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Have fun in this Rolling series with Kathryn Ross-Nash! Rolling is a healthy way to work on getting up from the floor. She includes many types of rolls like Teaser into Swan, and so much more!
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Aug 10, 2016
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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash with Colleen here for any anytime. We're going to do some fun rolling series. A lot of times this gets left out. It's besides being incredibly fun, it's incredibly healthy for you to roll, especially like myself. As I get older, when I fall, I gotta be able to get up. So we're going to do some rolling.

We're going to have ms Coleen start over on the end of this map and we're going to do a little forward roll. Okay. We do two types of roles in plays. We do one off the shoulder, which prepares you for going off the reformer in the control balance. We do one directly over. You're really never on your neck. You're always suspended up and over for going backwards into the well and for on the mat, going directly to legs, up to standing. Ready, roll. Bend your knees. Use Your hands. Scoop. Very good and right. Keep going. Roll. Very good. Make a tight little ball.

I want to see little ball. Little good girl. Now go backwards. She does this very well. Push up. Oh, that's okay. She's practicing for her control, balance and up. That's it. Chinch your chest push. Yes. That was so much better. Very good. Okay. Now she's going to do my favorite, which is the egg roll. Good.

I wish I did it by pack on. Good. Bend your knees. Now make a little little little enroll. Oh, she's been drinking before class and roll. So this really tells you whether with that she's side bending in the action. There she goes. That's it. Don't side bend. Good. Now roll back the other way. Like a log. Stretch out and roll like a log long.

Remember what I warned you get longer. Get longer. Well, yes, there she go. Little Lug. Little Lug. Woo Berry. Good. You see how you got longer? That was great. Okay, so that's all your twisting. That's your corkscrew. Your corkscrew, your corkscrew, your corkscrew. Right. Okay, so now you're going to do your teaser into Swan. So begin lying down on your tummy. You're going to do a log roll. You're going to come up, touch your toes in a teaser. Lift your arms by your ears. Roll down. Go flat. Now. Swan, up we go. Rock and rock and now roll.

Good. Now come up. Roll down. You long gave finish your teaser. Finish your teaser now role. Yes and rock. You see how it keeps you long. Good girl and roll and up we go. Lift it up, up, up, up, up.

Reach your arms, back. Stretch a long, long, long, long, long, long, long and roll and rock and roll. That's it. Up and lift and up. Heels together and roll and lift up and reach and all the way down. Very good. You have to do three the other way just so that you're even and roll the other way.

Make sure we'll see what her weaker side is and up and up and beautiful and rural. Long, long, long. A long lift up. Don't shorten this side. Keep that right side long. Your right side wants to do the work, right, so keep that [inaudible] good and reach. Now really stretch between the hand of the right hand and the foot on the right foot yet. Hello. That was it. Now reach that right side long. Yes. The key is always length. Good girl. Let's go over to here. Don't go too far onto mat.

We can do it right here. And you're going to do the knee scale one light down, uh, face the other way. That's it. Yup. Lift one leg. Squat down. Roll back. Good. Place the knee down. Good stretch. Reach up. Bend the knee. Put the knee on the ground. No nothing. He goes back here and you reach back. That's it. Lift the foot. Uh Huh. And now roll up.

Scoop. [inaudible] roll and lift the other leg up. Left legs going up. That's it. And lift up. That's it. And squat down. Lift. That's where your key is. The head has to be there. Roll back. If your head ends up behind you, they're not going to get into the position. Good. Switch your knees. That's it. Reach.

Bend the knee. Good palms face up. This is not ballet. Palase and good round, forward scoop. Come up with the right leg and lift up. Good. So I know you're going to practice while I'm not here. Good. So you want to be able to get that. You want to be able to get the lift, the down, the rule, the reach, the up, the lift, the down, the up. Okay.

You want to be able to have that all those squats that we're working on, the Cadillac, that's to build that, the squats with the legs going around and up. That all bills the lift that you need. Very, very good. Okay. Now we're going to have a little fun and we're going to do rolling like a ball into teaser shoulder stand. So call you be right there. I'll be right here. We're going to lift. We're gonna come down. We're gonna curl into a rolling like a ball. Hug it in.

We're going to roll back onto the shoulders. Come up into a teaser. Up. Bend the knees, roll back. Come up into a teaser to bend the knees. Roll back. Come up into a teaser. Three, bend the knees. Roll back into a shoulder. Stand. Bethany's in roll hold.

Roll back up into a shoulder stand. Bend the knees. Roll, hold, roll back. In traditional, dusty, bend the knees. Roll into a teaser. Bend, roll shoulder. Ben, roll teaser, bend, roll shoulder. Bend. Roll, teaser, bend, roll shoulder. Stay there. Lift your arms up. Hold two, three, four. Bend your knees in. Roll up to Joe. Roll down to shoulders down. Lift, hands off.

Roll up to jump. Roll back to shoulders down. Hands off. Roll up to jump. Roll back to shoulders. Then hands off and stand all the way. Oh, good. Clara stretches. Yeah. Facing this way. After all that rolling, it's nice to end with something gooey at the end.

And we're going to stretch all the way forward. Open this knee up. It has to be at a 90 so open the leg up. No, no, no, they're, you don't want to put pressure on that knee. So this knee has to open to here. So come forward and put your actual leg on that line. Good. That's it. Stretch forward. Think about you're on the barrel, right, and stretch.

And you're going to go straight back. Press that heel down and up and forward. Hey. Hey, and let's lift the arms up this time and stretch back. [inaudible] and up and forward. [inaudible] lift up the arms and stretch back and up. Extend the leg up.

Whoo drunk again and down. Extend the light back, get another shot, extend the Lakefront, extend the leg back, extend the Lakefront, extend the leg back, bring it around, square it up, stretch it, and switch. Good. And stretch forward. Reach back, arms low first and, and up and forward. Lift the arms up and storage and forward. Lift up and stretch back.

Open the chest back. Come up and lift front. Good girl. Back and front and back. And Front. You would have thought we were Hearst and back. Bring it side. Bring it front, stretch it, cross it. Beautiful.

Very good. Thank you.

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1 person likes this.
Wow!!! Fantastic loved every move.
1 person likes this.
Loved this workout!
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How courageous of Colleen!
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1 person likes this.
Kathryn, you are now my hero ... am in the airport waiting for a flight off island laughing out loud at your wonderful style and character ... xxxxx
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Wow great superwoman . Fantastic Mat Workout....
Thank you!!! It is so fun to play with Colleen!!!
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Wow! This looks both challenging and fun!
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So many need more rolling! This definitely brings in fun and challenge. Thanks
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I really liked this class. I have to admit I am not able to completely roll forward or backward, but I will continue to work on it. Not sure if it is fear...
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