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Full-Body Wunda Chair

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Get ready for a challenging full-body workout on the Wunda Chair with Meredith Rogers! She guides Nancy through her first session on the Wunda Chair, giving her a mix of advanced exercises as well as delicious stretches. She also throws in a few surprise exercises as a birthday treat for Nancy who is visiting us from Panama!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Moon Box

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Sep 14, 2016
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So today's a very special day because we have Nancy see here from Panama and it is her birthday. And I thought that she was a totally experience on all sorts of equipment and she just told me she's not. So we're going to teach her on the chair. I know that she's strong. I've worked with her before. Um, but this is one of her first times on the chair. So she'll do great. We're going to see what happens. So what I want you to do, Nancy's just come around to the front of the chair and face the chair. So you're facing the ocean and just stand out here, back up just a little bit. Good.

And then inhale [inaudible] and we're just going to start with the standing roll down. So I want you to nod your chin into your chest and then roll down as you roll down. Feel as though that you're supporting or lifting or decelerating yourself from the front of your body. Let your knees soften a little bit and keep your pelvis right over your feet. Pause to inhale there and then exhale. Start to roll yourself back up.

So feel the movement of the pelvis or the pelvis come underneath the spine. Stacks ride over the top of the pelvis, the shoulders come over the top of the pelvis and the head lifts up. Nice. Beautiful. Inhale and Exhale, turn round. I'm actually gonna you continue doing what you're doing. I'm going to reorganize this so we have a better view of you for the most part.

Good pausing to inhale and [inaudible]. Exhaling to roll yourself back up. Nice. They're just giving yourself a chance to bring yourself into your body. That's fine. Okay, Nancy, come around and stand in front of the chair now. So we're going to give her one spring.

I've got one spring on three and we're going to do a very similar move. I'll move to that. So what? I just want you to notice, the left foot's tendency to turn out a little bit. Okay? So as you probably know, is that about herself, but I just found out in here, XR around on. As you round down, you're gonna reach the heels of your hands onto the pedal. Good. Nice. So just keeping the head tech Dan, I want you to inhale and press the pedal towards the floor. It's not important to me. If it goes all the way down, just reach down, down, down, down, and then as you exhale, lift to the center of your body.

So you're pulling up with your abdominals. Feel that you're trying to move your pelvis underneath you. That's love. Well yeah, I love it. Pause there in Hilton. Take this pedal down and breathe out as you bring awareness into the front of your body and to the abdominal area and move the pelvis underneath you. So we're just warming up the spine a little bit. Inhale to go down an XLT round. You could also do it on like a two breath cycle if it made more sense to like inhale at the top. Exhale to press in how at the bottom. Exhale to come up.

Either way. Nice, good. And then ribs and the pubic bone pool together. Pull forward in space. All right, inhale to press down. This is getting a little tougher beat. Look after yourself. It's not as easy as it might feel or seem. So now I want you to hold the pedal down Nancy, and I want you to exhale and lift your heels up off the floor.

Good. Inhale the heels come down and exhale. Take the body halfway at. We'll do that three more times. It's the first one. It's always the [inaudible] a little bit, but the gist, it's a surprise is what it is.

You don't really feel like it's going to be hard and then it's hard and it's um, surprising. But she's good. Now. She's got it. Good. Inhale to come down. I'm not lifting her up. I'm just feeling for alignment in her hips. Exhale to come halfway app. Do it again. Move with the breasts. Inhale down.

Exhale like you're lifting from the middle of your body, pulling up. Inhale, heels, come down, abdominals. Continue to lift. Exhale to round. Awesome. Last tie down and Ah, [inaudible] nice and inhale and exhale. This time as you exhale you are coming all the way up so you'll just continue like you would from the ground. Once the pedal lets go of its spring, you'll just continue moving yourself back up until you're standing on your feet again. Good. Coming all the way up and bringing the head up. Nice.

So what I want you to do, we're going to continue to wear 'em up with a little bit more abdominal work. I want you to sit right here. So your pelvis is right at the very front edge of the chair because we're going to have you down on your back. I would go a little bit further forward it. It's going to feel like you're kind of forward of the chair a little bit, but I'm gonna help her with her head for just a minute. Cause this is an easy, well it's not so hard right now, but it's not going to stay easy for very long. Okay? Yeah, yeah. So find the place where you can feel balanced. Okay.

