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Breath-Focused Progression

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Let your breath guide your movement in this Mat workout with Michael King. He teaches another progression, focusing on the quality of movement so you can improve your technique safely. He includes many fun variations like the Rolling Jack Knife, Side Planks, and so much more!
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Okay, so welcome to polities. Welcome to this series ofm sessions where we're looking at progression. Let's start again as we've studied on this sessions our feet parallel, big toe, little toe touch on the floor, find a center position with your weights had been the way forward. Bring the weight back, find the center length and the whole spine. The most important thing is get lent with the spine and put the pelvis in a good position.

Remember the rib cage we talked last time about the the church bell that you're not swinging the bell forward or hiding it back. Put that with the cage on top. Put the shoulders down the back. Lengthen and engage the center jaw, the pubic bone and tailbone towards each other. Nice tension in the pelvic floor. Just holding and giving support. Now take today the hands across the rib cage and just feel the rib cage pushing into the fingertips as you're breathing in and as you're breathing out so you feel that ribcage pushing out to the side laterally. Because we always say, I was to say all the time, plot is his breath and movement. So let's get the breath pattern going. First. Breathing in and breathing out. Key breath, passing going as we get started. Hold a second.

No, put the honest effort aside. Slowly breathing out, push up onto your toes and then slowly come back down with the en, stretching the spine longer. Now as you go up and breathing out, lift the arms up as you come back down with the end and coordinated. So the topic of movement of the feet is when the fingers are the highest. And as slowly let the heels just gently touch. Don't sink back onto the weight. Onto the heels. You're keeping that weight into the center. We think, ah good. One more time, but in and now slowly coming back down. Now lift the arms up in front of you.

Stay facing the front arms. You can shoot from the side. We're going to bend the knees. Breathing in and as you're breathing out, come back up. So curve the spy and again, rolling down curve and the length and backup. Now try and get the movement so your fingers are touching the floor and your curve in the spine. As much as you can round the back. I love it up again. Round down and lens it up. Good.

Two more times. One last time. Then the reaching out. Open the arms out to the side. Now reaching out to the side. Let's go. Nice lateral stretch reaching out. Now you can please abandon either on the hip or in front of you. Come back up as change to the other side, soften the knees and reaching and then slowly coming back up. So as we did last, we went over to the side reaching forward dropdown.

Circle the arm around and keep the same side. Reach. Lengthen and come back up. So you've got points to pass to go lateral, diagonal forward and lengthen up again. Lateral diagonal forward and then come back up. One less time. Reaching out, over out, lift back up. Let's change it to the side. It's a nice lateral stretch first.

Now bring it forward, drop forward, and then come back out. Breathing in, breathing out of the fall under the mount list points. I say he's almost that you're having photographs taken at three points. First photograph to the side. Then forward and no circle. Reach away and come back out.

Lengthen forward and come back up and over the side. Reach forward. I am lift back up and then bring the arms down. Now we're working on the shoulders. Last time we were working on keeping the shoulders free. Lift the elbows up, get the shoulders a little bit bigger. This arm move a little bit bigger. And now take the arms to the side.

Now fingertips decided you should see and you provide vision with when you're looking forward to see the fingers. That's not too far. Now drop the elbows down and forward. Down and forth. Wash acid. Now the Scapula a sliding. So slide down. Maybe just take, there was a little bit of wider pushy. That's it.

So you really think it's not the hands is the shoulder blades that are moving up and down. Shoulder blades, up and down. Assay good. Reaching up again. Get the movement and the freedom in that area. Now hold it. Now this alternate, let's go right and left, right, left turn. I'm push mass. It. Tell me to get them longer. So the arms are longer by somebody trying to reach. I decided to room it. Just stretching out. Length and a half. Yeah. If he gets too much, go back to just the shoulder circles. I'm pushing out, reaching good center and good. Now let's go to the hands up and hands down. Breathing in and breathing out. I'm push palms and down.

Lengthen it out. Reach and push. Ah, good. Now alternating one arm up and one arm down. That's it. The movement is big. As you can see, you really feel that the upper body's moving. Breathing in and breathing out and let the now bring the hands together. Uh, Keith that work. He, that was lifted, lifted up onto the toes.

