Class #2758

Wunda Chair Workout

45 min - Class


Focus on lengthening the spine in this Wunda Chair workout with Karen Sanzo. In the second class for her daughter, Nora, she attempts to make her feel less compressed in her back in addition to stabilizing the ankle that was previously injured. This is a great demonstration of how Pilates can be translated to all forms of fitness!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Wunda Chair Handles, Hand Weights, Reformer Box

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The chair workout. I said Nora and Nora is a weight lifting athlete and one of the things that I love about holidays is how it translates into all facets of fitness. So I built this chair workout toda...

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Karen, I always enjoy your masterful teaching, cueing, and creative choreographing. Thanks for another great class.
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LOVED the plank series at the end! Another great session as always! Thanks Karen.
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Cool plank - and also I liked your cueing for the reverse swan - I always thought it was about getting the lower back down - but now I see it differently
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Loved it, as always. Thanks Karen and Nora.
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Such a good class for us slouchers! I feel so much taller now!
Reverse Swan....a great exercise.
Swan is an extension force exercise. Working all the spinal extensors; REVERSE swan, then, asks that the body hold the extension (while facing up...a total challenge) and then moving.
An "articulated" reverse swan could be performed here, and that might invite the low back into flexion.
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I second Holly's comment. Thanks Karen
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Loved it that the client was a normal person , not a flexible dancer . Great cueing and we could see the response to it . Excellent
Love the moving plank!
Thank you Karen for this wonderful class with unexpected and fun exercises!!
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