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Chest Opening Cadillac

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We love when members visit us at Pilates Anytime! Meredith teaches a Cadillac workout to Tetiana Podvysotska, who travelled all the way from the Ukraine. Meredith explores opening the chest using the Baby Arc and various exercises like Chest Expansion, then adds a few fun, but challenging exercises like Hanging Back.
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Oct 14, 2013
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Today, we have a very special day. This is Tatiana. He's here all the way from the Ukraine to take a class with me. Very exciting for me. So we're going to work on the Cadillac today and here we go. But before we start, what I want you to do touch on is just turn your body around and chased outside.

And we're going to start with a couple of roll-ups roll downs. So separate your heels and your feet will be in parallel and then look straight ahead of you and take a breath in. As you exhale, allow your head to fold forward and just begin to round your spine forward. So we feel here that the pelvis just stays right over the heels. We allow the spine to just cascade for a touch on is doing a beautiful job of lifting and supporting herself from her center. Breathing in at the bottom and as you exhale, I'm just looking for alignment in the spine, alignment in the posture, press the pelvis a little forward. Good.

And then just restack your spine right over the top of your [inaudible]. All this without leaning back at all. Although the head to lift up and it's beautiful and we'll just do that one more time. I says my, I'm checking again. Touch on is checking in with her body. I'm looking for imbalances and not seeing much.

Really not seeing much at all. Put a little weight over on here and inhale and exhale. Just feel now here, feel the pelvis move. Maybe soften the knees a little. Good. And then stacking the spine rider right up and lifting the ice. Okay, beautifully done. Come and sit down on the Cadillac.

You're going to sit up about here and your hand, your legs will be straight and you'll take the bar in your hands. So back up a little bit. Bring your legs all the way together and squeeze [inaudible] this is shifting over there. Hold outside. Okay, so other rollout. So from here, go a little bit more forward with your spine, not your whole spine. So we're lifting your lower back, straighten your lower back there and now round. So you will want you to start with your pelvis, sliding your pelvis out from underneath you sliding rurally, tucking the pelvis so that that low that comes into contact with the mat.

Yeah, great job. Come all the way down onto the back of your head. Breathe in as you lift your head and chest up and give me a little bit more work over here and burry that as you curl. So we're going to stay round at the top along rounded spine. Inhale there and as you exhale go down again. So we want that right waist to shorten just a little bit and that's going to keep you even. That's nice. Good. Well reaching curb.

Create this amount of pressure on the bar. Go ahead. Inhale, lift the head and chest, connect into that right side waist line and curl the spine. Good. Stay and round. And in here a little heavy on the right side leg too. Just like think about that side and go again, curling.

We stretch the back away. We create length in the spine. The head is a lasting to come down. And also the first thing to lift back up. Breathe in, feel the root case dry and feel that right side working. Beautiful. Beautiful. Stay a little bit. We're more around, a little bit more rib round. Good. And one more time. Excelling as we curl down.

Keeping the alignment in the spine. Good, good, good, good. And then here, just soften through the ribs a little bit. Nice. Lift the head and chest and curl the spine. And she's doing a beautiful job. We feel here and we see that the spine stays long.

Spiked a little bit more around here, a little bit more around right there. Good. And then from here, lift your spine to straight. Bring the bar into your chest. Bend your elbows wide. Lifting the chest to the bar. Lifting the spine. Push the bar forward just as much as you pulled it. Lift here. No, no.

Straight in here. Yeah, bend in Paul. Okay. So as the bar goes forward, you push down, you create a downward pressure on the bar. The spine stays, still. Pull the bar in and build the spine from here. Lift up. That's it. That's it. So she's just exploring the opening of her chest here. And we'll do two more lifting right where my fingers are. That's it. And stretching forward. I last one. Lifting. Beautiful. Pushing forward. Let the Barb go.

And now rolling down through your spine all the way. You can just reach your arms forward. You're doing the same exercise. Let's do straight elbows. She's just gonna find just as much control gave me that right sideways. Yeah. Rounding, rounding, rounding. Until you come all the way down.

Lovely. A, bring your hands back and hold onto the bars. Test here. So you'll go like, like here. Yeah. Okay. So lift your leg then. One knee. Woo. I'll come around. Lift left. Yeah, go ahead and lift that leg all the way up. We're going to do this spine twist. So one leg up, I'm going to tabletop and the other leg up into table top. So gluing the legs together. Drop the feet down just a little bit. Okay.

And now inhale and take the legs over to the side. Keep this knee lined up with this knee and XL to come back sliding the ribbon on that side. So something's happening that's fairly common. We get a nice slide. So what I want you to do is pick the pelvis up. Yeah. Pick the pelvis up more on that side. Yeah. There you go. Reaching over. Feel the scapula and the rib cage connect as you start to place your body back down. Good. So in order to keep the knees level, we've got to pick the pelvis out. That's it. That's it. Good.

