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Foundational Wall Ending

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Balance out your workouts with this foundational Wall Ending by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches passive and active stretches that will open up your shoulders and lengthen your body. These wonderful movements will leave a smile on your face!
What You'll Need: Wall, Towel, Hand Weights


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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash and I'm here for [inaudible]. Anytime today we're doing happy endings. Always leave them with a smile on their face and yours. You always want to pick an ending that coexists with their workout. For instance, if I have somebody and they've done a really stretchy, stretchy workout, I want to give them an ending that's going to gather them so they don't walk outside all over the place. Opposite is true.

If I've had a really strong strengthening and tightening workout, then I'm going to want to give them something that stretches and relaxes the muscles and gets the lactic acid moving through their body so they're balanced. So whenever you are choosing an ending, try to match one to balance out the workout that you've given that day. Today we're going to start with the foundational wall. I have the beautiful neon right here with me to be my victim. So the first thing we're going to work on is a little passive shoulder stretch.

So you're going to turn and face the wall, place your palms against the wall. So instead of you moving your shoulder up and down, you're going to use your stomach, keep your focus forward and walk your feet back and your head will go down. Good. And keep walking back. Keep walking back, keep walking back right to their pole. The stomach in there. You go to stretch the shoulder in the back, you see your flat back position that you do on the short box. And then you're going to scoop your stomach and walk back in. Good.

And again, scoop and walk back and stretch. This is great for somebody who is tight shoulders and come back. Walk in, in, in, in, and one more time. Lift up, walk back. Press your hands so you have a nice closed chain. There you go. You feel that? So you connect all the way.

Now pull those ribs up all the way down your back and walk back in. Walk, walk, walk. Good. We're going to stay facing here and we're going to do a little towel stretch. So you're going to take your hands and you're going to place them on the tower. You can do this one hand or two and you're going to walk forward and slide the towel up. Slide, slide. Doesn't that feel great?

Sly and good. And slide back. Moving the hands evenly. I liked the towel cause you get a little bit of tension to keep it alive so you activate the entire arm and good slide. Walk up and walk back. Now make sure those hands go right in line with your shoulders. That's it. And again, good and okay. Walk, walk, walk and walk back. But very good. Good. I'm going to steal your towel.

You're going to place your hands back on the wall and you're going to stand with your shoulders right under your hips and your hips, right in line with your heels. And let's have your feet together and your toes together. Legs together. So ideally we want to work with our legs in this parallel position. Kay. If you get the legs together then you're going to do that. Slight rotate. Just light, not so much. There you go.

Rotation out. That's it. So you see you can draw the legs together. You want to make one column of strength of the legs. Now you're going to bend your elbows and have the elbows. Bring your hands down a little bit so they're directly in line, bender elbows and have your elbows glazed your rib cage. That's it. Pulled it stomach up and in and pour as one solid piece and good lengthen elbows in and progress and lift. Ah, your very first long stretch and lengthen.

That was beautiful and progress and to more natural. That's it. And lengthen. Good long spine up through the crown of the head. Press through your heels. Now feel your heels too. So your one line of steel from the head to the heel, that's it. And compressed up. Now have the elbows wide. Push out and good.

And here's your first low shave and pull the stomach up in, in soft ribs. Every exercise connects into that mat and reformer work. And press two. Excellent. And again, tailbone lengthens down. Spine lengthens long and push. Good. Two more. Find those heels. That's it. It's excellent.

When you find your heels, I can feel your tailbone lengthen down and good. And one more time. Press and lengthen. Lengthen. Beautiful. Take your arms down and stand with your back against the wall. Good. Okay, so what I want you to do is you're just going to go like this and you're going to bring your back against the wall as much as possible. Good.

Walk your feet forward until your whole back is on that wall. That's it. Very nice. Now Bend your knees that you can get the whole spine on. That's it, but don't Tuck your tailbone there. There's this misconception that we talk. No, no part of the spine has more importance than the other, right? We really want to get this crease. Nice. Good. Press the heels strongly together.

You're going to use your stomach and you're going to inhale and bring the arms up, shoulder height and exhale and brewering them down. Good and against soft ribs. Long Spine, ribs back there. This is the issue right there. That rib and [inaudible] and down. Pause. Inhale, lift up.

