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Cadillac for Weight Lifters

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See how you can tie the Pilates principles to other activities in this Cadillac workout with Karen Sanzo. She teaches her daughter, Nora, who is training for a weight lifting competition. She guides Nora in a calm and relaxing manner, while incorporating exercises to prepare her for the Squat, Bench Press, and Dead Lift that she will need to do in the competition.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Weighted Balls

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This is Nora. This is my youngest daughter. I'm happy to have her here. She's been working on a lot of things to Tyner exercises and she's going to be in a weightlifting competition. Unfortunately last year she had an ankle injury and she hurt her back a little bit, but she's getting a lot better and she is starting to use Peloton in her rehabilitation process and we've started to progress her. One of the things that Nora really loves about a, the principles of plots is the idea of calm, relaxation and guiding through the exercises.

Sometimes I can get a little zestful myself, but I actually work to tone myself down to keep Nora calm, cool and collected as well. We're going to start this little workout sitting in this particular workout. We are not going to be flexing and we're not going to be do any open chain exercises with her legs up off of the floor. That bothers the back and we're not going to be doing any flexing, not because it's not good for her back, but because the three weight lifting, um, movements that we're going to do are squat. A bench press and a dead lift. So I've been doing a little studying and learning about some of the movements taking place in there and of the, I've applied some of potties principles to that. So starting here, it's going to take this roll down bar. It may need to move ourselves here, but I think that, um, we're good here.

I've just got and let this go just for a second. So sitting here with her sacrum kind of against the wedge of this barrel here, I'm going to ask that her body start to understand how to lift the sacrum from the front. Ooh, that was really good. So that as she lifts her sacred from the front, she's not going to overarch her Thoraco Lumbar junction. This right here is a lot of work for her right now. She's connected in through the front of her body.

She's lifting up her sacrum and then go ahead and just rest because sometimes in [inaudible] it's not if you maintain that position for a long period of time, it's if you can get that position when we're asking for it. So again, lifted the sacrum. It feels to her like she's really arching, but if you look here, she's just barely neutral. She can actually lift that sacrum a little bit more. Oh, nice. And she's growing tall here. Now the arms come out in front and now the arms grab the bar. She's gonna hold that right there as she presses the bar gently down, she's going to grow tall and then release the bar and pull the bar down and then grow tall. Not a super heavy spring, not a big range of motion, just a little bit of a force down with the arms to help keep the trunk lifted.

Now in this position, she's going to hinge back, so she's going to keep pressing down to keep the front body connected. Hinge is going to be quivering here and then sit right back up. Go back down again. The arms press down as she goes back. She needs to keep the lift in her spine as she sits up so that the hips don't take over. Can you feel when you stay lifted a little bit longer? Very good. You get the lift in your spine.

So we're not gonna lose the lift when she returns. Very good and do that one more time. Go back, stay back. Big Inhale and then return. Very good patients a nor has been. It was really hard for her to do this before she's really, really progressed. Um, through her little injury here. You're gonna lie back over the barrel.

Now she's learning that patience is part of the practice. My students hear me say that too. Move your bottom towards this way. There you go. And I'm going to take this little cushion here. I'm actually gonna put it right underneath your head and we'll remove that after. But to build this lengthening here, I have these weighted balls here. You can use weights or weighted balls and you're going to let the weight of these balls just kind of dropped down. Okay, so her, her spine here is not supported. She's in neutral here.

Her sacrum is lifted right there. Her buttocks is on the lip here. Just take your arms over your head this way. Inhale, and then exhale, return. Good. And just do that several more times on your own. Resting your head. She's not overarching her neck or anything like that. Let's do that one more time. Can you make a little pressure outward in your knees and then a little pressure inward in your knees. Good.

And then choose outward and stay like that one more time. Arms go back and now pause right there. Imagine that these are like 50 pound weights and they're really pulling your arms back and you really have to get really scoopy really connected right here. And then come forward. Now alternate your arms one and then the other. So this is a starting position to keep the chest open.