And then exhale, we've got scapular calming down into the ribs, connecting into the obliques and pelvis. Nicely done. Inhale to me. Yup. Pick that pelvis up. That's it. Not Towards your, uh, shoulder, but just off the mat. Nice. Beautiful. And drawing back. Feel that right side rib. Draw and deepening through the center of your body. Beautiful Movement. Let's do one more on each side. Picked that up. That's it. You got it.

You got it. Inhaling and exhale. Working deeply to find center and inhale picking up the head. Yeah. That's a little, it's a little less smart on that side, Huh. And coming all the way back your body, not you. Okay. And placed one foot down and the other foot down. Lovely. Okay.

This bar is going to come just over your face. Yeah. Hold on to it with your hands here. We're about to go into the mini roll out. Go ahead. Um, I'm having given you very much spring if you want more, tell me. Okay. So find a neutral position with your pelvis. Yep. So we could drop the tailbone all the way down. So you're gonna go down, right? Yeah. Keep that.

Bring your legs all the way together and then lifting your chest and curling up to here. Good. So from here, press down on the bar just a little bit and we're going to haul the abdominals and curl the spine. Stop there, and then draw in and come down just to hear a little bit longer. So come towards me as you come down. That's it. And then Corolla. So heavy yet yet. Nice, heavy abdominals. Beautiful. And then think about creating space on your way down. Beautiful. Keep the tailbone down, curling up and then reaching away. Dropped down a little bit more. Yeah.

Press down into my hands. That's it. Keep that and curl. Try to keep this pressure here. Oh, that's a little test for nice. A little higher. And then we'll do three more reits. I wave. Keep this pressure here with me. That's it. Come up just a little more. That's beautiful. And keep the pressure with me. Nice. And two more.

You don't mind if I touch you on your bum. Do you [inaudible] Oh, don't lose me here. That's it. Okay, one more time. There's a little bit more work on this side. Nice. Come all the way down. So you're going to turn, uh, let's take the right hand. Turn it in. Bring it to here. Yup. Hold onto the bar like that.

Take your left hand behind your head like this. Okay. So this is a tough one. We're going to still try and keep the hips down. You're gonna curl through center. Yeah. Keep your arm straight. Yes. Stay there. Turn your body towards me.

I'm looking just here. Okay. And now I want you to curl up that side. So we got this outside rib coming across towards this hip. Come this way. Nice. And then again, you want to think about that creation, that, that length as you go down just to there and then reach out. You have just there and then curl and reach out. So I want you to come back down here with find me with your hips. That's it. Good pulling out. Look here. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Tailbone down. [inaudible] I'll keep that all.

That's much harder. Let's do two more. Reaching, reaching good right here with your eyes. Uh, ice. Go all the way down and rest. Nicely done. Let's change sides. So the opposite hand goes behind your head. Yep. Keep the pelvis down, Huh? Lift your body through center. Nice. And now as you go in, not too high as you go in this direction, I want you to slide this room in Warren. So you're going to twist, pull this room in towards your body. Yeah. And then twist around it like that.

Ice here. And you're just going to curl up that side and keeping the head try not to lead with your face. Keep your heading. And that's better. Keep your head in your hands. Good. Find me down here with your pelvis. That's it. Oh and so hard. I know. And, and again, left and down. Reach this way. Yeah. And down pelvis. Yeah.

Straight up and down. Three more. Yeah. Nice. Two more or just a little bit higher. And the last one head with me. [inaudible] Yup. Come all the way down and west. Nice. Well done. You can let go. We'll set you up for some foot work. Well done. Cool. Kind of hot in here, Huh?

Okay. So we're gonna move into the footwork series setting up for that. All right, Tatiana, what I would like for you to do please is bring your feet underneath the bar. Yup. Push up. Okay. So we want to position you so that you're in a position where you can feel that your tailbone has all the way down. Can you, are you there? Yeah. So you can back up a little bit if you, and if you need to.

I've got the bar here. I've got it. Oh yeah, let's scoot your upper body this way just a little bit. That's perfect. Okay, so we need to come onto your heels. Yeah, go here we are on your feet. Put your feet here. Yeah. More. Yeah. More still. Yeah, right there on the very end. Okay. And then here we're going to look for some alliance of that that need to have ed to ankle alignment. So from there, I want you to bend your knees and straight in your knees. Okay. Bend your knees and straighten your knees.

I'm gonna ask for you to think about that just a little bit differently. So keep a smaller bend. Pull the bar towards you. Use Your hamstrings stock there. Don't push with the front of your legs. Instead, press the pelvis down and think about letting the legs ease. Yeah, different, right? Good. In Hilton, Ben, keep the pelvis reaching down so there's an active pole with the back of the legs. That's enough. So I'm stopping her right when I feel like her tailbone is coming up and then suppress the pelvis down to [inaudible] left. Nice. Inhale to bend. Very good.

Yes. Beautiful. Good. Keep going. Good. And now I'm just going to look for, I just said different picture here. Soften here. Yeah. Pelvis. Reed. She's down in the legs. Almost ease their way to straight. Good. One more time.

