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Oppositional Movements

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Feel the movement and fluidity in this advanced Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She gets creative with the order of the exercises, focusing on the opposites for each movement. She includes many challenging exercises, including a Balance Control to Standing, that you will definitely want to keep practicing.
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Apr 14, 2016
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Okay. Today we are going to do an advanced mat advanced meaning that the exercises that I've chosen today for this little choreography are pretty advanced and you want to be in a healthy, good condition. Um, uh, if something bothers you, just go ahead and leave it out and we're going to be onto the next exercise in a minute. But you definitely want to be proficient in pilates, not at a basic level, uh, to just enjoy it and feel the movement. That's what today's class is all about is movement and the enjoyment of the fluidity. We're going to get creative with the order. It is not my traditional Romanos Pele's order. Uh, what I love about is, is seeing the exercises on all the different apparatuses and the different shapes. And a lot of times one version of, uh, the an exercise is the reverse of another. Say Swan is a beautiful backbend and teasers the complete opposite.

It's the folding, almost like have a flower coming together. So, uh, you're going to see that the opposites reversals if you will, so on a lot. And we're going to just play with the order and have some fun. How's that sound? All right. So again, hard, challenging, uh, advanced pace as well as advanced exercises. So let's start on the mat at the front of your mat and your Pilati stance, uh, come forward a little more for me. Jia. Thank you. And we all have our box. We have our Pilati stance and we're gonna pull our powerhouse in and nap one arm over the other, having your energy up, put one foot in front of the other and go ahead and lower yourself down on the mat without making a sound and keeping your weight nice and lifted.

Long lower backs. Very nice. Place your hands behind you and go back. So you take the full length of the mat and just go ahead and relax. Good. I haven't done, don't I haven't done this in awhile, but reach your arms back and reach your legs. I used to love starting my mats like this where you really feel just stretching in all directions.

Like you have a horse on each limb and they're pulling you and stretching and great. Now let's regain that powerhouse to spring our arms. Just our arms up to the ceiling. Relax and by your side and get your mind connected to your body. Feeling your powerhouse right here. You want to feel your belly pulling in, getting nice and solid into the mat. Feel your hips, engage your legs, lengthen and work because we're gonna have them float up for the hundred.

Let's have those legs float up and the head comes up and it's inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. Very nice. So I want you to come down a little lower. Juliana, I want to feel the shoulder blades on the mat. Good. That's it. Nice. Nice, Nice. In with the air, one of my instructors, Cynthia Shard once said, this exercise is similar. I think of Cynthia to a, the neck pool that you're want to feel that opposition. So as the legs go down lower, so does your upper body, you Kinda, you kind of start smaller and you can get a little bit bigger. So that's really nice. Give me two more in with the air.

Exhaling last one, and exhaling. And we're going to lower your legs down on the Mat. Good and lower down your head. And we're going to do the series of five. So bring the right knee into your chest, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. And the same action that left leg is gonna float off them floor while your head and shoulders. And let's switch and switch and switch. Good poll. And in reaching long. Good. Let's stop the knees from working.

Make the hips work more in down the middle of your body. Yeah, there we go. Yes. In and scoop and last set, right and left. And then bending both knees in double leg stretch. Inhale. [inaudible]. Exhale. Pull yourself together. Inhale, scooping in and up and exhale and those hips reach long and scoop and energy in those arms and scoop. And three more. Inhale, reach, annex, hail and right by your ears and exhale and from those shoulder muscles. Yes, one more. Don't forget to squeeze the seat. And now single straight leg, right leg up, left like forward. And it's switch and switch.

Let's do a little double bounce. A little right to left too. And there we go. Yes, good switch. Love it. And again, no knees, all hips, reaching out. Love it. Now we're talking scooping in, up, right to left to switch, switch, switch, last set both legs up, hands behind the head. Good. And let's go all the way down to the mat and, and [inaudible] and up and end up and to end up and one more and with me right and right leg bends in twist, bringing that right elbow back and switch bullying and really squeeze the guts out of this exercise. Pull that knee into your chest tube just as much as you can. Last one, making a straight wine from one toe to one elbow and hug those knees into your chest. So now we've got our powerhouse warmed up. We're going to go ahead and sit up for spine stretch forward in case your back started working a little bit. Heel on each the middle of these boxes.

If you have a yoga mat, just have your heels a little off the mat, about three inches wider than your shoulders. Let's sit up nice and tall. Big Breath. And exhale. Head to your chest and stretch. Good. Let's bring him just the arms. Shoulder. Yeah. In how rural? Rolling up your spine. Nice. Take a big breath.