Find this rip and exhale. Press down. Repeat with the weights. Keep the weights, even palms down. Inhale up. Good. Shoulders back on their neck long and grow tall. As you bring the weights back down and inhale, lengthen up. Keep the shoulders on there, plug them into the wall. That's it.

And exhale. Lengthen all the way down. And inhale, lift, upkeep. This part of the shoulder, that part of the shoulder row [inaudible] all the way up. Just like in your roll up, right, and exhale and down. Good. I'm going to take the weights. You're going to have your arms down by your side and you're going to drop your head down and you're going to do a roll down, peeling off the wall. Beautiful.

Make sure you find that naughty little left rib and you're going to consolidate in those knees at it. Don't lose the knees or the tailbone. Aja Ha. I want it all. Keep your low back on there and roll back up. And I want to feel your waist. I want to feel your ribs. I want to feel those shoulders open. Uh, that, ah, that's open. Good. And again, let those arms just hang. Lift out of the head and bring the chin to your chest.

This is your chest. Shoulders, relax, roll down and lift up a, keep the lift coming from your stomach, not from your leg straightening. Good. Keep that in right there. And then roll back up. Keep the tailbone on. I know. There you go. Lift along the spine. Lift a lot. That was nice. Good. Stay there.

We're going to give you a little traction by adding some hand weights. Okay. You only want to use one to three pounds. Once again, opening head goes down. Roll down, shoulders. That's it. That's it. Good. Keep that tailbone down. Keep the knees soft. Hood down. That's it. Stay and rule slowly up.

Oh, oh, oh and uh, good. And again, rule down shoulders. Let it hang. Lift up in, in. Good. Relax the toes on the floor to lengthen those toes. That's it. Good, good, very good. And now soft here. Fill this back body.

That's it. Tell Bon stays down. Good and open. Now I want you to add this. You're going to just turn and face the wall and I want you to Wa have your hands just like this and you're going to crawl. And I actually want your fingers to be like little spiders and walk up into the wall as you do so. And keep those things, little spiders, little spider stretch so that you're getting all the nerve endings stimulated and then walk back away and bring them down. So now your passage stretch has become active and good. Lots of active fingers.

Go tap dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup, dup. That's it. Stretch up. Stretch up. Stretch up, stretch up, and tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, little spiders, more spiders, more sweaters, more spiders. That's it. Good. You're playing a symphony and a papa. Papa. Papa, Papa. Papa. Papa. Yes. There you go. No. While you're there, this little spider is gonna stretch more. Reach this one up to the side. So you stretch to the side and then this one's going to stretch. Good. And you're going to stretch over to one side. That's it. And this one's going to climb up higher and higher and higher.

Try to have it just go straight up. Good. This one, climb up. Climb up. There you go. You feel that and now climb up, climb up, climb up, climb up, and again, climb up, climb up, climb up and climb up, climb up, climb up and spiders come back down all the way down. Step, step, step, very good. Turn with your back to the wall. Time to suffer a little bit. Kay. I want you to have your feet hips with apart, parallel, spread those toes, right? Take them a little further front. That's it. And what I want you to do is you're going to slide down the wall. Keep the tailbone on there.

Don't chuck that Naughty little pelvis down to 90 degrees. Stay there, open the chest and slide back up. Stay and good, sly down, tailbone. Good. Now the shoulders are open. You needed that little stretch there. Hold. Don't go too deep and slide back up. Now you get the weeds and slide down.

They help to drop the shoulders. Good. Just keep them down, keep them hanging hole and slide back up at the basic and foundational level. I like to give them one thing to really look at and that's their box and powerhouse. Yeah. If you give too many moving parts, they get confused. Yeah. I get confused and slide down. Tailbone, tailbone. There's a lot to remember. Employees hold very nice and press all the way up.

Oh, beautiful. Walk your feet in. Walk them back. Press your weights to the wall. Pull the stomach up in, in. Step the right foot out the left foot out. Heels together, length in the legs together, and excellent. Now you're ready to go with the smile.

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Ann S
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What a great way to end a session...thanks Kathryn.
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Love, love, love anything with Kathryn Ross-Nash! It's particularly helpful to see your hands on adjustments. Please do another mat class soon!
Exhilarating! Enjoy Kathryn Ross-Nash teaching energy 🤗
Love this series of Wall workouts,convenient & efficient!!! xo

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