Class #2725

Cadillac Workout

25 min - Class


Connect to the different areas of your body in this Cadillac workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. He teaches a class that will turn on the light switch in your body to make sure that everything connected and ready for the movements to come. He also includes basic exercises using the Neck Stretcher so you can work on your neck alignment.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Neck Stretcher

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Nov 13, 2016
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My back ( and neck) loved this workout! Thank you!
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Where did you purchase the neck stretcher?
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Thanks Sherry! Lelie - there aren't many manufacturers who sell this incredible tool. This one is from Gratz.
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Loved this so much and yes, thank you, I got a lot from your session. You've inspired me to get a neck stretcher!!
That's wonderful Natalie, I think it's a magnificent tool if used correctly. *shameless plug* if you haven't been previously exposed to it I recommend checking out my free 'Head to Toe' workshop here on Pilates Anytime for some more information on how to use it. Thanks so much for watching and commenting!
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I really love your flow and style of teaching! Thanks for sharing & extra props for doing such a thorough job while actually doing the exercises
Loved I cannot wait to try it! Thank you!
Thanks so much for showing the exercises with the neck stretcher. I’ve been eying it for a long time, now I feel more comfortable using it. My neck is jealous of your neck. ;)

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