Good. And then bring yourself back to center. I'm going to take this cushion away. You're gonna move back just a little bit further and we're going to get ya. Nice. I'll just a little more Archie. And one thing about the Archie is here, is this her neck going back into extension is actually from her thoracic spine lifting. Okay. It's not from just the chin lifting up. So back here in the neck and we've been working, that's it. Rest your head down.

I'm not pulling her doing any adjustment like that. I just really want you to see that her occiput is still away from her. Uh, C7 that's Kinda the key point here. Now take your arms over your head. God. So now we have like this back Ben shape in here. Can you feel that? So, so important as um, these, um, athletes with other forms of exercise that come to us for training is that we start to understand what kind of shape their body needs to be in and how well the plot is. Exercises can fit into that program as well.

Go back and stay there. Whole good. Now keeping that length in your chest, can you press your feet and start to lift your butt up? Good. And now look at how nice that is. That's really her glutes and her. It's the highest working right there. It's really good. Her neck is still so relaxed and then go ahead and take your butt down.

Don't drip down, just drop down. Good. And then lift up again. That's hip extension here, right from a bridge up and then drop down. And then do that one more time. And can you hold that there and make your arms come in a circle. There you go. Open out to the side. Good.

Don't be afraid to add a big, big breath. Good. Her feet are pressing. They're deeply grounding through the ground. Very good. And then take your arms out to the side like a t and then draw up your bottom all the way down. All the way down. Very good. And take the arms to the ceiling. Now in this next exercise here, you're going to bend your elbows much like you were holding a barbell. Okay.

And then take the arms like this. Okay. In the exercise, a bench press, the, the chest can arch nicely, but the bud has to stay down. So she's just gonna do like a bench press arms. I mean this is not the weight that she would lift. My goodness. She can bench press a lot of weight, but we're really working on opening up the chest here. Good. Do that a couple more times.

Is this the shape of your body when you're over the bench? Good. So we have a nice crease at the hips. Her buttocks is staying down. Good. And then one more time up. Nice job. And then one more time down. Good. And I, I would use heavier weights. I don't have them here today at this minute, but we can certainly use heavier weights to go ahead and do that. Okay. Carefully bring yourself up to sitting.

Okay. And I'd like you to grab onto these bars, hinge in your, your hips forward. Yes, exactly like that. And now from here, as she starts to Le Oh beautiful. As she starts to lift this same chest here, she's not gonna dump out into this low back. She's getting ready to lift up from a squat and I'm actually gonna turn this barrel around into the other direction. Okay. She's gonna pull on her arms, lift her bottom up. Good. Hold right there. Hold right there. Big Inhale, big exhale. And then sit your bottom back down. Very good. Let's do that again. Press down the lift up. Good.

Notice she's not over tucking. She's a nice alignment here. Good. And then lower back down. Let me do that one more time because we've got some more of these plans. She's going to lift up and stay. Hold that position that her back position is kind of parallel to her shin position and then lower yourself down and rest there.

Who take your hands off of the bar. Okay, we're getting ready to come up to standing. Now we're going to do our standing chest expansion, latisimus connection and lead connection. I'm gonna move this back. We're going to use this again after that. For right now I'm gonna raise the bar. Very good. Take a little step backwards and put your feet where they're comfortable. And then just kind of do a couple of shoulder circles here.

And one of the things that we're really working on, I call it like you're putting tight leggings on, lifting all the way up to the bottom. And from right here, this line of her pelvis here, these front ribs coming to the bay. Yes. That's good. She almost feels like she's flexed, but she's really not. So just expansion arms, pulling the arms down for me. Humorous bones coming back. Very good. And then release from there. Good. Yet pull back. Your knuckles are nice and long. Make your risks.

That's very good. Feel how just that little movement of the wrist ties into your whole arm packaging. Good. Very good. I'm gonna do that one more time. Pull the arms back and keep them back. Breathe into your side ribs, upper shoulders, staying back, and then release the arms. Very good. Adding now the, I call it the chest expansion arms. We're now going to add a heel lift to tie into calf, hamstrings, and then buttocks. But first before she pulls the bar, I'm just going to have her lift your heels up and down a couple of times because sometimes the balance kind of gets off with this. Good, so just keep doing that in order just a little bit.