Okay. Tatyana, move to your toes and put your toes. Yeah, exactly. So come a little closer with this foot. Yeah. So, and then watching the alignment of the knees, you want them to face straight ahead of you. There you go. Raise your feet. So come up into plants are flection. Point your feet just like that. So the ankles will stay. And then I want you to look for more of an even ankle joint. But yeah, and bend. Inhale the knees, the knees will bend. Perfect. And then same idea, we pressed the ribs down and pressed the pall. This down.

The ankles don't change so, so try not to roll the feet out in Hilton Bent, but you can keep pointing the feet and press. So put a little bit more pressure on the insides of your feet. Think about lifting. The pinky toe is off the bar. That's it. You got it. Bend beautiful. Not at the Nissa pressed down to liftoff.

Inhaling bend. So the arms here are always long. We always have a little heaviness to the backside of the [inaudible] body and bend and stretch and two more bend. Watch the than me. So it's sometimes a happy medium to get the feet correct. And then the knees correct as well.

You just want to use your um, peroneal muscles there, but don't change the hip one more. I love the pelvis though. Bring your heels together, keeping your toes apart. The feet will stay, but I still want that ankle bone kind of reach. Yeah. Good reaching where in hilltop, bend the knees towards the shoulders. So you'll open onto like a frog. Yeah. Yeah. You just, yeah.

And then it's the same. All the same ideas. Press the pelvis down and then as your knees are bending, they never been so much that you feel the pelvis lose its shape. Bend again. Breathe in, stop there and press the pelvis down to lift. Nice. And the knees breathing. Yeah. Okay.

Yeah. Ribs, abdominals, tailbone. Nice. Beautiful. In Hilton Bend, you're ahead. Press. Yeah. Keep the external rotation in the hips, but the they ankle joint thing and just happy medium. Let's do three more. So rotate in the hip joints. We'll try to keep the ankles pretty straight. Yeah. Last two. I'll allow the ribs to slide on the front of the body. Nice. One more time.

Good work. Okay. So we're going to go to the outside of the bar on the heels. So you're going to put the heel of your foot here and I want you to try to see, go ahead. Try to see if you can wrap this, this part of your foot under here. So you're gonna like that. So this is might be a fairly big stretch. I went externally rotated through the hips please and allow the knees to bend again.

Inhale, keep the pelvis down. Yup. And then bend and stop there. Press down through the pelvis, down through the ribs and ease the legs back up to straight. Nice. And inhale to bend. Keep the hips in turnout and stretch.

Good. And Ben [inaudible]. Yeah, I liked the work. I liked that hard work and stretch. Good. So we're contracting and pulling the bar down. And then the power of is dropping down is where the legs are coming to straight from. Let's do about three more. Finding a softness to the front of the ribs. Beautiful.

Good. Last time. All right, so let's come back to the center of the bar on your toes. Yeah. And the, I'm into the middle and then I'm just going to come and look from this direction. Yeah, you look good. So we're gonna go, we're gonna flex the foot. Keep the knees straight.

Yup. And then just we're going to look for that name and then lifts through the feet. So roll up onto your toes. Point your feet. Yeah, point and, and flex. Just like that. And pull here and point. Nice and flex. We'll just do a couple and big toe push. Yup. And port all the way down and big toe push. Good.

And all the way through. Three more. You good? You happy? Yeah. Good. Okay, last one. I'm gonna, we're going prance. So what knee bends? The opposite heel reaches. Yeah. So Ben, one lift one and then and switch. And I just watched that too. A turning in of the knee here. There you go. And lift and switch and up and switch and on and switch.

And just one more time. Both feet active on the bar. Yeah. Nice. Last one. [inaudible] okay. Tatyana. Bend both knees. I'll hold this for you while you take your feet out. And I want you to put your arms here again and I want you to slide this way all the way until your arms are fully straight. Okay. So we're going to bring the legs back up under the bar again. You Ready?

Here we go. Yeah. On your toes this time. So we're going to do a, the tower prep followed by the tower. So you're trying as much as you can to keep that tailbone down and do your best point your feet. So what I want you to do as you're rolling your spine up, cause I want you to bend your knees. Go ahead. And uh, sorry. As you're lifting your pelvis, allow your knees to start to bend. So you're going to bend and lift. Yeah. So yeah, say there, don't straighten, don't straighten. And Bend your knees just like that.

So from this, so that's the place where your co going up to simultaneously bending the knees and lifting the spine and you're gonna slide allowing the legs to straighten. So those two movements get coordinated together. Yeah. It should feel good on your back. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Point the feet. Yep. Bend your knees as you lift your back. Good. Using the backs of the leg. So don't straighten to support the springs. Breathe into hold and breathe out.

As you now simultaneously allow the spine to come all the way down and allow the legs to stretch at the same time. Drop the pelvis all the way. Soften here. Flex your feet. Yeah, that's a big stretch to point your feet and curl. Bending the knees. Bend your knees. Yep, that's it. So this muscle supports the springs good.

