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If you have had a busy week and need to unwind, then this Reformer workout with Kristi Cooper is perfect for you. She reminds you to take care of yourself and listen to your body while she teaches exercises that create space and give you length. She also incorporates the concept of ground reaction force to make sure you are working evenly and correctly.
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Jul 20, 2016
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It's girl time. Yay. She's faking it. I'm not faking it. No, she's can I, I'm going to tell him there's those days where you've married not had a day off in a long time. I've been with family so we're both a little on the lower end, but I'm going to cover her back today and do most of the teaching and she'll call me out where she needs to, which she'll modify where she needs to. Both of us are going to take care of ourselves, but we are working out together together, which is one that, okay, stand up. Let's just do a standing rolled down and really evaluate. You can face either way, taking a deep breath and don't worry about the arms.

Feel the body and on your exhale. Don't go anywhere to grow taller. Just feel the earth underneath you, the floor, whatever, but allow yourself to rise up, whatever that might mean. Exhale. If you have an inhale again on this exhale, we'll think up, but actually start rolling down. Go ahead and and go all the way. Bend the knees wherein you need to touch the floor. Inhale, exhale. Start to straighten the legs a little more than they just were. Bend them again.

Inhale, exhale straight, and to the extent that you can now let your hands leave the floor. Roll up a connection to the floor, but not leaving the upper body dead weight. Notice that distance and the support around you. This time. Let's add some arms and rotate the arms out. Inhale up, collect something. Ooh, the air's been turned on. That's good. Exhale. Push the arms away. Let your head go down. Go right, tiny bit faster so we don't overthink it.

Bend the knees where you need to inhale, definitely bend them down here. Exhale, stir eight and do it again. Inhale, bend, exhale, straighten and roll up. Lead with the tailbone. Almost push your feet through the floor so the upper body comes up kind of fast. One more time. Inhale, arms turn out and go up. Exhale, push away, but feel the spine. Get length. Roll down, listening. Bend the knees. Inhale. Don't let them splay. Exhale. One more time.

Bend and straighten and go ahead and roll all the way up and we're going to do more of a warmup on the carriage, but go ahead and set up your foot and leg springs. I am starting with three red and a blue, which is, yeah, same Mary, kind of heavy for me. Sometimes I just do three, but that's what I'm going to start with. Lie on down a headdress down for now. We'll do some pelvic curl just to get our spines a little bit more ready. Um, you can touch the shoulder respite. Try not to be wedged and let's not get too worried about the feet. Just put them where you can handle rolling up. Inhale, exhale and let the breath lead the way so you feel the sinking, the rolling.

Let's just go halfway. And when you're halfway, it means your hips and pelvis probably off the map. A not necessarily the rest of you, but your bones would be. Take it. Take an inhale, stay here, see if you can deepen that curve on the next exhale without going any higher and pressed into your feet so you feel your hamstrings a little more so we get help. Inhale, exhale, go down. It's stretching back down. Feeling yourself still standing where you started. Inhale, same thing.

Start with exhale. Feel the role too. I'm, I feel the pressure literally at about. I'd probably slightly higher than what feels like my natural waist. Staying here. Inhale, exhale. I'm aware of the bottoms of my feet pressing down as I deepen the curve just by blowing out. I don't have to think too much, but I do feel my hamstrings more. Inhale and XL, take it back down. We pass through that spot as we go.

All the way up. Inhale, exhale. Take a time. Feel your feet already. Go ahead and pass that spot, but keep thinking about the feet and the deepening of the curve. You might want to pay attention to the back of the shoulders tier so the collarbones are wide. Press into your feet. Inhale, exhale. Let's go down to the spot. We just came up from that middle spot. So deepen the curve deep in the curve. Find the bones into the mat.

Take another inhale before you finish going down. Oh, I'm rolling out on my feet. What about you? I'm on my feet. I'm good. All right. All the way down. I can say, Oh, you are good in house cause you work so much. You know you never forget. Exhale, go on. All the way up. Staying there when you get their attention to the inner thigh, the back of the shoulders, a bottoms of the feet. Inhale, I'm staying here. I'm going to push into the feet a little bit more. Maybe I can get higher. Feeling a stretch or work in the hamstrings. Stretch in the front. Inhale, the right knee is going to exhale and just float up off the mat. Put it down.