So we're going to go into the double leg stretch. I want you to reach your arms in your legs, away from you. Xcel. Circle the arms around to the knees and hold. Inhale, reach the arms out, stretch the legs out. Exhale, circle, bend, and use your arms to help you stay lifted. Inhale and exhale. Nice. And inhale and pull like you're pulling against the spring.

And inhale and exhale and two more. Inhale, trying not to let the upper body move up and down. Keep it nice and stable and in here and exhale. Good. Both hands on one knee, stretching out. Keep the knee just a little further away from you just so it's a little harder and change.

Press Down with your arms so you use your arms to help you keep that curl, switch and switch. Keep the toes lined up together so they're aiming at the same bullseye and five, five. She's brave. This is not easy if you're doing this too, you know that. And three, three to do one. Nancy, hold both knees in, hands behind your leg, legs. Oh yeah, go ahead. Behind your legs. I came out of my mouth. Then they're going to go behind your head. I get a little confused sometimes.

Yeah, no, that's fine. Hands behind the head. Stretch one leg out and lift and rotate. Crisscross less elbows, more a trunk and twist. Good. Try not to drop the straight leg down. So [inaudible] and switch to the legs. Do the same thing they did in a single leg. Stretch and switch and switch and sweat at five.

She's good. Five, four. Keep that straight. Leg Up. Four, three, three, two, one. And that is enough. You're gonna roll yourself up. Good. And then just sit right on top of the chair. Okay, so I'm going to give her another spring on three. So we have two springs on three at this moment. We want a heavier spring. That side. She's just teeny, tiny and little. So scoot forward a little bit. Okay. And then for now, let's just have your fingertips on the chair behind you.

Make like a little perch with them. So they're going to help you. And what we're going to do is we're going to find some spinal alignments to lift here and then the ribs are coming back. So what I want you to think about as you press your legs down, go ahead. Now when you're ready on your heels and press down is that that trunk stays nice and stable. Inhale, pull the knees back up. Exhale, press the legs down. So we're wanting, you feel that little shifted in the pelvis at the very bottom. Try to just stop right before that. That's it in.

He'll pull up like you're pulling your knees in for the double leg stretch. As you're lifting your knees. Xcel press get tall in here. Just do two more. Press. Get tall ribs in, abdominals in. I like to make sure that the pelvis is nice and still. So this is where I often cue from. Inhale hole.

Bring the knees at that fine and move to your toes please. The put your toes on the chair. Yup. Good. So high heels. Nice long spine in here. Same breath pattern. Exhale, press and lift and press. Nice and left. So it's less important that the pedal goes all the way to the floor to me then it is that she stayed very stable per ass.

Grow tall and lift and press grow tall. Nice. And lift his left hips. Rotating a little forward at the end. Pull it towards me. Perfect. So three more. Nice. Beautiful. With this C, two more. Awesome. Nice. Last one. Okay, good. Swivel the heels together into a small v-shape with your feet.

I'm going to make a little harder now to hold the spine, so I'm gonna have you put your hands behind your head. Okay, so shift slightly backwards so you're right over your sitting bones and here we go. Pressing down, pull up press downs or her range is a little smaller and that doesn't bother me. I don't want you to stay right back here. Press down, pull, press down, pull up. So the heels are pressed together. Head is reaching back into the hands. Good. The abdominals are working. Lean back with your test just slightly. We're going to do three more. You okay there with your hands?

All right, good. Two more. Last one. Nice heels to the outside of the pedal. So just a yet step out to the outside. Put your heels there. And to stay in that little bit of external rotation, it's going to have this foot go slightly over, a little bit less with the feet.

So the feet are just underneath the knees. Here we go. And think about a little bit of inner thighs and begin pressing down. So what happens is when the springs get heavy, people like to lean in so we want to keep you right up. Right. It might feel like you're trying to lean back a little bit. Just stay with my hand and your upper body. That's right. Good.

Pull in and press lifting the spine. Nice. And lifting the spine is beautiful. We're going to do four more. Lifting the knees and three feeling those abdominals working. She's doing great. I'm not making it easy for her too.

And that is true. One and up onto your toes. So wide toes on the foot bar. Exactly. Heels high. This is the end so you don't have to save it so you have to still fight for it. So come back into my backhand. Come back until you touch me. That's right. Stay there. Stay with me. Awesome.

