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Rebekah Rotstein offers a calming, steady-paced Mat class introducing fundamentals of Pilates that can benefit those at any level. You'll discover the secret to connecting into your deep abdominals while loosening your hips and protecting and strengthening your back and shoulders. You'll learn to move effortlessly and more efficiently in the process!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Theraband

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Nov 29, 2010
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Hello, I'm Rebecca and we are going to do a beginner slash fundamentals class today. It's a little slower pace and we're going to bring a lot of awareness to the body in the process. So we're going to lie down with our sacrums, which is the bottom part of your spine right here. That upside down triangle resting directly on the ball. So this is just a soft ball that is slightly deflated.

Okay. And the knees will be bent and just make note that it's not under your low back, it's on the bony part, at the bottom of your spine where your butt is. And now you may find in your body that you have a desire to tilt to one side. See if you can stay rather level. Don't judge it. Just take notice.

Now let's take a deep breath in through our nose and we'll breathe out through the mouth. [inaudible] as you inhale through your nose, see if you could feel your back expanding as if it's sinking down into the mat and exhale. And now let's lift one knee up and actually lower that leg down and gently the other leg will float up and lower it down in this time as we go back into the left leg. See if you can really let it float as if you're not really lifting it. It's floating up on its own much better and lowering it down and the other like floats up very slowly.

Keeping that knee bent and the leg lowers back down. Now this time we're gonna bring one leg up and then the other leg up. And we're going to try and balance here. And for some this might be challenging. For others, this may not be very challenging at all. Now place your right hand on your pubic bone.

You're going to exhale and you're going to gently pretend that you're zipping up your pants. So that motion of abdominal engagement from the pubic bone all the way up to the navel is what we want to encourage. Now, maintain that little bit of engagement while you inhale. Now exhale, and let's move our right leg slightly away from our heads and notice how it requires a little bit more abdominal engagement. Inhale, return it back in slowly left leg. Exhale, and it moves away just a little bit, not too much. Inhale, return it back in. Let's do the right look again. Again, still inhale, returning and left leg X. Inhale, returning now for a little additional challenge. See if you could find that connection in the low belly and float your hands up toward the ceiling. Now if this feels strenuous on your thighs, you can just let your knees bend further so that your heels drop for a little bit additional challenge. Lift the heels into a tabletop position.

Now let's move our right hand overhead behind us. Arm to ear, and returning it back up toward the ceiling. And now the left leg, or to be the left arm, sorry, arm to ear and returning. And one last time, right arm to ear and back up. And then left. Arms here and back up. And let's lower our legs. So we've suddenly offloaded the back here.

Now at this point we're going to lift the butt and we're going to move that ball more into the upper, mid back. So for women, this is pretty much behind the bra line. For men, it's just below the shoulder blades. Now we're going to do a little articulation through a spine. We're going to place our hands behind her head and you're going to lean back over your ball. Feel that nice stretch through the back and through the chest. Theater is still down on the ground.

Inhale here. Now exhale and let the elbows widen, pushing them toward the ground. Keep the butt down on the ground. There we go. So just an arch in the back and now the elbows float back up. And now at this point you're going to drop your Chin and you're going to start to curl up just a little bit. [inaudible] a little bit more. There you go. And now returning back to the ground.

Inhale here. Okay, XL, we dropped those lower ribs so that they basically dropped down into the ball and that's what propels us up. Inhale here and exhale, lower back down. That's Emile. Here again, exhale, drop that Chin and the lower ribs swing back into the ball and we're just going to stay right here. Now notice how you could be reaching forward with your chin, but that would actually strain your neck. Instead, you're going to keep the chin down and as if it's sync.