And you get that nice long spine. This is the tower prep and you're gonna roll down that feel okay to you. Kay. So let's do the full tower. So how that's going to go? You're going to flex and point again. Yup. Just like that. And now you're going to keep your legs straight. Point your feet. I want you to use your legs to push this way against the bar as you roll yourself up. Now here you can get a little bit of back extensor work.

Good listing, lifting, lifting, lifting. As you breathe in, bend. Yep. Stay there. Continue to breathe in and stretch. And as you exhale, roll down. So at the top, once you get your spine into position, the spine will stay still as the leg Smith. Okay. All the way down. This nice long stretch to the back. Flex your feet, point your feet, use your hamstrings to help you support the spring. Push this way on the bar. You're good. Rola good shoulders, reaching down. Spinal lengthening. Now no change. Just bend the knees.

Yeah, try to keep lifting off of my hand. That's it. Bend a little bit more and now stretch. Yeah. And now roll down, sliding the spinal way. Feeling the spine come down bone by bone. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. One more. Do love it. I feel so good.

And then curling. Good. She's doing a great job. Super supported. In the legs. So I just want you to focus really hard on when you're doing your legs here. No change in the spine. So you use your back muscle. False. You use your stomach muscles to bend a little more. There you are. And now stretch. Feel the spine long and now curl away.

Curling away. Good. Nice. Nice. Nice. Reaching all the way down. Yeah, that's it. Take your feet out. Yeah. So what I'm going to have you do next, come up.

All right, I'm gonna face me. I want to see you'll be on your knees. This is the cat stretch. Okay. So I want you to hold the bar like this. Yup. Right on the outsides of the bar. [inaudible] just like that. So eyes for two to begin. Then I want you to press keep your eyes here. Nope, no street here. Press down on the bar with your arms.

Yup. Stay there. Street and your wrists. There you go. Now you're going to roll down. Keep your shoulders in place. Try to keep the pelvis just over the knees. Continue going down for a moment longer. And now Tatiana, start to lift with your spine. So you're going to reach your tailbone up into my hands.

You have arch your back. You're going to go into a flat back. Yup. Yup. Now this way out. This way. Lift that way. No, no, no, no. You're good. So straight and just don't go down below bar. Yeah. So come this way. Straighten here the other way. That's it. And lift your chest off my hand. There you go. There you go.

And now round back up. Head down. Shoulder blades, dragging down with the buy in. You want to use your abdominals a lot when you use the backsides of your legs a lot so that you get your pelvis right straight. Okay. And then at the top the arms will bend. Yeah. Okay. So what's happened? You're going below the bar, like underneath it and I don't want you to go underneath it. I want you to, I'm curling down and then I want you to straight in your back like that. So they had, see how my head's still above my hands instead of down below.

I want you to try that again. That's what I was doing with your ponytail. Okay. All right. So straighten your arms for us. No, Ha yeah, no head yet. And now the, the rounding was beautiful. We just didn't get it quite as straight as I wanted you to go. So that's about it. As on the down.

I'll start to go out till your tailbone towards the ceiling this way. So lift your butt up. Stick your butt out like an angry cat. The other way there. Yep. Straightened out more that. Thank you. My friend stopped there. Now around back from there, you want to really concentrate on shoulder stability, scapular stability. So we're not pushing the bar. Press here. Use your legs area. Go.

There you go. There you go. Good. Eyes forward. And then the arms bend. Should we go again? Okay. So you feel your stomach working lots. Push down around first. Now here we're gonna unwind the spine. Tailbone towards the ceiling. Yeah, that's it. Give me a little bit more of this more. No, no. The other way. That's it. Lift your head a little. Don't push with your arm.

That's a good spine right there. Beautiful. And then curl. You got a lots of legs, lots of shoulder stabilizers. Beautiful, beautiful. Pushing the bar away all the time until you're all the way to the top. Eyes forward. Arms Bend. Good. Yeah. Okay, let's move on. So you're going to turn around, I'm going to grab the arc.

So you just stay right there and you'll just sit on there. We'd just do a little ab work. So just stay sound. The ocean might as well look at the ocean and not the parking lot, right? Okay. So yes, you're not going to sit on it. You're perfect. You need to go this way a little bit with your body and just press up against it with the backside of your pelvis. Perfect. Good. Reach your arms forward.

So now you're gonna Round your spine all the way over. So you're going to go down round two here, lift your arms, take your body all the way back. You'll just let the barrel support you. Reach around with your arms backwards. So they're going to make a circle. Yeah, your eyes can come up now. Your arms can come forward. Nice. Straight and narrow arms.

So that's the arms I like straight Elvis, long spine. Inhale. Exhale as you curl back with this one. Feels good. Just give me that right side. Waist all the time. [inaudible] and then arms. And then the back of this have to avoid the bars a little. They might be in your way just to attack. Reach around to your sides, lift your eyes, roll yourself back up.

It's nice that was better on that side. So hands behind your head now create like a Hammock for your head and not quite so far back with your elbows. Yeah. So if you let your scats come under a little bit, then your head can press back. And we have a nice alignment there. So we're going to curl the spine back again. Reaching all the way over the barrel. Yeah. Beautiful. Stay here.

