was yesterday through and back. And then turn onto your hands and knees.

My really, do you need to put my clothes on? Okay. Sorted. Here we go. That was just a little stall for you. Yeah, a little rest. Take one. Laid back. Take the other leg back. Holding yourself in this position. Feeling the strength. Strength. I was gonna say the strongness but I guess we could feel our strongest too.

Right? Let's take the right foot and point at reach out and down and down. Keep the abdominals working. Three, two, one. Hold that same way I got. Bring it into the chest. Round and back and around and back and around and back. Do more around and back and around and back and put it down. Three pushups, Ben Press. Hmm. Really? I'm okay. Mandy, you and I. You and I are the only ones with straight legs that I don't mind.

Lift the hips on and press the heels down. Oh yeah. Anyone who, who just had a baby within the last week. Go to your knees for your pushups, including food. Babies come up on your tones will roll yourself forward. Here we go. Other side, left leg points. Reach out and yeah, too. Food. Babies totally count and hold it and Ni and back and exhale and back.

And last two and one more and hold. Will you put your foot done? Three pushups, Ben. One to Siri. Lift the hips, heels, press down. Dominoes in. Let's see here. Roll back through one [inaudible] lift the hips, heels down two more times. That's the end of the pushups for today. I think.

Bench press and reach back one more time. [inaudible] articulate through. Roll the spine. Ben, press lift back up last time. No pusha lift the heels. Roll through the spine. Bend your knees. Sit back towards your feet. Yeah.

Okay. Come forward onto the mat. Onto your abdominals. Oh Sierra is moaning. Sierra. Okay. Onto your elbows please. Or if you need to come up a little bit in front of you. We're gonna. I'm taking this, taking us into the single leg. Kick. Modify as necessary. So I want you to push wherever your arms are in space.

Push them down into the floor and then feel as well that the abdominals lift up. Try to come up off the floor and from there we're lifting the length, hovering them, reaching them away. We're going to start with their right leg kick, kick stretch left like kick, kick, stretch, ba reach, add bar, reach little faster. Pull, pull, pull, pull. They pass one another by and kick, kick, kick, kick the chest all the time. Arms are down and sliding backwards. Pull, pull up or pull one more time to each side.

Like straight head comes towards me. Legs are still in the air. Hands behind the back. Elbows down. Kick. One, two, three. Reach out and stretch. Highs down forward. Other side, kick. One, two, three. Reach out. Stretch, strong, energized eggs and to me, one, two, three, abdominals and find your stretch and other way or they're mutiny. What's happening to their talking and, but I can hear them and reach. That's okay. One, two, three.

Maybe I'll just have to choose something where they don't want to speak to each other for awhile. One, two, three. And here it is. Hold it. Arms to the front and slow. Inhale, two, three, five. Exhale. Two, three, swimming. Inhale, two, three, four, five. XL two very FY, little faster into three, four or five hours. Two, three into three, four or five out, four or five, faster into three, four or five out. Two, three, four, five, three, four, five. Add that little flower. Two, three, five, two, three, four, five. Little slower into the swimming. Prep. One foot down, one arm down.

Stretch and stretch and stretch, and last one, stretch and down. Crest formed on the Mat. Press up onto your forearms, straighten your arms round your fine so you're kind of far away. We're going to roll the spine forward and I bring the hips through. Pull the pelvis forward, arch the spine like the down stretch and then draw in through the abdominals.

Pull the pubic bone forward deep in through the abdominals and hover back off your feet and again, articulate through the spine. Press down through the shins. Hips come forward, arms, upper arms. Slide back, lift the chest and round. Progressing away. And again, one more time. Reaching through. Yeah, body comes down, spine lifts, body rounds. And then we sit all the way back.

And you may need to scoot your knees in a little closer. [inaudible] cross your legs behind you. This is Sarah's trick. I learned it from her. Rollover your feet, straighten your legs, cross your right leg over your left. Sorry. Grand Finale. Reach forward. And from here start to take the body down.

Find the place in your role where you can place your back down and lift your legs up. Then roll over, uncross and re cross your legs. Roll down, lift the head up right away. Reach forward, lift. Take your arms behind your back, stretch the arms away. Keep the legs lifted. Take the legs down to the floor and reach around for your feet in here and roll legs. Come up backwards. Down. Reach over the top. Uncrossing recross roll. I think of squeezing, hugging the inner thighs together. Really. Cha, um, spine. Stretch, back leg stat [inaudible] reach forward one more time through roll back. Okay.

Lift up and over. UNCROSS, cross, cross things. Roll down. Lifting the hand, reaching with, he owns lifting up, reaching behind. [inaudible] stretching the shoulders or put the hands down and reach around. And last one roll. Get your back down first and then the legs and then reach and then lift and are reaching and around. Take the arms behind. [inaudible] lower the Lang's. Reach around taking a hold of your feet. Just bend your arms.

Or maybe you don't even need to bend your arms or maybe you don't reach your feet, just hold on to something and pull yourself down and then come up enough so that you can switch sides. One leg on top of the other if you just had both legs straight. Um, before I do it again. And then pulling through and then rolling back up. And let's bend our knees. He's coming up into a nice open position and then take the right arm out to the side and then the left hands just resting on the Shin that we're gonna read. You write and I'll lean into that. Um, left forearm stretch over to that side. Are you gonna take the spine and reach forward over the left Shin around to the outside? No, I'm kind of just out to the side. It comes down and the left arm comes out to the side and we'll reach it up and stretching over and that reaching forward. Pause. Just give yourself that a nice back stretch. And then around the front, around to the side with the arm as the spine comes up, and then both arms lift up.

I just feel how you can be light in your body. Perhaps arms will bend to their sides. They reach for the spinal reaches forward. Just keep [inaudible] do your arms where they are and roll the spine back up so they'll end up near your ears and Oh, Ben, nice and easy and reach forward. Yeah, he easy in the body. He is in the spine as you lift up and open one more time and around Eh, lifter.

Yeah, and at this time, the owners are just going to fall down. They're going to end back on the shins. Slightly resting. Just closing your eyes for a moment, bringing your attention once again inwards without needing to name or judge or even say what you feel. Just notice what you feel. Maybe you feel lighter and more energized or I don't know. Maybe you feel ready for wine. I do read that.

If you can have wine right now, you should. We're celebrating.


Congrats Meredith! .... did somebody say 'wine'?!! Reaching for mine.... LOL Thanks for the amazing class xo
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can't here her voices
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Congratulations :D
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Teresa ~ Are you having trouble with the audio in all of our videos? If so, I recommend trying a lower video quality. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
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Great Class, not classic order at all but I felt so good at the end!
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wonderful cues, beautiful flow, great class
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Beautiful, challenging work for my morning!! Thankyou!!
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One of the best and def most fun classes! Thank you Meredith. It's 9pm in London, kids are in bed and I am reaching for my wine too! And congrats on 200 classes!
Thank YOU ALL! Cheers!
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Someone commented earlier that the class didn't have a classic order. It really didn't matter, your transitions and cueing were outstanding! You integrated all positions and body parts. I gave a class after watching your video and incorporated many parts of your routine and the class loved it. Thank you for sharing your great class!
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