Class #2681

Mat Workout

10 min - Class


Have fun in this Rolling series with Kathryn Ross-Nash! Rolling is a healthy way to work on getting up from the floor. She includes many types of rolls like Teaser into Swan, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash with Colleen here for any anytime. We're going to do some fun rolling series. A lot of times this gets left out. It's besides being incredibly fun, it's incredibly healthy for ...

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Wow!!! Fantastic loved every move.
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Loved this workout!
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How courageous of Colleen!
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Kathryn, you are now my hero ... am in the airport waiting for a flight off island laughing out loud at your wonderful style and character ... xxxxx
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Wow great superwoman . Fantastic Mat Workout....
Thank you!!! It is so fun to play with Colleen!!!
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Wow! This looks both challenging and fun!
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So many need more rolling! This definitely brings in fun and challenge. Thanks
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I really liked this class. I have to admit I am not able to completely roll forward or backward, but I will continue to work on it. Not sure if it is fear...
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