Class #1625

Athletic Conditioning

75 min - Class


Courtney Miller teaches an advanced athletic conditioning Reformer workout which is great for men or for those conditioning for sports or their favorite active outdoor hobbies. You will work through unilateral movements, balance challenges, stability exercises, and a broad spinal range of motion. Get ready to sweat!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Small Tennis Ball

About This Video


Hi, guys. Courtney Miller here. Love being here. I have my friend, Andy with me. I'm gonna ask him again at the end of the class if he's still my friend. We'll see. I have an awesome, really har...


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Awesome Class Courtney - so happy to see more of your workouts on PA!!
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thank you courtney your classes taught me so much information. i love it.
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Thank you Courtney! I absolutely love your style , your teaching.. My clients won't like it so much))) hahahaha
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Amazing work out!! Love it!! Love your pilates Courtney.
Fabulous workout, so excited to challenge myself and my athletes
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An excellent class to watch and learn from. The cueing and execution of each exercise is presented so well. Thank you Courtney. I certainly can't forget Andy - well done. That looked very challenging but you looked like a pro! I can't wait to try this class myself.
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Really loved this class! Courtney your cues were spot on and your personality got me through the workout!
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She is adorable!Her cues, mood, smile are unique1
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One word! FANTASTIC!!!!!!

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Great to see Courtney teaching a client. She's just as fabulous off as on the reformer! Love it!!!
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