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Move with Diane Severino in her dance-inspired Mat workout. She teaches a few of her go-to exercises to really work your body and improve flexibility. She also shows how you can make each movement exciting by adding accents and dynamics to the class.
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino and we're gonna do a flow class, which is going to move with me kids. All right. We're going to have the legs in a diamond shape. The heels are quite foreign in front of your hips so that you can get your whole forearm down. And the reason for this starting position, you get a little more stability because we're going to do a lot from this position and it also works the outside of your thighs a little more. So even though we're sitting on the floor, you still have to pull up. Pull up, pull up. Yeah. All right. Nice. And up and lifted as much as you can. Got to pull away from the floor. So you pull your bones away from the floor.

You're going around your arms in front of this diamond. I'm going to use my head, but you're going to watch me in the beginning probably. I'm just going to take this nice round like I'm holding a beach ball up over the crown of my head. You'll lose sight of your hands here. The minute they start coming down. Track your eyes with the hands. This way you can get your neck working a little bit right away. Now at the top, lift out of the waist more and come down. We're not going to hold the breath.

Of course you can take a nice long inhale expanding the lungs and blow the air out. Yeah, feel the arms coming from your back. You feel that we're bringing him right over the top of the head that's around. Give me a side shot here. We're coming. Nod. Here's the forehead all over the crown of the head of I'm gazing up on the diagonal. Lays in that beach ball all the way down. As you track it with the hands. Now use your eyes. You following it, you following it. You lose the hands. Stretch, pull up and now start looking at the hands all the way down and keep the fingers slightly to get together and low are good and down.

Now we're going to take that movement and we're going to lift it up over the head, right? You're going to bring the risk together. Then the fingers lower down. This is the rotate the shoulder joint a little bit. Look into it. Hold wrists and the fingers with the shoulders down so you can feel that upper back, low and the wrist and the fingers. And now as you bring the risk together, think of your armpits coming to me. Yep.

And the fingers and down and lift arm pits to me. Good fingers. And let's do one arm. You're gonna lift that right arm over your head. Now we're going to change the direction, the toy so's changing it. Follow that hand with your eyes.

Try to bring it more to the backseat. You really get that back back up. Keep looking at it. Now as we get here, we're gonna make a sharp twist. There you go. And we'll make it exciting. Follow the hand. Torso changes. Follow the head back of the hand, way back behind you. Sharp twist and flow and lift and twist. Which way backs here that stretches the neck back.

Here's fest and shot and down. Grow and twist and rich. Follow the hand back and up. Sharp twist. Good. Both hands lift and the risks and way back behind you. Touch the floor, keep that chest tie, bring the arms back to the risks to the thing as long round dorms and grow and lists and chest to the ceiling and back.

See that up a back working and fingers and down and left and wrist and back and oh way back to the risks to the thing. Years and hole, you know, round the body over. Always elegantly rounding, not collapsing into yourself. You're going to hold onto the tops of your ankles. Never you toes cause you don't want to.

You don't wanna live like that. All right. Hey, it's looking good. You hold onto your ankles and you don't tweak your knee a little bit too. So when you're holding on ankles, calves, whatever. So let's start that again cause I took a little aside. How many like to allow too? I can do what you think. Go.

Would you round and lift forehead angle to the theme. Now as we're taking the polls and I do a lot of pulses in my class, but we're not, we're lazy running the spine. We're lengthening it out over the diamond. Not tugging down, but trying to get the image of air in between the Verdigris so you do want to feel the stretch coming from a new butt up to the top of your head. That's it too.

Little breath too and stretch too and whole. Now the release in all the most of the polarities working is, and mine is done with the classic reliefs from the tailbone. It's like your mooning the back of the room. You stick your butt out, there's the pelvis, then the waistline, look, I didn't get to my up the back. There's my upper back and there's my neck. All right, so from the flat back to the upright, you're just adjusting yourself on your pelvis. All right, I'm going to take that again. Round four bounces over. One, two, three hole four, six the butter that ways then shoulder blade, head and lift.

