Class #2674

Wall Workout

10 min - Class


Balance out your workouts with this foundational Wall Ending by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches passive and active stretches that will open up your shoulders and lengthen your body. These wonderful movements will leave a smile on your face!
What You'll Need: Wall, Towel, Hand Weights


Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash and I'm here for [inaudible]. Anytime today we're doing happy endings. Always leave them with a smile on their face and yours. You always want to pick an ending...

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What a great way to end a session...thanks Kathryn.
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Love, love, love anything with Kathryn Ross-Nash! It's particularly helpful to see your hands on adjustments. Please do another mat class soon!
Exhilarating! Enjoy Kathryn Ross-Nash teaching energy 🤗
Love this series of Wall workouts,convenient & efficient!!! xo

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