That's fine. Okay. Kind of slightly backwards. Nice. Good. She's working hard. So for abdominals and back extensors, co contracting to hold the trunk still to come back with me a little bit more. That's right. Last time that my friend is the end. You can step off the chair. Yeah. Great.

So that's it. That's a good spring. That's a good spring tension. Put your hands onto the chair top. Put One foot onto the pedal and push it all the way to the ground. Okay, so you'll feel how that springs pretty heavy, which is your, you'll be grateful for. You'll be very grateful for that. Come a little bit more forward to turn your fingers to face out on your tippy toes. And you may find that you have to readjust your feet in a minute. So I don't want you to do next is drop your head and then bring your shoulders so they're directly over your hands. So we're going to do some calf work here, Morgan, to do it with our abdominals as well.

So it's not going to be more like half work. But I want you to bring awareness to this shape in your body. Now try to maintain that round shape with your spine and lower your heels towards the floor. Inhale and like we did in the very beginning of class, I want you to lift from here. Exhale, lift your heels. So you pull up with your middle again. Inhale to go down and exhale pool from the center of your body.

It's beautiful. She's doing well. So this is, I'm going to get us set up for the pike, which is going to happen next. But what she's learning how to do is to, or what she's practicing, how to do right now is to orient around lifting from her waist. Okay, last one. Okay, so stay there. Next exercise, you're going to shift your body forward. So I want your shoulders to be directly over your hands.

So this exercise is kind of like a defiance of gravity. Pull up with your ribs and push down with your arms. Nice. Hold that so you feel that you're working already. Good. Come into my hands with your shoulders. Now don't shift any more forward at all, but use your abdominals to pull the pedal away from the floor so you're actually gonna arise up. Nice. Good. First Time. First time she's doing awesome. Good.

So this isn't an exercise that I would teach our regular first timer and then inhale to go down. But because I know Nancy, I know that she can handle this. So we're gonna, we're gonna let her be a little bit challenged because it's a happy birthday present. [inaudible] and go down. So what helps you keep the ribs lifted so you keep the scapulas still. What helps is on the down, push down with your legs. So work oppositionally the legs go down, but the abdominals lift up are going to do three more. You're doing awesome.

Lift. Good. So I want you to drop your shoulders down. Now keep that, keep that [inaudible] don't let him climb up. Good. Stay with me. Okay. That we're going to call that the end. Okay. So just, yeah, that's okay. She had so lean back. Just drop your heels down towards the far, I'm just gonna hold this still. I just want you to hold here. Hold here, stretch back.

That she says is the birthday gift. Okay. All Right Nancy. So what I want you to do now is come back forward to your, a little bit more on your feet again. And then I want you to take one of your feet and put it up here. This is a balancing exercise. It's called the forward lunge.

So would, and you're going to come up with your arms out to your sides. So the goal here, and I'm just going to be here for you if you need me, is to try to lift straight up. So you are going to try to use both of your legs, right? So this one's gonna work and I want you to think about pressing the back one away from you. Okay? So you're gonna come up a little higher than that. So Push, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. Nice. Ah, on your toes. Yeah.

Good. Try to come all the way up until the springs letting go. Yeah, you're doing great. And then resist down and then all the way up, you can push down on me if you need to. Try to stand right over the top of your, uh, pelvis with your body. And I'm just going to do two more. Nice. Yeah, so watching the pelvis, you want to think about pulling this hip up. You feel how this one feels like it wants to hike.

Use The obliques on this side to hold your pelvis up and hopefully so bleak soap leaks on this side. Nice. Good. Come all the way down and switch. Put your hands down. Okay. I'm totally throwing her under the bus. You realize that right people. She's doing awesome. These are all first-timers and they're all advanced exercises.

You're doing great. Here we go. I'm here for you. Stand on your back leg too. It helps a lot. Oh, we found her not so strong side. Okay, awesome. Okay, so what the muscle that you want to think about here is this muscle right here, the Gluteus Medius, pickup your right pelvis with your right obliques coming up and coming back down. Hang on him and move to the other side. Good. I'm going to hold you from here. I'm here if you need me right there. Okay, good. Go. Nice, nice, nice, nice. So it's harder to keep the pelvis still good and down. Can, I think you have like Sheree more.

You're good when coming up to the top of the spring. That's it. Nancy. Nice to work. So we'll be friendly at some point in this workout. And two, you're doing great. You're doing awesome. Good. And drop this hip down a little bit. Last one, lift, lift, lift. Come all the way down. I'm gonna help you with the pedals step.