There you go. And round two over to you. Lengthening out, really stick up, but we out three four lift to contract or round and over. Tell. We lease the four account back and grow and contracts. He is elevated down to unreal.

He sees like a wave. Now we're just going to take one bounce over, round and over and release and up, round and over and release. I got to see what you're doing, rounding over and then you go feel that butt round and over, but behind you and it's like a wave round and over and hold that flat back which the arms on either side of you or yours with the palms down, fingers together and with a flat back. Ah, yes. Oh, I bless you. All flat backs, which from that waste, get the rib separated from your hipbones. Oh is elegant. Ah, good. Lift. Fingers touch over the crown risks. You're going to dive the arms behind you again.

Keep the weight on the outside of your feet and the hip bones are going to lift to the ceiling. Looking like a coffee table. I can balance a coffee cup on my wasteland. Now here's that archer the suspension. You're going to spill that cup. I'm going to come back, so I aim my butt underneath my butt underneath my head. Right? Check this to see if I was off. I'm going to do that again.

Hipbones lifter my neck narrative. I Bet I'm not kidding with my voice. It has to be long. All right, spill. We didn't do it again. Two Times. Lift and lower rent. Check and again, three times lift and wave and AH, up and down and up and hold. Check four times and squeeze and squeeze the pot and and three, that's what's your arms to right back and hold. Check all the way up. Whole feed forward, round contract and forward. Forward. Try Not to let your knee book or I doesn't matter how far you going, but without letting the heels lift you.

Pressing the backs of the knees gone to the floor. Now let's flex the feet. Flex to pulling out. Feel it coming from underneath the hips. And again, I'm carefully pose. All right, point the toes. Here's that flack back release. Way Out. Way Out. Way Out. You flat back and [inaudible] and we'll take a flat back balance. This works. The hips and the hamstrings. Flex, flex, flex, flex, come up, turn out. Look, we can do the same thing and it's applied. Ease.

Lyft, hello, Chet. Damn [inaudible] to squeeze the blood on the top chest tie long line from the crown of the head. And Chad, we only do three times lift, but you're going to hold the three low and two. You've done this in Matt, right? Well not this part, but this part and lift and lower and chest open low and the weights on the outside of your arches. And one more. Of course the bud is not dropped yet until now. Release up over even to bring the knees in. Make a big hoop around your legs.

Now open the legs and the arms and slide them out. Slide them out and round the pelvis to bring in the knees, holding arms in a big hoop. Draw the knees in and release the spine and Oh, open round the pelvis, the draw the legs in. Tuck them inside the arms. Oof. It's like a big shout at a dramatic and n does it make a shot?

Oh over and hold round over to his that pulse. Three, four, the toes are pointed and Nice drippy arms drippy, just hanging. Same thing with the flex feet and now we're going to flatten the back over the legs. There's that flat back of lease five, six, seven and contract Dan over two, three, four that's it. Liaisoning the spine. Press the thighs down. Eight flat back, release out. You're hovering, you hovering, you have ring. Doesn't matter how low you go.

What matters is if to the back of the wasteland is not buckled around. The more you do this you'll feel if it's straight or not. Well, I have to do is adjust myself and I'm upright right now. Tours or changes to the direction of your right leg. You can track. It's off standard, but we have to do these areas. Just love working our hamstring. Again, see that nice sloping action.

Doesn't matter how far you go, you want to keep your opposite, but down to hamstring stretch, flex the feet. Hang to really feel like the opposite leg is really pulling away from you and here's the point to the flat back release. You hovering, you're hovering all the way out over that line. See something, oh isn't that pretty and center lift, tuck contract. And to three really pulled out as a late oh six seven two the flex and flex to three and four. That's it. Make sure the thighs are pressed and then do any good. If you keep those knees buckled. Eight point hover. Release the pelvis.

The rest of the body follows in suit. Hover. Come up facing that side. Elegant and to the center. Draw the legs together. Going to lift up. You want to work on your butt seat now. Now look, one hips leading. Yeah, the hips leading spin old gym exercise. Now if I pull the hip back, the body will follow. So these are hip length inners. That's it. And also a button reduced [inaudible] men back and back and back and back.

