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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Say hello to your hamstrings and glutes in this Mat workout with Lesley Logan. She focuses on finding your seat so you can connect into your powerhouse. She includes many fun variations like Footwork, Magic Teasers, and more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi everyone, I'm Lesley Logan, and today we have an amazing mat class to do. So we're gonna start standing at our mat. Thank you ladies for joining me. And you can stand at the front e...


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really enjoyed the concise, pertinent cues. Loved the variation on the table top, and the overall flow. Working hard without a max of reps!
An aspect that adds to the art (and enjoyment) of the filming, I enjoy the colour coordination of the participants outfits with your outfit, the neat hair, and the fabulous lip colour!
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Leslie! Yay, I am thrilled you loved the variations and flow. I like to teach the way I enjoy working out. My team that day did rock those outfits. PS the lip color that day was Nars annabelle. Love a good red lipstick! XX~LL
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Yay for colorful outfits! And an awesome class. Thank you Lesley!
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Thank you, Chanda, for powering through and rocking it!
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I love this class! Every part was full of great cueing, just perfect. Thank you.
Thank you Angelika! So so happy you enjoyed it xx~LL
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Really enjoy this

So many new cues all of which made so much sense.

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Love this, a great teaching style, engaging and informative but to the point and timely cues
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Great class, Les!!!
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Nice to meet you here Lesley! that was a really lovely class!
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