Now from here, bend the knees, keep the arms fixed and then slowly come back up. Place the heels back down. It's a bit like what we do on a reformer. Lift up, slide down a wall. Slenthem and then slowly come back up and the heels down. This time, lift the heels, bend the knees, open the arms out, open the arms, and then slowly come back up and then please the heels down. Good. Two more times we're up. Then the knees go, slide down and then slowly come back up.

He is down. One more time with the it. Bend those knees. What's the rib cage? Keep the center connected. Lengthen, and then bring the arms down, roll down to the mat and then roll back up. Now from here, lift the heels up center and again, slowly roll down to the mat. The next movement is I'm doing, I'm taking movement from the one to chair, which is going to be much easier on the one to Chad than it is on the mat because you've got no springs to help you here. Lifting the heels up, roll down first. So keep the heels down first. Get the heels down, roll down. Now don't touch the floor. Stop there, but now lift the heels. Good. Heels down and then roll back up.

I'm sure I didn't see your faces, but I'm sure you kept the plot. His face blood. His face has got no stress in it. It's not. This fell, not gripping. So roll down. I want to see the center engage. So from here, lose the center, lift the heels up, lift the heels up, center center, center. Good. Heels down and then slowly roll back up. Let him use your breath. So there's also some as I was on brawl salsa.

Rish you've got some nice control movement rolling down. Curve down. Now use your center now from here, lift the heels. Now heels down and let's lift them again. Up and down. Five times up and down. Use the center a little bit. Slow up, push. Try and lend leg straight. Try and keep the leg straight. Lead to, that's it.

Good. That's better. Up Off Center. Use the center. Now lift the heels up, keep them up. And our rollout, Raul, Raul, here's the center up. Blood. His face, blood, his face up and plays the heels. Yeah, it's difficult as I say on the chairs. Much easier cause you got the springs to help you as you're lifting up and down here we have to find a center to help us. So one more time then we're going to, isn't that so roll down from here. Now use your center, lift the heels up, heels down, lift the heels up. Long legs. Try and keep the legs [inaudible] good. [inaudible] again, up and down. Use The center heals Dow.

Good. Last to push. Good. One more time this time. And now hold that center. Roll up this time. Roll Up. Use the center, Raul. Good. Almost almost elmos push up, arms out and open the arms down. That's your homework guys. I need you to be practicing that for next time we meet. Okay, I'm going to ask Malcolm to come on. I was going to help me come down to your knees and come to a kneeling position.

If you can come out to the side and let's take this leg out to the side. Place the other finger on the mat. So just touch them out with one finger and reach the arm up. So when the kneading sidekick preparation position, now make sure the foot is not behind the body. Make sure the rib cage is in position so you're not arching your back and look up to the hand. Now let's just start first.

Lift the leg up and then lower the leg down. Now as you lift the leg it get longer. Breathe out, breathe in it up and down. So the shoulder that hasn't used the center, how high can you lift that leg without using your finger? So I shouldn't see your knuckles going white. As you're touching the mat, you're tickling the mat or playing with it. Very gently breathing in.

By not allowing the hand to go all the way down. It's stopping that tension of the upper body. So it's pretty more work into the bleeds. Now one more time. Lifting up now from here, fold the body in, curve in, round in, and now come back out at 11 up. So as you fold, let the knee come in as well. So bend the knee curve in round instead, bring the knee down. Good.

Touch the mat and then go back out again. Fold it. Breathe it. And now reach out. Breathing out as he find out position, curve in good. And then lift up. Reaching up. Yeah. Put the bead down as you come in. Let the knee touch the mat and really rounded. Good. And now come up.

So you're making a small position. Two long position curving. Two more times. Breathing in. I'm breathing. I know the position you're going to. And go straight there. Two more times. Up and lengthen. Good. One more time. Curvy in breathing in and breathing out. Served under the preparation.

Go to position. Lift the leg up. And now with the psychic knee, bring the leg forward. Bring the leg back. Now here, I want you to use the hand as your monitoring tool. The hands not moving, breathing in and breathing out. So the leg is long. Lengthen up. Let's check. Yes. If it gets a little bit too much, you can always just sit back and release it and stretching out and pushing out. This is not an easy movement. We've been building up towards this movement. Lengthen up, reaching out. Let's just try formal, but of course they have to be full. Good ones. So clean movement, hand is fixed. Length up brush. One more time. Lift up now hold it in.

