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Reformer Workout

55 min - Class


Focus on the details to connect deeper to your core in this Reformer workout with Alan Herdman. He teaches Ricardo and Rafael from Spain, in a class designed for strong men who want to refine their form. He adds many specific movements and props to make sure you can clean up your technique and deepen your practice.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Yoga Block, Pilates Pole

About This Video


Hello, I'm Alan Herdman, and today we're going to go through a reformer class for guys who are quite strong. I'm working with an old friend of mine, Ricardo, and a new friend, Raphael....


Thank you Alan for a wonderful, strong class with clear cues. Loved the different resistance throughout!
Wonderful session! One question - on short spine, Alan, you say "use" the front of your body. I have found I can articulate down when I relax the chest, so not sure how to approach this.
Great work out for men, loved the variations on all of the exercises! I just had to lighten the springs a bit because I am not as strong as the two men in class but not bad for a lady!
Interesting workout which demanded a lot of control. At the start I didn't pick up on the springs but you got clearer as it went along. Will definitely try another of your workouts.
This is great! I am woman who does Crossfit as well as Pilates, I've found I tend to want to use my global muscles like a guy in Pilates more than my internal abdominals, so this class was perfect for me, I could feel the exercises forcing me into my core more than my big muscles, fantastic! Thank you!
You are my favorite! This was incedible work. Missed you in Denver ! Will see you at PMA in Ca.
Marie Artman
Nice class. And im a girl. Thank you :)
Enjoyed the class and anatomical cues. Even more of those please!
Also, would you mind explaining the reasoning behind doing the arm series prone with the box on an incline, i've not seen that before. Thanks!

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