See about the left side, but be stable about it either side. Exhale up and down. Keep it down. Hold. Inhale hopefully where you started from the throat, from the chest. Find a sense of ease in the front of the body so that you can find it in the back of the body and yeah, the legs are still doing cell mart. They reach back and hold onto the pegs. If you don't have pegs, you can hold the frame, you can leave your arms down. I'm going to hold the pegs and I like holding the frame better, pulling the frame better above you or below you below me like and so going in a little bit of an external rotation so that rooms are reaching down's and a really nice stretch. That's a good one. If you can do it, I'm going to hold them to the front. Inhale, rotating. Just getting that stretch.

Let the opposite hip come up. Go ahead. Go for it. Go for it. Go for it. Oh, don't hurt yourself though. Bring it back. Go the other way. Sometimes this is the kind of thing that needs to be really smaller, even the feet on the floor, but as feeling kind of good to me today and back and inhale over. If you want more, extend just the top leg and stretch it, but keep the knees lined up, rebend it and bring it back and I'll do it once more that way, but then I'm going back to the original way. I think I get more out of that sometimes. Stretching the top leg, feeling it come from the waist, not just the knee, right? That's the connection we look for. I'm keeping it the knees together.

Reach over and then what you can do here is imagine you're reaching the whole leg. Then when you, you can pull the ribs and then the hips follow. Then the legs follow somehow feels more sequential over, oh, jasmine and back. Can we do just one more each way, you know, and last one and back from there. Just hug your knees in way in. Pull the hips up, but don't lift your head. Not yet. Pop the elbows out to the side and feel the shoulders slide down away from the shoulder rest and your ears. Just a little, not too intense, but there's, you're rolling like a ball without the head part.

Can you lift the hips even more? Then pick your head up and look right between the knees and just get a little rocking action. You can push and you don't straighten the arms to get it going, but you push the knees into the shins. If you have to open up the space, do. But once you get to a place where you can create a rock, do and make it bigger. Exhale, knees are slightly open the way I'm doing it. Okay?

I'm giving me three more to get all the way up and one trying not to rock the carriage to keep looking down up. Three, can I do it without falling into the well? Barely spontaneity gets very scary sometimes, but going back down after all that, slowly those, pick your feet up first. Pushing these into your hands and down we go. All right, all that. It's just back up actually. And lay your legs over the foot. Bar arms just straight up above the shoulders. Reach up to the ceiling, really hug and reach and you can see almost your collarbones wrapping around right then. Drop them into the mat. One more of those. Wrap around. Wrap around, wrap around, way up. It's a little awkward and weird. Don't do it anymore after this one drop. Okay. Now the shoulders are away from ears. Just a little bit from here.

Press whatever part of your leg is into the foot bar. Press into that till you feel the hamstrings, not the back of the knee. Look how easy that would be for me. No, you. It's almost like I'm going to pick up that foot bar because we want to have action in the back of the legs for this hundreds prep. Just keep doing that. Inhale. As you exhale, you push the arms forward.

You look with the arms forward. Keep pushing into that bar. Yup. Keep pushing down into the bar. Reaching forward. Inhale the arms up. Just a little exhale. Push everything down into the floor. Almost feels like you want to levitate, doesn't it? Sort of inhale, you don't believe me and Kinda sorta one more like that for four. Inhale all the energy forward.

This time just go down with the head and upper body. Exhale, curl again. This time pushing the left like a little bit more so that the right light can float off. You almost could lift up. Imagine the right leg is still pushing on something I can hyper extend. I'm going to try not to inhale. Arms go a little higher. I stay forward and low. Exhale, push down. Inhale, push down. Inhale up, push down.

Stay here but lower the leg. Inhale. Push the right leg down. Float the left leg of no rotation of the body and inhale up and down. Push, push, push with that right leg without hyper extending. If you can. Inhale up, push down once more. Here it is. Inhale and down. Keep both of them down.

Reach forward on the next exhale. Pick them both up if you want or leave them there and one breath cycle up both arms, arms, arms, arms and down. Everything di of the right knee in [inaudible]. Stretch it up. You can bend the lower leg. I'm going to flex and point. Find your feet, wave to the train and just change. You can have the bottom like straight or not.

I'm feeling a little stiff so I'm taken care of. Like I said, I would try happens occasionally. Oh boy. Flexing point. So loosen up your ankle, your feet, whatever you need or whatever you think you need. And what did they think I need?