Let's see if we can change the other side with control. So control, bend the knee good and take the finger down. Out of sight. Now this might be your better side. Let's see, that might not be. So just touch the floor first. Finger down, think of the arm, look up to the hand and watch the rib cage. So your ribcage is not popping out. Now turn the hand over. Good. Now from here, breathe out and reach the leg away and down. Or the first goal here is not to let your finger push into the mat.

So you're stretching the leg long the shoulders and down and the spine is long. Stretch the spine long. Good. Remember all your images, the image that the spine is elastic stretching. Use that elastic with the in. Breathing out, reaching way. Push and Lancet.

Good. One more time. Now lets start from the lifted position. So lifted position. Now bending, put the knee down round and then go back to the lifting position. It's reaching out. Lengthen up. Good. Again, rounding curves the body with the in and breathing out as you open up again, curving in. So again, even on this, try not over touch the mat. Just try and use just one thinker. So really got those side oblique muscles doing a lot of work controlling as you lower here. Let's just try formal breathing in. Breathing out, open out and stretch longer. Again, breathing in, curve in as you're doing it with the out and length out last to get the high position.

So three points through the top of the head, through the foot and through the hand. One more time in breathing in. Breathe out. Stretch up. Lengthen. And how did that now lift the leg up. Find the range of movement. Start bringing the leg forward and back. Using your breath. Breathing in, breathing out as you push back.

God, the hand is fixed. Length and app. Good reaching out. We're gonna have to try one finger. We'll get to the stage one time where you'd be able to do it with no hands and you are in a complete balance. Let's just do three more. Two of them won together. One more time. Working progress for she our uh Gosh.

One last time forward. How did that now long position. Good. Finish it clean. It's a legging line with the body stretch and sit back and release back and let them back. Good. Stay in the position. Just come onto your hands and knees. Now in this position, have the knees under the hips, the hands under the shoulders.

Let's take your right arm and put the right arm through the buddy. So push the arm through and now look up to the ceiling with the same arm. Come back up and open out. So take the same arm and lifted up to the ceiling. Reaching out. God, let's take it through the buddy again. Really the ill look through the body, thereby bend slightly and I'll come back and look up to the ceiling. Reaching out. How far can you go? Breathing and breathing out.

Let your eyes follow the hand if you can. Try and go a little bit further each time with the in and breathing out as you push out, good to ball forward. Lengthen up one more time. [inaudible] reaching to the ceiling. Lengthen out, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach and now change hands and let's do the same thing on the other side. So reaching through the waist by the end and breathing out as you lift up to the ceiling. [inaudible] again through the waste [inaudible] again, reaching out, trying to take the, move it a little further again in explore your range of movement.

[inaudible] don't sacrifice it by trying to move the pelvis too much. Try and keep that pelvis fixed as you're lifting up to the city. [inaudible] and again, just evaluate your buddy. Always. Always. You'll have one side with a little bit better movement ability. You would say your range of movement is going to be a little bit further on one side to the other. There's recognize with your body which side that is.

Lengthen. Good one last time. Take it forward and slowly come back up and sit back again onto your heels and release out. Now let's swing the feet to the side of the room. Let's swing the feet that end and lay on the side. Good. Lay down on the side facing Malcolm. No here. Stretch both legs straight please. The fingertips just on the mat in front of you so you're not pushing the whole hand down. Stretch the body long and now through the top of the head and through the leg.

Lift the top leg up and just hold it fixed. If you can go to just one finger of the hand in front of you. Underneath your waist is a space, so don't let the waist touch the mat. Almost use that visual. There's cold water under there that we don't want to touch that cold war to the waist. Now stretching the body along with the end with the out.

Now let's lift the underneath leg up to meet it. Now we've been practicing this lateral side lift over the last few couple of sessions. So let's just do a couple more to remind the body. Take the legs down and now lift the legs out. The goal here is not to move the trunk so your waist is lifted. So again, how far can you go without lifting?