As you grow taller and exhale this time we're going to exhale. Exhale, exhale, exhale, and inhale. Roll all the way up, Ben. Exhale down. Think of your breath like the hundred we inhale, two, three, four, five. We exhale, two, three, lower, lower, lower. Inhale up, taller, taller, taller. Exhale down, lower, lower squeeze and all that. Air Out and last. Inhale up, up, up. Keep your weight up and let's see that nice transition to open like rocker, where you're just going to scoop in and let those legs float up. Good job, and inhale, roll back. Exhale, rock up. Inhale, rock back. Inhale up. Good. Inhale, roll back. Exhale up, up, up. I challenge you too much on that. Inhale, rural back. Exhale, roll up.

Keep trying to use your powerhouse to pull in to get onto those sit bones. Two more. Scooping in and up, and one more time in with the air and exhale, and I lied. I want to challenge Liliana just a little bit more. Lock those arms and crawl up a little higher to your ankles. And I want to see your wrists stay locked because they were getting a little loose, a little heavy.

I want you to see nice and strong and in with the air. Oh yeah. Exhale up. That's what she need. Nice job. Bring your legs together. Go ahead and lower them down onto the mat. And we're going to flip over for Swan. So turn just flip right on over. And I want your arms long in one direction. Your legs on the other. Good.

All right, so we're going to be getting into this position and just real lightly, um, I want you to lift your right arm and your left leg a little higher. Good. And put down and then your left leg and your right arm. Did I say that incorrectly? I think so. We're gonna try that again. Right arm up and left leg and down.

Left arm up and right, like great and down. Good. I just wanted you to feel how square you are and how this comes from your powerhouse. And not by dislocating everything to do this movement. Now I want you to put your hands underneath your shoulders. We're going to get into the swan by starting off with natural squeezing your legs, either shoulders away from yours. And we're going to pull up our body, pulling your belly and come up, up, up. There we go. On the count of three, you're going to shoot your arms forward in the legs will go right on up to the ceiling. One, two, three. Arms forward, legs, up, legs, up, arms up, legs, up, palms up, legs, up, palms up, legs, up. One more palms up and legs. [inaudible] and enough beautiful.

Round your back and sit onto your heels, ladies. Very nice. So that was the example I gave earlier. We have our body bending in one direction and now we're gonna flip it around. Use our powerhouse to bend it in the other direction. Go ahead and turn around and lie down onto your back.

Bend your knees into your chest and hug him in. Extend the legs up to the ceiling and then lower them down to a 45 degree angle. Reach your arms back and you're going to roll right on up and touch your toes. And now arms lift from your waist and roll away. And again, good.

And now arms lift from your waist and keep them reaching like that to go down. So they're reaching behind you. Behind you. Behind you. Yes. One more up. Good. Staying here. Let's work on the lower belly, actually arm staying down. And we're going to lower those legs and scoop them up and lower just the legs and one more down. Up and arms lift up by your ears. And now everything goes down.

So everything linkedins and everything comes up that sit up above up. I'm throwing off your balance. I'm going to let go and let you go down on your own and everything up. Good arms lift from those waist muscles and everything down, reaching those hip. And that's enough of that. Nice job. Ladies. How'd that feel? Good. We're going to stay there.

Separate your legs so that their hip with the part and we're going to do neck pull. Flex your feet, hands go behind your head. Good. So now we're gonna move our upper body. We're going to inhale head to your chest. Exhale all the way until you kiss your knees. Good. Inhale, sit up tall and now stretch back. Take your pelvis a little more with you and then roll the rest right on up in with the air. Exhale all the way forward.

Inhale rural and pulling your belly in and up in and up. A little longer spine and then rolling down. Three more please. In with your exhale all the way forward. Good inhale. Sit Up tall, lifting off your bottom, pushing your heels away. And two more right on up. Exhaling to those knees in. Now rolling up and lifting up and back. Little bit more in the middle.

Back. Pulling into it yet. One more up you go. So we're moving our upper body. That means we're going to move our lower body next and reaching, reaching, reaching. And we're going to stay there. We're going to bring our arms down by your side legs together and see if you can bring them right off the floor like that too of right angle. Let's prepare for Jack Knife. K. So arms are pressing down.

We're gonna bring our hips over to a 90 degree and go Jack NIFA and try to keep the toes right over your eyes as you roll and length and down. Always lengthening. Lengthen, lengthen. Lengthen. Anne. Once we're down we're right on over. And Jack Knife. Schoolies in those inner thighs and curling down. Yes. Yes, yes. One more hips over to a 90 degree and Jack Knife up.

