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Straightforward Reformer

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Create space and length in your body in this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She teaches a clean class, focused on breathing into the back and moving well. Even though it is a straight-forward class, it will definitely make you feel more alive!
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Hi everyone. We are here to just do some good straight on reformer work. We are starting with no springs to warm up our spine. I have Geo with me and I want you to sit at the very front edge of your reformer. Give yourself some space between where you'd hook your springs and uh, the edge here and your heels straight down underneath your knees. Let's just take a nice inventory here and just you can put your hands on your knees, thighs underneath, whichever. In fact, maybe let's go here. Yeah, let's take a deep breath. And as we do this, opening up with some breathing, settle in with your sit bones.

Really see if you're on each one evenly, right to left. Just do a little gentle front ribs to back ribs. Check a little smile across the collarbone and just that sense of height from your tail all the way through the top of the head. Let's take a deep breath and as we exhale, we're going into a little bit of Lumbar flection. The carriage may or may not move. I'm not really worried about that. This is to move. Inhale as we come up to sitting tall, it will do about six of these. Exhale and curl.

You can think of the Cox six curl, fundamental inhale and lift. I'm going to move my hands. Exhale and curl. Bring your tailbone underneath you toward the back of your knees in that direction. Inhaling tall three more and exhale, but kind of gathering in, raking those abs in can also just think of this as more of a stretch for your low back and kind of pulling and rounding those Sitz bones and lower back underneath. Yep. Good. One more time and exhale. Okay. Take our arms out to the side. Yeah.

And as we XL and do the same lumbar fluxion, go to the right or left. It's, you're going to be your choice. Just kind of angle off to one side. You may feel the edges on the obliques a little bit and we'll alternate. Exhale as you round and inhale as you lift. So I'm thinking, um, if I go to my left side that that, that half of my pelvis is doing more of the driving of the reformer and the right side is driving the reformer under. We'll do four more. It's kind of getting into the center of the Bat.

Yeah, little bit of Sacral Lumbo movement. Noticing your sides and the differences between right and left last one there, and then just take both arms out to the side. Let's just do four easy lifts of the arms and all the way down and just use this again, front ribs to back ribs. We're lifting the arms, but also trying to pick the ribs up out of the hips or away from the hips. Taking this space. Feel some stretch in your back muscles. It's okay if the shoulders go up. It's really okay.

We're not loading them now anyway. It's a nice stretch. Okay. I'd have this warm up our hamstrings, so no hyperextension of our knees, right? Nope. We're going to almost extend the knees completely straight, but not quite. Our feet are still flat and we're now pulling ourselves back toward the front. You can go beyond 90 degrees if that feels okay in your knees.

And we'll do this about eight times. Experiment with your feet staying flat for a few of these reps. The further you pull forward, you're going to get a nice calf stretch and waking up the front of the ankle, which is a great way to prepare for some foot work. Yeah, gliding an anchor, those feet and pull. So that was with flat fee. Let's try for more with, I'm digging the heels more on the ground. Okay, so there's really a sense to drag forward. You may feel the hamstrings more in this version.

Inhaling to go back and exhale, connecting that of relationship of hamstrings up into your low back, up into your abdomen. Maybe some inner thigh connection as well. One more from the heels and it felt really nice for me. I'm going to do two more. You do two more. Two on choose which ones you want to do.

I liked the flat feed better actually did. Oh, it feels so good to stretch the calves one more time and lift. Okay, so now we'll go back to 90 degrees. At the knee. So again, the heels right down below. Let's take the arms back out again and an easy rotation. You choose which side do you want to go to? Either right or left. I'm just feeling like you're starting to wake up and stretch the Pec muscle group, the pectorals. Let's go to the other side. You can inhale on the rotation. Exhale, center.

Inhale, rotate. Let's add a little portable up above our head. So to get that lift as we return center, and then as you rotate the other way, the arms can come down. I just threw that in there and lift. So we'll take four more. Inhale, rotate, open and exhale. Return. Bringing the ribs up out of the low back space out off the pelvis.

One more each direction. And we're checking our front ribbed back rib connection because we like to throw her ribs forward and it's just the way it is. Okay, we're going to go into some foot work though. I'm setting up with three springs and our goal in this classes to move and just to feel alive and move our body. So come on down.