One I really need are really use same thing. Good point. All right so we'll do just a tiny bit more here. Just bring both knees in of Oh heating ourselves up, curl your head, neck and shoulders up. I'm not attached to the pump has been completely down today. In fact I think it's kind of fun to challenge that natural position of letting it come up. But as you go into double leg stretch, make sure to put it back down first so we go inhale, reach back, hold, exhale, bring it in. And then once you know you have, you can really get the air out by hugging those dyes to your body. Here we go.

Inhale and and rich and come round. Get a range of emotion that allows you to feel the full expansion of yourself and then bring it in and lets go. Contraction is here. Expansion is there, and we're a part of that universe. We can, we can go with it. Go with it one more after this one. Here it comes. Hold it in. Right. Like only an pull pool. Switch and full, full, full, full. Forget the little pool pool. Just switch. Go in. In way in though out both ends of the move.

Matter and use the arms. Why wouldn't you? In and out and out. It's for breath. Yes. ABS. Yes. Both knees. Come in hold. Put your head down for one second. Stay connected. Bring it back off. Stretch. Right leg up. Left leg out long first, just a short one. Lift the tail. Oh, sorry. The, yeah, the tailbone up and then put it back down. Now keep it down.

Pull, pull, switch. Phil. I'm going to make them bigger. You can go bigger now if you're ready to keep those elbows up in high pull. Pull. If you want to go all the way down and use that ground force reaction. Do I think it's a good idea? So rail always talked about, and it works for me. Can we go a little quicker for a four? One. One, two.

Mary's four for a change. Three, three, and both legs. Up. Hands behind your head. Just a little one. Reach him down. Push your head back with stay lifting. Exhale. Just three reach. Exhale, sinking. Lift. One more. Only crisscross. Here we come. Just normal and rotate. Rotate.

What's the rest? What should I do? XL every time. Okay, so we're inhaling as we change, we're inhaling and we need to exhaling as much as possible. Let's go for four. Four. Get in there. Three. Three. Hit it. Do two and one and both knees in. Oh, that rock up. Now before, we don't want to get up at all. Put your foot bar up for footwork.

C'Mon. You feel better? I feel totally bad. You're right. Like, Oh wait, I'm taking it down to three. No, I'm not. I'll leave it. I'll leave it. Just what I said. Are you? Yeah. Okay. You can put your head rest up. This, it feels better to you. Um, I'm going to just leave. It heals parallel. Sitz bones, distance or so apart. Find yourself on the mat. Find your feet connected to the ground and do pay attention to the feet that they're not just draped over the bar, but they are as if the bar continued. Here we go. Press out, hold it. When you get there, can you get longer in the front of the hips without feeling like you're arching your back and popping the ribs?

Rather keep the heaviness of the back of the ribcage and length in the front. That's our challenge. Bring it in and press out. I'm exhaling all the way out and just one more before pumping. Sorry, Mary. Here we go. Pumping. It's exhale. Exhale and in, hey, exhale. Exhale. Exhale all the way out. It ends up being 10.

I'll cue it a little differently next time so it doesn't feel so weird. I think 10 pumps both feet down to the balls of the feet. Five slow. Exhale, push all the way out. Hold on. Check your heels. You're not dropped down. You're not on your very tip toes. You're in that sort of midway hard place. Bring it in, in, in your way. Hard play isn't that word. Yeah. Yeah. That's another life lesson. Actually, it's like, hmm, that made me sent me between birth and death.

Oh shoot. One more. We're inhaling down, we start the count on the exhale. So it's one, two, and inhale three, four, n o n n, n out all the way. Bring it home. Turn your feet out, heaviness through the pelvis. The bones are still working with you, but everything else is nice. It's solid. Press out. Check your position, pull it back in and exhale as if truly the breadth we're making this happen to to go keep the arms involved a little. Here we go. Start on the exhale. En Fun and, and it's kind of spelled the way under it. Oh, and in last set out all the way. [inaudible] so if it's not coming through, cause I don't feel like it is, even though I feel like I'm saying it, but I'm not saying it well, it's inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. That's what those pump breaths are. Here we go. Feet are widened. Slightly turned out. Press all the way out. Hold. Check the weight. Just for this one, I want you to shift your weight left, right. Don't bend the knees to do it, but just shift. And as you go down, keep doing that. It'd be so subtle. You won't see it. You won't see it up here.