You're as if you're head, I should say is sinking back slightly. There we go. No, let's float one knee up and lower it down. Float the other knee up, lower it down. If this becomes too strenuous, you can lower your head down. Otherwise, let's do one more floating and down and last time alternating floating and down, and let's lower heads and now you can either roll yourself forward or move that ball so that it's behind the head. Should feel quite comfortable. At this point here, now I'm gonna have you just nod your head. Yes, very slowly. What we're doing is releasing the little muscles that are there at the base of the skull that can create quite a bit of tension and can create problems in rotation in our neck.

Now let's shake our heads. No. Make sure that the ball's not underneath the neck, but really they're at the base of the skull. Oh, that's a little bit. Are there? Yep. So that Shin can drop down and now we're going to remove the ball and we're going to arrest our heads down. So now you should have a sensation of your whole spine floating. That's a little magic that that ball does.

A little trick with your nervous system. Now for some people, if you feel strenuous here through the neck, you're welcome to take this small towel and place it underneath your head that might allow you to breathe a little bit better. At this point, we're going to do some pelvic curls. We're going to inhale to prepare. We're going to exhale and flatten that back. Inhale and return the arch, restore it, and exhale, flatten the back. So it's as if your tailbone will pop off the mat even though your butt stays down. Inhale, return it and Exhale, flatten the back so that we get a little bit more motion here in the spine. Inhale and exhale and flatten that back.

Pushing down into my hand right here. There we go and releasing again and last time flattening the back so there's no space underneath your spine and now returning into what we call the neutral position here. At this point, we're going to grab our band. Now as you place, this is a medium tension of a band, a theraband. You're going to place your foot in the center and if possible, see if you can get the toes to be covered as well.

So the toes are are over or I should say are directly under this band. The elbows are going to be directly down by our sides here. Getting a little bit attention on your range of pull out, choke up on your rains a little bit more. Now left knee is bent. We're going to exhale and lengthen up through that street and right leg, giving some tension against the band. Inhale, float the look back up and exhale, lengthen out.

Inhale, returning up and make sure that you don't move through your spine so that you still feel that weight through the sacrum as you lower down and inhale to float up. What we're doing is ensuring that the spine doesn't move, but that the hip joint actually does. This is that thighbone in the socket starts to, it starts to discover some articulation and last time down sale. Inhale back up. Now we're going to go into some small circles. We're going to lower the leg down and start to bring it around and up and exhale lower, no around him up and exhale, lower.

Inhale. Exhale, lower, all around, up and last time. Exhale, lower, round and up. Let's reverse it. Let's move it out to the side. Exhale, and then it comes toward the midline and returns up. There you go. And out to the side and inhale up. Well, the other trick, the other little secret with doing this exercise is that it allows us to get the full motion and range of motion in the hip joint without over straining those hip flexors in the front of the hip. And let's do one more. So the band is helping your leg rise rather than you doing it. We're going to switch legs now, so a very easy way to do this is to simply replace one foot with the other and keep the right knee bent foot down to the ground.

Breathe into prepare. Exhale to lower that straightened leg. Inhale back up. Exhale, lower. Inhale back up. Exhale, lower. Find the length through your spine. Inhale back up, and last time lower. Noticing the ease as well. Back Up. Now let's lower the leg and let's go directly into circles around.

Inhale to return up. Exhale to lower it down. Inhale to return. Oh, I like to plant my elbows directly down. [inaudible] cause that also minimizes the work and motion through my shoulders and it focuses the motion directly there at that hip joint. And now let's reverse it around. Exhale. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, inhale, rise up, and exhale. Inhale, rise up. And last time, exhale. Inhale, rise up. It's place to the other foot right back up.

Now we're going to bend both knees and we're going to exhale and straighten them. Inhale, bend. Feel that connection in the low belly as you exhale and Streeton. Now let's lower our feet. Just a little, if you'd like more challenge. Inhale, exhale and push your feet slightly away from you, but only if you feel that you're not increasing the arch in your back. We want to maintain that positioning of the spine. Inhale, bend, exhale, push. Inhale, bend, exhale, push. I feel a deepening every time I exhale through my belly, him last time. Exhale and push.

