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Advanced Wall Ending

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"Lift don't shift" is the motto for this wall workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash! She teaches an advanced ending which focuses on finding length in the spine. She uses the wall for feedback so you can maintain your box while working on exercises that will improve your Mat work.
What You'll Need: Wall, Hand Weights, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash and I'm here for [inaudible]. Anytime today we're doing happy endings. Always leave them with a smile on their face and yours, you always want to pick an ending that co cysts with their workout. For instance, if I have somebody and they've done a really stretchy, stretchy workout, I want to give them an ending that's going to gather them so they don't walk outside all over the place. Opposite is true. If I've had a really strong strengthening and tightening workout, then I'm going to want to give them something that stretches and relaxes the muscles and gets the lactic acid moving through their body. So they're balanced.

So whenever you are choosing an ending, try to match one to balance out the workout that you've given that day. I have the beautiful knee, Andrea here with me, who is going to be my victim now for the advanced wall. We're going to do some of it together because I just have to play. Sometimes I'll make her do the really awful stuff that I don't want to do. Just kidding. And um, then I'll join her for the fun stuff. Okay.

So the first thing that we're going to do, like I said, she has to do the awful thing is lift. Don't shift with one leg. Okay? So let's just think about this. When you're doing your long stretch series, right, or and you're, you're doing your controls on the mat, which is this a prep all as a prep for, you don't want to sink forward in your hip, right? You want to be able to disengage that leg and keep the box totally square and the line from the head to the heel solid. So all these exercises are working on those exercises. Everything we do is to perfect that map.

So you're going to go face this wall with straight arms as if you're on the mat. Very good. In the other level we did two legs. So now we're just going to take one leg back. You can have it straight or hooked or however you want. I just want one leg. Good. And now you're going to lift directly up from your seat.

There you go. Old with beautiful straight arms, no shift and length in and lowered down and again, lift up. That's it. See, I don't have to tell you what to work. It's working and stretch your bottom leg woman and keep it long. Press through the heel now. Lift through the heel up. Stretch that leg. Stretch that right leg. Good. Now keep it straight and lengthen the head to the ceiling and lower your heel away from the head. Excellent. This is really hard. Try the other side.

You're working really hard, cat. Well, you know that's what a teacher's gotta do. You know you're working really hard. Good now. Duh. Sexy hip. Now keep this hip down. Remember I'm here. Lift. That's it. It's not about the movement. It's about the work and grow taller as you go down lower, press through the hands, through the heel.

Pretend that you have a keel with a little elevator, right? And the elevator lifts up good. And then the elevator lengthens down. Press through the hands. Press through the hands. Press through the hands. Tailbone down. Good. Long Spine. Remember we move through length. Lift, not the hip. Lift the spine. That's it. That's beautiful. You feel that? You found it. You found it. You are solid.

Stretch that bottom leg. Stretch that left leg and length in your heel down. Lengthen. I have you stretch the knees, stretch the knees, stretch the knee and excellent. That was really good. Place the foot down. That is length. That's what we want in plots. Everybody bothers talking about neutral spine, arched pine flats length. We can all agree upon that. Make the spine long. Okay, now you get to suffer through this. So, so many times we do all our fan kicks right and everybody's doing their kicks in, their pelvis back is going all over the place and we do these big kicks moving across the floor. How are we going to build them correctly?

You are going to suffer and stand with your heels against the wall and your arms open to the side for balance. Good. And you can press your palms if you want to. That chest is nice and open. We'll do this for this exercise and then when you go side, we'll flip it so everything gets work and look how much more even you are already. Wow, I'm so proud. Just lift this one and that's it. Now. Nothing's going to move. The box doesn't move and you're going to kick your left leg forward and bring it back down. Lift from the middle and kick the right leg and lift from the middle.

Cole Body against that wall kicked the left. Nothing moves. Very good. This is the adult tree and lift and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift and down. Good. Flip your hands. Ramana used to always have us lift up a leg from wherever you stretched it because unless you can do it on your own, the flexibility's useless. Okay, good. Now this one's really nasty to the side.

So you're going to stand to the side and you're going to with the box square. I don't care how high it goes. You're gonna lift the leg to the side and it can be on the angle, can be on the natural angle. The hip, just like the chair going upside. That's it. Good and good. And now lift the other leg lift. Don't shift.