But as I go down, I'm going left. Right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, going back out. Left, right, left, right, left, right, left. It's subtle. It's just trying to figure out where is, not that I can think it intellectually, but where is the imbalance in which leg is trying to dominate? I'm not. I'm trying to not let one do it. Mess with myself. I do it all the time. One more like that. Yeah, and although I was doing five before, we're going to go back down and do three just regular, just out in one and the re inhaling in, here comes our pumping and start. Exhale, two.

Inhale, exhale, inhale. Exhale all the way and down, down to the balls of his feet now. And you do your best to get all your toes on. I don't really think my pinky toe ever fully makes, I can't ever pick it up. I know, I know. And I just admitted to me how I think it might be impossible, but we just say that cause we learned it. I don't know. I mean maybe you can, I got a couple of long tones, but they match my arms. Ready.

Do your best. Press all the way out. Think evenly or you can do the little shimmy. It's never a horrible idea. Here's three. I'm so glad to hear that you do that. I mean you didn't know that because then I'm always like, all right, I can't do everybody touching. It's touching the bottom of the bar. Yeah.

Under it kind of, right? Yeah. The pumping. Here it is. Exhale. I know straight. Yeah. Yeah, and I think we'll still have one more round. Here comes the exhale. Exhale all the way. Sorry for the weird queuing on that one to come back. Let's go feet fully together for a few press out.

You might need to pick your head up and see that indeed you are about the center of the bar. Remember earlier when we were pressing our legs against the foot bar in order not to hyper extend, but to keep action in the back of the legs. Think of that now as you lower down for three. Now try to wrap the feet. That's still hard for me, but I can do it here. Finally, push back up, down through the feet and and keep in mind, it's not just the feet lift from somewhere higher. If we drop into the knees too much, you lose sort of everything.

Try to come from higher up. Don't know how else to say that in the moment. Let's go a tiny bit faster. Now we lift and stretch and lift and stretch. Lift and stretch. One more. Only lift and stretch. Lift enough just to bend your knees. Come down, turn your feet out slightly, but the heels will be together. Push back out. Lower end.

Lift a regular speeds. Don't know. Three count and one. Watch the back of the knees. This one's easier for me not to hyperextend mostly cause I run into myself, but I'm still trying to think of the rap higher up. Still trying to keep the toes on and gets harder of course, because we turned out again. Hmm. Yeah. Let's do just one more of this position and come on down and then turn your feet in. Your knees may or may not touch. Just notice sort of where, how that feels in your hip joint. If it's different or if it's the same, then you go out and knees won't be touching. Most likely.

Carefully go down and lift up. No down. Stretch the front of your hips just by allowing it. Don't hold on so tight. Lyft, Lyft, just two more. Oh, and then bend the knees. Easy back in. I want to go back to parallel but not together. So your sits bones, distance, push out. Lower the left here only I'm not running right now. Watch the back of the knee. Stretch it. If you want more, you can actually pull on that bar with the other foot or come from underneath.

Some people do. Try not to let the whole leg spiral inward. Just keep a parallel and then adjust it. Use both feet to adjust it please. Your hips didn't shift off to side, you're still in the game. I just caught my shoulders up and somewhere. Don't know why that was.

Okay. Let's come on down and sit yourself up to take off some springs. Let's go one and a half or or two. If you're on like an Arrow, Pilati is, you're definitely going to want to grow. That's probably too, I have a red and a blue say. I guess that's still two. I have already had a little later than some of those others. Uh, yes. Go down. I'll tell you sticking with the back of the legs. Heels on the bar. Headdress definitely down for this one please.

If it wasn't already and we're doing um, bottom lift or another pelvic curl with a little joy added. Keep your feet as flexed as possible. As you peel up. We leave the car. Wow. Did I say keep the carriage on the stopper? Of course, as you peel up, you know, you know how to deepen that curve. You know how to push into your feet to lift the hips and stretch the front. Push out. Your body will lower but you're not trying to drop.

It's just the physics, right? Cause you kept everything the same. When you come back in, you bring it back up, push into your feet, do not turn out, go out again, press. You can almost get to straight and don't think it's necessary to fight for that. I think it's more critical to keep the line of the trunk the same, whether it's on an angle or not. Stay in on this one. Blew yourself to the stopper and roll down. Stay on it. Stay on it.