As you exhale, you're gonna press the ribs down into the bail and you're going to curl up. Yeah. Corolla. Kara, let's stop there. I want your head in your hands. Wait. Yep. So look here. Yeah. And then back there. So the head is always back in the hands. So it's like you're using your head like a weight and then go back in here and don't press your head forward. Just lift your spine. Exhale, drawing and worths. Nice. Better? Yeah. A little harder that way.

And inhale to go back. Tatyana is a beautiful mover, y'all. And here we go. Lifting and no head, right ribbon, left. Pelvis down and back. So think about touch on it in your body. These two bony landmarks, just reaching for them. One another. That's it. That'll help your alignment. Two more. So making it look easy. It's not easy.

That's rib coming in like that. Nice. Nice. Okay, last one. Are you okay? Do you need to have a break? Okay. It's gonna get, it's going to continue then. So you're going to turn now this way, not with your eyes. So keep your head like in your hands. Rotate your body. That's it. You're going to go backwards this way. Just like that. And then up this way. So it's all I can up and out. Sort of a feeling nice and down and an up and out. Gotcha.

So this rim is coming down towards this side of the pelvis. This ribs pulling into the body to more reaching out. Yeah. Ice here to keep the rotation in the body, but just don't change the eyes quite as much. Yeah. Let's take you through centre. You doing okay? Okay. Over to the other side. This is what I want and then I sit here. Yep. And then reach back. And this is your Tufts. I right.

You pull that ribbon. Aim towards my ear with this elbow. That's it. And back. Yeah. Aim towards my air with this elbow and towards the ground. That elbow. That's it. Beautiful. Beautiful. Nice. Stability. Yeah. Reaching. And then you're just like fine. That position at the top. That feels all challenging and sit with it for a second. Yeah. One more.

Yeah. I come forward and to center. Take your arms forward. Stretch. Yeah, just go all the way back and rest. Yeah, well done. Okay, so you can bring yourself up. We're going to do a little sideline hip work. Can you give me a favor and just take that off and put it underneath?

Okay. So come lie down on your side with your head at this end. So we're going to put your foot into here, your top leg. Go ahead. And then I want you to push out legs together and pulled away just like that. Is it too heavy? We'll see. I can change it. So a lie on this arm, and then use this hand.

You're going to put it on the bar like that and you're going to use it to help you create stability. Okay. Now I want you to bring your whole body underneath towards me. Yeah. Everything. Our embody, everything. No, no, no, no, no. So like a whole shape. Yeah, exactly. You got it. Okay. And so now we've got a little bit of overextension through the spine. This is perfect. Hold this shape. Okay.

I'm going to give you a little assistance. So what we're going to do, come, come a little bit more right there. So we're going to go into external rotation of the hip and we're going to take the leg forward. Good. From there, I want you to lift your leg all the way. I want you to rotate your knee towards me and right here at this juncture we press the pelvis forward. We bring the spring back. Yep. Make a circle. Oh, that's a tough spring for Tatyana. Are you okay? Am I making it just a little bit lighter? You just stay right there.

Yeah, we go. Okay. So here we go again. Go forward, control, lift. Now here as your leg goes back and want you to reach your pelvis forward as you reach your leg and it's an out and a way feeling gorgeous. Gorgeous. Good. I'm just giving her a little more. Stretch the feel. Okay, good. So reaching up. Find the rotation hip. Don't change the pelvis. Rotation in the hips, the squeeze here. Use your abs.

Come behind you a little bit behind. There you are. You feel stretched in your head. Yeah, two more far away. I'm not going to help you this time. I want you to create the exploration in your own nice, lovely work. And the last one, Nice. Little bit more back to China. That's it.

Okay, so now we're going to reverse it. I want you to reach out and back like that. Not, not too much. Spine bending. Yeah. Hold your ribs back. Yeah. Beautiful. And then as you're coming towards me, I want you to connect here to push beautiful. Explore the backward range. Reach into the parking lot. Nice. Reach up, forward and down and string backward.

Reach the last two times. I want you to go a little slower on the way back and I want you to explore that. Keep the leg down for a minute. Yeah, there it is. That's where the stretch is going to happen. One more. Keep the like pretty low. Pretty low. Yep. Reach back now.

There it is. There it is. Yeah. Really good. Good. And then come back and bend your knee. We're just going to take this strap and hook it over your ankle. Like this. Bring me your foot. Yep. I'm just going to give you a little stretch here. Here we go.

Yeah. Don't bend your back. Is that okay? Yeah, it should feel pretty good. Alrighty. Let's make sites. So when you position yourself, come right underneath the spring. This way you'll get to look at the ocean. Lucky. Okay. Yeah, come back a little bit this way. Yeah, that's fine. I push up and together.