Really reaching and control it down. Lengthen and beautiful. Arms lengthening. Next relaxed. Nice job ladies. Hug your knees into your chest. Good. And we are going to do single leg circles cause I want you to just feel the squareness just like I prepared you for swan. And then we're going to do a lot of sidekicks. So right leg up, left leg down on the mat and stretch that leg towards you.

Good. Make sure that right hip isn't hiking up, that it's nice and square. Good. I feel like I need to adjust you a little bit. Are you? So let's bring this leg down and your hips are going to be right here. All right. So maybe you weren't so quickly, you were just at a great diagonal and we're going to be here and extend that leg up now. Good. Good, good. Alright. And how about over here? Look pretty good there. All right. Arms by your sides. Single leg circles.

We're gonna Cross around, up. Cross around up. Three more. While you're doing the circles, you're focusing on your lower back. One more go the other way. You're anchoring it because you're not moving your box. You're not moving the back of your ribs. Two more.

You're saying really solid in your powerhouse that the last one. Hug the knee into your chest and switch legs. So if you can't feel your backstay square now, your legs aren't going to get any workout when we do sidekicks, cause it's just your upper body doing all the work. Left leg goes up, stretch it, arms by your side. And this left leg comes up, grass around, former cross around, up. Good, around, up. Very nice and square. Try to feel how the back of your ribs are staying down. Last one, reverse.

Reached your hip a little longer when you go yes. Reach and then kick it up to me. Reach and kick it up. Yes. And two, one more. Lower back. Staying Nice and anchored. Good hug in those knees. Good. And that knee leg down. We're going to roll onto your right side. Line your body up on the side. Backside the Mat. This is a lot of legs we're gonna do today.

Legs are good. Put your head on your right hand yet, but have your shoulder and elbow all the way on the back edge. Beautiful. Good. And same with your tailbone. So a little bit forward. [inaudible] good. And because we're advanced, we are not going to use the boxes for our sidekick series if we were basic or beginner than we can. But we're gonna make the angle a little less easy. We're gonna bring the legs just to here. Good. All right, so perfect. Nice. And we're going to have that left hand right in front of your belly as a kickstand and your powerhouse in very good.

So you should feel just like you did on single leg circles lying on your back. Nice and connected to your spine. Okay, let's lift that left leg up just at hip level. Turn it out so that I could see your inner thigh at all times if I stood in front of you. And we're going to do a little double pulse four. So one, two and then take it back to and forward to and back to and forward to and back. Two and last one and then legs together. And I say last one because I want a lot more out of this one.

So I know both of you are actually very flexible, although you're practicing a lot of control. I do want that leg as high up to your nose as you can. So work that control as long as you can. Maybe you can only keep the control up to a right angle and then you can give it away a little bit to have that flexibility. If you give it away right from the beginning, you're just flying that leg around and you're not getting anything out of it.

But you do want to enjoy the movement in this. So we're going to do five more with a lot bigger range of motion. Yeah. In fact, now I want you to put your left hand behind your head like you did a neck pull. All right, reach that left leg really long out of the hip. Make that leg longer than your bottom one and now let's go for it.

Kick it all the way up to and all the way back to an up to and back to and forward. Two and back. Two and forward two and back. Two and one. More or less. Waving that elbow and back. Oh, there we go. Legs together. Place that hand back down and we're going to have that like fly up. It's going to go up to the ceiling and squeeze down and up to your ear and laying thin down, up and pull your belly and spine long and up and too, and squeezing your inner eyes together. One more outer thigh in.

Are they squeezing? Hold it there long and working. Try to reach that leg longer than the bottom one and five. Small little circles. One, two, three, four, five, reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Good. We're going to do bicycle. Kick that leg forward to your nose. Bend the knee, hold it right there, Jia. Let's have the thigh and knee and everything at hip level. Great.

Heel stays on seat. Take it back, back, back, and extend the leg behind you. Try not to roll forward with those rubes and forward. Need a chest. Need a knee and then extend back so you can move. Feel the back of like one more forward. Need a chasse. Need a knee. And then keeping that leg there. Nice legs together.

Let's reverse take it back. Good toad ahead. Need a chest and extend. Let's see that back. Take it back. Hold it there. Feel your box and how far can you take it back into the back any further? Jia, do you have good knees?