When you first lift your heels, it's a calf contraction. Okay, so lift the heels in. Pause. There's the calf. When you lift the heels a little higher, the hamstrings come in when you lift the heels a little high, yes. Than the buttocks comes in and then you lower down. Put all that together five times. Okay. Inhale up, bar pressing, and then lower yourself down. Inhale, lift up calf thighs, but good. And then lower yourself down. Here's the third one. Arms.

Put beautiful connection through your front body. And then two more times like that. Inhale and then lower. And then last time, come up, stay up, hold five, hold for back of the shoulders. Three back in the buttocks to one. Lower yourself all the way down. And then restaurant there. Nice job. Uh, I'm actually gonna take this off just for a second and then we'll put it back on a little bit.

The next piece of this exercise I'd like to do is a hip hinge forward as she pulls her arms. So I never stepped back just a little bit. And then Nora, as you hip hinge forward, try not to just stick your butt out and lift your head, but press the bar down and do a nice hip hinge for keeping your knee straight. Keeping those knees straight yet. That's it. Stop right there. Fabulous job. Now when you stand back up, you're going to come right back up through the access of your hips. Tighten your buttocks and then it comes forward like that towards my forearm. Can you feel that right there and then do that again? The arms press, hip, hindering forward. Good.

Now just get long through that beautiful job and then tighten up these legs, these quadriceps, these thighs, and then bring yourself all the way back up. It's hard for me not to get excited, although she always tells me, Tom down, mom, calm down. Okay, now hit pinge again. Right leg comes out behind you. [inaudible] so again, the goal is not to not move. Square that pelvis off. Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful job. Straighten out your wrist especially. There you go. And then bring yourself all the way back up. All those little pieces. Go again, same side. Okay.

When you work the same side over again instead of alternating, it's for strength reasoning, see her correct herself and then come back up to one more time. On that same side, sometimes we choose with clients to alternate and that would be more for balance and coordination and then bring yourself back up. Okay. Other side, five times hip hinge forward. Nice knuckles. Nice leg here. Nice law. Oh, she corrected herself nicely there. And then bring yourself back up chest. Yep. And then come back up. And then last time, try not to lose this active knee extension connection. I'll tell you, if you hyper extend it, you're not hyperextending it. You're getting a co contraction between this quadricep and this hamstring. Sorry, I didn't mean to throw you off there. And then release this here.

How are you doing? Okay. Ready for your squats. Okay. Take this bar. Okay. And put it behind your head. So I'm going to take our little barrel back up here now. So she has something to sit to. And typically when we do squats with the Cadillac, we tend to use like a little bicep curl and sit down and stand up.

But we're going to mimic more of her body's position, uh, of the squat. And so now with this bar back here, we're acting asking for this active upper back extension, the little erectors, and then her multipolar dyes. She's already quivering up there. We already worked with this, this, uh, multifidi controlling lumbar extension. When we started out, when we talked about lifting the sacred k nef chatting. Okay. Now Chris, your hips, keep your upper back and then you're going to sit right down. Mm. And then stand right back up. You've got it three times. I'll move this a little bit closer. Go. And then inhale, set front ribs, tobacco, hips, right? Yes. And think up. Oh my heavens. Very good. Last one, attract these heels.

Her legs are a little bit further apart because her hips tip to be a little bit tight, as does the ankle that she broke. Good. And then take the bar away and that down. Fabulous job. Really, really a nice addition to have that spring behind your back to get that upper back extension. Okay, here's your sticky pads. Keeping with this idea of this extension can hang that in this upper back extension and double check your screws that they're there. Tie their tie. Um, we're going to do hanging. Okay. So she's going to turn around.

We're going to do hanging up with face facing down. So hands here on the sticky pads and bring them forward. So the first piece of this exercise I like to do kind of as a warm up. So this leg we'll come back here to the trap trapeze. Okay. And then hop forward with this leg. Just a snitch. Good.