Okay. Exactly. So we want that. We want to match the upper body with the low ready. Bring your legs a tiny bit forward. There you go. Yeah, I'm happy. Okay, so here we go. We're going to take the legs forward. We'll, we'll control the spring lift up. Now here you want ads hit ribs. We reach back and down and forward control.

Yeah. W W W w. Well the spine more stable. There you go. So I'm just giving her a little support with her pelvis and her ribs so that she can feel a little bit more than a little support. But that's really, go ahead. You're good. That's helping her feel the rotation just in our hip. Are you okay?

Okay, here we go. So explore, but don't change your spine and that's it. That's it, my friend. Good last time. Yeah, I'll reach. Okay, so now keep this, keep this. We're going to go this way now. So I want you to reach back. So as you find that range of motion, keep the body just like before and we wrote he up and bringing the like for this, it's just a little tighter. Yeah. So here. That's it.

Good reach. Nice. Beautiful. Beautiful. A little tighter, Huh? You okay? Yeah. More ribs. More ads. That's gorgeous. [inaudible] cool. Oh, last two. She has reached all the way on, touch the window with her beautiful long legs.

Yeah. This is the last one. Yeah. Back, back, back and up and forward. And then back to me. Bend. Reach. Yeah. Yeah. Don't back then though. If you backbend you're going to lose the stretch. That's much better. Okay. There we go. And then we just take the sigh backwards.

All right, so go ahead and take the foot out. We're going to set up for some arm work. So I want you to come onto your feet. How are you doing now? Back here where I am. You're doing okay? Does that feel good? I love that. That's one of my favorite things.

So we'll start with chest expansion. So you'll face this way and you'll take the handles in your hands. Yup. And I'm just going to move the bar a little bit. Yeah. Okay. So what I want you to do to find tension on your springs, I just look straight ahead of you. Straighten your elbows and start to bring your arms towards me.

So we want also straight wrists. So you'll have to, you're gonna reach around, this drops a little bit. Now if you don't feel like you have enough spring tension, you can take a step back, a small step back. What we're going to do is we're just going to reach the arms and then reach the arms down as they go forward. Forward. Yup. And so they're going to go down and forward to take a little bit of a step back.

Tiny bit. There you go. And then, so it's a down first and then a back. Yeah, working from the back. Nice. And I down and forward. So there's always come a little bit more, right? That's it. Lifting the chest and keep checking in with those risks. So we reach back. Nice. Hold here and work here. So you won't both. It's good. Hold here and work here. Nice.

Can you feel your back working your upper back? I'm so happy. Good. I still lean back too much. Twice more. Nice. Good. I'm in your way. Okay. Okay, so you're going to next. Turn yourself around.

Yeah, keep the handles. Bring your arms out to your sides. Yup. Bring a little tension into the strats and step towards me. Just a little. From there. Parallel feet, you're going to lean in, lean in and from your ankle joint. So it's like you're flying. Just like that. Could keep it a little bit more attention on your springs.

Push you with your arms towards me. Okay, so that's your start position. This is hug a tree. So you're going to come with the arms, come with the arm, come with the eyes. Your right. Good. Just like that. And then reach into the straps as you reach out. Keep the scabs still just like that. Turn this way just a little and press towards me. So if I let you go, you're under control, right?

[inaudible] it's like a soft elbow. Good wrist. Nice. Nice, great abdominal work. Keep going. Come back and I'll pull it off. You can set that. Is it too hard? You can step back a little. You happy? It's good. It's good to work hard. I love working on, yeah.

Let's just do two more. So I'm not, I'm not really doing any work. I'm just guiding. Nice. Yeah. Just to hear. And one more. So we're going to take it into a circle. Tatyana, I want you to rotate your arms down.

I want you to continue to lean towards me as you lift your arms up to here. Feel the arms, continue to put pressure on the springs as they come around to your sides. And then once again, back towards me. Right shoulder down. Yeah. Trine, maybe not quite so that, well, we'll stop there. [inaudible] okay, maybe not.

Can you bring your body into my body? So let that, let the stretch happen there. [inaudible] impressed towards me. Nice. Okay. Rotate left. Continue to lean into your spring. Go ahead. Thin [inaudible] I love the shoulders. I love it across. Good. That's an ash. Rotate down. We'll do two more. Lift up.

So not quite so low with your arms and you'll avoid the spring and add just there and across. Nice. Rotate down. Lift up. This is our last one. Reach up. She's got beautiful scapula stability and mobility. No, just here. Okay. We're going to go the other way now. So you're going to open Q? Yup.

Don't let your shoulder blades come together. Keep them wide. No, no, no, don't. Yeah. Right. And then up. So there's a rotation in the scaps but not a sliding and out. And then press down from here. Yeah. Oh good. Rotate the palms to face each other and not quite so low roti. Yeah.

Kid, this kid, this for me. Yeah, the rotation in the shoulder blades happened. It's lovely. It's lovely. And then we've pushed like this push towards me. Try to touch me. That's it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

And then abdominals and back muscles. A strong, it's two here. So right before you get in the springs run into you. Nice. I'm proud. Solid. Oh, I got you. One more. One more. You can do it. Keep the rest. There you go. Good. Beautiful. So the mobility isn't the hard part feel.