Now bring your legs back up a little higher toward the ceiling and let's do some small circles here with both legs. See if you can feel that gentle connection in the low belly again and now let's reverse our circles, making sure we continue to breathe. Keep them nice and slow, nice and steady. Also watching out with the shoulder, you'll notice that my shoulder tends to rise and protrude forward and I want to avoid that. Okay, and relax here. Very nice. Let's place our bands aside.

Let's move our hands for a second. Especially after holding the band, they can become rather tired, so let's do a little finger flicks. It's a good thing for everybody to practice, particularly because we spend so much of our day in a shortened position in the front of the wrist. Okay? At this point here, we're going to sit up. We're going to take our ball and place it directly behind us here. Make sure that you have your band handy. We're going to place our band around our feet.

Now we're going to practice a little bit of articulation through the spine. Make sure that you have choked up enough on your rein. So give yourself a little assistance from the tension of the band. So trying to sit tall here. There we go. Good. And if you find that it's too hard to sit upright at this position, you could try sitting on something taller. So inhale here.

We're gonna exhale and just curve the very low back, just a tiny bit and returning up. So what we want to watch out for is we do not want to lean back, even though you're curving, your shoulders will still remain directly over your hips. So rather than a lever, it's just a gentle tucking under of the tailbone. [inaudible]. There you go.

And inhale to restore your posture and alignment and exhale and keep going with that. Inhale and exhale so that tailbone tucks directly underneath. And at the same time, it's not a collapse because what I'm doing is I'm actually retaining the tension and in fact increasing it through my spine through length in order to curve forward. Kind of like the bow of an if a, say a violin or a cello. So even though it bends, it still has tension on it, there's no sense of collapse. Yes. So now stay there in that position where you feel a little bit of pressure against the ball.

Inhale and now move your chest away from the ball, even though your lower back will stay in contact with it. So we deepen that curve just a little bit. Exhale coming slightly forward. Inhale, press deeper into the ball. Now keep the pressure on the ball, but let your chest curve forward away from the ball. Softening the ribs. Yeah, there you go. And deepen back into the ball a little bit further. Now keep the pressure into the ball, but simply drop your front ribs. So that they move behind you as your chest comes forward.

That's better and rising all the way back up. Now let's move the ball further behind us. See if we can stretch out our legs in front of us and that ball will still be there behind you because we are gonna, we are going to eventually lower ourselves down into it, so make sure that your ball is actually there behind you and breathe in sitting nice and tall and exhale that same tucking under of the pelvis. Yes, there you go. And starting to come back. Now pause here. Breathe in. Exhale. Feel that hollowing out of the belly.

As you start to roll up there, you go wide through the collarbones sitting tall at the end. Inhale and exhale. The tailbone tucks is the first thing. Yes, and then we soften the ribs. Good and breathe in. Exhale, drop the Chin and start coming back up. What we're really watching out for is that we maintain an evenness in the curvature of the back as opposed to excessively bending through the upper spine and very little through the lower spine. So let's that.

Let that tailbone tuck under one last time and the chest softens just a little bit. Good. Breathe in there. Exhale, drop the Chin and returning back up. Very nice. Okay. At this point here, let's lie down on the ground once more. We're going to bring in a little bit more through some abdominals. No.

If you had something underneath your head, you'll remove it. At this point, place your hands behind your head. Now you'll notice that I said behind the head, not the neck. Let your elbows float up just like we did at the beginning. See if you can find the connection of your elbows as they sink through the arm bones directly into your back. Drop Your Chin here. At this point we're going to curl up, so you're going to start to look down toward your Nouvel.

As the head comes up and let's lower all the way back down for a little additional assistance. Take that ball and place it between your knees. You're going to find that helps you engage your core a little bit better and float the elbows just a little bit. Inhale, exhale, drop the chin. Feel the low belly connection and rise up. Inhale here. Exhale, lowering back down, keeping your feet on the mat still at this point, inhale and exhale. Elbows float. Your Chin drops and you start to rise.