So we'd been working on this today. Let's hold it fixed now in this position, flex the feet. Now rotate both legs out together. So turn the legs out and now come parallel. And now turn the legs out again. Parallel breathing in and breathing out. Now I don't want you to overuse your glutes. Don't squeeze with the glutes. Think about the muscles of the legs rotating.

So turn the legs out and then brewing the legs powder. Breathing out. Turn and back again, turning out and back two more times. Good. Check the spy. Check the rib cage. This time stay turned out now from the Cadillac series for the trapeze table and we're going to take the top knee. Bend the knee up the foot. Touch the knee. Now lift the leg up to the ceiling and now take the leg down.

Let's do that again. Bend the knee and now lifting the foot up to the ceiling. But again, make it about the waist so your waist is not touching the mat. Stretching up. The shoulders are staying relaxed. We in left that leg up, up and breathing out. Stretch and then take it down. Good again, up lengthen af. Good. Two more.

Nice flowing movement. Use those principles. Blood is used. That control is up. Precision. Use the flow, lengthen up and now bring you down. Now the next time, bring the knee to the foot, bring the front of the knee and now bring the foot forward and then bring it back together. So drew all the foot up, foot to the knee and I bring it forward here. Trying to shift the shoulders and if you can lift the hand slightly off the mat so you've got to use your center as that I can forward. It might limit the range of movement I know won't be as big as you'd like it to be, but you're using the center more. So foot left forward and bring it together.

Good. Keep the waist lifted, keep your breath, power the body with your breath out as you go forward, really in again, bend the knee and now bring it forward, forward and then come back. And more or less time reaching out and then bring it together. Now this time, bring the foot to the knee and now take the leg behind you. Stretch like back straight and then bring it together for, to the knee. Droid up. That's it. And then take it back. So we're moose standing. We took a movement from the one to chair. Now we're taking these movements from the Cadillac, from the trapeze table.

Again, both movements are more difficult on a mat cause you have to use that center. When we've got those springs helping us, we've got a lot more control. Also though, it's a lot easier to cheat on the mat because the body's going to try and find a way to try and find how to do this movement without the springs. You've got to keep reminding the body to use that center one more time. Lengthen out and now bring it together.

Now let's put a little combination. Bring the foot to the knee, bring it forward. Now from here, circle the leg up. Take it behind you. Bring it back, circle back, bring it forward, bend the knee and take it down. So you're doing a circle. So bring the foot to the knee, bring it forward. Now from that point, lift up to say, circle back. Touch behind you. Behind now reverse.

Bring it back over and bend the knee and then take you down. Two more times less than up. Stretch forward. Circle up, lifting it up, reaching forward. One more time just to test. Reach both arms out. Now bend the foot to the knee. Now bring it forward. Now circle up. Circle up, up, right behind. Good. Don't forget to breathe.

Don't forget your blood, his face bend and take it down and sit up. And let's turn. Let's swing around, feeds it aside, and do the same thing under this side. So lie down again. Stretch the body. Now just check, look down so you can see your feet. Make sure your feet are not behind you. You've got strong back muscles.

You're going to try and use those back muscles by taking those legs back. So put them in polit position. Pelvis in good alignment and rib cage. Good. Limond. Now lift the top leg first. Fix that leg. Check the waist. And if the waist off the mat, check the shoulders down. And now lift the two legs together.

Hold that position with the ear and breathing out. So nice strong position. Lengthen out longer. Stretch through the spine. Give. So give yourself a moment just to set the body up. Now flex the feet and now from here, turn the legs out. Rotate out and parallel again. Rotate shoulder them.

Really out. I'm breathing in again. Length and half. Good. Pushing out, turning out a little further each time without using those glutes. Remember it's the muscles of the legs. There's a little rotators we're using together. Turnout two more.

Shoulders down the back and now stay turned out. And now draw the leg up to foot to the knee. Now from here, lifting leg up to the ceiling. Flex and then take the foot down. Droid up. Good. Keep the waist lifted with the in and breathing out. He's the movement going. Remember over the last few series of these sessions, we've been talking about finding the level. So if you feel you want to keep the movement smaller, keep the movement smaller.

