Class #2680

Cadillac Workout

10 min - Class


Kathryn Ross-Nash gets right down to business in this advanced Cadillac workout! She demonstrates challenging exercises that make a great ending after a Reformer or Mat class. She includes Single Leg Squats, Squirrel, Full Splits, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Cadillac

About This Video


Hi. I'm Kathy Ross Nash here for plots. Anytime I'm going to come play on this Cadillac, I haven't really practiced on it, so let's see what happens. Rehearsal would've been nice thing for me, but not...

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Amazing !!!!! The best !!!!just loved it !!!????????????????????????????????
Truly awesome !!!!!!!
Holy canole !!!!!! Amazing :)))
Something for me to work towards! Fabulous you! More please. Xx
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.....mmm.....sorry but to be honest I don't get the point of doing all this effort, especially if the teacher is not controlling that at all....
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muy bellos movimientos!!!
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