Keep pulling yourself in next time. Remind me to reds at least up again. Again, I didn't know you were setting us up for this. I, I made a difficult choice. Quite sure I was going to do that yet. Use the back of the arms too. Right? Okay. Push out. Bring it back in. Push out. Oh yeah. Don't forget to let the air out to do two more.

Let the chest fall to right. If you just let your butt drop, you're going to be arching and not feeling good about it at all. All the way in. Here's the fun part. Blue stick. Oh, come on Christie and roll down. Yeah, speak good time to fit the camera. I'm married cause she's hitting it. I can feel it from here. Nope, we'll make it. Oh Wow. How as far up again up again. Of course, if you want, if you will take your right knee off. Okay.

You told me I can just think about it. [inaudible] you're with me and swears you keep going. If you're not doing one, like you just keep going. Otherwise you do too. Oh, it's so fun when you're done. Put it down. Everybody's in and we roll down.

We give up the tension that we might have collected perhaps. Huh? Right. Grab your straps. So you are about to do a dominal work. So if you are heavier than you want to be for that. That's what I thought we were doing. That's fine. I'm not cold, but look, we're all set. Take feed off the bar. Um, Mary, we're going to do abdominal openings next. Are you prepared yet? Great.

XL. Everything curls up as if you're doing the a hundred we reach further into the shafts. We turn the whole arm out, the legs out too. Why not? You've been lower montane but maybe inhale, open the arms and the legs flex, bringing all that point open or just leave the seat alone. Either way. Oh, and like you're moving something. Forget about the ABS. They'll do it. They have to do. If you keep the shape, three more open, close, reach under the legs. Keep your height as you open.

Is that too already? Yeah, it is. Let's say bend the knees, pull it and go back down. Get ready. Exhale, curl up for coordination. Exhale, open, close. Bend the knees. Reach into a, come all the way down just for XL. Corolla. Push, pull, dread, and go down to to go open, close, bend. Inhaling. We're doing it all on one breast. Here's an x head. Inhale and that's it. Yeah. Yeah. Good, great. Push out to put your feet in the strap. Step right into it.

Situate yourself. Shouldn't be that different than where we were. Again, for those of us who hyperextend knock it off, imagine the downward pressure. A cue. Thank you. Knock it off. That's all it is. I can ramble on about it. Again, push out for frog and dragon. Just a few. I've been liking this one. You know I sit more than I used to in it. This one just sort of drops my leg bones into the hip socket right here.

If I don't try to work and then if I only work as much as I need to, it just feels really good. So we'll stay out there. So we'll stop that. Inhale, take the legs up just for the starting position. Lift the pelvis a little. Go ahead and roll up in a little and then bring it back down and try and go the other way slightly just as an idea. Go up again, feeling that difference and down and then we'll leave it so you're not forcing the tailbone through the mat, but just it's down. Exhale. As you lower the legs for circles, come round and open.

You can go as big as you want, so long as you do your best to keep the pelvis still. Exhale. Inhale to come around it up. [inaudible] and you can get a little freer with it. We call it circles, but we ended up making squares a lot of the time, and that's fine too. But just fluid things fluid due to more ice and fluid. You can even pass 90 if it, if it works for you at the end of the down right here, stop.

Let's go the other way. Find the controls. It's not a bad thing to kind of figure out where your ranges in each direction, but if you'd know you have it or you want to play with it. I say play right my play and my controller's not very different. Earn it. Don't have to work on, this is my last one. Why don't you take another one that you like? I'm good. All right. And then from there, flex your feet. Push the feet storied out to the side.

Trying not to raise them or lower them. Relax for a second. Don't drop them though. Just don't work. And then bring them back on that same level. No, almost no work. Oh really? It seems like nothing but, well, I don't know. Maybe it doesn't. That's a lot. Okay. I don't do this one enough and if I let go a little NHS, use what I need to. You can kind of see in my straps, probably not my whole body shaking to bring it back without over committing other things. Another life lesson probably.

Hmm? What does it feel like not to overcommit? What's it feel like? God, you're asking the wrong person. Although whatever this exercise is called, it's hotel openings. It's called openings. Oh Wow. There you go. I like it. I'll leave that to you. Yeah. Wow.