Let's start dia with [inaudible] v we'll do 10 reps of everything needs to shoulder with the part heels together and lifted. We go inhaling, exhaling, feel some internal rhythm and if you've been following some of my classes, I'm doing a little more focused on breathing into the back rib space to fill up the ribs but also to access the whole diaphragmatic muscle, the diaphragm muscle so it moves down with length. It stretches wide and stretches back last to Stritch and bend and stretch and bend. Okay, let's pick up our legs with feet pointed and come into parallel. Yup, and we'll flex both feet. Articulate to point, peel the toes, flex pressed to point. Inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale and one more time to flex. We're going to put our heels on the bar in parallel. I'm going to have my legs add ducted. You can do that or a little space. Inhale, we move out.

Exhaling in if you are choosing full abduction of your knees and legs, really commit to it because you can actually just stick them together or you can engage those. Add doctors. We want that one. Press, pinky toes are pulled up away. All 10 should be even 10 toes. Collarbones getting a little wider. What if it's as wide as the shoulder blocks? It's a visual here, two more, nine pressing from the back of the leg that we warmed up with earlier. Pause point the feet.

Let's do that same transition and we'll do flexing point again and point. This is your chance to look a bit. Your feet. Do the best you can to articulate them at the same timing. If you have a little delay on one side or speed up on the other side, that's okay. We're trying to get him even relatively okay. Now Geo, let's go into turnout and then to parallel just work the a femur movement.

Now in parallel in, he'll rotate the femurs outward. Exhale, rotate parallel. Inhale, turn out parallel for more and there's energy femurs down into the sockets, but there's energy up the whole line of the leg toward the ceiling and last one. Okay, now just peel the toes back, ball of foot. We're going to bend the knees and put the high Relevate position. We go inhale and exhale maybe slightly out of order with the traditional reformers sequencing for footwork. That's okay. Try to spread the toes and the metatarsal is on the foot bar.

I'm fully adducted. Again, breathing into the lateral and posterior side of the ribs and four and three. How long can you get from feet to head every press out and one more. Stay right there. Actually, let's just do one easy stretch for now of our calves. Really controlling how you lower your weight. Three breaths with not hyperextended knees, muscles engaged to support our weight and then rise. Let's go ahead and bend your knees to come in and no transition legs up in the air. Just lift the feet and come. Prehensile. Here we go. Inhale, lengthen. Woo.

That feels different and good to change the sequencing of the foot work. So let's work our arches. Make muscle in your arch. See if you can make a little more doming quality in your foot. Five more. Breathing into the back. Okay.

Inner thighs together. Collarbone wide like the shoulder rests. Breasts. One more time. Okay. Now I think it's going to feel really nice to go back into high Relevate after that. Prehensile don't you think? And now we're going to go out and let's do two counts to lower the heels with control and up.

We'll do eight of these and down and rise and lower and rise. Feel free to peek at your feet if you have any, uh, desire to check your alignment. It's okay if you want to look up and make sure you're in the middle of the bar, a bit, a little space. Now interestingly, down and up. Last one, down and up. Let's do a little easy, slow one and Relevate change down and Relevate stretch, rise, stretch, rise, stretch. Breathe as you want. Any direction.

Okay, let's go to the first foot again and just hold and let's do eight pulses here. GSO, we'll do a one, two. My, the ball Relevate foot is actually doing more of the work for me now. Six, seven and eight other side. So it's not the only stretching heel, it's the other one that's pushing on the foot bar and four, three, two. Let's do for each side. We go to the right two and three and four left for four. We're going to start to count it down. Let's do four again and maybe a full Relevate in between each side. There we go.

Get the little more action in the feet. You guys know I love the feet. Two on each side. Down and up, down and up. Left. Repeat the twos. Let's two eight singles and one end up two and up. Three and four.

Five lift six and seven and minor. Sufficiently warm. Then the knees want you to lift your feet and just give them a little shake. All right, let's drop our springs for single leg. Couple patterns. Choose what you're going to need for single.