Now at this point, lower your head down, lifted the feet up into the air, into a tabletop position. Now two options. We're going to learn the hundred classic polities exercise. Now you can either keep your legs here with your head on the ground or you can practice that nod and curl that we just did so that you look down at your navel, so whichever you choose. Inhale and exhale. Either move or keep your head down. I'm going to keep my head down for this and we're going to bring our arms down to the sides. We're going to inhale and exhale, find out low belly connection and we're going to pump the arms.

Breathing in for five counts and then breathing out for five counts and let's go. Inhale, two, three, four, five, and exhale, two, three, four, five and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. And inhale for those who have their head up, you're in this type of position. And exhale, two, three, four, five and inhale, two, three, four, five, wide through the collarbone. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. And exhale, two, three, four, five. And inhale, two, three, four, five. And exhale, two, three, four, five. And inhale, two, three, four, five. I'm keeping that mat underneath my head. Four, five and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five. And relax. Now at this point here, let's each bring a foot one at a time. Back up into the tabletop position.

You're going to reach out through your right leg just a little bit. Now you're going to switch and reach out to the left leg. You're going to reach out through the right leg and hold the opposite knee. Exhale, switch, reach out through the left leg, holding the opposite knee. This is a modified version of the single leg stretch and [inaudible] x.

Yeah, no, it speed it up. Let's push an exhale. Exhale, push XL. Push. Exhale, push. Make sure that you're not increasing the curvature in your low back. You're just maintaining the natural curve that is there. Keeping the connection in the low belly. Yeah, and let's relax down.

So we've got now gotten a little bit of abdominal awakening here. This point, if you had something underneath your head, remove it. Let's place our hands down by our sides. Feet should be hip distance apart. We're going to do some bridges. We're going to articulate through the spine the first time. So we're going to breathe in to prepare. Exhale, flattening the back, peeling the spine off the mat. One Vertebra at a time so the the butt rises straight up into the air.

No inhale there. Exhale slowly lowering down, beginning with the chest, with the chest drop, keeping the button to the air and lower all the way down. Now most of us have a tendency for our knees to veer outward. Keep them straight in front of you, like train tracks. If you'd like, you can even place that ball between your knees to help you inhale to prepare. Exhale, peeling the tailbone off the mat and then one vertebra at a time all the way up. Inhale here, dropping down through your spine, starting with the chest, each vertebra like one single pearl in a strand, each one lowering down into the ground. And last time, inhale here. Exhale, peeling your spine off.

Starting with the tailbone all the way up. Feel the work going on through the inner hamstrings and the inner thighs. Feel the connection into your big toes as well. Breathe in here and exhale slowly lowering down. Very nice. All right, let's sit up for a moment.

[inaudible] I'm gonna do a little spine stretch here and again, for some people you may find that it's too hard to sit upright at that point here. You're welcome to even sit on something like a ball or sit on a block, and I'll do that just for demonstration purposes here, we're going to separate our feet so that they're hip distance apart and inhale, exhale. Find yourself growing taller through your spine, growing through the crown. Inhale, exhale, drop your Chin and we're slowly going to go into the spine stretch. Feel those ribs move behind you. There we go. Inhale, growing taller, stacking the Vertebra backup and a bring your shoulders slightly forward. There we go. Inhale, so that our shoulders are directly over our hips.

Exhale, drop the chin, softening the ribs, letting the back stretch. Even though the back stretches, there's still engagement through the lower belly and we stack right back up and careful not to go too far back. There we go. Separate your feet a little bit wider. Inhale here. Exhale. Growing Taller, almost like a geyser as it shoots up before it bends. Yeah, and restoring the curve. We're actually restoring the spine, I should say. Now I'm going to remove this ball.

We're going to do a little rotation. We're going to go into the saw so you can widen your feet a little bit further. At this point, we're going to inhale and we're going to rotate to the right. Now you're going to look over your left hand and reach it beyond your pinky toe. There you go. And returning back up, back to the center.