Is that really, is that hard for you? Is that really just me? No, it's, I'm shaking. Okay. So can we do some short spine? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So can we start from here? Do I have to start from the beginning? Yeah, it's right here. Okay, so head rest are down, right everyone? Yep. Good. Here we go. Folding over. I'm in a bit of a turnout. I'm trying to keep the pelvis down cause I want this stretch, but my legs feel like they're attached under my chest. Here we go. Roll Up. Do not move the carriage at this point. It's on the stopper.

Keep the body where it is. Bend the knees. You don't have to go to your ears, but you can. You roll down from the throat, feel the upper bones of the upper back. Back Rolling. Dan, go ahead and leave your feet where there for as long as you can. Don't let your legs get straight. If you're that flexible, I'm not talking to you. Then draw the heel to the glutes. Do not lift the butt up. Just draw to your bomber close to it and out. Again, that's the version we're doing today. Okay. Fold over. Watch the hyper extension Christie and we peel up.

We're not pulling on the straps. What we're using them for. Support Body doesn't change, meaning the spine in this case, the knees of course do from the throat pushing almost or letting the upper backdrop go as long as you can without the knee angle changing. That means my size or on my body at the moment, my trunk. Then I'm going to stretch it out a little more. That's all I have. Flex the feet. Draw the heels to the boots as you push a pelvis down. All right.

Without all the words. Push out, fold over, fuel up, bend the knees, control. Do you still feel your hamstrings? A little. Pretend you can not pretend to act like there's something heavy on your feet that you're balancing. And then when you're ready, you flex your feet. Pull over the last one coming up for us out. Fulled over getting more supple with your movement. Skidding. No fear, no overdoing, no underdoing with just moving. So flex makes sure the pelvis goes and Wallah, take your feet out and just go ahead and re wreck the thingys and set up. Okay, we're going into an obstruct series. Okay, so it's one to one and a half relatively light.

I think I'll drop my blue off. So generally one spring, but again on those other [inaudible] in the grass, I would think too, that's more normal. But it does feel different. So if you want to play with it and go lighter, just be careful because it does feel different. Okay. Standing up for, let's do a couple of upstretched twos, which for us is like a pyramid shape. We've got our hands wide wrapped spread across the bar, reaching the tailbone up the heels or just partway up the shoulder rests eater level as possible across the metatarsal. And then do this. Stick your tailbone up. Try for your flat back then and actually push the bar away from you so you shrug your shoulders a little.

Then take the top of your head toward the bar so you kind of just dropped back toward the bar as your table on stays up, push the care down a little, then lighten up on the legs. Almost pulled deeper into the belly so the spring brings a carriage home. Push it back and in. Let me go a tiny bit faster now. [inaudible] not much else that's happening. We're just trying to connect with that different way of using the middle of our body. Arms and legs are supporting us and we're moving.

We're letting the machine do the work by how we use our body. Last one in hold, we're changing. Oh, I said I've stretched two, didn't I? Whatever. Now we do have stretch two, which is from this shape to a plank. You just spiral around the hips and the shoulder joint. I didn't travel. Go back to where you came from, right? In other words, I'm not going over the bar or back away from the bar anymore than I would be if I were still in that pyramid and open it up. Nice. Long plank and pack. Next one.

You open it up and hold it. No. Come forward. If you can, all the way the stopper, but you'll be the boss and back. Take care. Thank you. Think about the pushing of the heel through the shoulder rest, right? You've got to have action in the legs, which it's just not good. Everything you've, you know where the top of your head is.

You know where your heels are. I'm doing two more. So make it easy on yourself. How would you do that? [inaudible] 30 no, I don't have the accused today. Just do it. Figure it out. Just kidding. Really? Really? Okay. Help yourself up. Two elephants, so that just means your heels go flat. [inaudible] you may decide to walk in a little bit.

This version is not so different from the first one we did in that we're still going to have a flat back toes up for now and push out. Pull in. Inhale [inaudible] he's in the back. Nice and spread out. One more time and [inaudible] great. Take yourself down to your knees, back your feet up into the shoulder blocks again and do you for years I never cared about my foot position on this and I think it's changed things for me so I'm going to tell you about it and it's probably what everyone else already says. May Try to get as much of your foot against the shoulder block. It's hard. It's still hard for me, but to get the full fold the joint then you what you can. I think that's right.