I just have a Grennan agreeing. Actually. Now do you decide what you need for a single leg work today? We're going to go and turn out first. We're going to extend one leg over. We've chosen our right leg. Do what, Janine? Let's just do an easy, beautiful lift and lower, so I'm okay if we come a slight bit out of neutral pelvis. I am so okay. I want to get a nice stretch in the back of my hamstrings, their endeavor to stay neutral.

Four more times. Stretch thinking of both legs working, so this one is still standing on that bar, feeling your calf engagement length in the back of this leg last time we'll come in and eight on the other leg. Here we go. I'm breathing in on the extension of the spring. I like to match the idea that the spring coils opening more space in my spine, more space and my movement or room for air. It's okay to use the quads seven and down last time.

Okay, now let's go back over to the first foot in parallel ball, the foot still and just a tabletop with the other leg and what a pattern I often use is eight slow extensions and then we take a double rhythm. Let's focus on the quads now. Feel like you're pulling that line. A muscle up from the knee up to the top of the thigh. Okay, and press. So four more slow ish. Whole body long. You're pushing down in the bar. Rise in through the top of the head.

Seven spreading those metatarsal joints on your bar. Now let's pump that rhythm a little bit and [inaudible] lean the thigh in just a little bit to catch that inner thigh work. And four, three, two, one. I'm going to have us go all the way back out. Extend the other leg. Let's do three leg circles in around and center and around.

Little ones have fine. Three the other way. Getting a little more movement in the socket Lyft last time. Rebound it to table top and come all the way down. Other leg. Here we go. Pressing Long Andean. So again, thinking of the muscle from the knee cap. Lower quads all the way up from up your thigh.

It's okay to lean the thigh in just a little bit. Breathing into the back ribs, arms or press. Long seven tread is fan the pinky toe toward the bar. Let's go a little faster and it's in [inaudible] rhythm. Just works for me on this [inaudible] movement pattern and all the way back out.

Extend the leg, anchor your standing leg. Here we go. Inward circle and lift. In the socket. Three other direction and three and down. Rebend and arrest. Okay, let's see what happens if we stay on the springs that were on. Take your head rest down so we're flat and I'm going on arches of my feet.

Parallel with a little bit of space. Now between some spinal articulation, start moving a little bit more. Take a breath and that exhale, that hollowing end of the tummy. We're just rolling up our spine. That cue of standing on the feet really makes sense here. Let's push the carriage once Jia out all the way to straight knees but not locking him, pulling in just like we did in the warmup earlier, and then roll down all the way long sitz bones reaching toward the foot bar. Same pattern two more times, so to check in as well. If you're tending to want to use one leg more than the other. Okay?

We want to use both as evenly as possible, pushing out almost his straight knees, no hyper extension. Pull back in high pelvis and then soften the chest. Your sits bones are really dragging toward the foot bar. Your stomach is hollowing in one more set. Inhale and roll. Moving the spine, pressing up. It's okay to press the arms. Press it out, pull back in and roll all the way down.

Hamstrings. Okay? Okay, let's add it on. Add on, add on to it. Same thing. Rolling up. You can choose to stay with that. What we just did or do a little single leg. Let's do four presses. I'm not going to go quite as far out. I am going to be a little more mindful of the hyperextension possibility.

I want to focus on keeping my hips high off this mat. High hips. That's our fourth one. Step it in. Put the foot down. Let's not roll down. We're going to lift and hold four times. Lift the seed up to the ceiling on both movements. Lift, push, lift, return, lift, push, lift, return. Last time. Okay. Hands Down, feet down. I mean, and roll the spine. All right.

Take your hands away from the Mat. Put them all the way around on your shoulder rests or the pegs might feel better. I think I'm going to go there. Pull out on the pegs. Activate your chest and shoulders and lift your knees to tabletop. Do a bit of side to side, either side to start with. Inhale as you rotate, read wide into the side ribs that are going to the mat here. And exhale, pull center, do the other side. Inhale as you rotate. Exhaling Center.

So like you're filling up that negative space that occurs sometimes on the side. Ribs. Inhale cause you're really trying to breathe into the back so that you'd fill that back space up. There we go. Center. Three more. Inhale, twist. Exhale, center. Last time, the first side center, keeping the chest. Nice. Wide Open and center.