Put your hands down, step down. And then just be careful when you live. I'm letting go now. Let just be careful. The springs are heavy when you lift the pedal up. Okay. Okay. So let's be a little nicer for a minute. Come around to the back.

I'm going to take one of those, uh, one of those springs away. So now I have one spring on three and I want you to just stand right up against the back of the chair like this. Okay. And then, yeah, we'll see how this works. We're pretty small, short. So, uh, what I want you to do is reach down for the pedal and then go into a rounded spine. Okay. So this is another spinal articulation exercise. This is similar to all of the abdominal exercises we've done thus far. So keep the shoulders down.

What I want you to think about is starting with your tailbone. So reach your tailbone up towards my nose. So you're gonna keep your heels down. You're going to start to flatten out your back, flatten out your back, stretching their ribs away from the pelvis and press the pelvis down. You're probably going to end up pretty close to the chair with your body. Nice. Good. And then exhale, Tuck the tail under. Drop the head, push the pedal away from you energetically as you round back to this way.

Shoulders down. Come up. Yeah, come this way. Up, up, up, up, up, up. Ah, keep a little bit more space here. That's fine. And then push down again. Tailbone reaches a spine, reaches down, and now good. Keep your eyes down and exhale as you round, round, round. So that pushing the pedal down Q. For me, it's just energy, right? Creation of oppositional energy, using the arms, the down push of the arms. Pull this hip towards me. Slightly. The down push of the arms just to create opposition. Well, feet push down the arms pushed your way. The shoulders drop. We'll go one more time. Inhale, reaching down.

Nicely done. Don't push with your scapulas so much. It's not important that the pedal comes all the way down and then around curling and now this time when you find the end of the spring, when you find the end of the spring. No, no, you're good. You're just going to continue to come up. Continue to come up. Continue to come up until you arrive in a standing position. Again, lifting here. All right, so we're going to grab a mat. All right, so we've got a mat, we've got Nancy lying on her back. What I want you to do, Nancy, is take your feet up onto this pedal and essentially it's going to get pushed down to the floor. I think you are going to probably want to move yourself back a little bit to try that.

I never quite know exactly where to put a person until I see when the pedal comes down. So you have to think about a prehensile position with your feet. So you're wrapping your toes over the top of the foot bar and I want you to use the backsides of your legs to push the pedal all the way down. Is that too? Is that too heavy? No, just you're just too close. Okay, so keep that prehensile shaped with the toes, but try to drop the feet so it can actually drop the heels down onto the floor. Okay, so there's a moment where this is really, really hard and then there's a moment where it gets a little easier.

So the several regular old pelvic curl that you know, okay, so I'm going to take my foot away. I'm holding the pedal still. The part that's hard is right now. Okay, so flatten your spine, begin your pelvic curl, keep the pedal down. As soon as you're standing on the pedal, it becomes a lot easier, right? Because you're using the weight of your body. Keep your heels reaching for the floor. Yep. Good. Inhale there. Now start rolling down. I'll tell you when it's going to get hard. Again, pull this hit down slightly right now. Right, right. Yeah. So that's that willing. Yeah. Yep. And now you've got it. Inhale again. So it's, I write as the Pat, right as the spine is going up to lift up.

That's where it's hard to keep the pedal still and right as the spine is moving through that lower spinal area. And that's when it's hard to keep the pelvis still, but she's got it now. She just had to do it once and feel it. All right, so let's do that one more time and then we're going to make a change. It's all right. It's all right. And it's pretty heavy to good. Hold there. Inhale. Keep those arms nice and long. Nice and energize.

Heels are reaching for the ground. Nice. Nice, Nice. She's feels her hamstrings working like you wouldn't believe. Here's the last one. So we're going to do, we're going to go up and do the shoulder bridge. Not So, so hard because you're holding the pedal down, right? So what I want you to do is lift one of your legs. Good. Reach it straight up towards the ceiling. Then we're looking for the pelvis to be oh, nice and steady.

I'll help you for a second. Cam letting go. Okay, so now take that leg and reach down and flex up five times. Push away. Flex up. Push away. Flex up. Two more. Last one. K. Nancy, place that foot back down. Yeah. Reorganize if necessary. Nice and high.

And then reach out. Flex back. Push away. Pull back, push away. Pull back. Keep the hips up high. I don't mind how low the Legos last one lift. Bend the knee. Place the foot down. Hold the heels down towards the floor and bring yourself down.

