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Advanced Cadillac Exercises

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Kathryn Ross-Nash gets right down to business in this advanced Cadillac workout! She demonstrates challenging exercises that make a great ending after a Reformer or Mat class. She includes Single Leg Squats, Squirrel, Full Splits, and so much more!
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Hi. I'm Kathy Ross Nash here for plots. Anytime I'm going to come play on this Cadillac, I haven't really practiced on it, so let's see what happens. Rehearsal would've been nice thing for me, but not my style. So, um, we're going to do some advanced work, some great fun endings on the Cadillac, also known as the bed Naseum. I love this piece of apparatus because it really helps from the most injured in the most delicate and it challenges the most proficient and yes, it will kill me. So we're going to begin with our Swat. One leg, you squat down, you come up, you circle, press back, come up, squat down and change. Use Squat, lift up, circle, press around in, squat down and up. Turned face this direction. And we're going to do a butterfly with a twist.

Now you have to watch that you don't twist the knee. You lean into the spring deeply. You keep your head center as you reach down and up. Equally, lift the heels, turn, press, squat, lift, turn center, lean, press, turn, square, squat, lift, turn, lean, deepen it. Reach, lengthen, turn, press, squat, press, turn, lengthen. Deepen scoop, turn, squat, lift, turn, lengthen, and lower. Good.

Now we're going to turn ourselves around and we're going to go onto the bed of the Cadillac. Okay, let me take these off before we move over and I think this baby's going to go all the way up and out of my way. Oh K and I think I'm going to take you off. I don't need you either. It's like a naked Cadillac. Okay, so I'm going to go into a full independent hanging [inaudible]. Okay, so from here you're in a slip to the back.

Slide your feet through. One good thing about these big straps, if they fit my size tens [inaudible] and right from there you go directly down Hans. And here's my reverse one. [inaudible] Chin to the chest and you're going to come right up to the monkey. There's my spine stretch forward. Same exercise we do in the traditional ending, but now hanging, I'm going to end here and pull myself through and do my first squirrel to flip over and then I'm going to crop up. These are a little slippery and lift. One, two, three. Walked down to the table please. My hands.

And here I'm going to do my first squirrel. You round in Ben Round Arch. Then round arched in, bend round rivers up each or each up in. Breech up in. Stay in, flip over, slide back. Get your feet securely into the straps and pray they don't come out as you go down on my Cadillac, I have a bar here for me to do my twists. Ring out my lungs, come back, roll up to the other side breech and I'm going to twist over my backpack.

[inaudible] come back over the backpack. Roll up and back and this segment in half hing before we go to our standing. Good, right from there I'm gonna take my feet out, roll down, and I'm going to come up to my big leg stretches. [inaudible] okay, now we're going to do some leg stretches up on top. Going to square your box off. Remember, this gives us a lot of box information.

Stretch the leg up, walk the foot forward. Sometimes I'll put a board there. Sometimes I won't. I actually don't really need reach. Keep the hands high so that you open the chest. Stretch. Lengthen, reach open, open, open, stretch in.

Open the chest, lift the chest, continue the back bend. Pull the stomach in to the side. Hip under lengthen. Stretch over. Take it underneath. Hips Square and stretch. Lengthen up hip under over stretch.

Lengthen up. Reach, deepen under lengthen strip. Oh, that's my dessert. And lift up. Oh for her. Turn yourself this way. Stretch forward. Reach forward.

Forward, forward. Hop The foot back. Reach all the way full Alexis, but for an extra stretch, come down, hop the foot forward. Reach, reach, reach. Bend this knee. Open the chest and stretch back and other side. Cross up. Bring it in. Stretch forward. Feel that standing leg. Open the chest up. Lift through the spine.

Stretch forward, lift open, open, open, stretch forward. Open the chest. Okay, turn sideways, reach up and press. Reach out and open. Reach up and press. Reach out and open. Reach up. Impressed. Wow. Reach out and Oh Pender, turn this way. Open the hip. Stretch out or each [inaudible].

[inaudible] head down. Walk it back, stretch it. Flex the bottom foot down, stretch the knee, reach, reach forward, reach forward. Bend this knee for a thigh. Stretch back. Lift up and down. Good. So now what we have is we're going to have the big split in the fuzzy side. So I'm going to ask my gorgeous assistant, Colleen to saunter out here to help granny get into position.

So let's take it this way, I think, and we go back lake first. Actually I lie, I probably want my front to the front of the camera so we'll switch. Does make a difference? Just like this pot word needs glue. Okay, we'll try that again. Yeah, that should be good. Back foot. Thank you.

Front foot. This a little farm. [inaudible] thank you. Preach up and down. Reach up. These are the splits on the reformer and how reach, turn sideways. So Breech face the other way. Bring the carriage in and bring the carriage out. Bring the carriage here, bring the carriage out and come up.

One. Fight the other fighter and bicycle. I used to call by saying hi and that's it.

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Amazing !!!!! The best !!!!just loved it !!!????????????????????????????????
Truly awesome !!!!!!!
Holy canole !!!!!! Amazing :)))
Something for me to work towards! Fabulous you! More please. Xx
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.....mmm.....sorry but to be honest I don't get the point of doing all this effort, especially if the teacher is not controlling that at all....
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Michele M
muy bellos movimientos!!!
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