Build Strength and Stamina<br>Deborah Harris<br>Class 2778

Build Strength and Stamina
Deborah Harris
Class 2778

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Awesome, love it!
Fantastic workout! Deborah clearly articulates every direction to make following the exercises easy.
A great mini class:)
Love it!
Wowsa! That was a spunky wee workout and I learned a few more dance terms while getting my heart rate up a notch more than usual while jumping. Thanks Deborah for a great energy burst for me in between clients x
Very clear cues, and beautifully demonstrated.
Michele M
Loved it! Thank you for such clear cues and beautiful practice.
Fun jump combinations! Thank you!!
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Loved it, said the non dancer!
Deborah Harris
Nadine, I am so glad you liked the class :)
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