Join whatever. I'm trying to be nice to you. I said I have to join. Sorry. No, I get it. I know, I know. I know what you mean because cause then they'll edit it. I want everyone to know what I think. Okay. Down stretch. Okay. Before we go.

Your feet are pushed into the shoulder blocks and you're at your stop or Mary. Thank you. Lifting up, keep the shape, push back. Lucky sometimes. Oh yeah, there's that. Okay, so front of the body and the back of the body working from me. The thing I was going to tell you about was how much it helps me to think about the feet pushing into the shoulder rest versus just hanging on in front and keeping the shape of the rest of my life. The more the hamstrings and glutes help me, the easier it is. Last one, however, did it just cramp all the weight again, keep the chick up to fingertips. Still pushing into the foot rest.

Oh, that's all right. Stepping off to one side for a little stretch. Easy stretch today. Yeah. Okay, so as we pushed the carriage back, we are going to drop into it and not fall into it. So there's a sense of almost scooping the pelvis underneath. In fact, it will be arched, but you haven't collapsed again.

Sometimes if you simply know we're looking for a stretch in front of that right hip, you'll your best cure from their push with the left foot straight and yourself out. I have to bring my carriage in a slight bit so I can keep the hips a little more level and actually get the stretch where I need it, which would be the hamstring hopefully, right? Yes. Thank you. The the joint like joint come back in. I'm not going to repeat the whole thing, but I am going to go back to this first part to take the same arm as the forward leg off, reach it, reach, reach it, come back so you're not in such a big back extension and then cross over the body, meaning the side bend. Okay, go the other way too. Yeah, you can. Yes, thank you. Come out of that. Put that hand back down. Take the other arm up straight up. Go ahead and take that back extension.

You know what I mean? Oh, mellow out on the back extension. Make sure you're still involved with the back leg. Take the side bend. You can rotate it a little too if you want the side bend works well, just like that from me today. All right. Help yourself in carefully stepping onto that forward leg to ease up on the other. Tick yourself around other side sort of. Okay. Finding your stretch and this isn't, it's almost the same thing with the downstairs.

If you push into the shoulder block rest and take the rest of you forward as you do that, it sort of works itself out. Usually. I wonder why it's easier to do the foot here then and have both feet on like it's simple for me to have my foot like that and feel it with just my like just to boot my toes that way. But it's harder when both knees are on. I don't know. I don't really know someone else that we're all here, but all of my problem, somebody helped me. Okay. We're straightening the front leg and, and it's, I think natural tick kind of opened the hip toward the frame. I'm the carriage, so let's keep both hip ons pointing forward without rolling the foot out. There's my challenge back. Nice and long. You can take it further.

Don't let me be the limitation of your own body, but look for that stretch in the hip flexor and then bring it forward in outside armor. Same Armas forward like first pushing that carriage back. As you lift into your extension, ease up on it, sideband towards the carriage. Bring it up, back. Change arms. I think he would really be pulled up. Let yourself lift out of your pelvis.

Almost. Then add into that extension. Mellow out on it. So it's a little, not neutral button Max. Oh my goodness. Didn't come out whenever you want. I got like five more seconds of Joel. I'm going to take a kid. Okay. Be Gentle. Step forward to get out. Stepping out. Okay, so let's do, do you have a preference on arms?

What am I choices? Rowing or kneeling? Hmm. I like both. You do what you like. I'm going to do kneeling. Okay. That's, Yep. I'm going to do Neely. So Yep, that's do it with Mary does not as nice to of a party. One spring. We don't need to change that climate board.

We're going right up against our shoulder blocks for proud or something. Okay, arms are just a little bit in front of you and reach the arms down, but don't let we don't need. Overthink the shoulders going down. Just let the arms be straight and down. The rest of you, if you had those shoulder blocks there, you'd be pushing against them, but you don't. So you're just going to imagine it. Here we go. Pull down and back. Hold it back, way back. Hug the arms tighter together. Look over your right shoulder, left to configure. [inaudible] we saw that, I looked far enough to see it and exhale, pull. Actually, sorry. Let me just do the traditional breath.