So Nora treat this exercises like a back lunge now. So as the back leg goes back. Yeah, you got it. That's it. And then bring it back up. Very good. Good. Fabulous job. Good.

And then do that one more time and see if you can linger down there for just a second. Linger. Good. Beautiful head position. Beautiful. And then bring yourself all the way back up. Let's switch legs. It's also a very big dynamic stretch here. Can you feel that there in front of there too? Okay, so go back. That's it. And then bring yourself forward. Inhale back.

She's gently pulling down on the arms and then as the chest comes up. Very good. Do that one more time. You're going to stay back on this one. Stay back. [inaudible] hold yourself right there and then ring yourself up. Okay, now take that leg down. Now go back to your first leg and just put it back here again and now we're getting ready for the part where your elbows are bent. Remember?

And you're in this shape of this upper back extension. It's a non-discussion exercise. Okay? The other leg comes back and they're all guided. If you need me to, [inaudible] leg stays back there. Fabulous job. Straighten out those knees. You got it. And then lower yourself down and then pull yourself up. One gets it. Breathe. Inhale, and then look right where you're looking.

Don't drop your head last time down. Last time up, pause. Take this leg out. Other leg out and rest right there. Who Do you remember which leg you put in first? Put the other one in first. This time it does make a difference. That leg you start with, that's very good. This is a new exercise versus only done about one other time doing a good job.

Chest open, arms down, lats, engage arms engage there. Yeah, go straighten those late. Yes, beautiful down. And then lift up and then down and then lift up last time down, good, quivering, good facial expressions. And then take the light down. Very good and turn around. Okay. You think differently about PyLadies now don't you that you see that there's lots of other exercises to do. Okay, so pulling down on those hands.

Now we do hanging. Basically, I think you need to move your hands back just a little bit more today. I want you to try to get in here a little bit differently before we'd put one leg in and then the other leg and I'm going to see if she can pull with her hands. Okay. This is kind of like a finale here. Okay, so you're gonna pull down on your hands, lift your feet up and put them right up here in that, I mean, right up here in the top of the trap piece. Pulled down to lift up. It's okay. It's okay. There you go. And then let your body come down. Press into your feet, come to level, pause, and then bend your elbows.

Pull your body three. Pull your body equally, not the head first. Yes, very good. Correction two. And then one hold and lower down as slow as you can. Slower, slower, slower, slowest crease at your hips and take one leg out and then take the other leg out and then [inaudible] very good. Come on down off of there and come and give me a hug. That's very good at anyway. Some of those exercises we hadn't done before anyway, we don't really hug. They're always so good.


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Please please please Karen could you do another Mat level 2 for those of us who don't have any pilates equipment :) ....I love your straightforward and fun way of teaching !
Karen you are really a wonderful teacher of movement ! I learn so much from watching you..Very grateful to Pilates Anytime for this opportunity to learn from Teachers I would otherwise not have access to..Also on a side hug EVER from your daughter :)
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I'm like a child in Christmas every time a new Karen Sanzo video is uploaded! I have learned so much from you and thank you and your lovely family for helping me and expanding my Pilates understanding and practice.
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Always a big fan, looking forward for more tutorials and lessons.

Now I am wondering how many more gorgeous kids will we be able to enjoy watching ?

Just envy here, my kids didn't want to do IT
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Josie ~ Karen has a Mat class coming soon as well! I hope you enjoy it once it's on the site!
I love the new videos with you working with yourkids! How neat to see the loving relationship between you! Fabulous teaching, as always! I wanna be like Karen Sanzo when I grow up!
Karen Sanzo
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I am delighted to share Nora with you!! She has made amazing progress. AND AND me, too. I just watched this fully. I am calmer and less her request. I am still me. I still get excited. Goodness I am excited and happy most of the time. Thanks for all the comments. Stay patient in your practice.
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Awe! I loved that end hug! This was an amazing little work out for me as I too am a weightlifter. I will be doing this one again. Thank you so much !
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Wow, way to go Nora! That first hanging was amazing - i didn't make it. Your mom is such an excellent teacher - keep it up both of you!
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Thank you for taking the time to make these wonderful videos!
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