Forward and forward and forward and back and back. And that line up the feet and shift. See the shifting of the hips. Rewinds your next, excuse me. Wrote the sweat of my lip. It's a beautiful sunny day here. It's 90 and it's February. You have go it. Yeah. Okay. Remember just three. All right.

Now if I call back this hip, we're going to bring the arms here. There's going to be like little little piece of movement. We're going to pull back that hip. This is going to make this leg look like the number four, but I'm going so far. It's almost like a bow and arrow. This leg is going to turnover and I'm just going to trace that arm all the way.

Keep the inside of your right ankle on the floor. Oh, feel that stretch. Oh yeah. Now I'm going to bring my arm over the head. I'm doing this real slow and I'm going to rotate the hip here and I'm going to cross my ankle. I'm hovering here. I'm going to lift by like lower two and lower last time three as the leg goes down. So this is called mark. We're going real slow so my hip pulls back.

Get it drawing that bow and Arrow tracing way out across the horizon. I look inside of your left heel down. Feel that stretch an Arrow from your fingertip to the toe behind you. Lift as it comes over the head. I round and my right foot crosses over.

I lift three times one. Yeah. That is pretty a last one. As it goes down, sit up tall little quicker now and we draw and we follow the horizon and we and contract three, live sin and low two and lower. Heres three release. Draw to follow the arm. See it makes sense now, doesn't it? When they sentenced, I made it up. Lift and lower and lower. Heres three and quit.

Can draw and trace and know and cross and and to you got it. History really sinned. Draw and aura and, and tuck and one and two. You got it. Hold very nice. Well, what am I going to do next? Little up like we did, but we're not going as far up and we're staying more on your heels.

This is the waist with a whittler. Widdle your waist, you lift and you shift. So the pelvis can go this way to try to keep your shoulders to me. And that's it. Live. We're not all the way up. And shift, lift. Keep the breath, tighten the stomach and shift. And you rolling right?

The pelvis is changing the directions of you and Lo. Now we can twist and we're gonna Lower and draw the knee into the chest. Yeah, out up other side and draw and out Lis. Then twist. We still hovering that hip so it's not touching the floor in and out.

Lift and or feel that in your ways. Right. I always say, right. I've got to get a new word up. Right. I can't and and over and in and out hold and uh, right. We, this is called a second [inaudible]. We're going to rand. Okay, go. We did warm up. We just put the hands on. Let me warm up your hamstrings a little bit more. It will put the hands here and down and just take a bounce.

Hey, you know what I've been doing lately? It's sort of not correct, but I don't know. I think I retained up a little bit. I've been sorta so incorrect is like I'm rolling my pelvis. This is sort of like, you don't do this in a second position. You see rolling out now? Not really letting my knees roll, but I'm letting my pelvis, so I'm letting you in my private stock and I don't know if it seems to, yeah, work for me. Can you feel it? Yeah, so I'm sort of rolling on my pubis bone and bat.

I've given you a wrong exercise. Okay, come up and let's put the fingers up. Now we're going to do it right. We're not rolling onto the pubis. We're keeping it tuck and see. I don't know. It seems to open up a little bit because a little easy when you're bracing yourself that when we were here in the beginning, all right around the hips and now we'll start the exercise and you're going to talk. He held it. I like this Cup Tan. You bring it together and I know it's hard for you to see now, but sure, you bring it back behind it a little slow. You come up, he take your contraction, you open and you place the feet on the floor. Your arms come behind you.

Your chest goes to the floor and you press to, well, my chest is pretty big. It goes down. That is for nevermind and you tuck back. Roll up, suspend down chest to the floor. Two and three, four sit tall. Contract, reach up, expand down, stretch, right. Let's take some doin for an up and back. Up. Suspend and row. Two, three, four. Calm up.

Now we're going to like a little puppet and out. Knee and foot. Don't move the heel and lift and press and lift and press. Add, lift, twist to the bent leg. Stretch out. Good oof.