Never sacrifice the quality of the movement just to try and get a big movement. Lanthanum reaching and push one last time. Be aware the hand on the mat. Don't push on the hand and now bring the foot to the knee and now take the leg forward, stretch forward, and then bring it back. Imagine on your shoulder is a candle, the candles lit and you don't want to move the candle and let the wax of burn and fall, so you want to keep that shoulder still bringing it forward.

Keep waste off the mat. That's it. Remember, keep your neck relaxed. Keep your face relaxed. Bilott face, lanthanide brush, brush, all plot. His movements should look easy. They shouldn't look like I'm torturing you. Pushing up 11 up bend and forward and together.

Now bring the foot to the knee and now take the leg behind. How far back can you go? There's going to be a far, but just exploiting. Take it back and stretch and lengthen that bushing back. Use the center. Gosh, good. Keep that continuous movement again, like we did the beginning with the photos here, you're going two points of the buddy touching behind together, up touch, behind and together.

One last time, and now let's put it to the circle. So foot to the knee. Bring the leg forward. Now from here, circle the foot. Touch behind. Touch behind. Bring the circle back. Lift up in the foot to the knee, and take the leg down again up. Bring that full circle back. Reach back, touch back. Lengthen up.

Bend the knee and take it down. Good again. Up forward, reaching up touch. Big Circle. Lengthen up to the ceiling. Keep the waist lifted. One more time. [inaudible] back. Lengthen up, up to sacral by touch. Lift up this time. Hold at the top. Stay there, shoulder down. Check the waist.

Check the ways underneath, like long reach, and then slowly bring the legs down. Bend the knees and go ahead and sit up. So if you guys turn and face each other spring and come to the bottom end of your mat so you come right to the bottom end of mark when we return that way. We're going to go back to a movement we did in the first seawheeze session, which is the rolling. So place the hands down by the hip. Pull the knees in. Now remember this is from mobility of the spine. So we want to make sure that we're not going to go into the neck of the head.

You're going to roll back just onto the shoulders here. So if you need, I wouldn't put the towel for this one. Just put their hands underneath here. That's it. Good. And just watch one first with Malcolm. I show you your roll back and then come back up into a sitting position. So rolling back. So now remember the key here is flow. So first of all before we start, take a breath in and breathing out.

Breathing in last year. Speed. So breathe into, go back, breathing out to come back out and let them know if you need the hands, use the hands down by the side and push on the mat to help you come back up. So breathing in, roll back and push on the hands that has it good. Again, rolling back. Tilt the pelvis under. Remember you're trying to get that lower back.

Touching with the in rolling back, rolling back up again. Lengthen. Curve the spine. I'm push. Good one more time. Rolling and curving back. Now I'll now first session where we did, we did a variation of this, which is the rolling into Jackknife. So just to remind you with the hands down, we'll try with the hands on the thighs, hands on the thighs, and then slowly as you go back you're going to roll. Push the feet up and then come back out. Now as you push the feet up, now this is not good for your back. Stay with the rolling back. But if you push the feet up, the feet need to be above your face.

So if you're rolling up, they go up above your face and assassin sensation is a little bit like you're pulling jeans up so you won't your hands here the bottom. As the feet go up, you pull the jeans up and as you go down and take the jeans down, so rolling back. So just try, push and then come back up. Now you're trying to touch the ceiling. Don't think you're going out to the beach. Great. Up to the sky. And then that's it up. Yeah. As I say, if this is, if your back's tight, stay with the basic rolling back and lengthen up. It's a control. Move them. Good. That's better. Lengthen up. Rolling Jack. Knife. Good.

And lengthen up. Lengthen. Push and lengthener. Good formal. Push up. They get into slower. The better we the end with the out in lengthen out Raleigh. Good as to pushing up.

[inaudible] good. One more time. [inaudible] um, come back up and just shake the legs out. Good. 10 on the side facing us. We're going to go to side bend. Preparation side bend preparation. You on your elbow, knees bent. Now make sure the hip is pushing away from you and then check that the elbow is under the shoulder.

Use the top hand to hold the underneath ribcage and lift the ribcage up. That's it. Good to go. Nice lift to it. Long Spine. Now keeping that, just lift the hip up to the ceiling. Lift the hip up and then slowly come back down and we'll be out lifting up. So remember, it's the underneath waist that's closing your clothes, closing that waste and then releasing it. Breathing in, breathing out as you're lifting the waist up. Yeah, reaching up for a shower.