Okay. Let's come up and drop her springs and we'll take our foot bar down. Hands and straps and stuff. I'm going to do red and blue. You can do two red, three red. Let's put that back up. Good. Okay. Kinda settled in. I'm feeling the variation of the hundred that you know too from Diane.

Okay, so we'll start in tabletop with the knees. We'll do the percussive rhythm breathing. We'll take one breath here to prepare. Exhale, curl. Just the upper body up. The arms are reaching down long. Reach them a little lower and we pumped the breath in two, three for fifth. Set the legs go straight up. They stay there.

Pick up those arms. Reach mom. Now the legs are going to go down a few inches. They stay there. [inaudible] add those lay four and on the fifth set a little lower. This might be the hardest place to hold the legs. [inaudible] one more set down, toes at eye level. If you can, three, four, and five, then exhale and vole the knees in. Arms Up, head down.

Let's carry on to arm circles for each direction. Let's go down. Inhale, exhale all the way. Open hand up because it's a fairly simple movement pattern. Focus on more air intake and out. Put or squeeze out. Exhale. Now let's reverse the G. Open [inaudible] breathing into the back so this front ribs can really drop back last time and arms are now. Let's bend those elbows. I'll take four coordinations with some leg beets. Inhale as we come up and want us to exhale. Sean, Paul [inaudible] [inaudible] four, three, two, one.

Let's come back to parallel and exhale. One more set. Prepare. Breathing in. Should've been curled out yet. Exhale, open and beat. [inaudible] sure. Region your arms with energy. [inaudible] four, three, two, one. Parallel and folding in. Knees can stay here.

Angle your forearms out away from the knees. Elbow pointed. Our point are pointing end where the hips and let's just generate some circular movement in the forearms. Four or five, four we'll be fine. So here's our fourth one. That direction. Other way work to keep the collarbones still.

This is just a circular motion. More about forearm. Humerus is moving a little bit last time all the way around. And then just ease yourself in. Okay, let's put the straps in one hand. Come on up and we'll take off. Hm, let's leave our blue. Okay, Rena, face the back of the reformer.

Head rest will come down and I'd like to sit straight. Legs long sit hands and straps. Let's get ourselves way back at the edge of the mat so that if we did have a high back, a prop right here that we can send, set her spine nice and up against. And arms long by our sides. Just take a moment again to an unlock the knees ad docked. It's okay to squeeze the glutes a little bit seated chest expansion.

Let's do five reps. Inhaling the arms back and exhaling just to the hip line. Inhaling, it's okay to lean forward on the sitz bones ever so slightly. Three more arms going long and down and sent her last one and long and pause. Now flex the spine. It's come into forward deflection. Arms are still right by her kind of hip line on the side of the reformer. Scoop the stomach in up, shoulders wide and down. Let's do five from here.

Inhaling and Y, my arm's going to go a little bit further. Now inhale, it's almost like I'm trying to create more scoop. We can think of this as maybe a prep for one of the rowing sequences coming up. Yeah, last to state, right on the same spot in your sits bones last time. Okay. And center rolling up to sitting tall. So let's go into rowing.

Hands to chest. I'm going to move forward. You can cross an ankle if you wish. Hands at the sternum. We'll do four reps. Use this moment here. Pull your spine up. Let's take a breath into the back ribs and we'll exhale. Roll back. Yeah, in Hill. Press the arms wide. Now pull the arms a little bit first.

Then dive forward. Once your hands go way back by the end of the reformer. There we go. There's that scoop. There is that moment again. So as we bring the arms up, can the abdominals also come up under those ribs? A little more circle. Really reached for the side of the room. Stay out there and milk your hamstring.

Stretch for just a second and then sit back on the sitz bones. But yeah. Okay. Roll back up. Three more with a little flow and exhale. Press out. Remember, pull the arms slightly before we roll forward. Hands can go low. Regroup the belly. Lift. Lift a little higher with the arms circle and pull the stomach way back to the sake room and hole hold. Roll Up. Change legs.

If you're crossed. Inhale and exhale round. Pressing out. Pull the arms, rounding over lowering the shoulders. Inhale the arms up, scooping that belly. Really reach for the sides of the room. Stay on the same place on the sits bones as best we can stomach. Way Back, rolling up for our last one. Really feeling how the body moves with the breath.