Twist to the leg. Stretch up. Try not to collapse on that side. Nice long arm from finger the finger and and lift. Then twist and stretch and up and lift. Twist up. I don't know. I guess this is a happy moment. I want to smile that a and up lift and pitch with that another waistline woulda and up.

Lift and twist up hold. I'm a little teapot handle on the shoulders. Try to touch the floor and up. Accent that up, down. Did Up, down, get up, get up and up. Down is a torso. Now the choice I can twist, twist to change, twist he pulling up. Press the legs down to the floor and twists too and not down.

Just keep lifting up. Twist to n one more and send. Flex your feet and isometrically push eye that needs you working against your own tension. And I relax everything and push. You're making every muscle work harder than it has to relax and flips everything. Push, push, push and relax. Draw together.

Shake out your legs. You got drawn to listen. Go to the side. And this is a fourth on the floor like a pretzel. Huh? So you can use your hand to adjust the legs, trying to get wide as you can. You're trying to get your hip down. I W I do a lot in this fourth position. Your hands on the hip. Does she show you how the hip can work with this?

They're going to stretch your quad two. Very important. So you know the run a stretch, but this works. This works good. Your hip bone is going to motivate the movement. Your buttocks to you hip comes up and the pelvis changes forward. Then the brace. Yeah, that changed my torso.

So the Bible follow your pelvis. Now my hip on my pelvis goes down to the floor. It straightens me out. And the hip. Yeah, and the hip. Now let's do it with the arm up and I'm gonna Change my foot here. As the hip comes up, my toes going to point as my hip goes down because it and the hip. Now I can take this around even further, not using my arm.

I'm only twisting as much as my torso can get behind me. Now I keep my upper body twisted that much. The hip pulls me down. So the arm really never comes too much in front of your sternum or moves away from your sternum. The hip, the waist, the shoulders twist around, put it down hip towards a follows and lift. And it's proud draping Nice Cape over that arm. Keep that elbow to the side.

Hip, two, three and four and the hip. Let's down and to, Hey, this is reminiscent and a lot of modern work. So what? And down and whole. So this is sort of a warm up for more intense work that we're going to do.

Go add on to that hip switch to the other, the side and split to fourth. Again, we're recapping. It's the hip that lifts you and the hip. Nope collapsing. You've got to pull up like crazy and you can get that for your like Cape On. You're proud in the back and return with the arm and the hip.

But just going to do halfway and hip lift. Lift. Lift with anesthesia hip. Yeah. Now I'm going to take the [inaudible] torso twisting more. It's the hip, the waist, the torso twist. Hold the choice with there. The hip will pull you down to three lot of muscle in this exercise. All such a little tiny muscles you don't even know existed.

And Return Dam three, four. Proud back to there ya go see a, you lifted a little more. That was great. I almost said awesome. It'd be redundant. I'm at the beach out to three, four and the hip. Two three.

Let's go to that transition again. Oh out. Split. All right. So now we've got the hips worked up a little bit and we've got your hamstrings worked at. Oh Heidi with recorders, your body done. Okay. This is for your booty and the back of your waistline.

I'm going to take a little side shot here without tilting too far forward. You're going to put the weight on your thigh and I'm bracing my foot and you're just pressing you foot behind you. The Hey, you go try not to lean forward. Yeah. Woo. See Right. You're just pressing, pressing. You're trying to get that heel a overpass. Your left hip. Yeah. Stretch. Pull up your stomach. Stretch. Stretch. So in the dance world, this lower limb, the one that's behind me be called a back attitude.

It's a position, it's not a, you got attitude, you know, it's a position. So you're trying to get your knee and the top of your foot on the same plane. Right? Oh my knee was a little lower c cause I uh, from here I should just be able to lift it in one piece. We'll do that on the other side and I'll turn that into an exercise split. Okay. Lift up arm here, lift C, lift up, purse back, pull up.