It's this spring. The, the, the strength work. Nice. That's enough. Step back. Okay. And go work. Okay. So we're getting come back over here to do some side lifting.

So I touched on what I want for you to do please, is to lie down on your side. Your head will be this way. Your legs will go this way. Yup. Chase your audience. Uh Huh. Go ahead. Okay, so line your body up in a straight line. Yep. You're, that's going to be beautiful.

And you're going to take this leg and you're going to cross it over this way. Okay. So I'm usually, there'd be a strap on the Cadillac on. We don't have one. I'm not going to bother to get one. I'm just going to use my own hands. So take the bar and just hold it with it. Your hand. Good. So we're gonna go to here. Touch on, I want you to bend your elbow wide.

Now I want you to start to take the bar over your head, you know? No, no. With that, with this harm is gonna push just like that. [inaudible] like this. Okay. So now you're going to slide the shoulder blade down. Press the ribs into the shoulder blade. Bring the elbow back. So bend your arm. Do you have to? Don't change your whole body just like that. Okay?

Okay. So here's where you need me. Now lift your back. Lift your body all the way up that. Lift that bottom arm, that bottom arm. Oh, there we go. And then go down. Okay. So we want a little bit less of a back bend. Bend your elbow. Press the arm. [inaudible] and your arm. Okay, so I'm, you look after your arm. Here we go.

We're gonna work together. We're gonna work together. Now lift your body. Nice. Beautiful, beautiful. And now on the last to touch on, I want you to see if you can your bottom arm and come up and touch the bar. [inaudible] yeah, you understand? So it's going to be like this. So here you are. You're going to, you're here, you're going to bend, and then you're going to reach with both arms. Yeah. Okay, here we go. Yeah. Bending. Yep. Stabilizing through this center.

Here we go. Both Times left. Yep. All the way up. Reach and touch. Keep that left elbow straight and had between your arms and back all the way down. Nice bend and push. So keep your head right in between your arms. It was a little far back he had. That's it. So when you left and want you to work here, here we go. Reach up. Straight. Elbow, straight elbow. Straight up on the left. That's it.

Gorgeous. Lower down. And then, and arrest to this. I'm going to give you a last right? Sure. Hold on tight. Yeah. Hold with your hand. Yep. Nope. Okay. Hold. Yeah, keep that. [inaudible]. Ah, Nice. Okay. I have the bar. I'm just going to bring it over you. Yup. Chain sides.

Okay. So we'll do three without the lift, without the bottom Armenia. Use your bottom arm for three and then two with no arm. There you go. Yeah. Okay. Exactly. Good. So you want to press with you, you want to squeeze your inner thighs together. Here we go. So the elbow bends. Now as the arm goes overhead, I want the shoulder to draw. Beautiful. Nice to there. And then you slide backwards.

This arm comes straight. I want you to work those ribs in and left. Nice. Good. Come back this way just a little bit lower down. You go all the way down. Then the arm moves the shoe. Don't lean. Yeah. Back. Yeah. Good. Just like that Paul back slide down. Just like that. The arm last one with the ribs to stay in, please reach out.

Nice. Good. And down. Last one. Yeah. Yup. Control the shoulder. Better. Better. Go ahead and left. Nice and down. So I want you to really think about that control through your shoulder. Yeah, work more here. Okay, so here it goes. Yeah, don't elevate. There you go, Ben. Here we go. We're going to go to the bottom. I'm with you.

So you're gonna lift your whole body up. Reach up, touch, reach up, touch, lower, back down, lower your body. And then that's a tough spring. I mean, I was mean. That's, that's it. Before the shoulder goes wide, elbow, drag the bar. That's it. That's it. I'm straight and I get the whole beautiful whole body down arm. We're just going to press overhead. And a, I just keep holding on for me. Nice. And it's nice and strong. Okay. Andrew Helper. I'll take the bar.

Yeah. And then come all the way out. Okay. We need to do a couple more things. Okay. So we'll get the trap here and hook it up. Okay. Tatyana, you're going to stand up on the mat. So what I want you to do please is choose one of your legs to come into the low sling. Yup. Just like that. This foot is going to be very far forward. Okay. So what we're looking for in this exercise is a squared pelvis. Firstly.

Yeah, more [inaudible]. And then you want to hold back on the ribs again. You have keep this pelvis down so now and the leg is going to be straight. So most of us are going to want to rotate the pelvis to keep the leg straight, but none of us are. Okay. So touch on a bend your forward knee and go backwards. So keep this leg strong, reach back into this stretch and I want you to, with your arms, pull yourself up and forward up in four yet really give me arms.

Really give me arms. Lift your chest through your arms. Beautiful. So if you keep your pelvis down, you'll have a stretch there too. And then go back again. So this'll be your inhale. You go backwards. Nice straight leg. And then pull, lifting up, follow through. Use the back of the leg to talk to the front of the leg pole with your arms, arms, arms, arms, arms. I'm not letting her rotate. And then back.