This is the last time you get to work through that challenging place or make it count. Make it count. That's it girl. Nice. Lift your feet up. Control the springs as they come back up. You're done. Okay. Beautifully done. Beautifully done. All right, so um, what I want you to do now is you're going to bring, I'm going to push this down for you and you're going to bring the soles of your feet together. So the outsides of your feet are going to be resting on the pedal. I'm like, yeah, like Matt, is that comfortable? Okay, I'm going to let go. So we're going to start in that low position.

Now as you at what's going to happen is this is an exercise for your deep external rotators. Okay? So I want you to lift your feet up, let the pedals to rise. I think I'm at out of your way. And then what I want you to do from there is don't push with your feet, but think about opening through the hips and the knees and the feet move at the same time. Press the pedal back down. Try not to just move the feet and then lift the legs up. So just to, just to make a point, just push with your feet and leave your knees here. So you feel how that doesn't feel that hard. Yeah. So now bring your feet up.

So then match with your knees and instead of pushing with the feet, think of opening the legs. Yeah, it's deep. It's deep work. Inhale, lift. The feet come up about halfway XL, wrap the back of the legs and she's doing a really beautiful job of spinal stabilization, pelvic stabilization. The left hip could drop backwards slightly towards the Mat. We're just going to do two more. It's another one of those exercises that looks like it's not that hard. But if you do it really from the right place is not easy. Yeah, it's, she's doing great last time. All right. That was great.

I'm going to help you with this pedal. Oh, actually, nope. I'm not. I'm going to take my foot away. I want you to lift your feet up. Hmm. Good. Just bring the pedal all the way up til the springs. Hold it and take your feet down onto the ground. Beautiful. Roll over to your side and help yourself.

We're going to do an arm exercise now. So what I want you to do is you're gonna, I'm gonna give you a little more spring, which again is gonna be, um, helpful. Not, not harder. Okay. So you're going to sit here faith that way. So this is a similar exercise to like you've done a tricep dip in your life, I'm sure. So what I want you to do is put your feet on the pedal, push the pedal down towards the floor, and then go onto your toes with your toe, with your heels together in your toes apart. Okay. So what I want you to do is push away from the chair with your body and you're going to lower your body down. Okay? So stop there.

So get ready to bear weight on your arms. Okay. So we'll get your shoulders nice and stable, bearing weight on your arms. Now what I want you to do from there is just to lift the pedal slightly off the floor. Yeah, pick your heels up towards your hips. Perfect. Good. And now we're gonna push up and we're gonna bend arms. The pedal stays off the floor from now on. You have to just keep it right up.

I bring your tailbone back slightly. Yep. Archer back the other way. That's right. Good. Now push up and as you push up, think about going that way. Nice. So the idea is is to go straight up and straight down rather than lean backwards. [inaudible] feel how it makes it about 75% harder when you think about it that way. Good. Ooh, shooting. And then lift up off your hands.

That's exactly what I want. Let's do three more. Ben. She's doing great. Press lift up off your arms. Nice. And to, that's just an energetic cue for more middle back. More a middle, lower trapezius. Nice. Last time. Good. Sit down. Okay, so next the same exercise that we did, the piking exercise, we're going to do it here. It's called Kennan stretch. So it's just going to be in reverse case, you're going to push the pedal down. You can keep that toes apart. Heels together idea and you want to, you're right on your tippy toes. Okay, so keeping your hands where they are, the heels are going to be together. Do you need stickies for your hands?

Are you happy? Yeah. So heels together, toes apart. Press the pedal down. We've got Nancy a sticky cause she's a little sweaty and I would be too if I was doing this. This is why Nancy's doing this and Nami. Okay, you're doing awesome. Stand up. All right, so this is the tendon stretch. I want you to keep that heel connection cause that's a way to add the avenue to the inner thighs into the abdominals. Head is gonna stay down on a let go. We need to push your arms towards the chair. Drop your head down and use your abdominal.

You have to stay pretty close to the chair and lift your lift using your abdominals. Pick that pedal out. Heels together. Heels together. Heels together. Good. And now push down with the legs and stay lifted here. Nice heels together all the time. Good lift. I'm not hiding, not pulling her up. I'm not pulling her up. I'm just wanting to make sure that she feels safe and stable again.