[inaudible] and occasionally teachers and students bumped the reformer thing. Oh well let's turn around Ya and come up on our knees. Happens to the best of us. Okay, so I'm going to have this Tucker toes down. Put her heels back up. Circles facing front four times. Take an inventory of those inner thighs. Front ribs to back ribs. Here we go.

Inhale Moscow big pretty high. There we go. So more full range of those shoulders. Expand your chest, take in the space. Inhale and exhale. Yeah, feeling your body using those hamstrings to open up our hip joints. There's our fourth one. That direction reversing for four arms will come slightly forward on the way to the front so they're not directly to your sides. You keep going, which would look like that. That's where we could get a little bit of danger.

Too much openness of the shoulder there. Little bit more in front [inaudible] last time. [inaudible] remember when the arms come down, the spine grows taller, taller, taller. Let's go hug a tree. Hold for just a minute. Front ribs are backwards. Inhaling porter broth front. Press the air back. Gather the air forward.

Press the arms back. We'll do eight of these. [inaudible] keep pushing your heels back. Feeling the front of the Shin, warming up in there. Growing Taller. Last three and to her last one and open, unless she's come all the way down. Okay, I think I'm going to add, change it out. Put on the red. A red, no blue. We're going to go back around facing the back for a chariot more triceps, but starting to get in the deeper stretch of our quadriceps.

Now Walk your knees all the way up to the shoulder rest. You can hold on to the TP stuff. Technical term, that part and before we start arms for this. When start in front of us, some on top. Same thing with the inner thighs and hamstrings tops of feet or press down. Breathing in was we pull the arms, they hold right there.

You keep them back there. Sit down, creasing the hips. You don't get comfortable on the heels, but you touch, you come back up. This is a chance to use the glutes more. Return the arms. Inhale, pull back. Now as you bend down, stay looking out, out, out. Press back up, up, up, and arms. Return for two more. Inhaling, try to keep the arms further back using those strong triceps and up front. One more time. Pool flex at the hip joints, keeping the shoulders open, coming back a, press the pelvis. Forward, pubic bone forward and return KGL.

Let's put our head rest up. Coming down. We're going to put our feet in straps now, so add another red spring on feed and straps. Keep the breath flowing. Okay, start diamond. So our diamond is different than frog frog. Just to refresh.

If you don't, if you're not sure, frog would be heels together. Toes away. Diamond is a little bit different and you might get your cows engaged. In a way that you might not be used to try it though. You're going to try to get the bottoms of your feet to touch each other, or at least the inside edge of your feet. If you've got the turnout, try it. Okay. Mine is still there.

It's just not as much as it once was. So I'm going to have 90 degree flection here at my hip first and just whole can we lengthen our diamond an inch. There we go. So to begin moving the legs down, arking the legs down. It's really engaging from here and those outer rotators and the inner thighs, that feet don't really do any of the pooling. It's the larger muscles in the back of the pelvis.

Come down to a challenge point where you can keep your ribs and hips in the same plane and come back up. But don't let the reformer do all the work we have to hold on with that contraction. Let's breathe with it. Inhaling down and exhaling up eight times. Inhaling down and control the return. Is the collarbone still wider than the blocks last three Oh, campy foot too. That's a good thing. My arches are happy here. Stay low. Now let's try to extend. No, we will not try. We will do this.

We will extend our legs without going into any further hip flection and rebound. Okay, so that pelvis, no anchored femur at socket stays the same. The movements occurring more in the knee joints, so you'll probably feel your inner thighs hopefully and in [inaudible] and we're trying to keep our legs at a horizontal level. Doing the best we can for four more of these, getting deep in those rotators of the hips and open and then last too mindful not to overextend the knees in. How are we doing gea? Feel good. Stay right there. Then let's flex the feet.

Straight. Legs in straight legs open. Go for more range. If you're ready for it. Straight legs in. Okay. Now where's the movement coming from? Hip Joint, not the knees. It's changing where the movements coming from. Open [inaudible] clothes for more stretching, contracting, breathing, moving. Last too. [inaudible] last one. We'll come into leg circles.

