Class #2752

Mat Workout

25 min - Class


This quick Mat workout by Karen Sanzo can come at the end of a more intense session for an athlete performing other skills. It is a lower intensity, but still high enough that it keeps the blood moving to all key muscle groups. You can also choose this session as a Mat warm up prior to hopping on other Pilates equipment. With this class, you can expect Karen's same high energy with clarity in the details.
What You'll Need: Mat, Weighted Balls, Moon Box, Small Tennis Ball, Overball, Reformer Box

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enjoyed this quick workout Karen . Still the same level of detail to each exercise and loved some of your different approaches which I am going to use in my classes . Many thanks .
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Great to see the beautiful family all together.

Great class, always learning new variations and cues for deeper connection.Thank you .
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Karen, I'm always so happy when I see a new class with you on PA. I can't take your live classes anymore at The Ranch But I still can, from the Baja. Always, your queuing is succinct with anatomical understanding and with little twists that make all the difference. Thank you!
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Thank you Karen, I loved it! I am use the arms behind the head as a change and it really helps people stay nice and tall and engage their torso. Also I liked your lunge back and side stretch and the side bent. Nice cueing very clear. Also the open leg rocker and rolling like a ball segment is a lovely combination.
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Love your queuing. Thank you for this great class.

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