That's it. Deal that lift knit. Oh, stuck in that stomach. Three, four. That's it. [inaudible] I don't even tell you what this is working. He right. It's good to introduce yourself. The body parts, when we do like minimal movements like this [inaudible] damn change. Rooney. Okay, so we're going to turn, I want to do, I'm going to change it. Well, I'm going to bring the arm over the head just so it's going to work a little stronger on that whole upper back. A little bit more. So remember I said it should be in one piece, lifting the knee and the foot. So the arms overhead, just light pressure without leaning. Foad you're gonna try to lift that die in the air.

So it comes up in one piece. I should have my foot fluff. I like the brace my foot a little bit. Pull up. There's your attitude. So as the legs lifting, you try not to counterbalance too much, right? You're trying to keep that upright. Yeah. Up, up, up, up and hold. Now bring the toe tip to touch lifted.

Bring it down, swing away to me and, and touch. Swing away and touch and this and touch. Swing away. And there's another one that's happy because I don't know, it makes you happy. One more up in swing-away. Okay, so attitude, knee and ankle.

It's going to come up at the same time. Nice lifted body shoulder down and loose and low and lift. Stomach up. Try not to tilt too much as a slight, but don't exaggerate that. Lean forward. You know, even if you just try to lift in one piece to calf, just a fraction of an inch, it'll still work the same muscle group. As you get stronger in these back muscles, you'll be able to lift it a little higher. It really won't go much higher than your hip or pelvic bone. Even if you were Prima Ballerina, which you know I'm not one more and am I?

Bring the arm twist around touch top down and twist away toe touch lift and notice how that my arm is parallel to the leg that's extended and twist away. Try to see your back foot as you twist away. Sees the back foot and you won't, but you really want to get as much rotation as you can and up back one more deep and hold our Kayla. You can start with the diner. Let's just take a little bounce so see how those muscles feel now. Ooh, awesome. No, I did say, hey, we're ready. Okay, we're going to keep the body round like this. Give you side shot.

Instead of we leasing like we did before, we're going to draw the heels are gonna come up. This stomach exercise, you roll to the back of the shoulder blades, right? You come up trying to keep the toes down and over. We're not gonna Paul for, I think we did enough. Those heels lift, that's you're not gripping with your feet. Tuck and Oh rural scoop up and oh fuck and roll and Tuck. We're going to do a new movement. As we get to our shoulder blade hole, the arms going to lift a little bit more. You keep this diamond shape, you lift the legs, you'll lower it, grab your stomach and come up.

We're gonna do two leg lifts. This is all this is really good for the low belly and touch that leg lifts smoothly like that is all control from your lower abdominals and three and low inhale, exhale and three hold tuck on four and roll and down. Diamond one and low c is the smallest and three and Lowe. Nice round beach ball and roll and we're going to change it. On the five counts. You lift, you open, flex and point and we do that four more times.

Two open flexing. Pour together, three flexing point and Dan, keep controlling your upper body from your upper midriff for open flexing point. Work through the whole foot. Five open, flex and point which through a little bit higher now quickly going to grow the legs together and two crosses. Chris, Cross open, open, crisp, crisp and quick, quick, quick and open. Keep breaching so the midriff muscles are controlling the height of your head. That's it. So the neck isn't just holding you up quick, quick, and open to quick, quick, and open that snap, snap. That'll work your inner thighs even harder. And three, four. Ah, Lori, that feels so awesome. Just stretch them out and bend the knees.

Hold on to your shins and your Pol, your heels, your calves to you too. Let's do a little pelvic press now. Okay, that's all easier. Heels are in front of each buttocks. Arms down on the side. The pelvis tucks under the waist, the midriff to United straight line. Now you start to reverse it. You close the ribs like an accordion. I think of the vertebras in the front of your body now and that pelvis towards you face two, three up for the more tuck you get here, the more you stretch your quads and hip flexes down and took two, three, four and dirt too.

It's a nice way that flows. Two, three, four and two. Three hold it on the top and up to three holes for lift your right heel. You're going to have to adjust your feet and right heel lower left as you lift your heel. Keep the weight on your second totem rollout on your pinky toes. Don't chase the head of the Pim Downton town. There's so many don'ts. There is both heels. Pry him up. Lower the hamstring and button.