Stopping at the bottom for a minute. Close to parallel and extend the feet just a little. Let's actually think of of a prehensile foot engagement that may help us get our adductors alive. And let's bring our legs more toward a 90, and we'll move circles down first for eight. Rear hips are really ready. I'm going to go for larger circles today. Just feel like I need the movement down.

So if you're at home doing this, and if you want to do small circles, of course, you know, just take care of yourself. Do a couple small and build up to the big ones. [inaudible] hopefully the circles are the same diameter. [inaudible] [inaudible] last two in this direction. After the leg circles, we're going in for a short spine series. All right, so eight, the reverse keeping the carriage still is the legs open in a turnout and they're the rotators going to work. Parallel that come up the midline. [inaudible] just, uh, every now and again, go through your checkpoints.

Where is your collarbone with? Where's your pelvis or your ribs down and snug into your body? Are you continuing to breathe into your back? Let's go for more. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] last one, and then from down there I'm going to frog. Just rested in.

Okay. Head rest comes down. Same thing with the feed. If we can get a sense that there's somewhat of a prehensile rather than just flex there. Yeah. Inhaling, stretching out parallel. Here we go. I'm going to pick my hips up from way down at the bottom and I love taking the first one. Give your body time. Can we get a little more finesse of flection in that thoracic, right, right. The front ribs to back ribs. And even though we're up here, it still is.

If we're trying to dial the pelvis into more rotation or Morrissey curve here, flex the hips, pull the heels in, and here comes the luscious rule down. That feels generally very good. Inhale the legs long and pick up the hips. We're going to take the rest of these little more fluid. Inhale, the knees come down and I'm gonna leave my feet up there this time and articulate away from my feet, opening the back of the spine, closing the spine and press three more times. Even though we bend, it's as if our hips are still coming into more rotation.

Oh, the feeder relaxes the abdominals that move the spine. Last two high up on that back. Pulling those heels in. Good Ya and rolling down. How much space can we put between each vertebra? How much length? How much stretch? One last time.

Great question to ask yourself. Sometimes I think about it when I'm rolling down. Can I put my pelvis half an inch further forward on the Mat than I began? I'm not just going to plop it down here. I'm going to try to reach it further. Reach for the region further.

I did and come all the way in to stay in your frog. Hands on shins and just pull. Ah, okay. Let's step out of the straps and let's grab our, our box for long box. Okay. The dancers waddle across to get the boxes. Okay. We're going to put our head rest up because it doesn't need to be down any longer. Let's go high bar.

Okay. If you want to lock it in and Kim k one red. Actually no, let's go blue. I'm going to drop it down and we're going to swan, so I'm going to go light spring. Okay. Hundred 10 me. So let's take a moment and get settled.

Feel like we can take the vertebra that are right in the sternum area of our spine, so the upper thoracic and just walk those those vertebrae a little bit more toward the foot bar because we already starting with as much length as we can. Hands are on the bar, elbows slightly lifted, legs engaged and most importantly that lumbar is long starting. Just easy. Press back on the inhale and exhale. Let's go for those. Nothing too crazy clean, consistent work. Inhaling into your lower back.

Okay, now do four with one arm. I'm just going to stick the other arm out to the side or tee position so it's a chance on the single arm to see what happened with your ribs and the weight of your ribs on the box. We're trying to keep them even. We may have switched that a little bit. Last one on this arm, change arms at their front, long, lower back. Here we go. Pressing out the arm. Reaching to the side has a purpose. It's energetically reaching the other elbow, reaching out to the side here when they close him last time. Let's put both hands on the bar and press out again long now's our swan.

So I'm going to have my eyes look forward. Nose, chin, chest. I'm coming all the way in. I'm lifting, I'm gonna even look a little higher because it feels good and I'm pressing down three more times. It's a really nice long stretch. Through the front of the body. Carriage is being drugged, dragged forward, lift and push for these last two, concentrate on the sensation of the contraction of your back, like from the sacrum up through the mid spine, up through the upper, around their shoulder blades. My arms are shaking today. This is are your sue was shaking a little you and this weird. We're working well I think is the deal. Doing Great. Work up, up, up and down. That's all we do. Come on in quietly. Okay, good.