She wants to a little. So we'll do one more. No rotation. Reach back. It's like a swing. Okay. On the left. Okay. There's a fun transition. Are you ready for it? Stay right there. Hold yourself with your arms. You're going to lift that foot off the mat? Yeah, go hold up with your arms. This, what's going to go into there?

The other one's going to come out. Oh. Ah. Then this knee, we'll just switch. We'll just switch. Um, that's okay. You can try it in a minute. Okay, so there you go. So we've got, we are squaring the hips or this hip points to that wall. There you go. And now she's got a gorgeous straight, like that's a tough thing to do. We want to make sure that the back isn't changing. And now lifting from the arms. Yeah, hold back on the ribs just a little bit so you're not overextended in your lower spine. Reaching to there and then bend.

Reach backwards as you been. Okay. And then sliding polling with your arm. Nice. Strong arms are good with the pelvis, Tatyana. Yeah. Yes. You feel the stretch there. Good. One more time. Go backwards. Yeah.

And then riding up elbows. Why beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Nice. Okay, so let's try it again. All I want you to do, I want you to do, just hold yourself there. You just pulled yourself up. I want you to see if you can take that leg and put it into the strap to yes, yes. Both legs. Just for a moment. Just for a moment. No, no, you gotta hold it up. Hold up. Use your arms. Yep. Lift. Lift. Yep. It's here. It's here. We hold for one polo? No, no, no. Just hold, hold, hold, hold. Step one foot down. Set the other foot down. Well done.

So the later on that turns into a pull ups today. No. How your hands please. Okay, good. Okay, so we're going to do the hanging back. So you're going to turn this way. Come a little bit to where the, not to my backup. A little right there. And you're going to hold with your arms. Okay. So what I want you to step one foot into the tree, a trapeze on the top and then use that foot to hook.

So that's going to help you hold either leg please. Yeah. Good. Okay. So now bring the pelvis underneath you this way. So you're going to go backwards. All right. Touch on a roll. We're not going to make our hang for a very long roll up. Roll Up. Find me with your head. Yes, good Morehead.

So there's your straight line touch on. And I want your to neck, thoracic, [inaudible] not lower back yet. I want thoracic. Pull the bars towards your feet. That's it. That's it. Now use your legs and go for it. Now use your legs and go for it. That's it. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful. Head comes back. Spine comes back.

Roll yourself all the way and down until your tailbone is reaching back on a break. Yeah, to take your feet down. Take your feet down. Anyone who's ever done this exercise before knows how hard it is on the hands. It's your hands. Yeah, and the arms. The hands in the hands. You want to try one more? No, always. Okay, next time. Next time. All right, Tatiana. Step down onto the floor please.

Okay, so face me. Sure. You have enough room for your arms and say, just let reach the arms up, looking up and then allow them to push down with your arms. Let your head come forward slowly. Roll yourself down. Again, just checking in with your body just like we did in the beginning of class. You're going to go forward. Go forward. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Let the back length in at the bottom. Take a stretch. Breathe in and read that as you crow feeling the pelvis. Kirra feeling the spine come up over the hips more. I have Ar. And then once again, take the arms up, reach in, push, create energy this way. Look, Huh. And press the arms back down.

Well done. That's all.


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Liked the upper back opening. For viewing purposes, I think it would be better to get a student demo who is level 2 and understands/can execute the instructor's cues. It broke up the flow of things.
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I love watching you teach this class Meredith. It is awesome to see you work with a client who isn't use to your cues (or hasn't ever worked with you), and see how you can get her to execute the movement. Would love to see more classes of you and other teachers teaching students who aren't use to your style of teaching, to see how you use tactical and vocal cues to get the client to feel the movement. Nice work! Great teaching moment!
Wonderful class, Meredith. Thank you!
I actually have to disagree with Pele...I know what you mean Pele and I understand your point. However, I really enjoyed this class. It is really about what we do everyday as instructors. We 'teach' and we love to see progress in our students/clients. I actually would like to see more classes like this one. Wow, Tatiana...all the way from Ukraine and I cannot even make it from Virginia....You can tell you had lots of fun...
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Very good point Paola!! this is what we do each day as instructors. This class was great! Loved your cues Meredith! And, loved your purple top!! Tetiana came to the PA studio the day that I was there. I wish I could have met you too Meredith, maybe on my next trip!
Thank you for your comments, ladies. It was exciting to teach Tatiana! However much I want my classes to flow smoothly for the viewers, I feel it is of primary importance to honor the body in front of me.
I would love to meet you someday too Connie.
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I'd like to clarify. For all you instructors out there(most commenters on the post) I'm sure this class provided lots of "how to teach" moments.
Which is great but more tutorial material than actual workout. That's what I was getting at.
Thanks Pele :)
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Very good class. I liked how you demonstrated the cat with the push through bar. that is an exercise I find difficult to teach as clients don't' really understand how much core work is involved. You did a great job communicating it to Tatiana.
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