[inaudible] now lift up this time. Lift up, take the arm over and stretch. Come back and slowly come down again. Lifting up, stretch out, and then come back. Lift up and stretch. Push and come down two more times. Breathing out long spine, shoulders down and down. One more. Breathing in, breathing out. Lengthen out. Stretch. Now stay there. Hold it there. Lift the rib occasion at the hip hop. It's like a puppet.

You've been pulled up [inaudible] and now slowly come down and swing around to the other side. Swing the video out. Now again, set this up to send to them. So always important. Nice. Together. If you look at the heels, the heels should be the same line as your pelvis and the shoulder. Sometimes you can use the back of the mat as a guide for this. Now push the pelvis away from you. Lift the rib cage. And now from here, use the center and now slowly lift the arm up and stretch up and lengthen app and then slowly come back down really in again, breathing out and reach and then slowly come back.

Make each movement and get a little bit bigger. Stretch a little bit further and then slowly controlling it coming down as you come down. Feel at the hip. It just kissing the mat. Don't relax on the mat. Reaching as stretch, stretch, stretch. Yeah, so that's in hot reach. Retreats reach further. Father. Good. Two more times. Breathing in, breathing out. Push up one last time. Really it and reaching out. Now hold it there.

[inaudible] lift up a little bit further. Now lift that hip a little bit higher. Go a little further. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Reach the arm over a little bit more. Push up, squeeze the legs together. Push, push. That has slowly come down since happened just to release your shoulders. And if you swing the feet to face each other.

Now we're going to do the roll up so he and if you need a towel, we can put a towel underneath your back just to give you a little bit of support on the roll up. Let's start with like straight. Now. Squeeze the legs together. Reach the arms out in front of you. Now we're going to do full roll up, down to the mat, but of course if you need to make it smaller, make it smaller. We roll down curve arms behind you and stretch back. Now on that position, lengthen the spine. Squeeze the legs together. Point the toes while you're there. What do you point the toes. Now lift the arms up here.

Lift the head up and now as soon as your shoulder blades come away from the mat, stop breathing out. Roll. Flex the feet as you come up and stretch forward over the legs. Now come to a sitting position. Today when I was to do is we're going to keep the spine long and now hinge back. So hinge back, keeping neutral, come back up and no curve the spine and roll back down to the mat.

So we had a little hinge halfway through just to get those back muscles working so and your own time. Your arms are going to lift up as soon as your shoulder blades come away from the mat. Breathe out curve. Lift up tall here. Let's open the arms out now. Open hinge, back, stretch. Come back up and around, back and curved down and reaching the arms back behind you.

One less tight lens and curve rounding up. Flex the feet as you come up. Now this time lift up, open the arms, hinge back. Good. And now come back and out. From that first session, what we did was we did around the world, so take the arms to the side, go all the way down to the mat of you can say the arms behind you around to the other side and now slowly Kamin back out ASIC. Good. And then rolled back down into the center. It's a slowly rolling down. So we put three movers together as a little sequence.

Lengthen up, squeeze the legs together. Feel the inside Fi's shoulder blades. Come away, breathing out. Stretch over the legs, lengthening up. Now hold it. Arms out to the side. Hinge back, keeping the rib cage connected with the pelvis down at the back. [inaudible] that open and now come back out around the world to the arms to the side. Look to the sides of the Mat. Both glutes firmly pushing on the mat as you go behind me. The in breathe out. Roll to the other side. Lengthen up and reaching out. Last time, curving down, pushed the hours back behind you.

[inaudible] good and lifting. Flex and curve over good arms out to the side and hinge back. Good lending up around the world said, lay the spine down. Curve down. Look at the hands. Follow the hands with your eyes covered. Right behind. Lengthen. Come back up. Good. Reaching up, stretch forward and come to a sitting position.

Yeah, Ben. One knee. Pull the knee to your chest and this roll down to the mat. And let's take our shoulder bridge position. Now again, we do need to show we've been working on the shoulder bridge. I remember the first part of this preparation is that pelvic tilt. So find your neutral spine, bend the knees, have your feet open, push on the big toes. So you just hit fist. This is part with the hat with the feet. Now tilt the pelvis under, row up off the mat.

