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Reformer Workout

65 min - Class


If you are a runner, then this is the class for you! Juan Nieto joins Pilates Anytime with a Reformer workout which covers the functional demands that are needed to run properly. He focuses on thoracic extension, hip mobility, hip conditioning, and foot work to get your body ready to move how it was designed.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole, Theraband

About This Video


Hi there, my name is Juan Nieto. I am here with beautiful Julianna who is going to help me to introduce this reformer class for you. The exercises that you're about to see are exercise...


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Excellent! Very focused on function. New ideas on how to use old exercises with a twist. Definitely going to try this with my runners, thank you!
Loved the attention to detail, Not only runners but everyone could benefit from this great workout, thanks so much.
Very good break down of the key movements for good running posture, I loved the last exercise.
awesome class!
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Sheer brilliance! I feel ready to run a marathon! And I'm one of those runners that only run when being chased.
Me encantó. Pilates aplicado al deporte. Funcional. Muy apropiado todo. Gracias.
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Juan Nieto es un estupendo profesional. He tenido la gran ocasión de ser formado por el con Polestar en Barcelona. Me encanta esta clase ya que soy corredor como entrenador de running. En este video observo como trabaja la biomecanica articular para ser más eficiente a la hora de correr. Gracias por esta gran aportación
very helpful
Excellent class. Thank you. Wonderful detail and shared knowledge!
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Wow, great tips and attention to detail. Loved learning from you Juan. Thank you for this great focused class
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