And now inhale, rotate to your left and reach beyond the pinkie toe. Looking at it and coming back up. Now we're going to do the proper way of saw where we look behind us. We rotate and look behind you and reach, but keep looking behind you even though you reached. So you're going to look at your right hand. There we go.

And returning back up. Inhale and exhale. Let's look at our left hand. Inhale and exhale, reach. I like to keep my back relatively straight for this actually. So it's even more a stretch in the hamstrings. Inhale, reach and exhale, reach further and returning.

So it's a nice twist for the organs as well. Let's work on the back of it. So let's face inwards here on our stomach. Yes. And we're going to do a little saw. We're going to have our foreheads resting on the mat.

Send me a little swan and our hands will be directly by the chest. We're going to f plus downward through the pubic bone. Let the elbows float up and then drop down and they float up. So that we get a little squeezed between the shoulder blades and drop down and again, float the hands up along with the elbows and drop down. And one last time getting a little activation through those middle traps.

And now stay in the air here. Gently let the head float up so you continue looking downward. Good. This is great. One for posture, lowering the head, lowering the hands and float the hands. Float the head, lowering the head, lowering the hands. Once more, float the hands, float the head, and now push down through your hands to rise up just a little bit. Keeping the elbows close by your chest as if they're hugging them. Yes, and slowly lowering yourself down.

Feeling it through the triceps and float the hands. Float the head. Making sure that you're not arching your lower back. Press down through your hands in order to rise up. See if you'd come a little higher this time. Take a nice juicy inhalation. Exhale slowly lower down.

Last time. Inhale and exhale. Float the hands. Float the head and press yourself up even higher. This time, you could come all the way up as long as it does not strain your lower back. And as I lower down, I like to think of lifting through that low belly so that I get extra abdominal support as I lower myself all the way down. Good. It's prop ourselves up on our elbows here with our hands, our palms, I should say, directly into the, onto the ground. Kind of like a Sphinx position. Now sink into your shoulders and now push into your elbows to rise up. Yes. And Sync and rise up.

And last time sink and rise up. Now clasp your hands here and stay lifted through the heart. We're going to practice the single leg kicks. So rather than sinking, you want to stay up the whole time. You're going to kick your right heel to your butt. Twice. Kick, kick, lowering it down to keep the knee in contact with the mat. Left leg kick, kick lower down. Good right leg kick. Kick. Lower it down. Left leg kick, kick, lowered down.

Now make sure that you not drop it into your shoulders, so keep pressing. Yes. And keep your gaze directly in front of your hands. So lift even further with your heart hurt, floats up more. [inaudible] and lift up through the lower ribs as well as you do this. And kick kick. And let's move your elbow slightly outward, a little bit out to the sides so that we reduce too much curve.

Reduce some of this curve at the low back. And now continue. Kick, kick lower down and you can clasp your hands at that point. Kick kick lower down. Once more, kick, kick, lower down. And again, kick, kick, lower down, and relax. Good. Let's now face each and we're going to warm up a little bit to the sides. So I want you to imagine that you were standing here so that your feet are directly in line with your head and you're gonna take your top hand, place it gently into the ground. Now you're going to press down through the bottom leg in order for the top leg to lengthen out and lowering it down. Good. And back up. [inaudible] and lowering.

Yeah, and back up and Loring down and back up. [inaudible] and lowering down. Good. Let's swing our legs forward on a 30 degree angle here. Let's take the top leg and let's swing it forward. We're going to practice something called front, back leg kicks, and now only move as much as you can without counterbalancing through your shoulders. So we're going to kick forward and now we're going to point the toes in length and back just a tiny bit, just a little bit. And exhale, kick forward just a small, small range of motion and point the toes to go back just a tiny bit and exhale forward to give yourself a little more stability. Bring that bottom leg slightly forward. It'll help you yes, and further behind. And last time, exhale forward kick, kick and point the toes reaching and lengthening behind.