Are I keep taking it back and then use that hamstring to pull that heel to your seat. There we go. Need a knee. Need a chest and extend and taking it back. And I want you to freeze one more time cause notice my cue when the next one will be knee to knee. So when you bring your heel to your seat, you don't want your knee already at knee. So bring that heel to your seat. And now bring the knee to knee all the way forward and then extend nice job legs together. That's a little tough work. Nice job ladies. Okay, I want to do inner thigh circle. So you're going to bend your left leg and put the foot down.

Grab onto your ankle and I want you to imagine that there's a stack of books and we're going to lift up that leg and hold and lower it down and try to lift it up more. Good one more down. Pull it up while it's up. Belize in an app length in that leg. Now I want you to imagine a huge sugar [inaudible] spot right here. And we're going to scrape our leg on all of the rims. The whole rim of you can do it with a softer foot, IOD. Love it.

Just yes and one more. All the rims. And now reverse. And don't forget all of the juice back here. Yeah. And for good. And lifting that inner thigh. Lot of inner thigh here. Work one more. Yes.

And out. And now both legs together. Good. And I want you to fix your angle a little bit. Bring your feet a little forward and your bottom a little back. Yeah. So that there's a uh, there we go. Nice. Good. And we're going to go ahead and I'll join you on these.

She's so we're going to lift the legs up a little bit. Good and lower. Scooping in. We're going to lift and lower. You should be feeling this in the top of your waist. Okay. And down. Now we're going to lift and hold.

You're trying to keep your underarm close to the mat. Make sure you're not forming a tunnel underneath there. And we're gonna lower the bottom leg and it's going to come up and squeeze and two and three. Now hold it there. That's it. And how are we going to go into big scissors? So as big as you can and switch and switch.

There you go. And switch and switch. One more. Really feel your belly, you and challenge with the rain. Now hold them together and squeeze and a quick Manhattan Walk. We're going to walk like this. There we go. One, two, three, four. Now you try to look at me probably five, six, seven, and legs together and lower down. Yeah, you were probably trying to look at me and then I'm going to stay here if I don't throw off your rhythm too much Juliana.

And we're going to do hot potato now. I am the stiff athletic one here in the group, so I can't wait to see the legs flying around here. Okay, so we're going to start with five taps of the heel right in front. Ready? One, two, three, four, five. Up. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four. Up. Three. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Up. Two, one, two, up. One, two, up. One up. One up. One more. Set. One up.

One up and down. Nice job, ladies. All grand. Rhonda Zsa. So we're gonna raise that leg long forward. Take it all the way up to your ear to circle in the hip as you reach behind you and circle it forward. So fo up to your ear, turn and out in that hip as you go behind you and one more region all the way up. Pull it to your ear. Reach should be. I did. You turn in that hip and legs together. Reverse. Take it behind you and up to your ear.

You twist in that hip and knee up to your nose. Good. Watch the ribs as you take it behind you, up to your ear. Pull it to your nose and one more. Take it back and turn it out as turn as good ear, nose. A Beautiful, nice job. How those feel ladies? Good.

Bring both legs up and you're going to roll onto your belly. Make a small pillow for your forehead actually good. And I want you to open the legs, the width of the Mat. Lift them up for me, Juliana [inaudible]. Take them as wide as the mat. And now squeeze your inner thighs all the way together, all the way and make that mermaid tail longer and leaner. One more. Open the width of the Mat. Squeeze it all the way together. Beautiful.

Now I want that precision 20 times to tempo. Ready? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 or two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Keep the legs up as you roll to your other side. Nice job, ladies. Good. So we'll do five with your hand on your head and you're going to do five with the right hand behind your head. Good, right hand right now on the mat.

Excellent. Good. You can come a little forward. So the advanced placement, I'm going to get your seat back on this box a little more. Yeah. Is if I'm going to pull your legs back and I want to pull you up, throw your balance off. If your legs were straight with your body, you would flex your feet. I think I saw you doing this earlier. You reminded me of it. And you're gonna bring your top leg just in front of your bottom one and then you slide the bottom leg under. So that's where your advanced placement would be. Try to do it with soft feet.

You can do it with soft and pointed or flexed feet. But for today I'd like to see it with soft feet. Okay, so right hand is here long. Make sure you're looking forward. Lift the right leg, just a tad. Turn it out so I can see her in her thighs and a little double pulse. One to n back to and forward.