Keep the steady. You got gravity. Now you can really flatten that lower, lower hold down. We're going to take it down. Uh, and roll up [inaudible]. We're going to take the right foot ball just like we did to the point. Lift that plot his exercise low. Always should've flexed up. Toe Ball, heel ball, toe lift, flex, lift point, toe ball. I got a Fisher. Ready.

All right leg and from [inaudible]. Sorry if I kept doing it. Back. Ready and point lift. Flex, kick point toe ball, change ball point lift, flex UE up. Don't let your hip height change. Ball point lift, flex lift toe, heel ball point lift, flex hold and Bom Bom Bom. Lift the heel. Tooth ceiling six seven and eight point Cho ball heel ball point lift, flex de tat, the lift and lift. Pure hamstring. And Butt eight through the point child fall. Very nice and roll down chin to the chest, which your arms calf and we're gonna keep the contraction.

You're going to see if you can tuck and roll and roll still abs right and scoop. We're not going to lay the head. Oh, I did. Just halfway. Yeah. Cool. Do you have to sort of practice this one? Cause you can go yuck. Even if you just come up with drop. All right. Even if you can just do that, but if you could come all the way up keeping that contraction.

Really ice cream scoop. Remember it's all on this stump. You can't strengthen your stomach by pushing it away from the spine. You strengthen it with all of the secondary muscles behind your six pack by pulling it back. It's sort of a counter intuitive. You body wants to force away from your spine. You've got to train it to do the opposite. It can be [inaudible] up and down and up.

Okay. Don't hate me for this. Next one, you're going to bring your news to the left, your arms to the right. You're doing off site. This is the side of your waistline. You roll down to show the blades and you come up, you go sideways. That's right. Sorry. So your legs to the Kitten, you twisted, your hands are aiming for the feet side of the way.

You can't get up if you don't have side waist muscles. Obviously you'll know it if you can't get up. And notice that I'm completely on my left cheek. See my rate sheet is totally in there. I'm thinking of rolling down the side of my vertebras that are on the side of my waistline. One more and drift to the other side.

It's quite dramatic accident. So again, I'm keeping my, uh, left chicken air and it's the same premise of the one that we did with the feet flat on the floor. And this is all side of the waist. Keep your breath going. That's it. Whoa. Oh, and one more. How'd you do some of you good. Tell him you still hate me. Oh, sorry. All right. When I get on the soil, you're gonna sit up like this. Oh, I this is, this is, let's stretch the waist in the other direction.

Bring your hands behind your head, lift out of the ways and just tilt and see if he can get down to that. He'll keep the head up and keep the top Bilbo. Oh, that's it. Oh good. Shoot the arms out. Aww. Stretch circling. Okay. No. Did I, do I have to do that on the other side?

I did that for myself and Tuckey hills. Elvis, back elbow to the ceiling. Back Open. Fuck Shit. Welcome. Make you look so beautiful. Bearnaise we're Gotcha. Stretching, stretching. Circle.

Okay. I don't know. I'm making all this up. Is it going on? I mean I wanted to get you back on this side, but I realized I had to do nothing. Okay. Hey, let's do some, uh, just straight all in a thigh. You're going to bring your top leg sort of as a gentle weight on your bottom. Like top hand to get more waistline is behind you.

Stomach in long ways. And just lift. There you go. Lift. Alright. Cause she did so many complicated things with me already. Yeah. So the top leg is gently pressing down and it does put pressure on the hip, which uh, I don't know. I don't think it's a bad thing. Weight barrier. Oh, okay. And like that was easy. Now you're going to bend the bottom leg top lay here.

This is getting a waistline one. The top pan is going to be sort of underneath the side of you peck. The bottom hand is going to hold onto your shoulder, so get my wrist and that way you're going to press up and try to go over towards the leg and then pull yourself down again. So you press up, try to get your ear to the leg and down. This obviously works your arm and your waistline.

