Class #2745

Fundamental Reformer Flow

40 min - Class


Work through a nice flow in this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She teaches mostly beginner exercises, adding a few extras throughout the class. She also works on finding deeper connections to some of the fundamentals so you are prepared for each movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

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Lovely class simple and efficient with good imagery.
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Thank you so much Maggie! Julie was so much fun to work with and she really connected the dots in this class! Hope it helps you too!
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Thank you, Amy. Love the slow down and connect in your class!
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Thank you Amy, fab cues, totally intensifies each movement, also loved the returning to the "c-curve" image!
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such deep work! loved it!
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I cannot tell you how much I learnt in that class. That was jam packed with pilates tips. I've back up from level 2 and 2/3 to do this and I recommend it for everyone. Thanks Amy. You will really change my practice with this class.
Really nice class Amy; I really love watching you teach; it's quite different from when you film yourself doing a class for some reason. I used to hate stomach massage but I obviously was missing the connections that you so intelligently built up. I love this series of exercises - what a great way to teach connections; one at a time!
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excellent, I have a client that no matter what I do she does not use her butt and hamstrings...she will now, thank you
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thanks everyone! I'm a devoted teacher and I believe that we owe it to ourselves and our students to slow down sometimes, find the connections and keep a theme going. Muscle memory takes times, creating new patterns takes time ... and patience! Glad to hear you're finding some good tools to work with in this class!
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great class, back to basics is what most of need! Loved the cues and the visuals.
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