Let me see that range of motion and soft foot as you go forward for me. I know and one more, I believe now right hand behind your head and one, two and back comma could get forward and turn the knee a little bit out for me and kick me all the way up here. Thank you. And kick me. Yes, but keep the leg turned out in two and back and one and back and nice legs together. Right hand goes back down and kick that leg up with your outer thigh. Inner Thigh School Ruiz is down. Good up and squeeze. I really love to see the transformation up as your leg goes down that you length and that's fine and you really are reaching into directions.

One more up and reaching and five little circles. It's one, two quicker. Three heels almost touching and reverse. And one, two turning out a little more to one enough good inner thigh circle. So Ben, that right leg, grab the ankle and we're going to add that stack of books. Reached that left leg long and lifted up and lower down and feel that inner thigh. Pull it up and lower it down. Feel your powerhouses. You lift up. Hold it.

We've got that sugar pot and we're going to circle every rim all the way forward. All the way up. Four more times. Yes. All the way forward. All the way up. Work that in her thigh. Great job with that leg. Still feeling the lengths. One more. And now reverse it for five. If you can keep your head more like neck pull with the hand head pressing into the hand rather at being arrest even better. And two and one more. Great job and legs long.

I think I better join you on this side. Otherwise I'll be uneven. All right, so we're going to do our leg lifts. Yeah. So we're gonna pull the legs up again. Don't lift in the underarm and down and we're going to scoop in and lift and down. And last one, scooping in. Hold in. The bottom leg is going to go down, up, squeeze down, up, squeeze down, up, squeeze and hold and your bottom leg goes forward as your top one goes back and really reached through those legs, the opposite rooms, size of the rooms, and two more and switch. Reaching through those eyes. Feel in that powerhouse. Last one. And right leg forward. Left. Went back and legs together. Nice job.

We stayed here and we're going to do our quick Manhattan Walk. Quick. Sharp inner thighs, reaching legs, squeezing hard. That's it. Two, one and legs, Dan. Nice job ladies. Let's do ground Ronda. Zam again. So your right leg is going to get forward up to your ear behind you as you reach long and together and forward and up and reaching back. Good energy in that leg. I love it. And forward and up to your ear and reaching long and legs together.

Let's reverse take it back and up to your ear. Careful not to sway your back when you take that leg. So keep your powerhouses. You take it back, turn in that hip as you've taken up to your ear, to your nose. One more take back up to your ear, to your nose and dad. Now I did forget one bicycle on this side, but now we're all so deliriously warmed up. So we'll do bicycle here.

So we're going to kick that right leg forward and bend the knee to your chest. Take that knee back and back and back and extend. Alright, sweep it forward. Need a chest, need a knee. Now you have to take that knee Pei in that knee as you extend. Remember that cue from last time and all the way forward for the last time, knee to chest, knee, back and extend.

And legs together. Watch the sway when you take that leg back and we're going to get back. Keep the knee behind as you bend. Good knee to knee, knee to chest and extent. Good. Two more back. Very nice. Need a knee here. I would love for you to stay longer here as the extent. Excellent. One more.

Not shortening up in that [inaudible] good knee to knee and need a chest and extend. Ooh, I need to do join you with hot potato. Alright, so we're gonna do five counts forward. Here we go. And it's one, two, three, four, five up. Let me see those flying legs or five up and four. One, two, three, four, up. One, two, three, four, up. Three. One, two, three, up. One, two, three, app. One, two, up. One, two, up, four sets a one, one up. One up. One up. One up. Alright. Nice job ladies. Okay. I want you to go ahead and sit down and let's face this way and we're going to get ready for boomerang. How you doing? Good. So Boomerang, you have your writing ankle over your left and we're sitting up tall, tall, tall, tall. Good. All right, and you're going to, I should show, be very careful that you keep this angle so it's super easy to hinge back and then let the legs come up that way. But we want us lift from here and our powerhouse.

So we're going to stay in place as our legs hover and then go over a sharp switch of the legs. Roll up into your teaser, the arms float up, and then the legs stay there as a circle back behind you. And now try to reach forward your chest to your thighs as you lower down. Good, big circle. Nice. Sit up tall. Let's do that again. Three more times. Use that lower belly to lift those legs and an over switch.

Nice and sharp. Rolling up. Good hand circle back. Use your powerhouse to stretch your spine forward and then a big circle back to more sitting up tall legs come up before you hinge back. I'm going to get on you, Juliana open-close scoop it in and up and hands. Come back, man. Stretch forward. Big Stretch.

Circle those arms. And one more time. Let's see those legs come on up from the yes. Excellent. Cause I know you can and open class and rolling up. Beautiful and hands going back. Good and scooping in and going forward.