Try to get the upper body as high as you can and the leg is highs again. And one more lift and hold. And how am I going to get you out of this? Well we're just going to come up. See. All right.

Top leg is a weight arms behind you. So even though we're lifting the leg now for the inner thigh, we're still preparing it for that last exercise. And that was so many different muscles. Yeah. Press. I feel that you feel it even though it's in a thigh and and stomach in lift. Yeah. Lift and let. Okay. For this one now, bottom legs bent. Top leg is parallel.

Top arm is underneath your pecs. Other hand to the show that Liz had, this side goes, we're never knew. Oh, not been up and lower and press. So that waistline shoulda really those side waistline muscles over [inaudible] they need that so much and keep the breath and more. One More and press. You did a great shoot around. We're going to do a uh Oh. Kolber we didn't get this part. Okay.

Just straight Kovar. But again, in progression, right and far ahead, nose, chin, throat, up. Doesn't matter how far you come. And as you come out, think of stretching your palms to you and you're stretching the waist. Sly down. I'm going to sweep around the other side and full, oh, shoulders down. Night out with your fine self to go and oh you said nice breath. Let it flow. Remember, if you don't breathe, you die.

Ah, oh, okay. And one live. We might do something like this later. I don't know how long I've been doing this. Anyway, so often I hit every muscle group. I'll let you know. Alright. Again, fairly simple. Just a, uh, it's for you, but you can put your forehead on your legs. Still keep your stomach up so you're protecting you back and just straight up and he faces the floor and, and loa. Yeah.

So grabbing now is working to work your hamstrings. That's it. Keep the knee facing the floor the whole time and lift and lower and lift the side, lifting low. And if you can squeeze the butt a little on the top, it feels good. Whew. Lift low lift. So that's directly to show the bat. Now we're going to work a little a at this side.

The knees still is in parallel the whole time on, well, almost feel like your knees journey inward towards the other leg. So it just goes out and oh, [inaudible] feel like the outside of the thighs pushing as a solid. The air is solid. We resist. Yeah. And resist. That's it. And Oh, there's cypress it out and out. Yeah. Side of the hip. Try to keep your buttocks tight a inch. Tweeze it and squeeze.

Now we're going to bend the leg so the heels behind the knee flex the foot and you just lift the metlife thigh. They sort of classic. They worked though. If she feel that I like the way it, yeah, you Quintin yourself. Acquainting yourself. It's, yeah. Try not to let the heel drift too far behind you like it's more the front. Real Nice L-shape leg lift stomach's up, but tight hold point. Then down flex, flex lift and that knee faces the floor almost feels like you're inverting it to the other leg and lower this low lower lift and then you'll make a diamond leg.

It's good for euro turnout. Still still bracing your legs. The whole diamond shape is going to lift and lower. Now you got sort of more like the small glute muscle. That's good. It works. Your back muscles too. If three or four of these are enough, that's be good. Listen, always listen to your body, right? That's you. Lazy ones.

The ones that really have issues. You know who you're actually talking to. Oh, you have three? I've had enough. No, you haven't. No one. Alright. And low the legs. When we released the back into a Cobra, we're going to come up to Cobra. You the chuck pelvis and you're going to lift up.

You don't rotate around to squeeze your butt. You're going to back him up round. Now what? You're going to catch yourself on fold to the floor. It'll make sense after the float up and and lymph around. Back Up.

Catch float dat. Yeah, right down and back and back and catch hips forward and Tuck. And then that's one and up. Just stay here and squeeze in. Parse your pelvis. Float. Squeeze. Squeeze can, this is asymmetrical. We're going against your arms. Make you bloated like two fists. Squeeze. Squeeze that we're squeezing in parallel, right?

Cause the legs straight out in front. It's a lot easy to squeeze and turnout, but because the leg and foot work on the machine, you have to learn it a squeeze and engage the buttocks and parallel. This helps you squeeze that butt, which society is size too also. And we're gonna bring the leg out to the side. This foot is going to be turned underneath. All right? Sort of protect your knee cap. One arm up, one arm over lift. You sort of want a flat foot.