Let's step off. Let's do a little short box over the blocks. Okay. And I think what we'll do, g has just kind of a wrap. Take out that the foot part of the way. Lower your bar down, grab art's strap, get everything set up for a little side over oblique work. And I think I'm gonna work my left side first so I'm going to face, I always face that way first. I think I'll start this way. Okay. And let's hook the foot under.

So that puts us very, very particularly on our side hip. Pull your ankle into the fuzzy strap. If this position is not working for you, if you're watching home just lifted me. Can you show that? Just put your knee up on the edge there. That gives you a bigger base of support. But this hook is sometimes a lot more challenging and balance on our side.

So let's try that. And I'm going to have one hand behind my head, the other arm just reaching out long to the side. And let's go ahead and take a nice side bend. What if your elbow touches the box or headrest and come all the way up and reach down toward the other foot. But keep that Amy, keep tension. Inhaling over and exhale, keep tension. So there is some tension in the legs I need to create like embracing my legs together.

The other elbows helping lift up there. Two more. So like what side is working? They're both working up last time. [inaudible] lift. Okay, let's do the reverse dress. We're going to take ourselves rotated. If you need to change your foot position now would be the chance opportunity.

Try to square your shoulders toward your risers. Walk your hands a little further. Great stretch for the lats. And I'm going to even take my backhand here, the one that was reaching to my side and angle it all the way around and put my hand on my other wrist and let my head drop and even rotate the head in the neck. Take a few breaths into the left. Low back or the side of your back with the straight leg. Yeah. And really read your hip toward your foot. Away from your shoulder. One more.

Okay. Slowly unwind. Use in the hands. Come all the way up and we'll do the other side. I felt good. I needed to unwind. Okay, so get on as much of your hip as you can. There we go. Hook in ribs over shoulders. That didn't make sense. Shoulders over ribs. You know what I [inaudible] arm is out front. Ribs, back ribs. Tada. Here we go.

Bending down. Inhale, good stretch on the top side and exhale. Keep the tension. Lift the other elbow. Good. Inhale and exhale and like your dive in your head. Now down into the well [inaudible] this is where I really noticed the significant feeling on both sides of my body. One, so much more connected. Okay.

Okay, and then out for the stretch and do the leg. If you did on the first side, get yourself square. That outside hand walks a little further and then all the way round to the other wrist, allowing your head to come into some rotation, your shoulder. Three big deep breaths. We're still working the reach of the pelvis, hip toward the foot down the strap, the last one and let's come all the way up and around. Okay, that's all. Let's put our box away on the way up. We'll put our head rest up because it doesn't need to be down for what we're about to do. I'm going to keep it on a red and blue spring. Move my bar. Let's do low bar and I may have underestimated this spring.

I think I'm going to go red instead of blue here, so just one red and we're going into a support facing back. Okay, so go ahead and put your hands on your shoulder rests. Put One foot up on your foot bar. Look at it now before you step up with the other foot, push the carriage away. Look at that and you want to get your shoulders right above your wrist and that makes it so much easier. Just to step up, look back and see that both feet are parallel. Gather those ribs, front ribs to back ribs. We're just going to do five small little pushes. Gio, the care of carriage where the risers sternum is long too.

Three, four and five. That's it. Put a knee down back at in, quietly turn around, lift the foot bar back up to middle bar. Add that blue while we're facing right there. Now let's go right into down stretch, hips forward, but not collapsed in the low back. Engage through the hamstrings, heels back against the blocks. Five Times. Inhale and exhale more of a back bend and a little lower if you want. If you want, you can get your size. We down on the mat, pull the front line up. Four and left and last one.

We're going to do that fun transition trying to come up on our fingertips and one arm back. The other arm back. Go for a back bend. Lift out of the low back. Circle the arms. Try to touch the calves. Now hold there. Yup. Press your pelvis forward. Shoulders are open. Lift the arms back on the bar. Elephant flat feet, ribs up, toes up. Little push back. Pull in, push and pull to looking at the feet, making sure you've got all 10 toes up off the mat. The same height. Four more lift. Head is dropped.

