Class #2778

Reformer Workout

30 min - Class


Get ready to work hard and jump high in this Reformer workout with Deborah Harris! She focuses on building the strength and stamina of the lower body for dancers so they can execute clean and beautiful jumps. She breaks down the mechanics of some of the more challenging foot work combinations and she works on developing proper foot articulation.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

About This Video


Hi, my name is Deborah Harris and I'm so excited to be back here at [inaudible]. Anytime today I will be teaching a jump board class for dancers using the garage reformer and essential skill for any d...


Awesome, love it!
Fantastic workout! Deborah clearly articulates every direction to make following the exercises easy.
A great mini class:)
Love it!
Wowsa! That was a spunky wee workout and I learned a few more dance terms while getting my heart rate up a notch more than usual while jumping. Thanks Deborah for a great energy burst for me in between clients x
Very clear cues, and beautifully demonstrated.
Loved it! Thank you for such clear cues and beautiful practice.
Fun jump combinations! Thank you!!
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Loved it, said the non dancer!
Nadine, I am so glad you liked the class :)
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