First Time challenging exercise. She's doing great. Good. Keep lifting as you're going down. I want you to really concentrate on the serratus anterior, the front of the ribs. Nice to keep the Scapula flat. Two more. X. Use your breath. Exhale, breath and down. Last time. Exhale breath. Yeah. Sometimes the breath makes a difference.

Good. Come all the way down. I sit down on the chair Nancy and let the pedal come up. Beautifully done. Really Nice. Okay. I just told her that we are going to be a little more friendly and I mean it is, I step down. I'm so, I'm going to go back to one spring. So what I want you to do on a, so I want you to sit so that you're right on the outside of your hip, right on your greater toe can turn, you're going to reach down. We might need to get you something for your foot. We'll see.

Okay. So take the leg, keep the, the leg is going to go on the floor. The straight Lang. Yeah. Um, so because Nancy's um, small in stature, not in spirit, we're going to get her a box to put her foot on a, this arm is going to come up like this. All right? So what I'd like for you to do first is just create a straight line with your body. This. You're gonna like I promise. All right, so you're gonna as you press down this arms, gonna read. So your side, bending from the bottom right.

And now what I want you to do is use your old bleaks, use these obliques to bring yourself back into that first straight line. So lifting back up and that harm can just come back where you started. A little bit less with the head. So just keep the head with the spine. Inhale to go down, lean towards me slightly backwards. Nice. And just gather.

So it's an o an exercise, some exercises in. See, feel how that happens. Um, so I'm just asking you to hold. Uh, lots of people like to live with their neck. So instead of thinking about lifting up, think of reaching out. Send the top of your head outwards. That was perfect. I'm going to now change the exercise on you. So it starts to stay and you're going to inhale down. Now as you exhale, you're going to create rotation.

So you're going to go this way and I want you to think about rotating through the ribs and the pedal can move a little bit. Like if you pull this scapula up, uh, how you feel, how that assessed your rotation and then go back down into your stretch, unwind. The arm's going to come back and we're going to bring you up, so to say. And again, that was nice. Inhale to go down. XO Ribs, rotate eyes down on the floor, eyes down on the floor. Inhale as you unwind, beautiful x as you reach out, out, out. She's got the neck. Now she just needed to feel it. Go down or I needed to find the right words.

It is maybe a better, maybe a better way to say that. Twist. I's good. And why stay there? This is your birthday present. Are you ready? It's gonna feel good. Mm, yes, yes, yes.

And then left all the way at me. We can have another one on the other side. Perfect. Okay. Good. Sweet sites. Is that box okay. Okay. I give him, just move it around where you need it. I'm an insisted. It stays straight though cause that's just the kind of crazy person I am.

All right, so here we go. This arm's going to start here. We've got a nice neck alignment and you're going to um, side bend with your left waist. Reach your left, right arm over your head. You turn your arm this way slightly. You'll get more range in your shoulder. That's right. So just gave her a little external rotation cue and then reach out.

Good. Yes. Yeah, exactly. Feel that space. You're reaching down and out. The leg is just reaching down into the box or into the floor or wherever it's connected to. It's just acts as your anchor, as your opposition. Your neck is perfect. Now I have my hand here just to, just to remind her, but she doesn't need me. Beautiful. Okay.

Becomes your rotation. So let's breathe into, press the pedal down. Breathe out as you turn. So ribs good. So lift up this rib a little. That's it. And it's fine to let the pedal move up slightly to do that. And then unwind. Just pop.

Does your ribs just pop? Her ribs just popped. That's kind of fun in pressed down twist. I wonder if it'll happen again. Happened on this side. I think come open. You have to unwind. So de rotate. Yeah, bring the arm down and bring the body up. So instead of going over your head, when you go into your rotation pots here, just bring it with you like that. Exactly. Nice. Beautiful, beautiful. That and white. Lovely.

And then, oh, oh, almost forgot your birthday present. Stay down here. Drop this shoulder blade down a little bit. Okay. Does that feel amazing? All right, thank you. Go ahead and come up all the way. All right, step down. Ugly. All right, so we're going to do some back extension.

Now what I'd like for you to do is lie on the chair face down. So you want to put the your Asi ass or your hip joints like right at the front of the chair. Your hands are gonna go down onto that peddle, that sticky things in the way you can move it around. Okay, good. So we are going to push the pedal all the way down. I'm going to have you move a little bit more forward still. Okay. That's perfect. Do you feel like you're, yeah, just, I, I want you to feel like you have like a stable base. K.