Push and last one. Okay, let's sip off to the right. Your right foot on the floor. Take off the blue. We're going to do a little scooter tucking that foot. So I want us to align now that your knees are side by side. Standing knee does have a little bend to it.

We're in a neutral spine or flat back. Okay. Slowly press pause for a second and contract the glutes and come back in again. Push and pause contract, and then just two more slow. Sure. The throat and the sternum are lifted a little there. Let's do 10 faster. So it's about the propulsion.

It's the push is the push off. Whoops, four and five squeezing those glutes. Six, seven, eight, nine and 10 that's it. I'm going to crawl over the reforma like this. K. So for slow knees are side by side. Standing me has a little bend. We're in a nice long spine, her ribs are connected, and we extend the hip.

Pause, contract the glutes, pull it back in, inhale and exhale. So get us another chance to breathe into your low back with the inhale. Okay, we're ready for 10 faster. It's really about the push from the hips, the back of the hips. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. We probably could handle more weight. That's okay. And that's it. Okay.

Let's do one standing piece, maybe one or two foot bar goes down. Okay. I think I'm gonna go face this way first. Sure. Your feet cased, sweaty wise half skater. So we are standing parallel. Well that's been both knees, just a little bit. Pitch forward, very slight at the the hips and then shift all of the weight to the standing leg. So if we were in a row in the correct position, you really could lift your left foot with not a lot of diversity.

We're challenged. Okay. Now if you can hinge a little lower and then extend the carriage, bring it back in. So we've got a diagonal line from our head to our tail. Yeah, we're using the outside of the hip for the power to push. If this feels too easy for you, I think it Kinda does, don't you? We can go a little lower.

We're going to go a little lower so you can pitch lower, which loads this standing thigh more push. Let's go three, two and one and then carriage. All the wind will stand up or arms are going to start from the signs and palms face up. Let's go ahead and open into an add Dr Stretch, but it's still the outer hips that are contracting and lower the arms down as we come in. So dig your feet down to push open, close standing tall. Three more to go feed. Pressing down. Yup. Last to breathe and last time we'll do those facing the other way and we're almost done with her workout today. I'm going to step back. I'll let you walk around first. Okay. Up on the reformer. We're going to check in evenly weighted Ben both knees pitch forward a little bit and then shift onto this foot that's on the platform side. Check that you can pick up your inside foot and we haven't really leaned the ribs too far. They technically should be right over the pelvis.

Inside foot is right on the edge. Here's where the power comes to push control back in. Push control back in three we did 10 of them feel, feel fine to go a little lower. Okay. And get that strength to push for three, two, and one, and then the same muscles active with straight legs.

You want to pull those quads up again, arms from down here to reach out and up. Out and down. Okay. I'm cheating my foot position just a little bit. Everybody. I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm going to just tuck my toe in.

My feet are sweaty. I do not want to slip. I don't want to take the time to get a sticky grip. Pull up through the interior of your body. Last too. Last one. Okay.

Okay. Stepping back and, Gee, I think we're done. Let's just take a quick, easy standing roll down. Whoa. Okay. Sure. Come with me. So I'll just take a nice breath in. Let's just take our arms up easy and just are to round down and locked knees. Easy loose arms.

Thanks for joining us in our fun movement class today. We'll see everyone the next time we gather. Thank you.

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Thank you Amy:))
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Love your work Amy thanks :)
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Thank you, Amy. This is a really great class. Exactly what I needed.
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Thank you so much Amy! I love a basic class like this. These types of classes are how i learned and appreciated Pilates. You are great!!
I would love to see more of these types of classes.

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Great class! You are so right about the side overs. I can barely do them on my left side while on my right side it is a piece of cake!
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Great class! Such great cues Amy! Especially, when you said to keep your arms slightly forward when we did the reverse kneeling arm work when doing arm circles. Also the lengthening of the tailbone when we were doing short spine. And I love the variation of 100's!
Courtney D
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Loved the class, Amy. It was a nice flow that got me out of my usual routine.
Wow, thank you gals so much! :) More on the way, stay tuned!
Lucie Bécus
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This was a nice full body flowing workout with lots of great cues. I feel a little taller and stronger :)
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Thank you, Amy, for a nice class. Loved the side over variation!
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