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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Play with the Overball in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She uses the ball to help you find your stability and also to add a challenge to different exercises. She experiments with different ways to use the ball in fun variations of Teaser, Back Support, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Okay, today we're gonna play with this OverBall. The OverBall, it's the small blue ball. OverBall. Here we go. So I want you to stand with your feet parallel to one another.


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Loved this class! Did it after intense circuit training and it was perfect to stretch tired muscles. Thank you!
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Thank you, Meredith! Been having some health issues lately which led me to not being able to workout for about a month or so. This was just what I needed! Please keep them coming!
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challenging, thank you!
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Lovely class, enjoyed using the ball , some challenging moves . Thank you .
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fantastic! loved this class, thank you
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Great Class - I loved the spine extension work with the ball, its a great tool for those of us who find extension difficult. This is now one of my favorites and I can't wait to try some of this with my clients!
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this seems more deliberate paced than moderate paced
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A class worth repeating...encourages use of the core safely anchoring in all of the right places. Wonderful ideas for those who over arch the lumbar spine and shoulder ROM issues. The overball is a great addition to pre-pilates, when the cadillac bar is just too challenging for clients and allows scapular rotation with back extension, also missing with the foam roller..
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Great class! Meredith you inspired me to teach overball class right away! Thank you
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Where did Meredith get her work out pants????
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