Now stay there and lift up. Now lift the arms up to the ceiling. Keep the arms above you. Now from here, lift one leg up to the ceiling. Bend the knee, stretch the leg lift. Now let's stay there. Hold that leg straight. Keep the pelvis fixed. We're going to kick the leg five times. So take the leg down and lift again.

Two and lift three and lift four. One more time. Five the tub. Hold it, hold it there. Push up higher. And now change legs. Bend the knee, keep the pelvis stable to lift or the other leg lengthen up. Stretch up. And now from here, flex the foot and kick down one kick to kick three kick for one more time. Keep five lift up, hold it, bend the knee, put the foot back down and then slowly roll down.

Now bring the arms down. So just add a variation to this day. Let's now put the feet in rotation. She got a plot is v so the heels together, knees open. Now we're going to roll up again with r Plus v so roll up til the pelvis and lift up. Now as we did on the last one, the pelvis is not going to move. Take one leg, arms up to the ceiling. Take one leg out to the side, so out to the side with the leg.

Now pelvis lifting. Now from here, five cakes. You bring the leg across the other side down. One, two arm. Still three, four more time, five and whole change legs on the other side. Reaching out that leg as a side, pushing our key that pelvis balanced. And now cake [inaudible] two, three, four. One more time.

Five come back to the foot. Down a feet. Paolo, lift the first leg back up to the seating parallel. Lift up five parallel cakes. Kick one, two, three, four. One more time, five and change legs. Other side, pelvis lifted, reaching up. And again, kick one center to maybe control. Stretch through the spine. Three, four, one more time. Five.

Breathe both Bofi down and now slowly roll down. Now arms up to the city again, just bring the arms out to the side, lift the head up and come up in deflections are your shoulder blades are just literally touching the mat and then go back down. So remember your goal here is to keep the waist open. So as you bring the arms down, breathing out, lift up, let your lower back touch the mat based the shoulder blade, scapula touching. That's it. And then go back down. This time as you lift up, bend one knee at the same time.

Hold it there and then back down. Really it, I decide with the out and lift how that position and then back down. Remember this base of the Scapula doesn't come away from the Mat. So we're keeping the waist open. Keep the distance lifting out. One more time. Lift. Hold it there. Now stay there. That really in and out. As you breathe out, lift the second leg. Whenever this gets too much for your neck, put the head down and go back to mutual. Keeping your spine held. Now reach one leg away. Breathing out.

Bring the legs back and change other side. Breathing out again. Breathe the air and breathe out. Reach away. Lengthen. Now as you're doing this, your leg goes away. Keep the lower back if you've got your head up touching the mat. And now let's start alternating. Start alternating legs reaching, reaching two changes to breathe in to changes to breathe out.

Just cause we want to add a little bit of variety today. Keep changing, but take the arms behind you. Stretch the arms back. Now hold that center. How that sends the lower back. Touching the end. Really the out pushing out, reaching right through the spine. Lengthen. Lengthen. Reach one more and now bend the knees and slowly bring the feet down.

Now keep the feet together, keep the knees together, cross the arms of the chest and just bring roll your legs to the front and then roll your legs to the back. So just to let the knees give them side to side. Now he had keep the base of the scapula touching the mat. This is the first level of these knee rolls. Lengthen up, breathing in and breathing out. Now come back to the center. Now from here, Ben, one knee up.

Let your lower back touch and now Ben the second year. Now keep the legs together. Let's see how far you can go. Keeping the shoulder blades on the mat and then come back out. So you've got to keep the control. Don't go so far. You lose that control with the in. I really out try and go a little further each time.

[inaudible] pushing it without losing that control. Taking over to the side as you go through the center, feel the lower back. Go into the mat round. Good. Just two more times. Use your breath out to go over into lift.

One more time out to go over and lift and come back and just put the feet down. Rollover facial mat and sit back onto your heels. Let it sit back and just stretch the back out. Yeah. [inaudible] now roll up. We've got one more thing to do today. Just turn around you guys.