Your arches is activated, they're lifted the leg stretch and you sort of pulling in an opposite directions. My arms is sort of shaped like the letter S. That's it. Good and come up. Lifted. Change. Any stretch you away. Stretch. Yeah. Four, five, six, seven, eight up and wow. Up and center to get that foot on the neath you and in step down so you stretch your arch. S arms pull up, pull up left with that.

That means pull up out of the way. Stretch, cramp. Three, four and five. Six calling out. Lift and transfer the way and Oh oh three four stretch. Five six, seven, eight. That looks so nice and bring it in and sit.

So I just got you here. Let's get you up a little bit. All right. You're going to curl your toes under. Ooh, yeah, you're going to sort of hang back. Now you want to keep your toe joints in your ankles and your knees together, right? You really do want them together cause that helps you keep the foot aligned with the knee, which is going to take a little bounce here. That's [inaudible]. Well yeah, take a little bounce. Ease. Oh Brown cheese.

Press the heels down as soon as you can. Lift your book to the ceiling and want to bounce the head on the knees. Yeah, ankle bones. Then the knees again and bends. That's it. Don't stretch the butts of the ceiling. Head on the knees. Righto. Two bounces, bounce and two and straighten the legs again. Bounce and two straight Noyes again, bounce to straightened.

Hold now without letting your heels lift. One knee is going to bend, the other life stays straight and it transfer it and you do the other side. Now stick that straight like hip back behind you. Push it back. Stretch that hip socket, hip and hip and and stretch and stretch, stretch and stretch. We're going to take a wide parallel. Second, I w I did this whole class with my glasses on. The better to see you, my darlings. You don't walk your palms up. I'm going to come up to the balls of your feet.

Now you pelvis is going to press, your chest, chest is going to lift and you press your hips forward. It really pull up the stomach. So you press into those hip sockets. The hips going to reach the ceiling and would do that again. Hip stamped, chest press. Keep those feet on the walk. So you work into stoves and walk up.

Shoulders broad. Oh my head was out of alignment. ASE shouldn't be an issue that's better. And come in. Now you're going to shift one hip bone to the floor and pulse the hip down to stretch that waist shift to the other side to three. Oh yeah, pull out of then has it good. You PSOAS damn stretch. Walk back.

You're gonna hop the legs together. I'm going to sit down and yeah. Ah, let's do it on the knees. One last thing you feel is, the thing is your fingers lays your hands together and with the elbow straight, you're gonna crack your knuckles. Okay. Close to sniffs and try not to let you out. He can a thing. You're just a part of your body just like your feed or you noses it home. It's like all connected.

Do that ob Crowney head lats down crack. See, my elbows aren't bending that stretch. Take some Marin. I do that. Noisy stuff to remind you. Okay. Bring the presence of the thing is bring them down the thumbs. Face down. Bring them up. Bring them all fine.

Bring them up. Ciao. Now instead of the fingers, you press the arms back to fill these shoulders for circles. Yeah. Awesome. Fall back to sweet circle prey and up at circle it back to, sorry, four circle back to, sorry for spread the fingers wide. Y, Y, Y, Y, and rest. Thank you. Marvelous.

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YOU Diane Severino are marvellous!!! Totally enjoy your classes, what an inspiration you are! You give Pilates a new meaning xxxxx
Thank you Diane, you are so funny with your changerooni speak...however there is so much depth to these moves and knowledge. They can serve you for life strengthening hips, back and arms. Speaking of arms, yours are beautiful.
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Thank you Diana for this great floorwork class! I enjoyed it
Thank you for this amazing class, I got to learn a lot watching you teach and also practicing.
Damn Girl! The ex dancer in me loves this. You are awesome and look beautiful.
You are hysterical Diane and I love you so much! Oh and I got a great workout too!!
"Always listen to your body right? Not you lazy ones, the ones that really havel issues!" Kills me!
Okay, this feels soooooooooo good ! Thank you Diane !
You are so gorgeous ! I love you personality and enjoyed the class so much. Thank you
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