Good and down. And again, lift. Don't shift. Good. It's my motto today. Lift. Don't ship. Don't chip, not hip. I don't care how high it goes, I care about the position. It never gets better unless you respect the constraint of the box and lift. Yes, you need to come visit me in New Jersey. You do. We have beautiful weather there and down.

Not like this and reach [inaudible] and very, very good and bring your arms down. So we cheat a lot, right? And the wall gives you were supposed to be feeling. Think about your leg circles, right? So this goes back to the leg circles. Remember when you learn your leg circles, they're small and the box is not supposed to move. I see everybody in there doing their leg circles and their hips are going like this and then they don't understand why they don't have the stability when they move on. Okay? So create the stability. Okay, so now we're going to turn face the wall. That straight arm again, hips over heels. This will not be far. Lengthen.

Reach the leg back behind you and bring it down. Lift and down. Good and lift and down and lift. Good. Keep those hips square and down and lift and down. Stretch that bottom leg and lift and down.

Excellent. Very good. Now you're already for the lovely roll. Handstand prep is preparation. So I love handstands. Um, I used to be afraid of them to go over, but now I love them. So handstand prep, we're gonna do this together because I like to have fun.

You're going to roll down, you're going to take your hands forward. You're gonna walk them just about here, and you're going to take your feet up and you're going to make an l on the wall. Sometimes I'll work this on the barrel with your legs over the barrel right now. I want you to first look up and lift the right leg up, stretch the knees, pull this stomach in and pouring with straight legs the leg to the wall and live the left leg up. Now if you're a river and bring it back to the wall, you're gonna bring your head down into your stomach and lift it up.

Just like in your knee stretches, right? And these stretch kicking and down. That's what we're building for. Yeah, you're always, you're always lengthening your stomach along your spine. And in now lift the head and lift the leg. Bring the head down and bring the leg down. Keep it straight as it passes through. Lift the leg up street, scoop the stomach and bring the leg down. Make space in the spine.

Lift the leg up. Stay there, bend the knee and lift the head up. There's your knee stretch kicking. Stretch the leg up. Bring the leg down, left leg goes up, stretch. Pull the stomach in. Bring it down, lifted up strategy. Pull the stomach. Can it bring it down, lift it up, stretch, bend the knee, reach for the head. Lift the leg up, up, up, and a straight leg comes to the floor and a straight leg meets it and you roll all the way. Oh, [inaudible] wanted to do handstands with you, Kathy. [inaudible]. It was so fun. Okay.

That should be all warmed up for the back. Bend down the wall. Lovely. Should we do it together? Absolutely. Why not? Let's walk back here. So this is a progression from our hands. First touching the wall, right in our foundational or basic good. You're going to step out and we're going to go into the core position where the palms are there. Now you can allow your feet as they go out to go into your Highbridge position or you can keep them in as you're doing a hybrid on the reformer.

Walk back and walk down the wall. Press on the wall and don't go into the low back, but walk and open the chest. Open the chest, open, open, open, open, open. Press the chest towards the wall. Good. Walk back up the wall. Walk. Walk your feet back.

Walk your arms back, lift and come down. Beautiful. Is that so good? Oh, I got such an adjustment in my upper back. Oh, I see. So I'm going to give you this bar for this next exercise. Okay. To help you give a little more box awareness. I will suffer with you. I do not like this one, but I'll do it cause I love you.

Turn your feet to parallel position. Take your whole back against the wall and you're going to squat down. Lift the arms up, shoulder height, bend the elbows to the side. Pull this to in whine and bend and extend. Oh, we're good. Okay. Bend and extend and bend and extend Perez up. Draw your legs together. Pull the stomach in. Sly down with the legs together.

Extend the right leg out. Lift up, bend. Extend to extend. Three. Extend Four. Extend sexy, switch. Whew. And Bend. Extend, bend extent. Bend, extend, Bend, extend. Arms go down.

Leg goes down. Singer, low, single leg. Slide. Add, lift and up and lift and up and lift and up and lift. All these should come before you do your hybrid single leg. Lift and up and lift and up. Parallel. This is going to be suffering. We just go there and hold it. Ready.