So right over our knees. We inhale, pull back, look left then right holding their breath or just doing a quick exhale to return. Inhale, fill it up. Fill it up. Hug tight, right, left, boom, boom and center. Looking for freedom in the neck while we do all this. Inhale and go left, right or whatever. And I'm doing two more. Rich, rich, and center. Last one, look, look and back. Okay. From here, turn yourself around. You know, sorry, sorry. Stay there. I changed my mind. I didn't change my mind. I just forgot back up a little. Just a little.

You don't have to back up, but I want to, we're gonna do a little sigh. Hint. Okay. Okay, so because we backed up, it's hard. You almost have lean a little bit. I think. Use Your Shins. Get the sense of tucking the pelvis underneath, but from here on out, the body or for now is going to stay straight. We inhale as we tighten the body, the lower body in particular, and exhale the hinge back only as far as you inhale, hold, exhale up.

So it's light, right? It's almost like not using the straps, but you get two. So there, that's nice. Here we go. Inhale, exhale, go back, stay back there. Inhale and exhale and inhale. If you want, you can add a little extension in the upper back. When you get back there, XL back, it's up to you in hell. Don't forget your shins.

If you do inhale back and level it out, exhaling up. Exhale back in hell. If you're doing the extension, now is the time. Use Your glutes, Xcel back to level and home. Last one, exhale back. Inhale, go for it usually, but usually eggs and okay, now grab your boxing. But those way I'm not going to do the whole series. I want to do some back and be done. Okay.

When I do some breaststroke. Okay. So, um, the trick here that we want to always work on but is to make sure that when you, once you've gone into your extension, when you come around and external rotation come up in that external rotation rather than diving underneath. That's the goal. So you might need a really light spring. I'm going to go blue because then I'm just going to do that, which for those of you who like the height of breaststroke, if you are used to that, a lightweight won't help you with. Do that. So I'm gonna go red cause you're gonna go red. Okay. I might change. So it's got this drafts in our thumbs.

No, what I'm doing, lean into it. Your abs are, everything's ready. You grabbed the box, you lie right over the top. And you find that spot we were just talking about. This can be done on the floor really nicely too. It's almost better in a way. Sometimes your legs are reaching their long or not up off the box, but they're there. Here we go. We inhale, reach forward and up. Circle all the way around, getting back to your legs.

Then exhale and come down and by down, I mean that providing whether you can see it in, you're not inhaling up to extend and go all the way around. Exhale, fold and come down. Try Not to dip below the box with your arms. Inhale and around as you come down. Keep the legs energized. Just two more. Inhale, reach, come round, fold. Last one, reach, come round and great hands on the box. Step off the side first. Be ready for it depending on your spring tension. Let it come on home.

Put him down and let's just end with a standing rule down. Again. I just feel better. You do. I do too. Thank you. Thanks for Vista and inhale. Sometimes it's just a better thing. Even when you're tired, hands to the floor. If you can, you should better than before. Hopefully bend your knees kind of a lot. Exhale, stay close to your thighs as you straighten. Head is still down.

Bend them again. Leave them bent. Keep the shoulders on your back, meaning your collar collarbones are still wide, and now as you roll up, feel yourself growing taller, coming out of a floor. The rest of you is just naturally unfolding, especially as you inhale. I don't know, taking the arms out to the side, just let it happen. Just fill up space, shrug your shoulders or whatever feels good. That's sort of a key thing of all of this and let it go. I'm doing one more, not really worrying about how their arms come down.

[inaudible] thank you. Thank you girl. Time.


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Thanks, Kristi. Feel good class :)
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Was so excited to wake up and see a new class with the two of your. Loved it like I love all your other duo classes but this is a real fave now. I've been sitting for long blocks in a library studying and this was exactly what I needed.
Thank you
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Great class, I might be sore tomorrow, but in a good way!! You guys always make me smile at your antics.
So glad you like it! I'm sure I was sore too (it seems I always am!).
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OMG I love Girl Time! Yes antics is right you two! Reality Pilates TV Love love love this one! I love the midway hard place" & Meredith's counting style too!
Michele M
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Loved it! I felt stretched out afterward too...thanks ladies!!
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divertido y relajado, gracias
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Thank you. Enjoyed the class and felt good afterward! Terrific.
2 people like this.
Kristi - love and laughed at "knock it off":)
Both of you gave some great cues. Thanks for this - made me smile and feel better.
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Oops - forgot to say that I loved your hundred prep!
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