So the first thing I'd like for you to do is just feel that your legs are not lifting so much as just reaching slightly up or hovering and away from you. Just so there's energy back there. Okay. So, um, I'm gonna do some back extension. Move your hair out of the way. And so what I want is in your way now in your face, so you're gonna start to bring your head up. Now it's pushed backwards on the pedal like this way. And start to slide the shoulder blades down a little bit less. Eyes floor, a little bit more. Look at my feet. Good.

So you want to bring your awareness right into that part of your back. Nice. Nice. Nice, Nice. And then as you go down, use your abdominal muscles. Think like move through plank position and then continue down. Nice. Great. So the head doesn't look up. The back of the head comes up.

This part of the back works here. So it's real easy to allow the springs just to push up and let your lower back do the work. But you're doing beautifully. And then thinking about abdominals in ribs up like you're moving into a pushup position. We're going to do some pushups in a minute. Nice. Right there. That's perfect. And then continue. So let's do that a couple more times. Head scapula.

Find the middle of the spine right here. That's it. Good. And now go down into your pushup shape or into your plank shape. You're doing so beautifully. Hold right here. Bend your arms. Come into a let your elbows come in towards your body. Don't lower your body down. So come up right? So you're floating in space. Now, just bend your arms. Stay still with your body, like your the pedal move towards you. And then push down.

Good five. Then keep it a little bit more serratus anterior. So what I'm looking for is for the scapulas to sit still, especially this guy. I don't know why her scapulas are men in my brain, but I they are apparently nice. Good. Little bit more front of the body. That's right. Nice. Perfect. Last time. Nice.

Beautiful. And then push down and then lower your body all the way down. Okay. So we'll do that one more time. Same idea, right? Come through your back extension. Move down through plank position. So yeah, working in here, working in here. Nice extending, reaching out through the top of the head. She's doing a beautiful job of keeping her legs perfectly still. I haven't had to ask her arch que around that, but that's what I want.

I don't want go go down now yet. Right there. And then bend and press. So the muscle that holds the shoulder blades apart lives here. Keep the shoulder down and press. And then, so what I was saying is I would have, if she was lifting her body and dropping her legs at the same time, I would have asked her not to lift so high, but she's doing a beautiful job. Keeping her legs exactly where I asked her to go all the way down. And then we're just going to do one more back extension.

So here it comes back to the head, no pushups in between. Find this, this section. Find this section, fund this section. Lift your head a little bit higher. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And then reach all the way back down. And when you go to get down, if you just hold the pedal with your hands and slide back, I'm going to hold it too just in case. And then just lift it up. Perfect. Alright, so full circle, come around here. Come stand in front of the chair. We're going to finish the way we started.

So I want this time though for you to take your arms or reach out and touch both sides of the room and then lift up and touch the ceiling and then push back out and touch both sides of the room and then reach your head down and find the pedal. No lifting up the heels this time, just, just stretching. So you're going to press the pedal down. That's happens on an inhale breath and exhale as you call tailbone, tucks under Scapula, slides down. We'll just do three in hell. Press the pedal away XL too.

Kirra Nice. Gorgeous in Hell to press the pedal down. Excellent to curl. This time you'll continue curling. So just from the first moment that we did that to this moment here, continue lifting all the way up there like just a different sense of integration, which makes me feel really excited. Stand all the way up. Take the arms out and up again. Touch both sides of the room.

Reach up and touch the ceiling. Yeah. Push the arms back out to the side. Touch both sides of the room. Feel the energy in your body and then a really nice, awesome. You did so great. You're welcome.


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Love it Meredith??
The beautiful Nancy Castiglioni!!!! So excited to meet you almost in person xxx Much love from
Megan aka @shoesandyoga xxx
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so nice!
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Aw thank you so much Megan Macgregor!!! Much love and good energy to you. And to you Meredith! Such a fantastic time spent with you on my birthday! Great fun and a kick in the booty workout!
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Awesome work Nancy! So jealous you got to spend your birthday with Meredith!
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Meredith is incredible as always! Thank you for the great chair workout!
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Great work.Thank you Meredith.
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This whole class feels like dessert - what a wonderful treat. Happy birthday to Nancy - you did beautiful work. I'm a bit jealous 😊I would love to get to do a class with Meredith someday!
Mer! I absolutely loved that workout!!! Your cueing is so great! Thank you. Please do more chair work?
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I learn so much from first
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