Say Goodbye to your little thighs and sly down the wall and hold. I call this hold and die. Ah. Inhale deeply. Exhale. Feel the toes lengthen. Inhale deeply. Feel your whole back against there. Press onto the feet. Feel the inner thighs draw towards each other. Feel the neck. Get longer.

Exhale. Feel the legs turn to ice. Feel them turned to fire. Don't feel the middle. Good. Hold, hold. Rumor has it, Joe used that. People stay like this for 20 minutes. I'm not that mean I do seven so built not today.

Build, build to seven. Good. Pull your stomach in. Walk yourself back. Heels together. Spine. Nice and long. Step out with the right foot, the left and excellent. Yeah. Thank you. That was fun. May I ask you one question? Please do squat when the chaos that still be in touch.

Ideally, yes. Is this when I am down, if I keep my tail touching the wall, I have to work almost impossible for me to get my lower back problem because it needs more opening this thing if was so, no, you don't want to Tuck. Right? So this, so your question was about your tailbone. Yeah. Whether you should take your tailbone under so that you could get your low back on the wall. This is one of the problems. That's why. Do you remember when we did the single leg forward? You had trouble with that towel? Because that tells me you tuck when you lift that leg.

So it's not really an opening of the spine that you're getting your lift. You're getting it from a shortening of the front body. So I know part of your spine has more value than the other, so you want to feel as if you're hanging from your head and you're lengthening the entire spine. There you go. My hands, feet just keep, that's exactly right. That's exactly right. So now this is a matter of time and work to, right. So when you want to open something, it's also choosing the right equipment.

You feel what I just did? Yeah. Good. That's it. And you see now this relaxed. Yes. Good. Don't stay there much longer. You're gonna die. Seven minutes, seven minutes, and you're doing good. So you have to pick the right equipment. If I need to open something, I'm going to use a barrel. Right? If I'm going to stabilize, I'm going to use my electric chair. Yeah. Okay. If I want length and strength and box awareness, I'm going to use my Cadillac.

Every piece of equipment has a reason it was created and gives you all this feedback. It's not just to make this stronger or just to where everything goes back. Look, this is your Russian squats, right? This is the pushup for your Highbridge, which is all in the advanced level. Okay.

So every exercise you're doing is my way of preparing you with all the feedback. So I look and I go, oh, okay. She needs the front of her hip open, she needs her upper back open. Then when we have to do is we get a good deal, a little mermaid on the Cadillac so that I can work your box and build strength with the length. It's not shortening. So you know you like to shorten. A lot of times we think, oh I have to build strength and we go right to that one to chair, but we don't have the length. Yeah. Okay. The one that chaired, there's nothing there to support you. So your box has to be strong so that you can challenge yourself and build strength on there. Yeah. Okay. So like I would do a lot of barrel worked open, right?

Some nice chair work, a highchair work to stabilize where you have all that tactile feedback and then take you to the Cadillac. So I can get that length and strength. And really now you don't have the back of the chair to help you maybe do a little baby chair with lift for you so you can get that tactile feedback like here. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you. My pleasure.


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And yet another wonderful workout Kathy...I just love your clear teaching, encouragement to explore movement and inspiring yet simple ideas...this workout is really hard but gives me heaps to work on...thankyou
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So informative and inspirational, especially the discussion at the end which gave me a lightbulb moment! Thank you very much and well done Niedra!
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Taking it to the wall with my clients this week.... and myself too! Thank you.
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I love your classes because you TEACH me what to feel and how to do so. I feel it like a complete workout and not only as an ending or a preparation. Thank you so much!
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Love it, challenging and so educational to student and teacher. You are always so informative and fun.
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I feel absolutely amazing and open after doing class 2673 followed by this one. Love the cues "No part of your spine has more value than the other" and "hanging from your head" wonderful explanation to lengthen the spine and working on box awareness, strength with length! I plan to incorporate this into my routine more often, Thank you!
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But that conversation at the end! I could have listened to you talk about that forever!-- or at least seven minutes :)
Vicky Julie Elyse Laura Bobbie Jessica Chris First let me apologize for not responding straight off! for some reason I didn't see these notifications! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to write and offer feed back! You have NO idea how valuable this is for an instructor. Thank you and I hope to continue to hear from you!
Chris 7 minutes LOL yes !!
YES!! Love the building up to do the advanced work...thanks to your student too-all of the above back individual needs are what I need constant reminding of...turn on those hamstrings!
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