You're good. Now we're going to turn out through the hip, that top leg and we're going to kick that top leg toward the ceiling. So we're going to kick it up and flex the foot to lower yes and pointed toes and flex lower. So it's as if the toes are always facing the ceiling instead of facing in front of you. Yes. And two more up the lower and last time up and lower. Good. We're going to do some inner thigh circles here.

Now you're going to take that top foot, place it in front of the bottom knee. Now reach out through the bottom heel, lifting it up just off the ground slightly and we're gonna lift it up into the air and lowering it down. Lengthen. So that's an irking sensation. And uh, and up and down and up and down. Being cautious that the pelvis does not move with it. It's just the thigh bone and the socket.

And last time up and lowering it down. Good. What's a little that top need to drop here for a second? Let's reach our hand overhead and now rotate just a little bit and returning. And once again, only rotate to the amount that you can while you keep that front knee on the ground and returning. Very nice. Let's bend our knees in. Let's push ourselves up. Let's sit on our sip phones here for a second.

Holding onto the back of the thighs. So let's sit tall and wide in her knees and exhale. Start curling back just a little bit. Yes. Inhale, sit tall. Widening. Exhale, curl. Last time. Inhale. And now rather than curling, let's see if we can balance on our sit bones for a second. Good. So that we hollow out through the low belly here. If you'd like, you could try removing one hand for additional challenge.

You could try removing the other hand and then you have both hands look mall. And now let's flip ourselves over to the other side. So we're now going to lie on our right sides. Well for you it's your left side. Correct. Okay, so we're gonna imagine again that our feet are directly underneath our head as if we were standing. Now you're going to reach down through the top foot in order for the three Jimmy, you're gonna reach down through the bottom foot in order for the top heel to rise.

Flex that foot as if you're pushing away a wall and lowering down. And it doesn't have to rise too much, just a little bit. The goal is to feel that connection in the low belly, feeling the spinal support, the support as well. From the base of the pelvis. Now let's swing our legs forward on a 30 degree angle or more.

The more you swing them forward, the the greater the base of support you have. So we're gonna exhale, swing that top leg forward, kicking twice. Inhale, lengthening back. Another rule for modification, make your motion smaller to have better control. So keep the knees straight.

Don't move it quite so far forward and don't move it quite so far back. Never sacrifice control for motion. Another little image. I like to think of having a small eggshell here underneath my waistline and I don't want to crush it so I never collapse into that waistline that's against the ground. Now we're going to turn out and the toes will always be facing the ceiling.

Inhale up and exhale, lowering down. Inhale up. Exhale, lowering down. Think of again, an arking sensation so that you refrain from yanking with the quad and instead there's a lengthening out to go up and reaching out through the heel to lower. Let's do one last time. Lengthen out to rise. Reach out through the heel to Laurel all the way down. Good.

Let's go into the inner thighs, take the top foot place in front of the bottom knee, and we're going to lengthen out through the bottom heel up. He'll be cautious of that need. Doesn't bend when that knee bends, it tells us that we're cheating and up and see if you could bring it slightly further behind you and up and two more up and last time up and let's drop that top knee so that the bottom leg is straight and the top knee has dropped and we're just going to rotate a little bit an exhale forward. Inhale a little bit more here and returning. Good. All right, let's sit up this point. Come onto all fours for a moment.

Spread your fingers nice and wide here. Now I want you to do a cat so that you curve your back and then you're going to do the cow. So you arch and make sure that your hands are directly underneath your soldiers. Exactly. And exhale curve the back. Inhale cow.

Now in between those two extremes is the neutral position of your spine so that you're not excessively arched, but you're also not curved. To see if you can find that positioning as you. Also make sure that your head doesn't dangle you floating upwards through the throat and now lift up through your heart just a little bit more. There we go right there. Perfect. Now at this point here, let's reach one leg out behind us, length in it without letting anything change and return back in other leg. Reach out.