Nice job and a big circle. Excellent. So that slightly prepared us for our next one, which is balance control. All right, so we're going to go ahead and lie down onto your back. Good. And bring those legs right up to a 90 degree angle. You want to have your back. If you're on a yoga mat, you're cool.

But if you're on one of these grots mats where they're lifted, you want to have the top of your head at the back edge of the mat. Cause we're gonna try attempting to stand up here. So we're gonna take our hips over our shoulders and our toe ball of our foot to both of them to the floor stretch. Circle your arms back and grab on to your right ankle. Extend the left leg all the way up and really have a sense of the powerhouse lifting. And then bring that leg down and switch.

Bringing the right leg up and down the middle and feeling that left and bring the right leg down. That might be enough for you, but if you can, you're going to put your hands by your ears, bending your arms. You're going to put your hands by your ears. Good. A little bit more on the Mat, actually. That all right? Or is that an odd angle? And when you're going to try to lift your hips up and use your arms to come all the way to a standing position and float your arms forward, reaching forward, forward, forward with energy up. Good. And now you're going to come back down. So we're going to put your hands solidly on the Mat, Tuck your head and your shoulders.

Keep the energy and grab onto your right ankle and we're going to switch. Bring that little right leg, the left leg down, right leg up. Yeah. I don't think you needed much help on the other side. But bend your elbows, put your hands down and we're going to lift up those hips. Easy peasy. I'm coming Juliana. So we're gonna barely have to help these ladies.

But it's just giving them that energy and it's reaching energies, everything. And now you're going to come back down. Plant your hands, Tuck your head and your shoulder blades and come down. Good. And both legs go now. Straight up. Arms back onto the mat. Yep. And roll back down onto your back with control sitting up.

So make the motion fluid and continuous to the seal. So we're gonna slide your hands. Maybe come a little. There you go. If you've got a little off center, let's, but you want to leave room because we're going to stand up. [inaudible] yes. Here we go. We're going to clap two, three and inhale. Roll back to three and exhale.

And I want to see your back. Stay right here cause you did such a gorgeous, let's lower your ah, there you go. Okay. Clap. Do Three. Inhale roll. Cause I know your body can do that with that balance. Control and stay more on the right side of the mat. Loving that love side and forward. We're going to chew more, but with energy. Ladies, here we go. Inhale back two, three. Exhale forward two. Three is your last one.

So Cross your legs and roll to a standing position. Nice. Come forward and turn around. Reach your arms up to the ceiling as if you're against an imaginary wall and you're going to roll off that wall with all the lifts in your powerhouse. Yeah. Rolling off. Good. Walk out into a pushup position. Squeezing those hips. Nice. Open, good. And give me five pushups.

Elbow straight. Back Down, up. One. Down. Up to yes, down. Up Three. Try not to collapse in here too much. One more and walk back. Try not to sway your hips, but keep control. Okay. We're against an imaginary wall. Roll up your spine.

Yes. Good. And now just arms up just to make things interesting. Walk your feet back until your heels are off the back edge. Let's really feel that great [inaudible] energy lifting in an up. So working to lift up your weight is forward of course, and roll off that imaginary wall. Cause if your weight was in your heels, you'd fall off and you're going to walk out. And let me see five solid pushups and down at one.

Is that a good placement for your hands, Juliana? Okay. Down up to down of three. Still Long. Everything working together. Four and five. Keep your head with your body. Yes. And now pull up in the power house. Your heels are off the edge, so let's keep them there. As you roll up against that imaginary wall, weight forward. Don't lock those knees or use those quads too much. Let's lift up those arms and exhale in. We're gonna Challenge you again, and I want you to drop your arms forward and lift your chest up, squeezing your bottom forward, and then inhale again, bringing your arms up and turn your palms out and you're gonna press down and exhale and you're all finished. Great job, you guys.

I hope you enjoyed that at home. Nice work here. Welcome.


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Great job Monica, really love your teaching! I believe it is so important for a Pilates Instructor to watch & correct the class instead of doing the exercises with the class. You are a real pro!!
Yvonne ~ I am sorry you are having trouble with this video freezing. I recommend watching it in a lower video quality. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
Brilliant class - lovely flow to it. Monica's cues are so clear.
Very challenging! Thank you Monica
This video was freezing….. Start and stop and start and stop
Ira ~ I am sorry you are having trouble with this video freezing. I recommend watching it in a lower video quality. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
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really enjoyed it...Monica thank you
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that was so fun and different! thank you!!
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