Turn around and face each other. Stay in that position on the hands. On the swimming position. On the hands and knees. Yeah. From here, fix the body. Open the knees. So your knees under the hips, the heads on the shoulders. Just rock forward and back. And then find the center position. So your trunk is in the center. Yeah. Check the rib cage. Check the head is on the spine.

Now keep the hands pushing in the mat and don't change the tension in your hands. Just reach one leg away, keeping the leg on the mat and now change legs onto the other side to slide leg down and then come back. And remember that the goal here is not to ship a switch tension on the hand. So you're keeping the tension. The same with the AOD. As you go away, give me close chain. And now keep the night still. I now where the hands slide the hand forward, touching the mat and then bring it back. Slide a hand forward. Keep the touching the mat so you don't come away from the Mat. That's it.

And then come back. So the trunk, imagine on your back is a tray of glasses and you don't want to spill those glasses. So let's now do the opposite. Arm to leg, staying touching the mat, opposite arms, leg. And now come back with the in and breathing out. Opposite onto the leg. Reach away and lengthen. So again, you're more than welcome to stay on this level, but what I want to do today is to progress it. So we go to close chain first, reach away, and now open chain, lift the arm and leg up and then come back down. So pass through the closed chain each time. So close chain, touch the mat.

And now open chain, closed chain. Come back and eat again. Reach an open [inaudible]. Make sure you get those points, that before you lift the arm and leg, you check the balance. So opposite arms or leg stay touching them at first. Opposite arms or leg. Touch the mat. Touch the mat to JMA there. Now open out, bring it back, touch the mat and now come back in. So just like a checkpoint, you're checking, you've got the center engaged, you've got the shoulders engaged. Two more times reaching away.

Open and down. One more time. Lengthen, reach and come back and sit back onto your heels and reach out. And now slowly sit up. Swing the feet behind the mat and we're going to come up to a standing position. So I always, I just finished my glasses standing cause I like to remind people before they leave. This is how we live our life upright.

So everything we've been doing on the mat is to get us better upright. So put your feet in position parallel. So shoulders down the back. Lengthen the spine, rib cage, pelvis, weight in the center. Push up onto your toes. Feel that big toe really pushing on the mat, on the floor.

And as slowly come down. So again, lift up, reach up, lengthen up, and as slowly coming down. One more time, reaching up. Push [inaudible] and can we buy, does everything we're doing is to train our body to use that center. So roll down [inaudible] and now slowly lift the heels up, heels down, and I roll back up. Well, it's really fun to do is to do this also where the rotation said turnout. Put Your plot is v R MedEd military position. Squeeze the legs together and now roll down.

Now as you wrote down here, keep the heels together and now lift the heels up. Lift the heels. Good. Center said to center heels down. Good. And I roll up and lengthen as you're running up. Drool that links together so there's no light between the legs. Really feel those inside thighs pulling together.

One last time rolled down and an as is the last. It has to be the best meaning. Keep those legs squeezing together. Squeeze the legs together. No light. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. That's better. Now keep that. Now lift the heels. Keep the legs together. He is to get a heels. Heels. Now keep the heels lifted slowly. Roll up, keep the heels together.

Squeeze the legs. Yes, we can do it. We can do it. We can do it. You can do it. You will almost diving forward. Lengthen up Sri. Squeeze. Lengthen God. Open out to the side. It's very challenging. Then movement and reaching up. But then of course, I would say if it was easy, it wouldn't be polite.

Is Open the arms out. Screes bring the legs down. When the legs parallel, lifting up, swing the body down. Lengthen up really in, and again, swing the body down. Lengthen up. Open the arms out. Thank you for joining me today and see you again. Thank you.


Soooo great,dear Maestro !!
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You and Malcom are incredible. I love you videos.
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My favorite teacher! :D
Excelente !!!
I was watching this video having a nice cup of tea, I will do this later on. Welcome back. Nice to see you both. Great teachers. Thx
the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mpravo Michael.............keep going like that
Pilates Emma
Fantastic class ... that has truly got me back into the Pilates zone post my summer hols ..Looking forward to seeing you in London... Thank you M & M x
This was a truly wonderful class! My best ever so far !
Excellent class !!
Love this class, he's the best!
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