Now feel the low belly as well as if you're pulling up through a sack of Kangaroos and then and once more. I also like to imagine that I'm watching shadow and that my shadow does not move at all as I move one limb and last time and lowering down. Now let's sit back for a second. See if in this position you can keep your back flat with your arms straight in front of you. If it's hard on the knees, you can even try opening just a little bit through the legs. Now let one arm float up. Now what we want to avoid is the shoulder rising as well. Lower it back down, other arm up.

So we're getting a little work through the back extensors here as they're holding us in this position, preventing the collapse. And again, right arm floats. Keep your gaze down. There we go. And left arm up, finding the low belly connection once again. All right, let's lower ourself down onto our stomachs. We're going to do a preparation for swimming hands or directly out in front of you. The right leg will float up toward the ceiling. After we've pressed our pubic bone down to the mat and now the left, we'll switch and now the left leg will float up.

Keep pressing down through the pubic bone so that you don't strain your lower back. And now keep that like straight though. So don't go too high. Yes, it's more of a sense of the whole leg reaching out from the hip and lowering down. And now the left leg reaches out, out, out, growing, growing, growing, not too high because we don't want to compromise the positioning of our pelvis or spine. Now let's try the arm. Let's let our right arm float up. What would happen if you used minimal effort? Now lower it. Let's try the left term.

It floats up kind of like a Marionette doll and the right arm where you could imagine that you're an astronaut in space and the arms just levitates and lowers and left arm. No shoulders. Now let's find that connection into the core, that connection beginning with the pubic bone rising up toward the navel. Now as you have that imaginary Cumberbun there of support, we're going to lift our right leg and our left arm and lower down. And now the left leg, right arm. Don't go too high. Yes and no right leg, left arm and last time. Left leg, right arm. Now stay.

See if you could rise the other arm and leg so that all four in the air. Let your head float up just a little bit and we're going to try swimming. So just a little flutter kicks little, little tiny the whole time. I want you to feel that connection through the low belly and if you'd like, you can come slightly higher as long as you're connected and you're not straining your back. Finding the coordination and relax.

Push yourself back into a child's pose. For a moment. Get a stretch through your back email. Sure. Nice deep breath into the back and let's stand up and to end here, we're going to stand with our feet firmly planted into the ground. Our toes are facing directly in front of us and we're going to bring her arms out to the sides. Now make sure you can see them in your peripheral vision. If you can't, that means you need to bring them a little bit further forward.

Now float them up toward the ceiling. No lift your shoulders off your ribs and no drop. Make sure that your heart is reaching forward. Bring your arms out to the sides, like bat wings as your arms are an extension of your back. Make sure you can see them in your peripheral vision.

And now imagine you're going to take flight as if you're reaching forward, forward just slightly and slowly lower them all the way down. Now let's look to the left. Let's look to the right that's look to the center and bend the knees. And now just bounce here for a second. Shake your arms.

Okay. And now slowly plant your heels down to push the ground away. And once more, inhale and exhale. Ah, letting the air out. Okay. Thank you so much.


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great training class. :)
Nice basic and explanations for the beginner! Love to see the guys doing the classes here.Real men do pilates..yea! We need more men doing Pilates!! We see too little of it here in the south.
great job !! thank u for all ;)
Thank Rebekah for providing on line training classes. I am looking forward to learning more mat and equipments based classes from Rebekah.
Great Basics class! Enjoyed pace and style of instructing. Thanks for a lovely session.
I Love it Rebekah, great class not only for beginners, there is always something to learn!
This was a great first class for a total newbie--thanks!!
I tried this class first & it was indeed a good intro! Thanks!
Hi Rebekah! This was the first time I took your class. It was really a lovely class! Loved the tone of your voice. Great work!

Back to basics to check on the connections, but I did not think a complete newby would have enough cues to get the techniques right.
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