Breath-Focused Progression<br>Michael King<br>Class 2707

Breath-Focused Progression
Michael King
Class 2707

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Pilates face= poker face. Love the "like pulling on a pair of jeans" image for rolling jackknife. Perfect.
Very well explained
Time flies
Always a fantastic class! Thanks M & M
Great, Michael!!! Thank you very much for your class!!!
So simple, so calm and soooo great. I learn so much with you.
Thank You.
Julia W
Looks great, I'll be doing this with my gentle Pilates class tonight!
Oh I love your classes Michael, you truly are my favorite.
Tuuli V
This is a challenging but yet inspiring class. I love how Michael uses "images" to correct the body lines. It helps me a lot to really focus on the posture.
That was lovely. I truly enjoyed that. Thank you.
A lovely clear teacher, but I need to literally step back a bit to gain the movements in this class!! Thank you any way.
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